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The Labour draft plan on education is a well-researched and detailed report that will serve as a solid basis for discussion, Federation of Industry (FOI) president Adrian Bajada told Labour party officials yesterday. Mr. Bajada said he was satisfied that the report was very relevant to the future improvement of the educational system within the context of the present Maltese economic reality. He said that education should not be static but an ever-changing process that was linked to the economy. He spoke about lifelong learning, adding that the party’s plan was aimed at improving the present system. The Malta Independent 13.7.2006


The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) has said it is very happy that the Malta Labour Party has decided that Maltese nurses should be awarded a warrant in order to practice their profession. The MUMN said that since its inception it had argued that the nursing profession should have the same status as other professions. The union said that, in its draft health policy, the MLP acknowledged the nursing profession’s importance, and said that, once in government, it would grant warrants to nurses. The MUMN said it was disappointed that the present government had not taken a decision on the matter.

The Malta Independent 27.7.2006


The five central aims of the report are commendable, since they do link the concept of solidarity and a just distribution of income and wealth with that of productivity. – Reaction of the Malta Employers’ Association to the Malta Labour Party’s Document: Towards an Economic and Social Regeneration Plan

(mill-website tal-Assocjazzjoni ta’ min ihaddem)


Federation of Industry president Anton Borg yesterday described the Malta Labour Party's document on social and economic regeneration as a very commendable one.

The Times 1.3.2005


The Labour Party's policy document on social and economic regeneration contained a lot of good proposals.

John Bencini, MUT president

The Times 3.3.2005


The president of the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association said yesterday that although it would be hard not to agree with the Labour Party's proposals in its plan for economic regeneration one would have to see how it would work out in practice.

The Times 27.10.2004


There is nothing wrong with the proposal made in the party's draft plan for the setting up of a permanent task force to propose improvements in the incentives given for the promotion of new investment. If the legislation that is meant to promote new investment needs reform, it should be taken in hand without undue delay as the competition for new investment is getting fiercer all the time.

The Times 10.5.2006


Speaking on behalf of the (Gozo Tourism) association, Victor Borg said never before had the association come across such a detailed plan on Gozo as that issued by the MLP. Another representative, Joe Muscat, remarked that the plan contained many proposals which would give Gozo that push forward it needed.

The Times 3.6.2006


In a meeting held between the General Retailers and Traders Union (GRTU) and the Malta Labour Party (MLP), the President of the Pharmaceutical Section within the GRTU, Mario Debono, stated that the Union concurs with the majority of the proposals brought forward by the MLP in its plan for the health sector titled “Poplu b'sahhtu Pajjiz b'sahhtu”.

di-ve news, June 13 2006 2010CEST


The Ombudsman, Chief Justice Emeritus Dr. Joseph Said Pullicino on Tuesday… said that the MLP's vision for the public sector has some valid principles that should be the target of any administration.

di-ve news, August 22, 2006 1530CEST


The Chamber of Architects has praised the MLP's proposals for improving the Public Sector. Reacting to a press statement released by the MLP about the Sector in question, the Chamber of Architects said that it feels that change should be not simply of a cosmetic nature but should result in better overall efficiency and quality. President of the Chamber David Pace and delegates met with the MLP on Wednesday morning to further discuss the matter.

(di-ve news) - August 30, 2006 - 1700CEST


Mr (Ray) Bondin (coordinator of the rehabilitation projects at Mdina, Valletta and Cottonera) was speaking at a consultation meeting with representatives of the Labour Party, and said that the party’s vision about the historical environment looked positively and organisationally at the future.

The Malta Independent 5.5.2007


The Malta Labour Party has just unveiled a “vision statement” containing 34 proposals for improvements in the sports sector and 36 in the case of culture. … this is a commendable initiative … one of the key recommendations is that the national minimum curriculum should be amended to reflect better the importance physical education and sports should be given in schools. This is absolutely right because sport is central to the ethos and life skills imparted to children in the best of our schools. … The 36 proposals on culture are similarly aspirational and commendable … The proposal for artists to be recognised as full-timers and to get an exemption on the payment of national insurance contributions for the first year after opening their own studios is also praiseworthy.

Editorjal, The Times 28.6.2007


Undoubtedly, the Labour publication contains many praiseworthy objectives and proposals …

Editorjal, The Sunday Times 5.8.2007


Nature Trust has expressed its satisfaction over the MLP statement that the party will do anything within the law and Mepa regulations to try and reverse the Ramla permit.

The Times 10.8.2007


The Malta Labour Party while in opposition has worked actively to produce the necessary policy documents to put in motion if elected.

Gejtu Vella, UHM Secretary General, The Times 17.8.2007


Labour's proposal to give the chairman of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development the rank of a minister, allowing him to attend certain Cabinet meetings, was received well by the social partners. The director-general of the Malta Employer's Association, Joe Farrugia, said the proposal should certainly not be written off as being out of hand. “We obviously still have to discuss it but it's an interesting proposal.” His comment echoes that of other representatives of constituted bodies who spoke to The Times. Vince Farrugia, director-general of the Chamber for Small and Medium Enterprises - GRTU said: “I think it is very positive that Labour has taken the plunge and actually proposed something to make the MCESD more effective. It doesn't mean we will be agreeing with the proposal but it's definitively something to be considered”.

The Times 24.8.2007


MIDI Consortium chairman Albert Mizzi said that plans such as those on which the Labour Party was working were important and required that all entities join forces to take the necessary decisions with regard to developing the Grand Harbour area.

The Malta Independent 1.9.2007


The Labour Party has had a meeting with Malta Shipping, the towing company, to discuss its regional development plan for Grand Harbour. Company director Joseph Caruana said that … it was important for a party like the MLP to look into the needs of companies operating from the port.

The Malta Independent 13.9.2007


The Voice of the Left-Zminijietna - has welcomed the MLP proposals regarding housing and MCESD issues … Zminijietna welcomes the proposed Labour incentives for housing to subsidise first-time house purchases through a universal scheme and to extend loan repayment period to families of workers facing redundancies. Zminijietna also considers as fair the creation of a social fund from the refunding of grants and interest, once the couple sells its first property. The Voice of the Left considers that Labour's proposals need also to address the problem regarding property speculation and the rampant increase in property prices.

The Times 15.9.2007


The MLP's publication of its approved policy documents is a fruitful exercise. It permits a public discussion keeping an overall view of its different sectoral policies. In particular it permits placing environmental policies in context.

Carmel Cacopardo, The Times 22.9.2007


The Malta Chamber of Planners wholeheartedly welcomes the widely-publicised vision for the regeneration of the Grand Harbour area presented by the Government and the Labour Party.

The Sunday Times 28.10.2007


Alfred Sant has once again set the country’s agenda by proposing that all overtime should be made tax-free. … Sant’s proposal already enjoys the qualified support of both major trade unions, the Union Haddiema Maqghudin (UHM) and the General Workers’ Union (GWU), as well as the Malta Chamber of SMEs (GRTU).

MaltaToday on Sunday 28.10.2007


Kif mistenni l-maġġoranza tan-nies taqbel mal-proposta tal-MLP li jneħħi t-taxxa fuq is-sahra iżda jidher li għad hemm dubju fost l-elettorat dwar kemm din il-proposta tistax titwettaq. Stħarriġ tal-gazzetta Illum juri li maġġoranza kbira ta’ 59 fil-mija jaqblu mal-proposta Laburista li tispiċċa t-taxxa fuq is-sahra. Huma biss 21 fil-mija li ma jaqblux. Bla dubju, kull proposta li tħalli iktar flus fil-but qed tinżel għasel ma’ l-elettorat li qed jara l-ħajja togħla minn jum għal jum. Saħansitra 29 fil-mija ta’dawk li beħsiebhom jivvutaw lill-Partit Nazzjonalista wasslu biex jaqblu ma’ din il-proposta. L-appoġġ fost l-indeċiżi jitla’ għal 60 fil-mija.

ILLUM 2.12.2007


The leader of the Party of European Socialists, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, yesterday said the PES endorses Labour's reform plan, pledging the group's support for the MLP's electoral bid. … Labour's plan for economic reform is sound and conforms with the eurozone rules, he said, pointing out that the Maastricht rules allow for certain flexibility to be able to implement the sort of reform being projected by Labour.

The Times 24.1.2008


Labour's decision to set up a business forum marks an interesting turning point in the party's history. …  the party's move to set up the business forum is a step in the right direction.

Editorjal, The Times 17.2.2010


Prof. (Peter) Serracino Inglott weighed in, saying he agreed with radical reforms to the Constitution – what the Labour Party has been referring to as the founding of a Second Republic. “Incidentally, I am in favour of this,” he said. “If it were up to me we would switch to a Presidential system, we would set up the second chamber (in the House of Representatives), we would change the Commission for the Administration of Justice because it is evidently not working... I find it surprising that we haven’t seriously thought of tackling it so far.”

The Sunday Times 18.12.2011


Labour have a point in demanding greater information as to how the government plans to cut €40 million in this year’s budget …– Editorjal The Times 24.3.2012


While Labour has said that it sees the idea of raising the minimum wage positively, on the other hand it insists that any such action would have to be preceded by a series of other measures. The party spokesman said: “This is why we consider our pledge to reduce electricity bills to be a policy of major economic and social importance.” The party believes that this course of action will reduce cost pressures on the private sector, water down inflation and allow families to better cope with the cost of living. Surely no one can argue with the validity of the argument. - Editorjal, The Times 16.4.2012


Labour has pledged to remove bendy-buses from problematic routes and has not ruled out taking them off Malta’s roads altogether.

The Times 11.10.2012


The Opposition is quite right in objecting to the prospect, as proposed in the government’s IVF Bill that couples seeking to undergo IVF are to appear before a board that would judge their eligibility for the treatment. ... The Opposition has used the phrase ‘Big Brother’ in this context and although the invocation is a little sensationalistic, it is fitting. ... this is tantamount to a modern day inquisition and if this process does see the light of day, we might suggest that such hearings are carried out at a certain address in Vittoriosa where similar tortuous hearings were held once upon a time. The concept was subsequently objected to by PL MP Owen Bonnici, among others, who quite rightly described the notion as ‘terrifying’. ... The mere suggestion of couples need to justify themselves is ludicrous and, as the Opposition has put it, unacceptable. ... The Opposition is quite right on this, and with the Bill going into its second reading tomorrow, the debate is due to gather steam. The amendments being promised by the Opposition, and possibly by the House’s independent MP, in this respect and others related to the Bill will be very interesting indeed.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent on Sunday 11.11.2012


The Labour Party has said that it would keep the Budget 2013 measures - a measure which should give certainty to European partners and investors about Malta's commitment to fiscal consolidation.

Fitch 11.12.2012 Wednesday 12 December 2012 - 08:24


The Labour (energy) proposal is certainly not a gimmick and it is interesting.

Michael Falzon (Ex Minister Nazzjonalista)

The Times 10.1.2013 


Those who thought Labour would fall flat on its face when it came to presenting this proposal were probably disappointed. Far from the flimsy plan many had expected, what the PL shared with the public yesterday was a professionally-prepared and detailed exposition. In engaging a highly reputable consultant company that was also recently used by the Government for the Delimara power station extension, DNV Kema, the PL immediately added a stamp of credibility to the technical side of its proposal: which is to build a gas-fired power station to replace the controversial heavy fuel burners Malta currently relies upon.

Editorjal, The Times 9.1.2013


The matter of the honorarium was taken to the House Business Committee where Labour proposed the setting up of a permanent commission to decide on all salaries, including those of the President, the Prime Minister, the Opposition leader, ministers and parliamentary secretaries. The proposal makes a lot of sense but no progress was made.

Editorjal The Times 10.5.2011


The 23 proposals presented by Labour leader Joseph Muscat at a conference on the cost of living was drafted, it would be politically foolish to dismiss out of hand all the points he raised. True, some of his proposals sound far too rhetorical in nature and lack substance but a number of the points he made, and which have been raised many times by others before, are worth being acted upon without further delay.

Editorjal, The Times 25.7.2009


The fact that the Labour Party kept to its promise to publish its proposals of how much a future Labour government will reduce electricity tariffs is a key message that Labour seems to express a strong determination to tackle the issue of the price of energy as one of its highest political agendas. The declaration that Joseph Muscat will take personal charge of these proposals, as well as the appointment of a minister dedicated to energy, are clear signs of the resolve that Labour strives to achieve the ambitious goals it has now set out to deliver. The involvement of the private sector in the generation of energy is another positive proposal as I truly believe that if public private partnerships are structured in a correct and balanced manner, they will provide a win-win situation for both the government and the private sector. I have witnessed the success of PPPs at close quarter in the elderly sector in Malta and have seen how both the government and the private sector have benefited in delivering services faster by increasing operating efficiencies, as well as reducing government costs and creating jobs in the private sector. It is also positive that solar energy has been identified to play a key role in the renewable energy mix for Malta instead of wind, under Labour’s plans. For the last three years I have worked with a multinational solar company developing, building and operating solar plants across Europe and have seen the benefits solar can bring in the promoting a decentralised electricity distribution network, bringing the generation of electricity closer to consumers.

Alexander Tranter (former chairman of Enemalta Corporation)

The Sunday Times 13.1.2013


Il-proposti tal-PL dwar l-energija digà qeghdin ihallu effett pozittiv ghax qeghdin ipoggu fuq il-quccata tal-agenda politika taghna l-aktar element kritiku ghall-ekonomija taghna - l-energija. Il-vizjoni proposta tidhol tajjeb f'certu dettall f'materji bhal ‘generation mix', jigifieri li ma tiddependix minn sors wiehed ta' fjuwil ghall-generazzjoni, ‘security of supply'- li jkollok dejjem assigurat provvista tal-energija, efficjenza tal-generazzjoni, is-sostenibbiltà tal-politika tal-energija kollha kemm hi. L-idea ta' shubija mas-settur privat ghall-generazzjoni tal-elettriku hija tajba ghax tnehhi l-piz tal-investiment ta' parti sostanzjali tal-impjanti necessarji minn fuq it-tax payer Malti u tghaddieha lill-privat. Bhala kumpens l-investitur privat jinghata s-sigurtà li l-Gvern jixtri minn ghandu provvista ta' energija ghal numru ta' snin bi prezz fiss. Ghalija dan hu kuncett innovattiv ghal Malta u li jista' jintlahaq ("achievable"). Il-privat ser ikun xprunat li jinnegozja l-ahjar prezzijiet kummercjali ghall-fjuwils li jkun se juza u li jzomm l-impjant tieghu jopera fuq l-oghla efficjenza. Dan minnu nnifsu jkun assigurazzjoni ta' prezzijiet li jibqghu baxxi.

Jesmond Mugliett ex Ministru Nazzjonalista Saturday, 12 January 2013 21:16


Opposition leader Joseph Muscat yesterday announced that a Labour government would revise the current parliamentary situation and would tie politicians’ honoraria with their attendance in parliament. … the proposal to tie MP’s honoraria to attendance – is doable, positive and gives a sense of social justice…. So yes, this is a valid, and good proposal. … Therefore the PL proposal makes sense and it is a welcome one.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 15.1.2013


Parliamentary attendance, according to the Opposition’s suggestion, would also be made public online – another excellent idea.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 17.1.2013


The Labour Party’s proposals for sweeping reforms in the justice system are most welcome, the problems plaguing the delivery of justice in this country have been with us for decades now and it is high time that matters are addressed and addressed properly. … One novel concepts was that related to sending off an SMS or an email to people whose court cases have been postponed for one reason or another, instead of forcing people to trek into Valletta, many missing at least a morning of work in the process, only to find that their case has been postponed. Another new concept was the proposal to involve Parliament in the appointment of judges and magistrates, with a view to creating a better system of checks and balances. Also novel is the proposal to remove the statute of limitations, in other words time barring, when it comes to cases of political corruption – a grand gesture but one that will undoubtedly have repercussions on other crimes that carry statutes of limitations.  How, for example, could it be justified if time barring is still to be applied to cases of sexual abuse or even murder?  The Labour Party’s commitment to implement, at long last, a Whistleblowers Act is also most welcome. … Labour should be praised for raising the issues.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 24.1.2013


The Labour Party has proposed delivering medicines to people who are too old and frail to go and get them themselves. This is also being highlighted on the billboards. In itself, the idea is praise-worthy as it tries to remove the difficulties the old and infirm face especially when they live alone and have no one to go running errands for them.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 13.2.2013


The Labour Party has said it will enact a Whistleblower Act should it be elected and it will legislate to remove time barring from political corruption cases. These are both positive suggestions and the PN has vowed to do the same should it win the election, even though these proposals are absent from the Nationalist Party’s electoral programme. … Labour has pledged to reform the Broadcasting Authority, which if properly implemented can be a step in the right direction.

Editorjal, The Times 19.2.2013


Il-Poplu jemmen lil Joseph Muscat

1. Joseph Muscat jghid li l-gid li jiftahar bih Lawrence Gonzi mhux qieghed jinhass mill-poplu.

2. Il-PN jghid li mhux vera anzi jghid li l-PL maqtugh mir-realta'.

3. The Times tistaqsi jekk in-nies hux qeghdin ihossu it-titjib ekonomiku li jiftahar bih il-PN.

4. Ir-risposta tal-poplu.

Dr. Mario Tabone Vassallo fuq id-decizjoni li jaqleb mall-Partit Laburista

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