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Salvu Mallia - il-kandidat stilla tal-PN

Is-sena 2016 se tibqa' mfakkra ghal hafna affarijiet u mhux lanqas ghall-kazijiet fil-politika Maltija li jistghu jissejhu unici.

Wara li l-programm li Salvu Mallia kien jipprezenta fuq TVM, ma giex inkluz fl-iskeda l-gdida ghas-sena ta' wara, dan l-istess Mallia hareg qatta bla habel kontra l-gvern in generali u kontra l-Prim Ministru personalment. It-triq li ha Mallia ma kienitx biss kritika fuq ix-xandir u l-programm tieghu imma wessa l-argument tieghu ghal wiehed politiku partiggjan. S'hemmhekk ma jidhirx li saru affarijiet barra minn normal.

Li ghamel Salvu Mallia u li darras hafna nies inkluz fil-Partit Nazzjonalista, kien li beda juza lingwagg baxx li hasad hafna nies. Dan il-kliem xejn onorevoli minn xi hadd li jrid jasal ghall-istess indirizz, wasal ukoll fl-istess zmien li l-kap tal-PN, Simon Busuttil kien ghamilha cara li kien se jiehu bis-serjeta r-risponsabilta sabiex inaddaf il-politika.

L-iskop ta' din il-pagna m'huwiex biex tikritika l-argumenti ta' Mallia, imma biex turi sa fejn jasal jinzel politikant sabiex iserrah il-kuxjenza tieghu u jpattiha lil min ma jaqbilx mieghu. Il-gudizzju dwar jekk l-ghagir ta' Mallia hux korrett jew le jithalla ghalikom.


Salvu Mallia accettat bhala kandidat mall-PN

Jibda jkun mistieden f'attivitajiet tal-partit

Il-Kap tal-partit jaqbez ghalih.

Kien iwaqqaghom ghac-cajt u xorta rieduh.

Xi kitba ta' Salvu Mallia

Battibekk ma' ex Deputat Nazzjonalista

Despite mounting internal pressure to take action, the Nationalist Party leadership would neither say whether it dissociated itself nor what it intended to do with regard to comments that were made by former TV presenter-turned candidate Salvu Mallia. The controversy was sparked by a series of posts Mr Mallia uploaded last week on his Facebook account using colourful and even foul language, while hurling abuse at the Labour government and its supporters. … “The least the party could have done was to immediately disassociate itself from such statements and, if necessary, take disciplinary action against Mr Mallia to prevent such an embarrassing incident from repeating itself,” the sources said. Monday, December 19, 2016, 06:35


Salvu Mallia, often described as the PN’s “star candidate”, lashed out at the Labour Party and hurled abuse at its supporters using colourful and even foul language. As expected, his outburst raised eyebrows within the PN, including among high-ranking officials. Yet, the PN, and, particularly, its leader, Simon Busuttil, appear too reluctant to take a stand, giving rise to concerns from within of a “weak” leadership. Is it possible Dr Busuttil is happy with the situation? Does he not realise the longer he decides to do something about it the more the damage he would be causing to himself and to his party? Is he resigned to share the same fate as his predecessor who appeared too weak to tackle a vociferous MP?

Editorjal, The Times 29.12.2016


Mr Mallia's comments also ruffled feathers on the European continent, with the Party of European Socialists releasing a statement calling on PN leader Simon Busuttil to "immediately disown" Mr Mallia's statement that Adolf Hitler was "very progressive". "If Mr Busuttil does not have the courage even to stand up to one of his own candidates who has so clearly crossed the line, then he certainly does not have the necessary attributes to lead Malta's official opposition, never mind to stand for election to government," PES president Sergei Stanishev said. He said it was "tasteless" for a political candidate to invoke Hitler when criticising Joseph Muscat. Monday, January 9, 2017, 09:27


The problem for Mallia and the PN is that by his behaviour he is at great risk of not being taken seriously. His very attri­butes, which he displays so exuberantly, are prompting raised eyebrows and even derision, and make easy targets for attacks on the party. In expressing himself so fiercely against Muscat, Mallia has crossed a few lines. His drawing of parallels and comparisons with Hitler and the plague, however he explains them, jar badly. His resorting to foul language is distasteful and off-putting to those who look for dignity and decorum in their politicians. Surely he does not need to stoop to vulgarities to make his points: he has amply proven this in the well-argued articles he has written for this newspaper in the recent past. Another cause of concern for PN exponents are his “ultra-liberal” beliefs, his position in favour of free choice in abortion and euthanasia, which is incompa­tible with the party’s principles. When he said in an interview last week that “the PN should adopt my policies” he surely does not expect the PN to depart so radically from its own. The biggest worry internally may be that if he were ever elected as an MP he might one day do a Franco Debono (in action, not motive) and cause trouble no end for a future Nationalist government. Indeed, he has projected himself as the guardian of virtue in politics and would not hesitate to rebel if he thought a PN government was deviating from the straight and narrow. Bully for him.

His criticism of his own party and its leader, which he believes are not talking tough enough against government corruption, reflects his belief that in a democracy he should be free to express himself in any way he pleases. And he is absolutely right. He needs to consider, however, that in adopting the same objective as the PN, he would be more effective as a disciplined team player.

Editorjal, The Times 15.1.2017


Salvu Mallia withdrew from a public showdown with the Equality Minister’s husband Patrick Dalli yesterday after being “persuaded” to tone down his approach, this newspaper has learnt. The latest controversy surrounding the presenter-turned-candidate erupted following remarks which he made about Minister Helena Dalli, whom he called “a bitch”. Mr Mallia was reacting to a story published by The Malta Independent which said that her youngest son was put on the State payroll as a member of the Economy Ministry’s secretariat. Aggrieved by the remark, the minister’s husband on Friday challenged the PN candidate to a face-to-face meeting, at Café Cordina in Valletta on Saturday morning at 10am. Mr Mallia not only obliged but notified his followers about the encounter through Facebook. News of what promised to be a highly-charged face-off – but a potentially embarrassing event for the PN given Mallia’s reputation as a loose cannon – was soon being reported by several news portals. The first signs that something was brewing at the PN headquarters came two hours later when Mr Mallia posted an update saying he could only make it at noon as he had just been invited to a PN news conference. Speculation was further fuelled yesterday morning when the PN candidate, stopping just short of making an apology, said he would never again use such a term against the Equality Minister. Subsequently, the encounter was cancelled, with a PN spokesman saying that Mr Dalli was indisposed. Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has come to the defence of Mr Mallia on more than one occasion, saying he had made politics “interesting”. However, party sources who spoke to The Sunday Times of Malta confirmed that away from the public eye, the scenario was quite different. “The invitation to the news conference was part of a deal to persuade him to stay away from the showdown with Mr Dalli,” they said. “In recent days it was made amply clear to him that he must toe the party line and tone down his approach. To his credit, Mr Mallia was forthcoming and is doing his best to restrain himself,” they added. Sunday, January 22, 2017, 14:00

PN candidate Salvu Mallia, who is unlikely to get elected, said he was fed up of hearing “bullshit” on Net TV. Sunday, June 4, 2017 16:56

The election result cruelly revealed Simon Busuttil’s lack of streetwise acumen. Two decisions taken solely by him, before they had to be rubber-stamped by the rest of the leadership team and the PN executive, stick out. One was the crazy idea that Salvu Mallia could make a good PN candidate. 

Michael Falzon ex Ministru Nazzjonalista 13 June 2017, 7:30am


He (Simon Busuttil) was definitely a liability to the PN when he handpicked Rosette Thake for secretary general of the PN and also when he, unilaterally, approved Salvu Mallia as a general election candidate.

Philip Mifsud ex MP Nazzjonalista Friday, June 16, 2017, 06:48






Ir-rejazzjoni negattiva waslet anke minn gewwa l-PN

Salvu Mallia jrid joqghod aktar attent bil-kontroversji tieghu.

Dr. Mario de Marco, timestalk Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 07:55

M'ghandniex x'irriduh fil-partit.

Giovann DeMartino kumment online 24.3.2017



Xi argumenti ta' Mallia

He (Joseph Muscat) never showed on iota of goodwill since elected as Prime Minister. 8.1.2017


Joseph Muscat is an evil man. 8.1.2017


I voted Labour in the last five minutes. I went to cast my vote in Birkirkara and in front of me there was Edward Scicluna, today’s Finance Minister. Honestly, I said to myself: “If this guy thinks these guys are good, there must be something to it.” That tipped the balance towards Labour. It was a spur of the moment decision. 8.1.2017


Jien m’hinijx politiku

Facebook 9.1.2017


Dan ir-ragel (Joseph Muscat) m’ghandu xejn x’joffri lill-pajjiz.

Facebook 31.12.2016


Fi zmieni, il-vjolenza dejjem minn naha tal-Labour giet.

Facebook 30.11.2016


Salvu Mallia speaks for Salvu Mallia.

Facebook 9.1.2017


Rules are there to be broke. 17.1.2017


Men have no right to give their opinion on abortion. 18.1.2017


Kieku mhux ghax hallew ekonomija b’sahhitha il-PN, illum stragi.

Facebook 3.1.2017


Muscat hu l-aghar dizastru li laqat lil Malta mill-pesta tal-1813.

Facebook 2.1.2017


Jiena dak il-hamallu u l-baxx li ma jiddejjaq xejn ilissen kliem li hu Malti li jfisser ezatt dak li jkolli f’mohhi.

Facebook 27.11.2017


Min jitnejjek bid-difetti inqisu bniedem injurant.

Facebook 18.11.2016


I am not and will never be a politician.

Facebook 3.11.2016


Jien ghalhekk tajtha ghall-politika, biex almenu nkun nista’ nghid tieghi, Ii hafna drabi hu differenti minn ta’ haddiehor.

Facebook 16.12.2016


Tassew li jien ateju.

Facebook 25.1.2017


Nerġa' nappella lill-oppożizzjoni biex iħallu l-gven jiggverna waħdu.

Facebook 11.2.2017


Beware PN, Joseph Muscat is in control of your party more than you would like to admit.

Facebook 24.6.2017

Il-PN diga ghandu mexxej. Jismu Joseph Muscat.

Facebook 1.7.2017

Il-Ftahir ta' Salvu Mallia

Kieku taf kemm ghandek bzonn nies bhali forsi tiftah mohhok.
Facebook 9.1.2017

Ghandi mohh hafna ahjar minn tieghek.
Facebook 2.1.2017

At least you’re not blind enough to ignore my achievements.
Facebook 3.11.2016

Min hu bhali mohhu miftuh.
Facebook 4.10.2016


Jien m’hawnx bhali.
Facebook 12.1.2017

L-anqas tibda mieghi siehbi u nghidha bi ftahir.
Facebook 11.10.2016

Kellek bzonn ghandek mohhi, ghadu gdid fjamant!!

Facebook 18.4.2017

Il-Partit Nazzjonalista ghandu bzonn jew lili jew xi hadd bhali biex imexxi l-partit.

Xtra, TVM 22.6.2017


I am sure that inspite of everything, I am the only one saying something of value.

Facebook 23.6.2017




Imma ghal Salvu Mallia ...



Salvu jaghmilha fatta!


Imma l-Kap tieghu jghid mod iehor


U l-PN jispicca jaqla' tkaxkira ta' aktar minn 40,000 vot.



Daqsxejn imħawwad!

Jghid li ma jimpurtahx mill-voti.

Imma mbaghad jitlob lin-nies biex jivvutawlu.


Il-hdura kontra l-familja tal-Prim Ministru tidher ukoll minn dan il-kliem ta' Mallia.


"Mart il-Prim Ministru taghzel li tkellem lill-uliedha bl-Ingliz biex jidraw minn ckunithom jisthu minn ilsien twelidhom.

Facebook 27.11.2016


F'gheluq snin il-Prim Ministru

“I am not going to wish you a happy birthday, because I am pretty sure that it cannot be, with your petty world falling apart around you.”

Facebook 22.1.2017



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