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Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.

Meta jduru kontra n-nies taghhom stess …

In-nuqqas ta’ tolleranza tal-PN huwa issa fatt politiku li ma jista jichdu hadd. Matul is-snin kelna bizzejjed ezempji li wrewna li kemm bhala partit u kemm bhala individwi, il-PN huwa organizzazzjoni politika msewwsa b’intolleranza u egoizmu kbir. Li l-PN ma’ jaccettax kritika mill-kamp politiku oppost forsi wiehed jasal jifhimha imma li l-PN bhala partit u bhala individwi ma jaccettawx il-fehma ta’ xulxin, ma jawgurax tajjeb ghat-tmexxija tal-pajjiz u fil-fatt bil-PN fil-gvern u fl-oppozizzjoni, dawk li ma qablux mieghu (kemm Laburisti u kemm Nazzjonalisti) daghqu l-intolleranza Nazzjonalista, u kollha ghandhom l-istorja taghhom x’jirrakkontaw.


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kienet il-popolarita’ tieghu)

“In 1971 I got first count votes which must have seemed like a threat to some of the established (Nationalist) candidates.” Although he carried on to contest the 1976 elections, unpleasant incidents occurred between him and the other St. Julians candidates that convinced him that he was “not wanted in the party”.

The Malta Independent 20.9.1992


(l-‘izball’ taghhom kien li kkritikaw it-tmexxija tal-partit)

“Members of the Nationalist Party’s executive committee who wrote critical articles about the PN’s performance before and after the 12 March local council elections were not re-elected to the committee in the elections held on Friday night. The two dissenting voices were those of Frank Zammit and Michael Mercieca, who had expressed disagreement with the PN’s strategy decisions prior to the local council election, especially the decision not to contest at Zejtun and Marsa. Mr Zammit was mayor of Marsa once. … They, Mr Zammit especially, were linked to former minister John Dalli who took a dissenting view after the vote.”

The Malta Independent on Sunday 17.4.2005

“The new Nationalist Party executive committee elected on Friday routed out all dissident elements in the former executive leaving most of them in the cold. A bloc vote in place against the dissidents in the ‘Dalli camp’ worked wonders.”

Maltatoday 17.4.2005


(l-’izball’ taghha kien li hija t-tifla ta’ John Dalli li kkritika t-tmexxija tal-PN)

“Mr Dalli’s daughter, Claire Gauci Borda, also contested for the national executive but was not elected.”

The Malta Independent on Sunday 17.4.2005


(l-’izball’ tieghu kien li kkritika t-tmexxija tal-partit u kkontesta lil Dr. Gonzi ghat-tmexxija tal-PN)

“Whatever the party administration says, it is obvious even to the casual observer that the people in the administration were backing Lawrence Gonzi against John Dalli… this has led to the sort of bad blood that had never been evident on such a scale within the party.”

Michael Falzon ex-Ministru Nazzjonalista

MaltaToday 3.4.2005

“Mr Dalli did not rule out that he was the victim of a frame-up by people within the Nationalist Party, adding that he ‘will not again be used as a scapegoat for an electoral loss’.

The Times 30.6.2004

“Mr Dalli made it clear he was resigning not because he was being attacked by the Labour Party but because he was being attacked from ‘other sides’ as well.”

The Malta Independent on Sunday 4.7.2004

“Mr Dalli has undoubtedly found his position untenable … because he faced attacks from ‘different quarters’, presumably his own side - whether this be from within the Cabinet, the Nationalist Party, or other sources is unclear.

The Sunday Times 4.7.2004

“On Tuesday, Dalli told me on Bondiplus that he did not exclude the possibility that this whole business was a PN-concocted plot to remove him from office. In no uncertain terms, the former Foreign Affairs minister drew a link between the PN's poor showing at the European election polls and the PN's instinct for finding and crucifying appropriate scapegoats.”

Lou Bondi 4.7.2004

“The Labour Party received information about the business links John Dalli’s family had with an Iranian shipping company from the PN’s central office, MaltaToday has discovered. The revelation adds fuel to the allegations made by the former Foreign Minister that he was framed by his own Party.”

MaltaToday 25.7.2004

“I was the target of those lies,” he said, and the only way in which “certain people” could acquire power. There was a definite plan and a smokescreen as well. The plan had been put together as far back as January 2004, before anyone knew Eddie Fenech Adami was going to resign and a leadership battle would ensue. … Mr Dalli has told The Times he expects the Nationalist Party, especially Dr Gonzi, to remove the shadow cast on his integrity and generally to repair the damage. But as he told this newspaper yesterday, “there’s a malaise in the country.”

The Malta Independent on Sunday 3.12.2006

“Dan (Ivan Camilleri, eks-ġurnalist tal-PBS u iktar qabel ta’ Radio 101, l-istazzjon tar-radju tal-PN ) kien wieħed mill-perċimes fl-attakk skandaluż li sar fuqi fl-2004. Dan kien wieħed mis-skieken użati mill-gang li ppruvaw jeqirduni għax rawni theddida fil-kilba għall-ħatfa ta’ poter assolut fil-Partit Nazzjonalista u l-Gvern. Jidher li l-aġenda ta’ dawn għadha l-istess.”

ILLUM 24.1.2010


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li kkritika decizjoni tal-Gvern Nazzjonalista)

“Siggiewi councillor, Nenu Aquilina has withdrawn the motion he planned to put forward against the two proposed interim landfills last week after pressure from his party peers not to antagonize the government. Nationalist party sources said the PN councillor was under tremendous pressure to withdraw the motion.”

The Malta Independent 2.2.2004


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li kkritika decizjonijiet tal-Gvern Nazzjonalista)

“Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando frustrated over being left out of decision making process and lack of consultation by the government with the parliamentary group.

The Times 2.3.2002


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li hadem ghal soluzjoni ghal-problemi politici bejn l-MLP u l-PN)

“Gejt mitlub ma nkomplix, imma tant hassejtni vicin breakthrough illi ssugrajt laqgha ohra (ma' Mintoff) ghax hassejt li rizultat pozittiv kien ikun ta' gid kbir ghal-pajjiz. Il-partit sar jaf b'din il-laqgha u gejt sospiz mill-grupp parlamentari.”

L-Alternattiva 2.6.90

“He (Dr. Josie Muscat) felt he was no longer trusted by his own people. His private chat with Mintoff had been discovered because he was ‘tailed’.

First Sunday Magazine (The Malta Independent April 1994

“Konna se nasslu... izda malli l-partit (Nazzjonalista) sar jaf x'kont ghamilt (laqgha ma’ Mintoff), gejt censurat u mkecci mill-grupp parlamentari Nazzjonalista.”

Il-Gens 9.6.95


(l-‘izball’ taghhom hija r-rivalita enormi bejniethom)

Canvassers ta' Ninu Zammit u Louis Galea sparaw fuq xulxin fis-Siggiewi fi Frar 1992


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li kkritika l-Gvern Nazzjonalista)

“Carmel Cacopardo, deputy general secretary of the Nationalist Party, has been censured by the party for implying that allegations involving a prospective candidate for the local elections, Ray Bondin, had been ignored by the party.”

The Sunday Times 10.10.93


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li kkritika x-xoghol tal-Ufficcju ghar-Rijabilitazzjoni tal-Belt Valletta mmexxi minn Ray Bondin)

“Dan hu kumment (ta' Henry Frendo) tipiku ta' xi hadd li jew irid joskura l-hidma ta' dan l-ufficju jew inkella ma jarax aktar minn imniehru.”

Ray Bondin,

In-Nazzjon Taghna, 9.11.93


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li qeda lill-PN mill-koxxa fl-aktar mumenti meta kellhom bzonnu)

“None of the bitterness can wear off. I can take many knocks, but not an injustice turned into a principle of government. You don't spend a lifetime promoting human rights to be told ‘now get lost because someone else wants the plum’. For years I was made to pick up the thorns. When once, one flower appeared, someone else came from the blue and snatched it.”

The Malta Independent 13.8.1995

“This deception ensured that I got neither of the two posts I deserved... I have to expose another filthy indecency committed against me ... I have been vilified before, but rarely so beastfully as this. I was again used as a stepping stone.”

The Malta Independent 3.9.1995

“I am happy to note that the injustice perpetrated by the Nationalist Government on Dr. Giovanni Bonello has finally been righted.”

I.M. Beck, The Times 31.1.98

(l-ingustizzja Nazzjonalista kontra Dr. Bonello giet irrangata mill-Gvern Laburista taht Dr. Sant)


(l-‘izball’ tieghu x’kien?)

“The campaign (mill-PN) against professor de Marco is no fairy-tale.”

The Sunday Times 11.8.96


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li kkritika lill-Gvern Nazzjonalista)

“As I already had occasion to make public thanks to The Times and PBS in my published reply, censored both by the (Nationalist) Party newspaper I ran for five years, In-Nazzjon, and the PN TV station NET of which I was its chief executive during its first two years, the libels filed (kontra MaltaToday) are no more than an attempt to silence.”

Roger de Giorgio 1.8.2004


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kienet il-popolarita tieghu bhala sindku Nazzjonalista f’Santa Venera)

“From the start of the campaign, two PN candidates started spreading lies about me,” Caruana says without naming them, although he indicates they are a man and a woman. “They carried out a destructive campaign. … these two candidates were spreading lies about me.”

Malta Today 20.3.2005


(l-‘izball’ tieghu x’kien?)

“I have been one of the very few Nationalist supporters who are continually trying to blow the PN trumpet wherever I can and whenever I can. But little did I realise that some of my writings were not going down well with some officials at Tal-Pieta and little by little I was finding myself a persona non grata with the PN media.”

The Malta Independent 27.4.2005


(l-‘izball’ tieghu x’kien?)

Charles Dimech ta’ 48 sena minn Ħaż-Żebbuġ ħalef ħalfa li ma jagħtix aktar wiċċ lill-Partit Nazzjonalista. Charles Dimech sostna li hemm 100 vot fil-familja tiegħu u tal-mara li mhux se jerġgħu jivvutaw f’elezzjoni oħra, u lanqas m’huma se jagħtu kas lil xi wieħed mill-kandidati tal-PN. “Użawni, wegħduni u rmewni,” sostna Charles. … “Żebilħuni quddiem pajjiż sħiħ u ġew għalija qishom kienu sejrin għall-gwerra fl-Iraq, … Mal-Pulizija ma ntemmitx hawnhekk għaliex għada t-Tnejn se niftaħ kawża kontra l-aggressjoni tagħhom kontra tiegħi, marti u uliedi fi ħwejjiġna stess. Lanqas biss kien hawn pulizija mara waħda u kienu l-pulizija li kaxkru lil marti kif deher ċar mill-filmati u r-ritratti li tieħdu mill-Istampa. … Issa ħa jiġu għall-vot, u nistaqsihom kollha: Inthom fejn kontu meta kelli bżonnkom?”

Illum, 28.1.2007


(l-‘izball’ tieghu x’kien?)

“Little or nothing has been done in Gzira but this is no fault of the local council. It is only happening because there is a personal campaign against me by the Nationalist Government.”

Sindku tal-Gzira Albert Rizzo

The Malta Independent 4.6.1995


(l-‘izball’ tieghu x’kien?)

Reliable sources have confirmed that Dr Ray Bondin (right) has resigned from his position as Executive Coordinator of the three Rehabilitation Projects within the Ministry for Resources and Infrastructure. … It is widely known that he has had major disagreements with his Minister, Ninu Zammit, over the past three years. … he found it very hard to work with Ninu Zammit who gradually reduced his participation in the projects. … Mr Bondin also felt Minister Zammit had cut him off from major projects … Asked to comment on his relationship with Ninu Zammit he simply stated that he could not, as a heritage conservationist, agree with the methodology of the minister … Twenty years after starting the VRP project, Ray Bondin has been quietly and slowly relieved of his responsibilities.

The Malta Independent 7.8.2007


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li kkritika lill-PN fuq Smash Television)

In a report filed with the St Julian’s police on Sunday 20 January, Jo Said from Mellieha said he was driving home towards his residence at around 9.00am when a white vehicle came headlong towards his car, cutting off his route. The incident happened in Selmun Road, where Said lives. He told police officers that two persons, unknown to him, stopped their car right in front of him, showed him police identification and told him: “Shut up, don’t say anything because our eyes are on you, and stop that programme.”

MaltaToday 23.1.2008

The two males branded their police badges and threatened me with the words ‘Ghalaq halqek, tghid xejn ghax ghajnejna fuqek u waqqaf dak il-programm’ (Shut your mouth, don’t say anything because we are watching you and stop that programme) after blocking my driving path with their white car, which was made to side-stop in my way. One of them was wearing a black (or dark) head cap, and the other was bald-ish. Both were in their thirties or forties. This happened at about nine in the morning as I was returning to my Selmun residence after having bought the Sunday papers. … we were harassed all week by Nationalist Party officials and even by Ministers and their private secretaries. They ‘ordered’ us to suspend the repetition of the programme. Moreover, the Parliamentary Secretary of Finance arrogantly addressed Brian Hansford only minutes after we finished recording the programme last Monday at about 4.30pm – that is four hours before it went on air – with words of suing the ‘gheruq u xniexel’ out of all of us. … Other top brass from the party called me to try to entice me to accept their corrupt ways – what a gang of barefaced cowards! … Any more plans to restrain my freedom of expression? Come on Lawrence (Gonzi), repent if you remember how.

MaltaToday 30.1.2008


(l-‘izball’ tieghu x’kien?)

With a long history within the Nationalist Party, Dr Asciak did not hide his disappointment at having been left without any chance following the executive council’s decision. “I gave the party 30 years of my life and I expected better,” he told With a resigned tone, he added: “They decided in this manner and there’s not much that I can do. At this stage, I don’t feel I should do any whitewashing.” “I feel very disappointed […] There is not much more I can say. It’s just that I feel that I was dealt a bad hand. I don’t think they were fair with me,” Dr Asciak further said.

Chris Galea - Politics -- 07 April 2008 -- 14:35CEST


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li talab ir-rizenja ta’ Richard Muscat)

I absolutely and categorically deny that at any point in my meeting with Richard Muscat, in which I asked for his resignation, I told him that he was 'in my way', …. I have never used this sort of language 'of standing in my way' with anyone in 30 years of political service.

The Times 25.11.2008


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li ħa azzjoni)

The zone of Little Armier, where people have for years broken the law with impunity by using public land to build their summer shacks, with some making a business out of the whole shenanigan. I know what I am saying as when I tried to do something about it, I was left alone to burn my fingers alone, nay my palms, arms and body. The lack of support from my then Cabinet colleagues – let alone the then backbench – was overwhelming. I could almost hear them chant: ‘Burn, Michael, burn!’

MaltaToday 15.2.2009


(l-‘izball’ tieghu x’kien?)

Kienet anticlimax kbira li tefgħuni backbencher. Ħassejtni qisni team tal-futbol li rebaħ il-league u għal xi raġuni ma ngħatax it-tazza.

ILLUM 22.2.2009


(l-‘izball’ tieghu x’kien?)

Everybody had his campaign, his own style of campaigning and way of doing things. Phone calls came in from many offices, but some got noticed more than others. My congratulations go to the elected councillors and a thank you to those not elected this time, as all gave their contributions to the cause. It’s a fight among friends, and we could do without the personal insults. The people who foul mouth others just get a boomerang into their group.

The Malta Independent 19.6.2009


(l-‘izball’ tieghu x’kien?)

“I reiterate my complete innocence and my resentment to the fact that you (Paul Borg Olivier – Segretarju Generali PN) personally have chosen to act as my accuser, prosecutor, judge and hangman all in one, and to pass summary judgement upon me in spite of the presumption of innocence.” 25.8.2010


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li kkritika lil Franco Debono)

Nationalist backbencher Franco Debono filed a libel suit against The Sunday Times contributor and former Nationalist MEP candidate Alan Deidun, and the newspaper’s editor Steve Mallia, following the publication of an article, which according to Dr Debono is defamatory.



(l-‘izball’ tieghu x’kien?)

“After the (2008) elections there was an attempt by people from my own party to destroy me. I think I performed a bit too well and gained the people’s respect a bit too much so they tried to take me down a few notches. Some journalists have even said that they were specifically told to attack me.”

Jeffery Pullicino Orlando, intervista ma' Josanne Cassar 4.10.2011


(l-‘izball’ tieghu x’kien?)

“Dr (Beppe) Fenech Adami has been harassing me for years, for reasons that I cannot understand or explain, unless this was a sentiment of jealousy to my achievements." 27.6.2012 12:45


(l-‘izball’ tieghu kien li heggeg lil-Kumitat Ezekuttiv tal-PN biex Dr. Franco Debono ma jithallix johrog ghall-elezzjoni mal-PN)

Nationalist MP Franco Debono declared this evening that in spite of his attempts to be reconciliatory with the Nationalist Party in recent weeks, Minister Austin Gatt clearly wanted confrontation and “with him in Cabinet I will not support the government.” He said he was taking this stand since it was Dr Gatt who, during the party's executive committee yesterday, was the most vociferous in opposing his candidature on grounds of having abstained in the public transport no confidence vote against him. Friday, July 13, 2012, 16:03


(l-‘izball’ taghhom kien li cemplu lit-Times jilmentaw)

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