Malta u l-politika

Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.


Xi kultant ma naghtix tort lill-poplu Malti li jkun mifxul ma jafx x’se jaqbad jemmen, meta jghidulu affarijiet li huma litterament l-oppost ta’ xulxin. Li l-bnedmin ma jaqblux kollha bejniethom hija normali u kif jghidu, “mitt bniedem mitt fehma”. Imma lil’hinn mill-fehmiet personali tal-individwu, hemm il-fatti. Suppost fatt huwa uniku u ma tistax iddawru. Jekk cirku hu tond, ma jistax jigi wiehed u jghid li hu kwadru. Jekk persuna mietet, ma jista jigi hadd u jghid li ghadha mimlija bl-ghomor. Imma sfortunatament f’Malta dan it-tahwid jezisti wkoll. F’din il-pagna hawn diversi dikjarazzjonijiet li huma migbura tnejn tnejn u li jidhru b’mod car li jikkontradixxu lil xulxin. Inhalli f’idejn il-qarrejja biex jiggudikaw huma liema dikjarazzjoni hija korretta. Jekk thossukom imhawdin b’dawn il-konflitti … nikkumpatikom!!




Il-Kostituzzjoni tal-Unjoni Ewropea, mejta jew le?

Tonio Borg

June 14 2005 1615CEST (di-ve news)

Jose Manuel Barroso

The Times breaking news on-line 15.6.2005

The Deputy Prime Minister Tonio Borg stated that without a serious post-mortem in the EU about the French and Dutch referendum results, it would be difficult to look ahead with peace of mind


Barroso said “one cannot honestly say the constitution is dead”



Il-budget ghas-sena 2001, zdiedu t-taxxi jew le?

John Dalli

The Times 9.10.2000

The Malta Independent on Sunday

editorjal 3.12.2000

The next budget is not expected to include increases in income tax or in fuel prices.


There is plenty to criticize about this budget, most especially the tax increases, once again on the middle classes …




L-istrategija tal-PN ghall-elezzjoni tal-kunsilli lokali fiz-Zejtun u l-Marsa, se jghidulna x’hini jew le?

Joe Saliba

Intervista ma’ The Times 10.3.2005

The Malta Independent

The Malta Independent 15.3.2005

So people will know the reason behind the strategy after the election? “Absolutely,” he said.


The Malta Independent Daily asked Mr Saliba to comment on the fact that Dr Gonzi yesterday ruled out the possibility of the party spilling the beans regarding the controversial strategy to pull out the PN’s candidates from the Zejtun and Marsa local council elections. “I have to obey my boss,” he said.




L-overtime wara s-shubija fl-Unjoni Ewropea, il-haddiema jistghu jahdmu aktar minn 48 siegha fil-gimgha jew le?

Dr. Simon Busuttil

MaltaToday 11.4.2004

MaltaMedia News

11.5.2005, 15:15 CET

Prior to the referendum, Labour MP Joe Brincat claimed EU membership was bad news for workers, since they would not be allowed to work over and above the maximum 48-hour week. … MIC had rebutted those claims with a press conference and information pack.


On Wednesday, the Members of the European Parliament voted in favour of limiting the EU working week to an average of 48 hours. MEPs voted by 378 to 262 in backing the idea that the directive should be scrapped within three years after its amendments come into force.




Il-wirt ta’ Dr. Fenech Adami, tajjeb jew hazin?

Victor Ragonesi

The Times 24.2.2005

Giov. DeMartino

The Malta Independent 27.4.2005

It is a matter of fact that the leader, Lawrence Gonzi, has inherited an abnormally negative situation.

Dr Lawrence Gonzi has inherited a very prosperous people from his predecessor, Dr Eddie Fenech Adami.



L-ekonomija Maltija, sejra l-quddiem jew le?

Tonio Fenech

The Malta Independent on Sunday 24.4.2005


Michael Falzon (ex Ministru Nazzjonalista)

The Sunday Times 24.4.2005

The economy is doing well, even better than that registered by the growth figures, Parliamentary Secretary Tonio Fenech said yesterday.


With the economy still struggling to take off, there is a general sense of disaffection with the way things are going.




Il-munita Euro, naghmluha l-munita Maltija bilfors jew irridu noqghodu attenti hafna?

Tonio Fenech

The Malta Independent 16.10.2004

Victor Ragonesi

MaltaToday 27.3.2005

Parliamentary Secretary Tonio Fenech did not mince his words yesterday when he stated that “Joining the Eurozone is not an option”.

We should be extremely cautious in adopting the euro.




It-tkaxkira li qala’ l-PN fl-elezzjonijiet tal-kunsilli lokali ta’ Marzu 2005, dizastru ghall-PN jew le?

Dr. Lawrence Gonzi

Intervista ma’ The Times 28.3.2005


Michael Falzon (ex Ministru Nazzjonalista)

Malta Today 20.3.2005

You stated that the local council elections result came as no surprise. Is it sufficient in your view to justify a disaster simply by knowing it was coming?

“One, it was not a disaster.”

“What I said was that this was a great disaster for the party…”




Access ghal-gurnalisti fil-postijiet ta’ detenzjoni, ghandu jkun hemm access jew le?

Tonio Borg

The Malta Independent 1.3.2005

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando MP

The Malta Independent 11.3.2005

Deputy Prime Minister Tonio Borg yesterday denied journalists free access to detention centres …


Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando yesterday told The Malta Independent, without hesitation, he supports the request made by journalists to be given access to detention centres.




Il-Gvern Nazzjonalista zied it-taxxi jew le?

Joe Saliba

The Times 23.8.2004

The Malta Independent


Has the government introduced any taxes since 2003? No, it hasn't.


The indirect tax measures announced in the latest Budget will lead to a rise in inflation…




Bi shubija fl-Unjoni Ewropea, l-impjiegi se jkunu garantiti jew se jizdied il-qaghad?

Dr. Lawrence Gonzi

In-Nazzjon 13.9.2002


Stharrig pubbliku

Stharrig ta’ Malta Polls, The Times 6.5.2005 (sena wara li Malta saret membru shih tal-UE)

L-UE tiggarantixxi li pajjizna jkollu futur sod, b’impjiegi garantiti, tishih tal-ekonomija.

The country's biggest problem seems to be unemployment.




Bi shubija fl-Unjoni Ewropea, is-sovranita ta’ Malta se titnaqqar jew le?

Josef Bonnici

Il-Mument 21.9.2003

Dr. Simon Busuttil

The Times 15.9.2004

Is-shubija mhux se xxellef mis-sovranita taghna.


In the area of trade with EU countries we can say that we have given up part of our sovereignty to decide for ourselves on our own.





Il-problema tan-nuqqas ta’ ilma spiccat jew le?

Francis Zammit Dimech

The Malta Independent 7.7.96

Water Services Corporation

The Times 26.7.2003

You no longer have a situation whereby households in various zones have no water in their taps.


Mellieha, Xemxija, Selmun, Gharghur, Naxxar and parts of Mosta were still being effected by water cuts.




Il-Kunsilliera Nazzjonalisti independenti fid-decizjonijiet taghhom jew le?

Dr. Austin Gatt

The Sunday Times, 5.3.95

The Malta Independent


PN (local) councillors were independent in the decisions they took and their independence was being guaranteed.

Siggiewi councillor, Nenu Aquilina has withdrawn the motion he planned to put forward against the two proposed interim landfills last week after pressure from his party peers not to antagonize the government. Nationalist party sources said the PN councillor was under tremendous pressure to withdraw the motion.




X’gara fir-rave party f’Paradise Bay fil-5 ta’ Gunju 2005, abbuz ta’ droga jew le?

The Times


Il-Ministru tas-Sahha

The Malta Independent 21.6.2005

A female constable is being questioned in connection with possible drug abuse, the police said when contacted yesterday. The off-duty officer was reportedly admitted to hospital after she fell sick while attending a party at Paradise Bay on Sunday night.


Health Minister Louis Deguara said two people were taken to hospital from the party suffering from too much alcohol and no one entered hospital with a drug overdose that night.



Qeghdin f’ricessjoni jew le?

Professur Edward Scicluna

The Malta Financial & Business Times 6.7.2005

Dr. Lawrence Gonzi

 (di-ve news) - July 09, 2005 -1435CEST –

When you look at the economy’s performance over the last five years you realise it is currently experiencing one of the longest, though admittedly not the deepest, recessions ever endured since the Second World War.

PM Gonzi denied that the Maltese economy is in any form of recession.




Sodod ghat-turisti, se jizdiedu jew se jonqsu?

Dr. Zammit Dimech

The Times 1.2.2005

Dr. Zammit Dimech

The Malta Independent 8.2.2005

Addressing the annual general conference of the Nationalist Party committee in Swieqi, Dr Zammit Dimech said 50,170 beds would be available in the coming years, compared to the existing 39,825.


The total number of hotels in Malta will be decreasing from 164 to 151, after taking into consideration the hotels that are due to open this year, Tourism Minister Francis Zammit Dimech said. Three four-star hotels are due to close, together with eight three-star and two hotels in the two-star and one-star category. The number of beds will also decrease from 40,000 to 38,000, especially in the three-star category, where 1,100 beds will be cut.




Il-PN dejjem ha hsieb ta’ Ghawdex jew le?

Stqarrija tal-Partit Nazzjonalista

The Malta Independent 9.8.2005

The Sunday Times

editorjal, 13.8.95

The Nationalist Party has always been a party which is close to Gozo and its citizens and has always had the island as one of its main priorities in its policies drawn up in the past.


Enough arguments have been made to show that not only is there no need for an AFM airstrip on Gozo, but also that the construction of an airport... would cause such irreversible environmental damage that any advantages to Gozo's economy would be nullified.




Il-bajjiet Maltin mehlusa mid-drenagg jew le?

Francis Zammit Dimech

The Malta Independent 11.12.94

The Gozo Times


Popular bathing beaches in Malta will be free from drainage pollution by next summer, Environment Minister Francis Zammit Dimech promised yesterday.

Raw sewage continues to be pumped from an outfall into the sea close to one of Gozo’s most beautiful beaches, San Blas in spite of promises by the government to eliminate this environmental problem by the beginning of summer.



L-MLP ghandu proposti u alternattivi ghal-futur jew le?

Robert Arrigo

The Malta Independent, 9.9.2005

Robert Arrigo

The Malta Independent, 9.9.2005

The Malta Labour Party continues to issue more assurances that all the ills that Malta has will be erased by the next Labour government, and this without spelling out what is going to be done and without submitting any concrete proposals.

To their credit the Labour camp have come up with various proposals and alternatives to implement when in government.




Nitolbu mahfra mill-Inglizi jew le?

Victor Scerri – President tal-Kunsill Generali tal-PN

The Times, 21.11.2005

Dr. Lawrence Gonzi

The Times, 1.12.2005


… apology for a great wrong done to the Maltese people by the British authorities in Malta. I refer to the internment and deportation of Maltese Nationalists during World War II … May I hereby simply say to Her Majesty, who in her younger days has had occasion, like Coleridge, to enjoy our hospitality first hand, that an apology would be very much in order.


The Prime Minister said yesterday that the government did not agree with the contents of a letter written by Victor Scerri, president of the Nationalist Party, calling for an apology from the Queen for the deportation of Maltese nationals to Uganda during the war.




Decizjoni tal-PN, ilha sentejn jew seba’ snin?

The Times


Gordon Pisani, Direttur Informazzjoni PN –


The Nationalist Party said that for the second year running it will not hold political activities between tomorrow and January 7.


Din is-sena l-Partit Nazzjonalista se jwaqqaf l-attivitajiet politiċi bejn is-Sibt 17 ta’ Diċembru 2005 u s-Sibt 7 ta’ Jannar 2006. Din hi s-seba’ sena konsekuttiva li l-Partit Nazzjonalista qiegħed iwaqqaf l-attivitajiet politiċi f’dawn iż-żminijiet ta’ festi.



Prezz tal-fuel suppost naqas jew zdied?

The Times


The Times


… in January and February … fuel prices in general will be marginally cheaper … In a statement later, the Investments Ministry explained the reasons leading to the reduction. Enemalta paid Lm117.62 and Lm215.87 per ton for light sulphur oil and gas oil respectively last October while it paid Lm109.29 and Lm198.07 for the same products it will be consuming in January and February.

Unleaded petrol and lead replacement petrol (LRP) go up in price by 1c per litre and diesel and paraffin by 1c4 as from today. … A litre of unleaded petrol will now cost 47c6, LRP 50c6, diesel 41c9 and paraffin 41c5. Thin fuel oil (450 deg.) goes up by Lm1.50 per ton to Lm151.50 and thin fuel oil (950 deg.) by Lm4 per ton to reach Lm146.




Garanzija li t-taxxi ma jizdiedux jew le?

Dr. Lawrence Gonzi

The Times 15.7.2004

Tonio Fenech

The Times 10.2.2005

Asked to give a guarantee that taxes will not be raised, Dr. Gonzi said he was not ready to give such a guarantee.

That the government was ready to bind itself not to increase VAT and income tax were not to be taken lightly.




Sovranita’ garantita jew le?


editorjal, 2.4.2004

Dr. Simon Busuttil

The Times 15.9.2004

Shubija ta' Malta fl-Unjoni Ewropea ghandha twassal ghat-tishih tas-sovranita' ta' pajjizna.

In the area of trade with EU countries we can say that we have given up part of our sovereignty to decide for ourselves on our own.




Futur imcajpar jew sabih?

Dr. Louis Deguara

The Times 16.7.2004

Dr. Lawrence Gonzi

di-ve news - February 10, 2006 - 0910CET

Darker clouds still beckon on the horizon.


This is a country with a bright future.




L-elezzjoni ghal-ezekuttiv tal-Assoccjazzjoni tal-Kunsilli Lokali ssir jew le?

Dr. Ian Micallef

The Malta Independent 15.3.2006

Tonio Borg

The Malta Independent 16.3.2006

“The association's president has insisted that the present executive will serve its full three-year term. Dr Ian Micallef told The Malta Independent that the executive was elected before the recent elections resulted in a convincing Labour victory that increased the number of Labour mayors and councillors. “The executive was democratically elected for a three-year term and we cannot go about dissolving it immediately just because election results are showing a new Labour majority of mayors and councillors.”

“Speaking to The Malta Independent yesterday, Justice and Home Affairs minister Tonio Borg said that following a meeting with representatives from the association, a decision was taken to hold fresh elections to appoint a new executive.”




Il-kontribuzzjoni ta’ Malta lill-Unjoni Ewropea kbira jew zghira?

The Malta Independent on Sunday

Editorjal, 23.4.2006

The Times


“So far, one cannot really really say that Malta has contributed anything to the EU (if not for some boatloads of illegal immigrants and a vision of a religious statue for the euro coins, or similar idiocies).”

“In its first three years of membership, Malta has to contribute �� million a year to the EU coffers.”




Pjan tal-MLP ghat-Tigdid tal-Industrija – tajjeb jew hazin?

The Times

Editorjal, 10.5.2006

Dr. Austin Gatt

VALLETTA, Malta (di-ve news) - May 10, 2006 - 1555CEST –

“The report is a mixture of good sense, points that have been made many times in other reports and a great deal of rhetoric, peppered with an abundance of platitudes. … There is nothing wrong with the proposal made in the party's draft plan for the setting up of a permanent task force to propose improvements in the incentives given for the promotion of new investment. If the legislation that is meant to promote new investment needs reform, it should be taken in hand without undue delay as the competition for new investment is getting fiercer all the time.”

“Minister Austin Gatt said that the document is basically useless … “




Il-Gvern Nazzjonalista ghandu direzzjoni cara jew le?

Dr. Simon Busuttil 12.8.2006

John Dalli

The Sunday Times 4.9.2005

“Il-PN minn dejjem kellu vizjoni cara ta’ fejn irid iwassal lill-pajjiz.”

“There is not the reassurance of a clear direction.”




Il-Partit Nazzjonalista ghajjien jew mimli energija?

Louis Galea 10.9.2006

Joe Aquilina

The Times 2.7.2004

“Il-Partit Nazzjonalista hu Partit bi storja kbira, mimli enerġija żagħżugħa …”

“As a staunch Nationalist, I would like to point out that I was not very happy with some of the answers given by the PM and the PN general secretary … a reshuffle, changing the tired old lot with some new blood, would certainly help to regenerate the administration with new vigour.”



Ir-rapport tal-investigatur privat kien ir-raguni ghar-rizenja ta’ John Dalli jew le?

Lawrence Gonzi

The Times 4.12.2006

John Dalli

The Sunday Times 3.12.2006

“Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi reiterated yesterday that the resignation of John Dalli as Minister of Foreign Affairs in July 2004 had “absolutely nothing to do” with the false allegations made in a private investigator's report into a Mater Dei Hospital contract.”


“The effect of this report was that the Prime Minister and his advisers presumed me guilty and pushed for my resignation from Cabinet even though the report itself was flawed.”




Malta applikat u ghandha deroga fil-kaz tal-kacca fir-rebbiegha jew le?

George Pullicino

The Times 2.3.2007

Stavros Dimas (Kummissarju tal-Unjoni Ewropea ghall-Ambjent)

The Malta Independent 21.3.2007

“The Maltese government considers its application of the derogation to be well-founded and within the legal framework of the EU Birds Directive and it is prepared to defend its position even in front of the European Court of Justice.”

“European environment commissioner Stavros Dimas did not mince his words when he spoke at the European Parliament last week, stressing that Malta benefits from no such derogation from the Birds Directive. He even went so far as to describe Malta’s attempts to tinker with regulations as the “perfect example of the ‘misimplementation’ of the Birds Directive”. He also pointed out that what had been agreed between the parties in pre-accession talks was the fact that Malta had, and still has, the right to request a derogation from the directive, as does any EU member state, as long as certain strict conditions are fulfilled and are fully justified. Mr Dimas also highlighted the fact that Malta had not requested any such derogation, but that Malta had instead gone ahead as though there had been a bilateral agreement and without providing any justification for the derogation as required by the directive.”



Fil-kaz ta’ tragedja evitata, il-piloti Maltin indunaw bl-ajruplan l-iehor jew le?

The Malta Independent


The Times


“Fortunately, the Air Malta pilot had detected the troubled microlight in its flight path, both on radar as well as visually, and duly informed air traffic control.”

“The small aircraft was not equipped with a transponder and, consequently, the Air Malta pilots could not spot the impending danger on the traffic-collision avoidance system.”




Il-Ministru Mugliett ta struzzjonijiet jew le fil-kaz ta’ korruzzjoni fl-MTA?

The Times


The Times


“When finally contacted, the minister admitted having told Mr Selvaggi to actually reverse a decision he had taken last February to sack the officials and keep them suspended on half pay instead, pending a presidential pardon which they had requested following their conviction.”


“Transport Minister Jesmond Mugliett told Parliament yesterday that he never ordered the board of the Malta Transport Authority to retain in employment two workers who had been convicted of bribery.”




Tal-Linja ghal Mater Dei mimlija bin-nies jew vojta?

The Times


The Times


“… the shuttle service to Mater Dei Hospital … the Public Transport Association insists the buses are arriving and leaving almost empty. The service, which kicked off on July 1, connects the whole of the island with Mater Dei Hospital with hourly trips between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. It is an extension of an already-existing service connecting each town and village to the University. However, with the University out for the summer and the hospital not yet operational, only a handful of commuters - between four and six - are getting on each trip, association president Victor Spiteri said. The PTA represents bus owners. Buses could be seen leaving the hospital empty at about midday yesterday.”

“The Ministry for Urban Development and Roads said that patronage of bus routes to Mater Dei Hospital has increased in the last three weeks. The routes were introduced on July 1. In the first week, the direct routes carried 2,965 passengers, which shot up to 6,053 in the second week and to 6,986 in the third.”




Eroj jew le? Hadlu l-flus jew gabarhom mill-art?

Paul Cachia - [email protected]

Current Affairs -- 01 October 2008 -- 15:20CEST

Wednesday, 1st October 2008 - 15:07CET

“the swift reaction of a by-passer enabled him to confront one of the assailants and take away the money.”


“The police said a man tried to intercept the thief who had been carrying the cash, but he managed to get away, after dropping the bag containing the cash.”




Il-vapur Maystar ghereq jew le?

Bastiment jegħreq barra Delimara

Il-membri tal-ekwipaġġ salvati kollha

1 ta' Diċembru, 2008  17:54 CET

Tuesday, 2nd December 2008 - 10:25CET


Membri tal-Forzi Armati Maltin salvaw 16-il membru ta' l-ekwipaġġ ta' bastiment tal-merkanzija li għereq 'il barra minn Malta. Il-Bastiment Maystar għereq 26 mil 'il barra minn Delimara.


Updated: Maltese tug pulling 'sinking' ship to Malta

A Maltese tug boat is towing the Cambodian-registered bulk carrier Maystar to Malta after it was abandoned by its crew yesterday afternoon as it listed and was in danger of sinking.




X’gara sew f’incident fis-Salini?

Thursday, 15th January 2009 - 14:40CET

15 ta' Jannar, 2009  14:49 CET

The accident happened at the junction with T'Alla w'Ommu Hill in Salina. Part of the Coast Road is currently closed. None of the schoolchildren was injured and they have been picked up.


Ħames persuni, fosthom żewġt itfal, weġġgħu f'inċident li seħħ għall-ħabta tas-2:20pm fiż-żona tas-Salini fi Triq il-Kosta ta' Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq. … Il-passiġġier u tnejn mit-tfal sofrew feriti ħfief, iżda xorta ttieħdu lejn l-Isptar Mater Dei għal aktar kura.




Kemm kellu eta Victor Tedesco meta miet?

Paul Cachia - [email protected]

Football - 18 March 2009 -- 13:30CEST

18 ta' Marzu, 2009  09:53 CET

Legendary former Hamrun Spartans president Victor Tedesco has died last night aged 94.

Telfa għall-football Malti, hekk kif matul il-lejl li għadda tħabbret il-mewt ta' Victor Tedesco, il-bniedem li kiteb l-istorja glorjuża ta' Ħamrun Spartans fis-snin 80 u 90, u li għalih hu msemmi wkoll l-iStadium fil-Ħamrun. Hu kien se jagħlaq 90 sena fid-9 ta' April.



Fejn kien hemm nar, fl-appartament jew fil-garaxx? - [email protected]

Local News - 25 June 2009 - 11:20CEST

Thursday, 25th June 2009 - 08:33CET

A garage in Triq is-Sajjeda, Mellieha caught fire at about midnight on Thursday. The police were informed that a 27-year-old woman was trapped inside. The woman was found unconscious lying on the ground amid thick smoke. The Civil Protection Department and a doctor passing by were immediately on site. The woman is being treated in hospital. It is thought that a fault in an electrical appliance caused the thick smoke.


A woman was rescued last night when her apartment caught fire. The incident happened at about midnight at Triq-Is-Sajjieda, Ghadira. Eyewitnesses said the woman was heard calling for help and neighbours forced their way into the apartment, carrying her out amid thick smoke. They were assisted by the police. The firefighters of the Civil Protection Department were also on the scene. The blaze is thought to have been caused by an electrical fault in music equipment. The woman is being treated in hospital. Neighbours were also treated for smoke inhalation.



Is-sewwieq tal-mutur waqa’ jew ittajjar? - [email protected]

Local News - 20 July 2009 - 13:45CEST


[email protected]

20 ta' Lulju, 2009  12:53 CET

A man escaped with slight injuries after falling off his motorcycle in Attard on Monday afternoon. The police told that the man was riding at Triq il-Għenba at around noon when he lost control of his bike and fell to the ground. He suffered a few scratches but no serious injury.


Minn informazzjoni li għandna, għall-ħabta ta' nofsinhar raġel sofra xi ġrieħi wara li ttajjar minn karozza fi Triq il-Għenba, Ħ'Attard. Jidher li fil-ħin tal-inċident ir-raġel kien qed isur mutur. Għadha mhux ċara l-kundizzjoni tar-raġel. Huwa ttieħed l-Isptar Mater Dei għall-kura. Iktar informazzjoni hekk kif taslilna.



Min spara kien b’mutur jew f’karozza?


23 ta' Novembru, 2010  09:24 CET - [email protected]

Local News - 23 November 2010 - 10:40CEST

IL-BELT VALLETTA - Raġel intlaqat b'tiri ta' arma tan-nar waqt li kien miexi fi Triq il-Mitħna, il-Belt Valletta. Il-każ seħħ sbieħ it-Tlieta filgħodu meta l-vittma, li kien miexi fl-inħawi ta' Ġnien Hastings, intlaqat f'dahru b'tiri sparati minn persuna, aktarx raġel, li kien qiegħed ġo karozza tal-għamla VW Golf ta' lewn griż. Il-persuna li wettqet l-isparatura ħarbet minn fuq il-post bl-istess karozza u bħalissa l-pulizija għaddejja bit-tfittxija. Il-vittma, Joe Baldacchino, li huwa miż-Żurrieq u li għandu l-lukanda San Lawrenz f'Għawdex, ittieħed lejn l-Isptar Mater Dei, fejn qed jingħata kura għall-ġrieħi li ġarrab.


A man was hospitalised after he was shot in the back at close range in Windmill Street, Valletta, on Monday morning. The incident happened at around 0845h. The man, who was identified as Joe Baldacchino, had just parked in the open space besides Hastings Garden when an assailant fired at him. The gunman arrived and fled in a motorcycle which was later found to have been reported stolen. Mr Baldacchino was rushed to Mater Dei Hospital for surgery, and his condition is not yet known. A forensics team was dispatched on site to look for clues, and a number of witnesses were taken to the police headquarters for questioning. Magistrate Audrey Demicoli is leading an inquiry, while police investigations are ongoing.


Ministru tajjeb jew le?

Jason Azzopardi

In-Nazzjon 6.9.2011

The Times


Minn hawn insellem ll siehbi Carm, wiehed mill-aqwa Ministri tal-Gustizzja u Intern li qatt kellu pajjizna.

In an unusual incident, Nationalist MP and lawyer Franco Debono yesterday stood in a courtroom and delivered a 15-minute tirade against the Minister of Justice, saying he should “wake up from his slumber” as there were serious issues that needed to be dealt with swiftly.




20.5.2012, 20:01

Current Affairs – 20.5.2012 - 18:05CEST

81-year-old Englishman

The man was found by a British couple

The man, who was weak

100-year-old Englishman

He was then found by the hotel manager

He was found to be in relatively good health



Il-bejgh qieghed jizdied jew jonqos?

The Times


In-Nazzjon (editorjal)


Shops are selling less and less...

Retail trade continued its downward spiral in July as Malta registered one of the highest drops in the EU, according to the European statistical agency. Retail trade fell by 1.7 per cent when compared to the previous month and 4.2 per cent in relation to July last year. On both counts, Malta was one of the worst performers in the EU. The figures published by Eurostat yesterday show that, on a yearly basis (comparing the performance of a month with the previous year’s month), retail trade has been dropping since March. The decrease peaked in April (6.4 per cent) and although the rate had slowed down in July, shops were still selling less stock than they did last year.

Ic-cifri dettaljati juru li zdiedet in-nefqa tan-nies fuq hafna tipi ta’ prodotti u servizzi fosthom – interessanti - id-divertiment, il-lukandi, ir-ristoranti, il-komunikazzjoni, ir-rikreazzjoni. Nefqiet jizdiedu f’oqsma li juru pajjiz li qed jghix ahjar.



The Times September 24, 2013, 16:07

The Malta Independent Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 16:09

PN Deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami said this afternoon that the appointment of a the Energy minister's wife as an investment envoy for Malta Enterprise in Asia was the height of nepotism.

Dr Fenech Adami said that … this latest development showed that the government was sinking even further. “The government has reached the lowest levels of nepotism.”


Shiv Nair

Thursday, October 10, 2013, 12:45

11:20  |  10.10.2013

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said this morning that he had no idea that Shiv Nair, the Indian business consultant who travelled to Qatar with Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi was blacklisted by the World Bank. “No I did not know he was blacklisted – we were not informed of that,” he told the media.

Intant, Joseph Muscat kien mistoqsi wkoll dwar Shiv Nair. Muscat qal li l-gvern m’għandu ebda kuntratt miegħu, għalkemm żied li kien hemm l-intenzjoni li toħroġ letter of appointment u din ma kinetx esegwita. Muscat sostna li hu kien konxju li kien hemm kwistjoni ta’ blacklisting fuq Shiv Nair.






Lil min taqbad temmen?

L-Isptar St. Philip's

Il-Gvern Nazzjonalista jrid l-Isptar St.Philip's ghall-operazzjonijiet jew le?

Iva TVM ihabbar 8.10.2012 li l-gvern se jiehu St. Philips ghall-operazzjonijiet.mp3

Le Ministru Joe Cassar jghid 13.10.2012 li St.Philips mhux ghall operazzjonijiet.mp3




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Lil min taqbad temmen, lil Dr. Gonzi tal-10 ta' Jannar jew lil Dr. Gonzi tat-28 ta' Jannar?







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