Malta u l-politika

Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.

Meta kien kap tal-Oppozizzjoni, Eddie Fenech Adami kien wieghed li kien se jeqred il-korruzzjoni bl-gheruq u x-xniexel.

F'Settembru 1986 f'GHawdex kien qal ...

“F’pajjiżna, aktar ma jgħaddi ż-żmien, aktar qed tidħol il-korruzzjoni,” jistqarr Dun Victor Grech li f’intervista li qed tidher illum isostni li l-korruzzjoni qed tidħol fis-soċjetà Maltija taħt forom differenti.

Illum, 25.11.2006


People who have voted PN all their lives, people who have lived with the idea that the PN is their bulwark against violence, corruption and oppression, find it hard to admit that not only is their protection gone for good but that it is their bulwark that is exposing them to harm, to damage from which they will never recover.

Dr. Harry Vassallo

Chairman Alternattiva Demokratika

The Sunday Times 4.3.2007


More facts are now coming to light on my statement that there was corruption in the Mater Dei project, (Dr. Frank) Portelli, who has now incurred the wrath of his former party, told MaltaToday yesterday.

MaltaToday 27.5.2007


The two Malta Transport Authority (ADT) officials who were convicted of corruption last November have been sacked by the authority, following a board meeting last Tuesday, the same day outgoing CEO Gianfranco Selvaggi revealed that he had been “told” by the Transport Ministry not to sack the two officials. … When finally contacted, the minister admitted having told Mr Selvaggi to actually reverse a decision he had taken last February to sack the officials …

The Times 28.6.2007


Il-Gvern se jibqa’ jġorr id-dell tal-korruzzjoni fuqu għall-fatt li Ministru baqa’ ċass quddiem żewġ persuni li l-Qorti ddikjarat li huma korrotti. Bid-deċiżjoni tiegħu Gonzi ħareġ dgħajjef ħafna u għal darb’oħra wera li ma jasalx biex jikkonfronta l-ministri tiegħu. Huma f’ċirkostanzi bħal dawn li jeħtieġ li Prim Ministru juri l-istoffa tiegħu fit-tmexxija tal-pajjiż. F’mument fejn qed joħorġu fil-beraħ għadd kbir ta’ każijiet ta’ korruzzjoni u tixħim Gonzi seta’ jibgħat messaġġ ċar li l-Gvern tiegħu mhux biss kien se jiġġieled il-korruzzjoni imma anki jieħu l-passi politiċi neċessarji biex min għandu r-responsabbiltà jerfagħha. Imma f’dan il-pajjiż donnu ħadd mhu responsabbli fejn tidħol it-tmexxija pubblika. U forsi għalhekk jibqa’ jkollna kultura miskina u inġusta fejn it-tixħim, il-korruzzjoni u l-kummissjonijiet isiru parti mill-ħajja ta’ kuljum.

Editorjal, ILLUM 8.7.2007


At a time when government appears beset by corruption allegations from all quarters, the fact that Gonzi appears to have taken ownership of the controversial decision is deeply inauspicious.

Editorjal, MaltaToday 11.7.2007


What on earth could have led the Prime Minister to refuse the offer of resignation by Minister Jesmond Mugliett? The minister had botched the whole affair compounding the embarrassment of judicially-certified corruption in a public agency under his custodianship. … The Prime Minister, in refusing to “decapitate” the minister publicly, appears to condone and respect such adherence to the dominant loyalty code of the anti-system instead of defending the state. How can he fail to see how scandalous it all is? …

Dr. Harry Vassallo

The Times 13.7.2007


An overwhelming number of respondents to an online poll by The Times have expressed their disapproval at the way the government handles allegations of corruption. Just over 83 per cent have given the thumbs down to the government's behaviour in the wake of a controversy as to whether Roads Minister Jesmond Mugliett had attempted to put the brakes on the sacking of two Malta Transport Authority officials convicted of bribery.

The Times 17.7.2007


A Malta Maritime Authority (MMA) official facing corruption charges in the mariners’ licences bribery scandal has alleged that his superior, who is also indicted in the case, had reassured him that a ministry official would cover up for their frauds. In his interrogation at the police depot the day after his arrest on 13 June, MMA clerk Ivan Muscat told investigators that his manager, John Farrugia, had admitted there were fake navigators’ course certificates presented for the issuing of licences, but told him not to worry as “someone in the ministry” would cover them.

MaltaToday 5.8.2007


Granted, a number of cases of corruption have come to light over the past months. Granted, the way some political situations were handled by the government left much to be desired.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando

The Times 31.8.2007


We are not perfect. We will continue to make mistakes because we are human. Corruption exists.

Dr. Louis Deguara (Ministru tas-Sahha)

The Times 14.9.2007


Malta, along with fellow EU member state Austria, has “significantly worsened” in terms of public sector corruption as perceived by business people and country analysts around the world, according to the 2007 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), released yesterday by Transparency International. In compiling its annual index, Transparency International – a global coalition against corruption – sources 14 different surveys by 12 bodies including the World Bank, the Economist Intelligence Unit, the African Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank. A country’s CPI Score indicates the degree of public sector corruption as perceived by businesspeople and country analysts. This year Malta descended in the international body’s ranking by five places, after having been ranked 28th in 2006 and falling to 33rd out of a total of 180 countries included in this year’s index. The index ranks countries on a scale of zero, highly corrupt, to 10, virtually corruption free. In 2006 Malta achieved a 6.4 score, while descending to 5.8 this year.

The Malta Independent 27.9.2007


A rotting Nationalist government reeking of corruption.

Dr. Josie Muscat

The Times 1.10.2007


Veteran Labour MP Joseph Brincat has presented a private member’s bill in Parliament to remove the prescriptive time for crimes of corruption and abuse. Brincat has proposed that the running of prescription be removed on crimes involving the corruption and bribery of public officers, members of the judiciary and law enforcement officials, MPs and councillors. The bill also calls for the removal of prescription on cases where public officers take any private interest in the issuing or adjudication of orders. “I consider that the matter should have been on the agenda for a long time. It is true Labour promised this proposal in its last electoral manifesto. I do not expect the PM from an opposing party would legislate on parts on the Labour manifesto,” Brincat told MaltaToday. Prescription bars criminal action from being taken in respect of several crimes after a number of years elapse from when a crime is known to have been committed.

MaltaToday 7.11.2007


Controlling corruption has not been among Lawrence Gonzi’s foremost successes as Prime Minister. In 2007 alone, we witnessed several cases which embarrassed the Nationalist government for its mishandling of corrupt elements in its bureaucracy.

Editorjal, MaltaToday 30.1.2008


In a sworn affidavit, Jo Said recounted how Nationalist MP David Agius had admitted to him “that corruption runs deep in the Nationalist Party and the government.” Mr Said met Mr Agius at his behest on 17 January morning at Saracino’s in Attard square after they had met on a TV programme.

The Malta Independent Tuesday, 5 February 2008, 00:00


The government was seen to have stumbled right from the start when, after the laying of the Auditor General's report (Delimara Power Station Extension) on the Table of the House of Representatives, the Finance Ministry said that, after a long and detailed investigation, no evidence of corruption had been found. This is not what the Auditor General said. What he said was that he did not come across any hard and conclusive evidence of corruption. Unless the Auditor General clarifies the point, this may well be taken to mean that corruption could not be excluded.

Editorjal, The Times 29.4.2010


The fact of the matter is that corrupt traders engaged in corrupt practices with corrupt officials at Enemalta. Of course, if a government minister is suspected of something illegal, then they too should be made to answer. But the fact of the matter remains to be that the corruption was most rife directly in the corridors of Enemalta and the way the traders abused to system. The longer we dig, the more we will find and the more will come to light. While corruption is to be fought at all levels, it seems that the words of Wallstreet character Gordon Gecko ring true: “Greed is good”. All over the world, the lines have become blurred, and Malta is no exception. The fine line between negotiating skills and outright corruption is often crossed. How this whole stink was revealed is not relevant. What is relevant, however, is that corruption needs to be tackled and stamped out – it is becoming very clear that it was all spiraling out of control.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 18.12.2013


Il-Kaz tal-Konkrit uzat fil-bini ta’ Mater Dei

Perhaps the most interesting testimony was given by architect Albert Cauchi, whose role was to review the structure and carry out onsite inspections. Cauchi told the inquiry that there were various occasions on which he had to stop the contractor from proceeding with certain works due to bad workmanship or work practices and had ordered that some works be demolished. He complained that it was impossible to oversee the works on the whole site due to very limited manpower.  During the interview, Cauchi lamented that he wasn’t respected and at one point he went on a rant exclaiming that “no one knew where the Lm200 million had gone to”. Referring to the design and built cost plus contract as “obscene”, Cauchi said it was “corruption. I could see it. And those who couldn’t, well they were keeping their eyes closed. 3 June 2015, 8:13am


A network of corruption and shady deals thrived during the PN’s tenure of office. 

Michael Falzon, ex Ministru Nazzjonalista 27 September 2016, 8:49am


You can buy Lou Bondi. You can buy Mario Demarco. But you can’t buy me.

Daphne Caruana Galizia

Running commentary 10.3.2017


The Nationalist Party’s propaganda machine accuses Joseph Muscat of being corrupt when it is now becoming clear that, even at party level, things were not being run as they should have been. All candidates for the PN leadership are directly or indirectly admittingto this fact. The truth is that the NationalistParty is now appearing as possibly even more corrupt than that of Joseph Muscat.

Dr. Simon Mercieca Monday, 14 August 2017, 08:18


I've been fighting corruption literally all my adult life, Portelli. How do you think I found myself in a filthy police lock-up at 19? Why do you think the most corrupt (former) elements in the Nationalist Party are now my sworn enemies and obsessed stalkers?

Daphne Caruana Galizia

Running Commentary 21.8.2017




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