Malta u l-politika

Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.

ex Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

He (Franco Galea) used the opportunity to remark that Maltese politicians should show more respect for their adversaries, and that MPs should be offered better conditions. As for the current state of the PN, the party should have apologised to the Prime Minister’s family in the wake of the inquiry which concluded that allegations surrounding secret Panama company Egrant could not be proven, he added. He noted that the very fact that Simon Busuttil had been asked to resign by PN leader Adrian Delia proved that the party’s decision to base its 2017 general election campaign on such claims was wrong. Sunday, September 2, 2018, 08:01

Siehba tal-ex Kap tal-PN Simon Busuttil

There is no denying that what makes the situation hopeless and helpless is the fact that there is no Opposition. Correction. There is one, but it lives in a La La Land bubble. On Wednesday, the leader of the Opposition mistook the protest memorial in Valletta for the grave of Caruana Galizia. He went with a bunch of men in ties and cameras in tow, “to pay their respects to Daphne”. He clearly does not realise that flowers and candles are placed at the foot of the Great Siege monument as a sign of protest against injustice and corruption which the journalist unveiled. He does not realise that the protest is against him too because a) he is not doing his job, which is that of opposing and b) because he’s got too much dodgy baggage to be able to do that job properly. If no one around him – Louis Galea please note – is telling him what’s going on outside the bubble, then they all really ought to find another hobby other than hogging crucial democratic roles. 20.10.2019


Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

It was a mistake to leave it up to members to elect the new Nationalist Party leader, according to Louis Galea.

Timestalk 10 July 2019



Membru tal-Kunsill Generali PN

It saddens me to say that there are people within the Nationalist Party who are making it their mission to destroy the PN. … Some of the decisions taken during recent years were misguided and contributed greatly to the haemorrhage of votes.  Many within the party did not agree with the parliamentary group abstaining on the civil union vote in Parliament, an insensitive, illogical and intrinsically flawed decision. Many did not agree with the strategic partnership with Partit Demokratiku. 23.7.2019



Kandidat PN ghall-elezzjoni generali

Qatt ma niftakar żminijiet diffiċli daqstant fil-Partit Nazzjonalista, (lanqas fl-aħħar snin tat-tmexxija ta' Lawrence Gonzi) … Dan mhux il-Partit li naf, dan mhux il-Partit li rrid naħdem fih … nazzarda ngħid li l-Oppożizzjoni hija kważi ineżistenti għaliex bir-raġun, hemm kwistjonijiet interni li jeħtieġu l-attenzjoni immedjata, imma dan mhuwiex dak li mistenni minna li nemmnu fil-Partit Nazzjonalista, minna li rridu nafdaw fil-Partit Nazzjonalista. 9.1.2019


Sindku PN, Nadur

Prosit Mark Anthony Sammut li tkellimt, spjegajt, u fissirt! Ghaziz Adrian Delia... ghadek ma irrealizzajtx li kemm ilek Kap ma hadtx decizjoni wahda li ghaqdet u li mexxietna pass wiehed il-quddiem? Ghaziz Clyde Puli... ghadek ma ndunajtx li l-Partit mhux cirklu, u li n-nazzjonalisti mhumiex buffi... kemm se ddum iddur mal-lewza, u tahrab mir-realta? Ghaziz Jean Pierre Debono... ghadek ma stenbahtx li l-PN mhux tieghek biss u li ma tistax tibqa tuzah ghal gost u pjacir tieghek kif jaqbillek? Gheziez Deputati, Amministrazzjoni, Membri fi hdan l-istrutturi, Tesserati u Attivisti... META SE NQUMU MIR-RAQDA U NIGGIELDU GHAL-PARTIT LI TANT INHOBBU... possibli hemm bzonn jispicca ghal kollox biex kulhadd jaghmel pass, jitkellem u jiehu azzjoni?! KAP... int u shabek kontu fdati bit-tmexxija, u minkejja dan ma ghaqqadtux, ma mexxejtux lil partit imqar pass zghir lejn fejn jixraqlu, ma ppruvajtux tirrangaw is-sitwazzjoni bil-galbu... ghaldaqstant jien ninghaqad ma Mark u nitlobkom twarrbu, ghax il-fiducja tieghi tliftuha wkoll. Ghandna bzonn immedjatament ta’ persuna li tghaqqadna, li ma tpoggiex l-interessi taghha l-ewwel u qabel kollox, li b’umilta ma ghandha l-ebda aspirazzjoni ohra hlief li TGHAQQAD u ISSAHHAH! F’GIEH IS-SEWWA... F’GIEH IL-PARTIT NAZZJONALISTA.

Facebook 4.6.2019


Adrian Delia fit-tmun tal-Partit Nazzjonalista minn sena u nofs ’l hawn wiret sitwazzjoni ta’ defiċit f’voti ta’ 40,000. Il-mira tiegħu sa mill-bidu nett kienet dik li jindirizza dan id-defiċit qawwi – l-akbar wieħed li qatt kellu l-Partit Nazzjonalista fl-istorja tiegħu – biex hekk il-Partit jerġa’ jibda jinbena ftit ftit. Il-Ħadd, 13 ta' Jannar 2019

ex Deputat Kap tal-PN

Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami on Tuesday admitted he had helped individuals attain employment, something, he claimed, was part of the role of MPs. Tuesday, June 5, 2018, 21:21


Kandidat PN ghall-Elezzjoni 2017

Kawza wkoll ta’ Ambizzjoni Personali ezagerata ta’ xi whud fit-Tmexxija l-Gdida li , bi pretensjoni u ostinazzjoni , jimmaginaw lilhom infushom ‘Stilel Jibbrillaw’ aktar minn dawk li ghandna fuq il-Bandiera Ewropea.... hija tassew hasra kbira ,kwazi ma tinftiehimx, li kapaci inhallu jitilquna jew sahansitra naslu niskartaw u nitilfu l-ifjen imhuh....Qisna gejna fi ‘Stat ta’ Assedju‘ sabiex jigu protetti u/jew agjevolati ‘il-Klikka Gdida ta’ Gewwa [K.G.G.]’ u li lilha biss nafdaw.

Kumment fuq facebook 16.2.2019 6:18am

Assistent tal-ex Ministru Austin Gatt

What are those thousands who voted PN thinking now? They are not looking forward to the next election because, in their attempt to remove the greedy and the corrupt criminals at the helm, they will have to accept the poor replacement the PN is offering. In place of the criminal, they are being offered the inept. In place of the greedy, they are faced with the starving. Instead of the sly fox that is Muscat, they have the option to elect the sheep in wolf’s clothing that is Adrian Delia. As we near the first anniversary of the PN’s new leadership, people are despairing of the party in opposition. These past few weeks have been particularly disastrous. Delia’s attempts at providing assurances about his fiscal affairs to The Malta Independent on Sunday a few weeks ago fell flat. They were punctured by the inconsistencies, the gaps left by the broad brush strokes and the predictable reactions to the newspaper’s adulating satisfaction with its own reporting. His explanation of how he sold an empty property to his in-laws and split the payment into two tranches, to avoid paying tax on the sale of inexistent movables while obtaining the cash he needed to pay his overdue tax, showed him up as a commonplace crook whose tax avoidance is small fry next to Keith Schembri’s multinational offshore nesting evil genius. Nevertheless, it is unsavoury behaviour from a leading man. Sunday, June 24, 2018, 00:01

It looks like the PN leadership is perfectly capable of harming itself without anybody’s help. 9.10.2018

If Adrian Delia declares again ‘I am not racist,’ he will be branding himself a liar. … If Adrian Delia believes what he says when he speaks like this, he is a retrograde, small island bigot and that means he’s in the wrong job. If he doesn’t believe what he says and he merely says it because it’s popular, he proves himself incapable of leading supporters at a PN club to clap at him without pandering to deeply set horrific racist prejudice, let alone actually leading the country through some tough decisions that come a prime minister’s way as a matter of course. 8.10.2018

It has long become clear that basic common sense has abandoned the corridors of PN HQ for some time and has been replaced with a siege mentality and the warped understanding of reality that goes with that. Thu, 27th Dec '18, 17:40

The PN is starved of many resources: people, money, brains. Thu, 11th Apr '19, 09:24



Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

Politikament l-iktar haga li forsi l-partit Nazzjonalista bata minnha kien li fis-snin sittin, il-partit ma kienx japplika politika socjali li kienet bzonnjuza dak iz-zmien... kien gie njorat wisq it-taghlim socjali u l-politika socjali.

Il-Gens 15.6.90


The PN would govern if it got less first count votes than Labour.

The Malta Independent 22.10.95


For more than 14 hours I had to lie to the Nationalist party people at Ta' Qali. (wara li kien jaf li l-PN kien tilef l-elezzjoni tal-1996)

The Malta Independent 9.3.97


My biggest mistake perhaps was my inability not to listen enough to what everybody had to say. The Malta Independent 9.3.97


I think it is a realization of the fact that the government has through its various measures, slowed down economic growth. We had a situation where the prices for services and building materials were going up sky-high.

The Sunday Times 9.5.93


If they (haddiema tal-PBS) refuse to go, government will close PBS down.

(konferenza tal-ahbarijiet 14.10.2003)


Hawn ġew m’hawnx post għad-demokrazija.

(waqt laqgha tal-Kabinett tal-Ministri)

ILLUM 25.1.2009


ex Kunsillier PN (Attard)

I am relieved, to say the least, that the authorities are finally implementing a long-lasting solution to the gridlock, noise and pollution difficulties faced by Attard residents for many years. The project announced by Transport Minister Ian Borg is, literally, a breath of fresh air for many families living in Triq in-Nutar Zarb and nearby streets in the heart of Attard. … The project was included in Attard’s local plans as far back as 2006. However, for some reason, the plans to improve the well-being of our locality were shelved. No one ever tried to implement it until the young minister came along following last June’s election. To add insult to injury, Nationalist Party deputy leader David Agius is insulting residents by vehemently opposing this national project. I cannot understand how he, like me a former Attard local councillor, seems to have forgotten the long-standing concerns of the residents of our locality. I would have expected him to take the government to task for not implementing this project several years ago. Instead, he seeks to score cheap political points by encouraging people to oppose the project. I do hope he realises Attard residents deserve better.

Times Of Malta 25.5.2018


Tifel tal-eks Kap tal-PN Gorg Borg Olivier

Its time that those who have controlled the Party and it’s structures for several decades to graciously step aside. They have destroyed our Party.

Facebook 9.7.2017



Kandidat Nazzjonalista

Skond l-ahhar survey tal-Maltatoday, li storikament dejjem urew li kienu vicin il-likk, il-Partit Nazzjonalista qieghed minn taht b'iktar minn 70,000 vot. Xi haga li dejjem ma stajtx nifhem kif jopera l-Partit dan l-ahhar, hi, illi minflok jghodd kemm se jattira voti lejh, l-ufficjali dejjem kienu jargumentaw li l-Partit 'kapaci jitlef il-vot' ta' dik u ta' l-ohra. Din il-kultura qed tinghata spinta ikbar il-quddiem bit-'tmexxija' ta' Adrian Delia. Nies illi qed jitilqu, minflok isir tentattiv serju biex jingiebu lura, jispiccaw jigu nsulentati b'mod ahrax u patetiku. Spinta ohra lejn il-qiegh. L-ebda Partit kbir m'ghandu l-lussu li jitlef il-voti bla ma jaghmel tentattiv serju biex jerbahom lura. Qabel ma l-Partit jirrealizza li jrid jigri wara kull vot, specjalment ta' dawk li telqu lill-Partit Nazzjonalista matul iz-zmienijiet u l-eluf li komplew jitilqu wara l-elezzjoni generali li ghaddiet (30,000 fi 3 xhur jekk tikkonsidra s-suvey tal-Maltatoday), il-Partit Nazzjonalista mhux se jiehu r-ruh. Li tittessera 600 Nazzjonalist konvint, li jigri x'jigri jivvutaw il-PN xorta, ma tistax issejjahlu 'entuzjazmu gdid' imma mod kif tidhaq bik innifsek halli ma taghmel xejn biex tnaqqas id-distakk b'mod serju.

Facebook timeline October 14 2017 at 10:50am



Kandidat Nazzjonalista

Yes I say it again, the Labour Party at the moment is much more organised than us and we need to compete with it. … Asked if he agrees with what the PN administrative did to Adrian Delia, just a few days before the first elections on 2 September, Bartolo said: “No, because the due diligence should have been done earlier by the Electoral Commission.” He added that the party had made a mistake by going to a leadership election immediately. Thursday, 14 September 2017, 11:58


Barely a few weeks after Delia mindlessly called Daphne Caruana Galizia a “bicca blogger”, Daphne was brutally murdered and this understandably infuriated her followers who have written Delia off forever. June 24, 2019



Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

In a lengthy Facebook post, Mr Galea panned Dr Busuttil's "authoritarian" style, said he should now "be quiet" while the party picked his successor and claimed unnamed "prima donnas" with no political experience had been allowed to hijack the PN. He called on Dr Busuttil to follow in his predecessor's footsteps and quit his parliamentary seat once a new leader was in place Doing so, he said, would ensure Dr Busuttil did not "remain in the shadows" of the PN's new leader. Saturday, August 5, 2017, 14:54





Kandidat ghall-Kap tal-PN

The Nationalist Party may have overlooked the long-term implications of its 10 per cent tax pledge for the self-employed. …The Labour Party had managed to attract within its fold a sector that had traditionally always found a natural home in the PN. Saturday, July 29, 2017, 11:08


Speaking to MaltaToday, Adrian Delia said he was aware of the screenshot from an Excel worksheet showing the entry next to his name, with his membership status marked as ‘eligible after 2017 and 2016 membership is paid’. All candidates for the PN leadership must have been a member for at least two years when they submitted their nominations two weeks ago. The same goes for members who will vote for the party leader in the 16 September election.  Party sources claimed with MaltaToday that Delia had only settled his party dues a few days ago. But Delia insisted he had paid his membership in January as he has done every year to the local party representative in Siggiewi. “This representative passes on the money to HQ, but I don’t know whether she does so immediately or if she waits for weeks or months to collect payment from a number of members before passing them on. What I do know is that I pay my membership every January and did so again this year.” Delia said the screenshot of the alleged members’ list was “a clear example of an underhanded attack against me, coming straight out of party headquarters… 1 August 2017, 7:30am


Il-kandidat għall-elezzjoni tal-kap tal-Partit Nazzjonalista Adrian Delia saħaq li ħafna drabi l-PN aġixxa qisu l-politika mhix għan-nies, imma li n-nies qegħdin hemm għall-politiċi. 11/08/17 12:08 PM


In some respects my party over time lost its way. Its methods became weak, its finances depleted, its activists demotivated, its core support alienated. Sunday, August 27, 2017, 00:01

Someone who is not interested in this new way of politics I am offering is trying to tarnish my reputation using this blogger. This has been the dirtiest, most aggressive campaign I have ever seen." Saturday, 26 August 2017, 17:59


Adrian Delia asked for disciplinary action to be taken with urgency against outgoing PN leader Simon Busuttil and other members of the party leadership. … In his letter, he said Dr Busuttil’s remark following the meeting of the council was meant to sling mud at his candidacy. He objected to the clip of Dr Busuttil making the comment, saying it was abusive and should not have been posted on Facebook. … Dr Delia asked the electoral commission to verify whether the Facebook clip had been sponsored by PN funds and also asked it to publicly condemn Dr Busuttil’s comments. Sunday, September 10, 2017, 09:01







The PN went from agent of change to a passive spectator. Saturday, July 29, 2017, 10:50


After the 2013 defeat, I took on the role of general secretary without any remuneration, because the PN was on the brink of bankruptcy. I cannot be specific, but there was a time when the party was on the brink of becoming a thing of the past. …  I was always against selling our clubs, as these were purchased by Nationalists who made sacrifices for the party to have them. … I disliked the idea so much that I did not attend the signing of the promise of sale agreement for the St Julian’s club. Sunday, September 10, 2017, 18:15



Kap Partit Demokratiku

Il-PN jagħzaq fl-ilma kien, u jagħzaq fl-ilma għadu. Monday, 14 November 2016, 09:46


Iz-zewg partiti jidhru li meghrqin fil-korruzzjoni. Il-PN ghazel li jiddefendi lin-negozzjant u mhux lin-nies meta d-deputat Kap accetta l-inkarigu.

Kumment online


I only attend Parliament when I can actively engage in productive work that needs to be carried inside the House like, debates, pqs or committee meetings.

Kumment online 16.4.2017


Cliques may be hijacking the PN's leadership race, Democratic Party leader Marlene Farrugia said today. “The election can get hijacked if the cliques do their work again. I am concerned that this is happening, and people who are speaking to me have this same concern,” she said. Dr Farrugia said rumours were circulating in the PN that “the cliques were at it again”. Monday, July 31, 2017, 11:53

Marlene Farrugia tenniet li m’għandhiex fiduċja fl-erba’ kandidati li qed jikkontestaw l-elezzjoni (ghall-hatra ta’ kap gdid tal-PN). 31/07/17 06:14 PM







Antagonism toward Muscat is fragmented and a fragmented Opposition can never defeat a united government. Such an analysis is absolutely correct. … The Opposition is bitter. A series of wrong choices and decisions have been taken over these past years where honest individuals were sidelined because they had the guts to speak the truth. On the other hand, sleazy individuals continue to reign supreme at Tal-Pieta’. … The last political remarks of Dr.Busuttil show that he is all out to defend the misdemeanors of his top brass lieutenants. …  Busuttil is losing his credibility about his pledge to re-introduce honesty in politics. … It is a pity that the top brass of the Nationalist Party prefer lining their pockets instead of doing sacrifices for the public good. Monday, 20 March 2017, 07:45


If there is a person who should shoulder responsibility for this defeat, this is Beppe Fenech Adami. Indeed, he too is responsible for this result. … As for Beppe Fenech Adami, not only was he part of the team which led to this catastrophic result but he was the one who was putting the greatest pressure on the Administration by flaunting his surname, thus ensuring that the party adopted the strategies and policies he wanted the party to follow. … It is now clear that more than one generation needs to pass before the PN is electable again. … I note with interest that besides having been shunned by both the party and Net TV, the University Radio also put a stop to my analysis of the morning local newspapers. The only person within the PN who continued asking my views was Roderick Agius,  editor of il-Mument. It was all mapped out in a very neat Masonic manner. Officially, nobody ever issued an order or gave a command but as one presenter told me: “you know, after your article [re De Marco and Hillman], I could not invite you on my programme”. “Listen”, he continued, “no one gave me an order.” I will refrain from naming the chap in question. He is one of those who preaches about democracy and freedom. Monday, 12 June 2017, 07:37


The PN has now lost its political plot. … The PN is showing that it is not in a position to rebuild itself. … Clearly the PN will not be able to make it next time round which means that Labour will win again. The leader that is going to be selected in September will have to resign to make space for a new candidate in 2022. Monday, 26 June 2017, 07:45


The real tragedy is that Simon Busuttil is going to remain a backbencher and thus will continue to control the party.  He does not wish to leave the party. On this point, I am with Mario Galea. He should leave, as this will lead to a dangerous political situation. … All those who therefore wish to carry on defending Simon Busuttil, despite his despicable behaviour towards conservative voters within the party, are going to make the situation within the party more untenable. … Mario de Marco had no problem to meet a minister, who according to the Nationalist Party is corrupt, in order to assist the DB group to come out legally clean in its acquisition of public land at St. George’s Bay. Yet, de Marco did not apologize to the Nationalist supporters for taking them to protest in Castile Square against corruption while he himself was having meetings with Konrad Mizzi inside Castile. … Simon Busuttil has been described as a leader with principles. A manwho would have us believe that he was going to eradicate corruption. I am starting to see more honesty in Joseph Muscat than in him. Simon Busuttil had no qualms to accept money from the DB or invite shady building contractors to become super candidates in this last election. Monday, 14 August 2017, 08:18


The Nationalist Party has lost all political conviction. … Simon Busuttil’s political personality has collapsed without any dignity. Busuttil is appearing more and more a leader with no backbone. His reactions after the electoral defeat and the manner in which  he is acting shows that he has no determination. … The truth is that Busuttil does not have the fibre to assume responsibility for the defeat. … Unfortunately, the outgoing leader is a bad loser and has turned out to be a dangerous liar. Monday, 21 August 2017, 07:16


The truth is that Busuttil is now desperately clutching to straws. Monday, 14 August 2017, 08:18


Roderick Caruana’s case does not only confirm that this (PN leader) election is rigged but worse, shows that the PN is more and more a party of lawyers, the Maltese type, where power is only affirmed and exercised in the way they say no to rightful requests of honest people, in particular, if they hail from Malta’s south. Monday, 28 August 2017, 07:39

The way the PN establishment has been acting lately is reminiscent of the Communist Party under Stalin. … Charlot Cassar - an intimate collaborator of Simon Busuttil – petitioned the administration. His request was met and the Administrative Council met with urgency to discuss Delia. Clearly, the intention from the start was to frame Delia. The party that historically had fought against frame-ups became a perpetrator of such wrongdoing. The given maxim that one is not guilty until proven so no longer applies in this leadership race. … Instead of being a principled leader, Busuttil chose to abandon party principles for a lucrative post. This is why, when he now speaks of rightousness, he cannot be taken seriously. He has lost all credibility. Monday, 4 September 2017, 08:03

If there is an expression that reflects the current state of the PN, this is ‘times of disorder’. In the past, I was extremely critical of the Nationalist Party’s Administration, but never, by a long shot, did I imagine that they would have reduced the Party to such a wretched state. Like it or not, after what has been going on within the Party, one has to thank one’s lucky stars that Joseph Muscat is in government, even though one may not necessarily agree with all his policies. The PN’s Administration, through the behaviour of a section of its members and MPs, has highlighted its ineptitude to govern itself, let alone to govern the country. The only thing in which the previous administration has been successful is to plunge the Nationalist Party into total disarray. It is also very clear that a number of elected Nationalist MPs are completely divorced from their constituents which only goes to emphasize the magnitude of the situation. The fact that a number of MPs were not present in Parliament for Dr. Adrian Delia’s oath-taking is a clear indication of the current malaise in this party. Monday, 9 October 2017, 07:23




That the PN has not yet rid itself of the negative aura that got it dumped out of power in 2013 is a given. That since then, in the eyes of many, it has continued to take aim at its own size 9s, as evidenced by assorted errors of judgement such as consorting with specimens like Silvio Debono, is equally troubling for those who have the best interests of the party, and consequently the country, at heart.

The Times 6.3.2017




Ex Segretarju Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

Veru ha jghola l-gass? Veru ha jghola l-elettriku? Kemm hu gholi l-frott! Ghall-grazzja t'Alla, dawn kollha sinjali ta' progress.

In-Nazzjon Taghna, 9.7.90



Ex Prim Ministru Nazzjonalista u President tar-Repubblika Emeritus

Jekk hawn xi hadd li kapaci jipprova li l-gvern iffavorixxa lil xi hadd ghax hu Laburist, jien nirrizenja.

Siggiewi 26.6.90


Il-qtil ta' Karen Grech: Ghaliex ghaddew dawn is-snin kollha u l-poplu Malti ghad m'ghandux sodisfazzjon? Jien inwieghed li dak il-kaz jekk hu maghluq jerga jinfetah. Dak il-kaz irid isir id-dawl fuqu. … Ahna mhux partit li jberbaq il-flus. … Din li tara l-ghasses maghluqa trid tispicca…. Ma jistax ikun li tmur il-poliklinika u darba ssib tabib u darba issib iehor.

Waqt dibattitu ma' Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici fuq it-television qabel l-elezzjoni tal-1987


Malta... (is) going through an identity crisis.

The Sunday Times 10.4.94


The country, Dr Fenech Adami said, was going through an identity problem.

The Times 16.6.2005


The Church is cut off from reality.

The Sunday Times 1.5.94


We have reached a state where we do not have enough (prison) cells.

The Malta Independent 20.11.94 & The Times 19.11.94


The Maltese language is in a crisis.

The Times 28.11.94


The country is not far away from a crisis in values.

The Sunday Times 1.1.95


The Maltese language is in a state of disaster.

The Times 9.10.96


People may have regarded the PN ministers as becoming arrogant. I am not saying they were or they were not.

The Times 30.10.96


At one moment we stopped communicating with the people.

The Malta Independent 24.11.96


This did not mean there were no voters, members of the PN or Nationalist MPs who supported divorce.

The Times 6.2.97


In our time there was an economical slowdown, yes.

The Times 13.10.97


Malta is now part of the world.

(jindirizza lill-media wara laqgha ma' delegazzjonijiet minn diversi korpi kostitwiti f'Kastilja)

The Malta Independent 29.1.2004.


Industrijalisti u nies fil-kummerc huma lkoll konvinti li mill-ghada ta' decizjoni favur ghal shubija fl-UE, il-pajjiz jibda b'boom ekonomiku.

In-Nazzjon 24.1.2003


Ghax qed nghidu li din is-sena ghandna bzonn inzidu 3% fil-VAT qisha se taqa’ d-dinja.

Parlament 16.12.2003




Ex Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

Il-Partit Nazzjonalista bhal kull partit demokristjan iehor ghandu kurrenti diversi gewwa fih.

L-Alternattiva 2.6.90


Qabel l-elezzjoni tal-1987: Gejt mitlub ma nkomplix, imma tant hassejtni vicin breakthrough illi ssugrajt laqgha ohra (ma' Mintoff) ghax hassejt li rizultat pozittiv kien ikun ta' gid kbir ghal-pajjiz. Il-partit sar jaf b'din il-laqgha u gejt sospiz mill-grupp parlamentari.

L-Alternattiva 2.6.90


Konna se nasslu... Izda malli l-partit (Nazzjonalista) sar jaf x'kont ghamilt, gejt censurat u mkecci mill-grupp parlamentari Nazzjonalista.

Il-Gens 9.6.95


Despite the government's oft-repeated declaration in favour of health tourism together with its appeals for entrepreneurial creativity, there is a lack of incentives in the health sector.

The Times 13.2.2006


Marsascala has been left to become Malta's “rubbish tip”. He said the village was facing a number of crises, starting from a rampant drug problem.

The Times 6.3.2006


Malta is going through a rough period. We need to unite hearts and minds if we are to overcome the great problems the country faces.

The Times 20.4.2006


We do not beat up, transfer or kill protestors or opponents now: we simply let them wither away by ignoring them. We use laws and regulations, and public boards as screens. We take people for an expensive ride by pretending to listen to them, and then we spend thousands of liri we claim we do not have on innumerable studies to back decisions that have already been taken, making friends and 'experts' rich at the taxpayers' expense. … Is this the democracy we fought for in the Eighties? What a farce! What a sham! … In the 21st century we have a government riding roughshod over the people using a board as a screen. … Consultation? Since when has 'imposition' come to mean consultation? Does forcing things through with a smile constitute a living democracy? … the Gonzi government chose to treat the people of Marsascala, whatever their political colour, with disdain.

The Sunday Times 7.1.2007


The response from the spokesman for the interior minister to Azzjoni Nazzjonali’s press statement (TMID, 28 August), … is simply a series of sorry excuses with which he thinks he can justify his government’s lethargy and incompetence.

The Malta Independent 6.9.2007


A rotting Nationalist government reeking of corruption.

The Times 1.10.2007


The PN was panicking because after losing four rounds of local elections and a European Parliament election, it wanted to attract its own people back, so it “became more socialist than the socialists”.

The Times 22.10.2007


Josie Muscat yesterday criticised the Government for using taxpayers' money to carry out its “propaganda campaign” and for spending cash on national celebrations rather than other important matters. … Dr Muscat described as “immoral” the pro-Government propaganda campaign. Among others, he mentioned the billboards promoting the Budget, the new hospital and promotional material about everything the Government does. Dr Muscat also spoke about the cost of celebrations to mark various events in the past five years and called for an inquiry into how much was spent. He mentioned the celebrations marking Malta's accession to the EU in May 2004, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in November 2006, and the introduction of the euro. He said that while on certain issues the Government was being very careful on where and how to spend public money, it was willing to fork out a lot of money on these celebrations. Dr Muscat also claimed that the Government was spending more than three times the estimated cost on several of its capital projects. While it was justified for the Government to build a new hospital with modern equipment, it was unacceptable to overstep the budget with millions, as the project reeked of scandal, he said. He criticised the Government for wasting money on the printing of leaflets sent to every household, saying most of the people who receive them end up tearing them up without even looking at the content. He also questioned the Smart City project and asked how much this project was really costing Malta since it had experienced technical problems.

The Sunday Times 13.1.2008


To hear George Pullicino bombastically talk about how in the future, but of course only in the future, the Malta Environment and Planning Authority can be made more transparent was hilarious. Could this be the same minister who presided over an authority, for which he is directly responsible, that blocked its own auditor’s report regarding the process of the Sant’ Antnin plant?

The Malta Independent 26.1.2008






Claims that the Nationalist Party is interested in consultation with the general public are also reduced to the level of hypocrisy and cheap electioneering tactics.

The Sunday Times 27.10.91


Tbaghbis fir-rizultati tal-ezami ghal Airfield Operators: It will be interesting to see whether this nasty incident is to be swept beneath the carpet like all the other nasty incidents of the past few years.

The Sunday Times 7.11.93


It takes a good measure of self-delusion to believe that there is any way to raise a family on that (minimum wage) except in dire poverty.

The Sunday Times 30.1.94


When Simone Cini walked through that crowd (barra l-kwartieri generali tal- PN waqt li Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami kien qieghed jigi kkonfermat mexxej) she was booed and insulted like a pantomime witch and somebody even tried to trip her up. Ms Cini ... stood out of earshot, sandwiched between 2 PN heavies for protection and then was escorted through a door hours after the end. How they got her out of that building is a mystery.

The Malta Independent 10.11.96


Edwin Vassallo's attempts at defending his decision to stop the MV Doulos from giving out books against donations has only made him, and the government he represents, look even more ridiculous and petty.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 1.6..2003


The hamlet in which I live was left without mains water for more than three days, starting on December 23 and ending on Boxing Day. There was no water in the taps on three of the most important days in the year, when families entertain friends and relatives at home. It was disgusting, and an excellent example of how people without a voice are treated like rubbish.

The Malta Independent 1.1.2004


The government has come across as spineless and flaccid.

The Malta Independent 18.3.2004


As long as they are convinced that what they are doing is the right thing, then that's OK. Who cares about the rest of the population?

The Malta Independent 18.3.2004


In 1964. Then, Malta was a British colony, a couple of piffling islands with an economy that fed off the British forces and very little else. People left in their many thousands, not because they wanted to but because they had no choice.

The Malta Independent 29.4.2004


Let's accept the fact that in 2008 we are almost certainly going to have a Labour government ... a Labour prime minister is pretty much on the cards for 2008.

The Malta Independent 1.7.2004


It is well known that I have little sympathy for the de Marcos.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 10.10.2004


There hasn’t been such a bad feeling in the country since Alfred Sant was Prime Minister in 1997/1998 … I can’t even begin to describe it. It’s not just economic gloom and doom, but goes beyond that – a profound ennui like the dead, still air before a thunderstorm cracks. People are nervous and fed up. They’re sick of each other and they’re even sick of themselves. They’re feeling stuck and trapped. It’s a negative zeitgeist, and I have no doubt that the general unhappiness in the air is a contributing factor to private unhappiness and the collapse like skittles of marriage after marriage. You would have to be completely insensitive not to pick it up. It’s the kind of mood that, several decades ago, would have propelled a country into war to snap the stalemate.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 19.6.2005


Thank God he (Dr. Tonio Borg) doesn’t teach English as a foreign language. The Minister for Justice seems to believe that you have to be a lawyer to understand the law. I have no time for such nonsense. … The Minister for Justice is only there for a few years, but the damage he can do by interfering with the Constitution will last for many generations. … praising the Constitutional Court for doing its duty, as the Minister for Justice does, is ludicrous.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 19.11.2006


On one of the recent rare occasions when I gritted my teeth and pressed the button for the national television station, I got a full screen picture of a member of parliament from the governing party telling the camera that something was tan-n**k. I couldn’t believe the vulgarity.

The Malta Independent 11.1.2007


If you’ve ever wondered why some of the people who represent Malta sound like ta’ wara l-muntanji, this is the reason why. They know nothing of the modern world. They travel relentlessly in their political jobs, but all they see is the inside of hotels and conference rooms, and the only people they speak to are the other members of their delegation.

The Malta Independent 1.2.2007


It’s a great pity that while the (Mater Dei) hospital itself is ultra-modern, the thinking behind it remains antique.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 8.7.2007


Tonio Borg is a bombastic piece of work who is making many of us twitch with the urgent desire to vote the Nationalists out of power, just so that we can get rid of him and his pompous, patronising and paternalistic presence. There’s another minister who really must be swept up and out of the way, where he can’t do any more damage to this government’s electoral chances: the Minister for Roads and Transport. This isn’t just because Jesmond Mugliett isn’t doing what he is there to do: giving us better roads and public transport. Resentment against him for his uselessness has been gathering up a storm for some time now. All we needed was to hear that one of the driving examiners who took bribes to give pass-marks to those sitting their test is Mr Mugliett’s canvasser.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 15.7.2007


Mr (Jesmond) Mugliett should be wiped off the government's shoes not because he intervened to stop the prosecution. He did not do that. He should be removed to the back-benches because he thought - and still thinks - that it is perfectly acceptable for a government minister to “suggest” to the top dogs at a public authority that there be a stay of execution for corrupt persons, pending the outcome of a request for a presidential pardon. The recommendation for a presidential pardon would have had to go through the ministerial Cabinet, of which Mr Mugliett forms part, making this a particularly unattractive mise en scene.

The Times 28.7.2007


In this general election, the Nationalist Party included in its candidate list several individuals with a large neon sign above their heads that said “Trouble”. Some of them have a history of shady deals. Others are on the make. A couple define wrong and right as what is wrong and right for them. One of them has some question marks hanging over his head when it comes to – how shall it put it? – straight dealing. I was very cross at his inclusion in the list because I believe that electors should know what they are voting for, and if this man was being put forward by Lawrence Gonzi and the family values party, people who weren’t in the know would assume that he was OK.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 23.3.2008


If Victor Scerri is to be chastised for anything at all, it is for failing to resign his post before applying for a permit that he knew was bound to be highly controversial and to rebound on both party and government. … I do think the president of the Nationalist Party was wrong to apply and wrong to go ahead.

The Malta Independent 25.6.2009


It isn’t my imagination. The police have gone nuts.

The Malta Independent 12.8.2010


I actually have more respect for those who voted No (divorce referendum) than I do for those who left the chamber before the vote. But still I disagree with them, and I do so passionately and wholeheartedly. I disagree with them not only because their stance is utterly anti-democratic – why hold a referendum if you personally are not prepared to respect the outcome, leaving it up to others to do so? – but also because they do not hang themselves alone. They hang the Nationalist Party with them. To see the prime minister and his cabinet, with the exception of Joe Cassar, Mario Demarco and Chris Said, vote against the bill was sad indeed, though entirely expected. They look like stuffed dinosaurs from another era already at this point. The feeling I get when looking at them is the feeling I used to get some 15 to 20 years ago, looking at the Nationalist ministers who had been familiar faces to me since my childhood in the 1970s – an ‘end of an era, enough is enough’ feeling, the sort of feeling that tells you it’s time to move on. All they needed to knock another nail in the coffin of public perception was to vote the way they did. It’s over for them now and they know it. If they don’t move on as individuals, the electorate will move the entire party on and away from the seat of government. This is because the Nationalist Party has sold itself over the last couple of generations as the party of the new, the party of the forward-looking, the party of democracy and of individual dignity and liberty. And here its biggest and most senior cheeses are today, voting against the clear mandate of the electorate. It’s disgraceful, but they don’t see it that way. It’s all about conscience, a conscience that tells them to override and overrule a decision they themselves have asked the people to take for them. What about all the people who voted No in the referendum, the prime minister and others asked? We have to respect the minority. But that is what divorce is all about, isn’t it – respecting the minority who wish to divorce. The minority who don’t wish them to divorce just don’t come into it at all. Whether Mr and Mrs Zammit divorce is not the prime minister’s business and it is their decision to take and not the prime minister’s. But I’m not going to flog that dead old horse anymore. With their vote, the prime minister and his cabinet, bar those exceptions, have marked themselves out as the past. They are the ghosts at the feast already, and the party still has two years to play on. The tragic thing is that they have lost their authority, undermined their credibility and harmed their own standing, when they could have regained much lost ground and status by saying ‘I respect the will of the people. I will vote Yes.’ The prime minister and those who think as he does clearly do not understand that even people who voted No in the referendum prize democracy and understand that a No vote in parliament now is a two-fingered salute to all that. They understand – not all of them, for sure, but several to whom I have spoken – that you do not hold a referendum and then carry on regardless of the understanding that others in parliament will do your job for you and vote Yes. The prime minister has every right to behave as he pleases as an ordinary MP, but he is no ordinary MP. When he commits political suicide, he takes his party with him.

The Malta Independent 14.7.2011


The Nationalist Party may prefer to stab its enemies in the back then look around and say: goodness, where did all that blood come from?

The Sunday Times, 27.10.1991


I wish to put on public record the very words I spoke under oath in court: that I will regret until my dying day my decision to vote for Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, a man I have come to think of as a blackguard, and to give him so much succour and support, to the detriment at times of my peace of mind, in the first year after the general election of 2008. - Politics -- 19 June 2012 -- 06:50CEST


The Nationalist Party is in dire straits.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 18.8.2013


Toni Abela, deputy leader of the Labour Party, had the brass neck to say to the media yesterday that there is no place for Giovanna Debono, the former Gozo Minister, in politics, on the basis of the current allegations against her. I happen to agree, because fiefdom-building is a recipe for trouble and is fundamentally undemocratic.

The Malta Independent 12.3.2015


(Simon) Busuttil’s propensity to walk straight into loaded Labour traps is worrying. October 17, 2016 at 3:08pm


There were no clothes in the shops (qabel 1987) so we had to make them ourselves. Sunday, 1 January 2017, 11:00


I really can't stand stupid people. They are so exhausting and eat up so much oxygen. online comment 6.2.2017


Mario Demarco never wanted to go into politics. He wanted to be a lawyer working in New York. He did it for his father and he has stayed on as a tribute to his father. And unfortunately, it shows. online comment 25.1.2017


Anybody who says "bile" should be taken out and shot for lack of imagination and a very poor lexicon. online comment 22.1.2017


Mario Demarco and I are old friends. online comment 22.1.2017


I have nothing to do with the Nationalist Party. online comment 22.1.2017


Sometimes I get the impression that the Nationalist Party still has not redeveloped its instinct for public opinion and the dangers of ignoring it. Public opinion now says that Mario Demarco has to go, and so it's pointless defying it and trying to justify why he should stay. Most of the people from whom I'm picking up that opinion are undecided electors or those who voted Labour last time and were planning on voting Nationalist this time. This is significant and the Nationalist Party cannot afford to ignore it, because the consequences will be tragic FOR MALTA if it does. 17.3.2017


You're not going to beat Labour with Demarco on board. 16.3.2017


Chris Fearne has been quoted as saying, in a story published today on this newspaper portal, that Labour is going to be in power for another 20 years. I agree with him. June 25, 2017 at 6:43pm


It is a mistake to have David Agius, the Nationalist whip in parliament, shadow the Minister for Civil Liberties. Mr Agius knows little to nothing about the subject and has the wrong attitude to begin with.  … Having David Agius, a narrow-minded straight man, shadow civil liberties is like making a man spokesman for women’s rights. … it is a crying shame that David Agius is the Opposition’s spokesman on these matters. Thursday, 29 June 2017, 10:30


I write this as nominations close for the Nationalist Party leadership election.  I have no comment to make except that the election has turned into a joke, yet the outcome is going to be anything but funny. Thursday, 20 July 2017, 09:11


The intellectually-challenged Clyde Puli and David Agius. Sunday, 1 October 2017, 09:39                   


Demarco once arrived a full hour AFTER the guest of honour at a lunch for William Rees-Mogg, given by the Strickland Foundation. Just as a decision had been taken by the hosts to sit down without him, he breezed in without a word of apology. October 6, 2017 at 11:15pm


Let’s leave aside the racist bigot Frank Portelli. October 5, 2017 at 5:46pm


Let’s not forget that Dr (Tonio) Borg is the man who abused his position, when he was a cabinet minister. October 5, 2017 at 5:46pm


Tonio Borg backs Delia because they share the very same far-right political beliefs and pseudo-Catholic bigotry. October 2, 2017 at 11:14am


When the Nationalists were re-elected in 2008, the awful and useless Clyde Puli was made a parliamentary secretary for sport, October 1, 2017 at 8:01pm


They’ve both been in parliament for an eternity, Clyde Puli was a parliamentary secretary under Prime Minister Gonzi, and David Agius was the Opposition whip until last June. But that isn’t the worst thing about them. The worst is that they both have an intelligence quotient marginally above that of a pigeon, and the last thing the Nationalist Party needs right now is another couple of goons at the helm who aren’t capable of making a smart decision while thinking that they are oh-so-very-cunning. September 26, 2017 at 9:25pm


The Nationalist Party is jam-packed with two-bit schemers who couldn’t plot their way of a paper-bag because they don’t have the brains, and belly-crawling goons and opportunists. And we are supposed to admire and respect these rank eejits and give them our vote so that they can dig their ugly snouts even deeper into the trough. … Qabda nies minn ta’ wara l-muntanji: the curse of Malta, because they’re the precise type who are forever gagging for il-power as the be-all and end-all in their otherwise miserable and meaningless boondocks lives. September 26, 2017 at 7:48pm


David Agius has the intelligence quotient of a pigeon. He is one of the most idiotically stupid people I have ever had the misfortune to listen to, and he's too stupid to know it. September 26, 2017 at 7:12pm


Henry Frendo is a poor historian because he starts out prejudiced and fraught with personal political (small p) bias. September 21, 2017 at 2:50am


Henry Frendo - xi dwejjaq ta' ragel. September 21, 2017 at 1:34am


May you rot in hell, you couple of heinous bastards.

(lil Dom Mintoff u Lorry Sant) August 20, 2012 at 10:22pm


The last time I saw that line-up of Moran, Vella, Grima, Dalli and AST, they were on the back of a lorry with Mintoff at the centre, bawling and banging with approval as he preached class hatred. The next time I see that line-up, I hope it’s up against a wall ready to be shot by the electorate. February 2, 2011 at 5:35pm

Right now I’m getting messages from members of Adrian Delia’s rabble, saying – with no punctuation except a lot of exclamation marks at the end – that I’m finished, RIP, take a cyanide pill, and other remarks involving body parts. September 3, 2017 at 2:13am

aaaaaa qatta mintufjani mnejkin!!!!! tafu xi tfiser dik il linja??????!!!!!! tfiser li zop fox ommkom mintof amel gid ghal Malta.  aaaaaa qatta stupidi u injoranti li ma tifmu xejn – araw flima sena tibda tila l linja u b kem telet u araw kif kinet il linja taht is salvatur ta oxx il liba ghajnkom li bih fotejtu pajjis grazzi ghal injuranza spejtata u grazzi al fatt li andkom vot bhal vot ta dawk li andom mohh. August 28, 2012 at 12:26am

Cabinet Minister Wistin Abela (an evil dwarf with large ears). 9.2.2011

Guido Demarco, the ultimate bogan. 3.3.2017


Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

Mela x'naghmel ma nnehix l-income tax... innehiha sabih... zewg miljuni kont indahhalhom ghall-partit ahseb u ara x'kont indahhal ghall-pajjiz.

Parlament 6.3.91


After 20 years in power the Nationalist Party is experiencing what Italians call “il logorio dell’ potere” – an attrition which is wearing away the party’s morale and corroding its engines. … But is the same logorio which brought the Borg Olivier government down in 1971 now affecting the PN after two decades in power? “Yes… it happens when you start taking things for granted. They always say ‘we will take care of this and that’, but they procrastinate.” … He acknowledges that the MLP had left a considerable sum of money in the so-called posterity fund. “We used this money to finance the much needed public works like the new airport, the new power station and the new telephone system” … in 1992 Bonello Dupuis lost his place as Finance Minister. “The Prime Minister had more trust in John Dalli, even if it was misplaced.” … he sees the signs of corrosion in the PN after being in power for two decades …

MaltaToday 13.5.2007




Jien wiehed li ili nivvota PN ghal aktar minn 30 sena... Illum inhoss qalbi tinghafas... Il-gustizzja li tant niftahru biha qeghda tigi mzebilha b'tali manjiera li t-trasparenza taghha ghoddha ghebet ghal kollox.

Il-Gens 18.7.92


Jien kont ghal hafna snin ittesserat fil-Partit Nazzjonalista izda kelli nghid "daqshekk" meta rajt il-gustizzja titfarrak u tintefa l-bahar.

L-Alternattiva nru 164




Dan hu kumment (ta' Henry Frendo) tipiku ta' xi hadd li jew irid joskura l-hidma ta' dan l-ufficju jew inkella ma jarax aktar minn imniehru.

In-Nazzjon Taghna 9.11.93


There is no doubt that the reaction of the mayor (Paul Borg Olivier) is that I should shut up as everything is under control. If he and his council have any contact with the people they would really know how angry the residents are at this treatment.

The Times 14.8.2007


As usual Paul Borg Oliver (Sindku Nazzjonalista ta’ Valletta) tries to ride over a success story that he and his council had no part in.

The Times 17.12.2007




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

Consumer prices will not go up with the introduction of VAT.

The Sunday Times 5.12.93


Teskludi li hemm xi montatura kontrik fil-Partit Nazzjonalista?

Lou Bondi Bondiplus 29.6.2004 Twegiba ta' John Dalli, "Ma jien qieghed neskludi xejn."


I say it again, and I will keep saying it: The party needs a root-and-branch pruning. In the interest of the party the tactics must change, the strategy must change. And since the present strategists are insisting on the strategy that has failed, the party must change them.

The Sunday Times 20.3.2005


Party activists are being treated as people with no intelligence. And it is evident that there are those who are unwilling to raise and discuss the issue because it reflects directly on their position in the party. … Yes. This is the second election round that (Joe) Saliba has been responsible for, and this is the second crushing defeat that the Nationalist Party has suffered. The non-campaign that we had in these elections, and the stupid campaign we had in June last year has shown the limits of the present party administration.

MaltaToday 20.3.2005


Why is there such a feeling of grave despondency in the air? Some are feeling that this country has stopped functioning. There is not the excitement of new activity. There is not the challenge of new targets. There is not the comfort of a supportive infrastructure. There is not the reassurance of a clear direction.

The Sunday Times 4.9.2005


Mr Dalli complained bitterly that this was the fourth election the PN had lost and claimed the party is cut off from the people. … Speaking at the annual general meeting of the Luqa sectional committee some weeks back, for instance, Mr Dalli claimed “they” wanted to arrest him after the Prime Minister received a letter about him and sent it to the police. He also claimed the party was being ruled by a small clique and boasted he had voted against the recent changes regarding property taxation.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 19.3.2006


The hysterical rendition of one of the officers of the party (ghal Peter Darmanin qieghed jghid) about his concept of loyalty. That it was said at all in the party's highest body is worrying. That it was said by a party official is even more worrying as it led people to ask whether this was an impromptu inspiration of this individual or whether it was a rehearsed thrust by hidden manipulating hands. This abject performance was an attempt at intimidating the free thinkers of the party and continue with purge that has been going on for some years and of which I had warned the party councillors as far back as November 2004. This purge is weakening the party. It is one of the prime reasons for the miserable results that the party is polling and must be reversed if we have to reverse this tide. The party cannot be drawn in the vortex of the vicious circle that the more negative the results become the more threatened the monoliths feel and the more self-protective they become. The party conference… was shown again in the last party conference when the direct transmission which Net TV was making of the proceedings was cut when I took the podium. Was this by coincidence or by design? If this was by design it reeks of the decay which the Nationalist Party has fought in the times when Labour used to run broadcasting with an identical arrogant, disloyal and undemocratic attitude.

The Sunday Times 16.4.2006


He (Austin Sammut) does not seem to allow any freedom of thought to others. He thinks he has a right to stand in judgment on facts he knows nothing about. His piece was based on a string of false assumptions.

The Times 21.12.2006


Former minister John Dalli yesterday accused the Nationalist Party's administration of being detached from its supporters, though he made it clear this would not stop him from focusing on his own political comeback within the party. … “They threw a lot of filth in my direction, but I always came out clean.” … He lashed out at organisations and journalists he said had connections with top PN officials who, he said, fabricated lies and false reports to bring him down.

The Times 19.3.2007


I reiterated that the party faithful are seeing how the party is being re-engineered and are not liking it one bit. I concluded that if they do not use all the talent that is available to them within the party, they will be handing this country to the Labour Party. Again this fell on deaf ears. … the malaise in our party and the intransigence that is pushing so many people away as Dr Gonzi refuses the hands of reconciliation extended to him.

The Sunday Times 3.6.2007


A climate of apartheid has crept into the (Nationalist) party.

MaltaToday 26.9.2010


John Dalli yesterday launched another attack on the Prime Minister, demanding that he shoulder political responsibility for his “forced resignation” as foreign affairs minister in 2004. “The political responsibility has to be carried by a politician... the Prime Minister,” he said. 

The Sunday Times 16.1.2011


I’m seeing a gap between the PN now and the PN we founded and developed. In 2004, when I was pushed out of Cabinet, I gave a speech at the general council saying there were Nationalists who were not seeing the PN as their home anymore. The situation is much worse now.

The Sunday Times 16.1.2011




(attivist Nazzjonalista)

Sakemm l-ghadu jigi minn barra ninghaqdu kontra tieghu u nfarkuh bhalma ghamilna (fl-elezzjoni tal-1992). Imma issa l-periklu gej minn gewwa.

In-Nazzjon 31.3.94


Under the Nationalists Malta was run by barons. Under the Nationalists it was so easy to buy drugs.

The Malta Independent 12.1.97


I have to admit that this is certainly a Mickey Mouse republic.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 4.2.2001


Il-partit taghna … waqa’ f’apatija li tkexkex.

Il-Mument 18.2.2001


I feel so disgusted at the nauseating arrogance of some of those in authority. At the moment I have one particular Minister in mind.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 27.7.2003


I sincerely hope that this is not the beginning of the end. (ghall PN)

The Malta Independent on Sunday 27.7.2003


In the past I have often referred to the Mosta Nationalist Party club as an abandoned haunted house. And it certainly was. But now it is no longer haunted, because even the ghosts have deserted it! What a pity! What a waste of money - about Lm150,000. What a pity waste of energy, effort, goodwill and sacrifice by former minister Lawrence Gatt, past committee members and tesserati! Everything has gone down the drain. But who cares?

The Sunday Times 19.12.2004


When you write to a minister once, twice, three times and your letter is not even acknowledged even though the letter was meant to do a favour to the minister concerned and not vice-versa, it means that arrogance has reached alarming proportions.

The Malta Independent 27.4.2005


We all know that the Nationalists are masters of deceit.

The Sunday Times 16.4.2006


The apathy, the profound apathy, the indifference, the couldn’t carelessness that have gripped the Nationalist camp in Mosta is sending icy shivers down the spine of all genuine supporters who know that we shall be facing a crucial general election in such disarray. Our only hope is that the situation in other districts is different. The local officials, if they exist, are simply not interested. They couldn’t care less. And the party officials are not much better. I wrote more than once to high party officials trying to draw their attention to our not so happy situation. Not one single official had the very elementary courtesy to acknowledge my letter. And I was not asking for any personal favour. No wonder the morale of the common supporter has never been so low. In spite of the great prosperity brought about by successive Nationalist administrations, the apathy can be seen even in small problems. The flag on our club has been flying at half-mast for about 10 days. And this for no apparent reason. On Sunday, feast of the Epiphany, I was given the telephone number of someone who, I was told, is the president of the local committee. I rang him up and drew his attention to this flag, flying at half-mast on a festive Sunday. He agreed with me, thanked me and assured me that he would soon remedy the situation. It is now Monday evening and the flag is still there flying at half-mast. I do hope, most sincerely, that time will prove me wrong.

The Malta Independent 10.1.2008


I have no more doubt about it now! When we talk of deceit, manipulation, dirty tricks and a little tbazwir the Nationalist Party is second to none. … the Nationalists are real masters of deceit.

The Malta Independent 22.8.2008


I very much regret to admit but, at the moment, apathy is reigning supreme in the Nationalist camp.

The Times 17.7.2010


I think the letter by Jean Pierre Farrugia (Disservice To The PM, January 25) was a feeble attempt to come to terms with his troubled conscience.

The Times 1.2.2011




Ex ufficcjal tal-PN

I had the impression that the government is a model employer. But I think this was only an impression.

The Malta Independent 13.3.94


Dawn ir-rizenji (ta' Lawrence Gatt u Lino Gauci Borda) m'humiex xi pass ta' kuragg.

In-Nazzjon 19.7.94


The minister’s (George Pullicino) honest answer in parliament should have been that no studies had been conducted on the impact of the eco tax. Instead of doing so, the minister gave an incorrect answer to parliament.

MaltaToday 19.11.2006


Vision statements are not realistic when they relegate the environment to an add-on. This is what the PN document does notwithstanding the inclusion of the word “environment” in its title. The PN vision is hence squinted. It needs to be substantially revised and realigned with environmental values. Only then will talking of achieving excellence make sense.

The Times 13.10.2007


When I joined the PN, I had no problem identifying myself with the party. However, lately, I've been making an effort to establish whether it's the same party I joined in the 1970s. I've reached the conclusion that, if I had to choose today, I wouldn't join. He spoke of the PN's attempt to hush things up when people acted incorrectly, while he encountered obstacles and a million and one excuses when it came to continuing his work within Mepa. The real reason (for this) is never mentioned: That intolerance against criticism and those who think independently has emerged. Whoever does not tolerate string-pulling is continually being sidelined. He added that it was useless mentioning names since the information has been available in the public domain for months. Mr Cacopardo said that in the circumstances, he felt he no longer had a place within the PN and was resigning with immediate effect.

The Times 21.1.2008


It is clear that Mr (George) Pullicino has no social conscience.

Press Release 7.2.2008


L-artiklu tal-lum ta’ Daphne Caruana Galizia f’ The Malta Independent on Sunday bit-titlu Choose Labour for a New Beginning hu tat-tqalliegh tal-istonku. Kumbinazzjoni jikkumplimenta l-billboards li tella’ l-PN madwar Malta illum. … Bhal kull wiehed minna (Dr. Joe Brincat) ghandu d-difetti tieghu u mhux dejjem qbilt ma dak li jghid. Imma jkolli nghid li nippreferi elf Joe Brincat minn nies bhal Jesmond Mugliett. B’artikli bhal tal-lum Daphne qeghda tippropaga politika tal-lanzit. Dan hu kollu frott il-paniku.


Labour Leader Joseph Muscat acted practically immediately in requesting Hon. Anġlu Farrugia’s resignation from his Deputy Leadership post as a result of his inappropriate comments on Magistrate Audrey Demicoli last Sunday. It was right that a politician should be asked to shoulder political responsibility for his actions. … Yesterday’s happenings surely contrast with the method of operation of Lawrence Gonzi who has acted in a schizophrenic manner during his tenure of the post of Prime Minister. He demanded John Dalli’s resignation. Yet he defended his allies Tonio Fenech and  Austin Gatt who should have been forced to resign ages ago. It seems that Joseph Muscat has taught Lawrence Gonzu a lesson as to what political responsibility is. Saying sorry is not enough. At least so it seems! 21.12.2012 at 09:00


Il-Ministru Tonio Fenech il-bieraħ ippreżenta ir-rapport tal-KPMG dwar il-proposta tal-Labour fuq l-enerġija waqt konferenza stampa fil-kwartieri ġenerali tal-PN. Il-KPMG kienu imqabbda mill-Korporazzjoni Enemalta biex jagħmlu dan ir-rapport. Nifhem li l-ispejjes ta’ dan ir-rapport tħallsu mill-Korporazzjoni Enemalta. Jiġifieri mit-taxxi li nħallsu aħna lkoll. Qed ngħid mit-taxxi u mhux mill-kontijiet tad-elettriku minħabba li dak li l-Korporazzjoni Enemalta tiġbor mill-kontijiet mhux biżżejjed biex tħallas l-ispejjes tagħha. Tingħata l-għajnuna permezz ta’ sussidji li jipprovdilha l-Gvern mit-taxxi. Mela l-konklużjoni loġika ta’ dan kollu hi li l-Korporazzjoni Enemalta ikkummissjonat rapport biex jintuża fil-kampanja elettorali tal-PN. Ir-rapport ma kienx meħtieġ għall-Gvern, iżda kien meħtieġ għall-PN. Naħseb li dan hu finanzjament illeċtu tal-kampanja elettorali tal-PN bl-użu ta’ fondi pubbliċi. F’pajjiżi oħra l-istampa indipendenti kienet tqajjem kjass u teżiġi li l-PN iħallas lura lill-Enemalta l-ispejjes li għamlet. Il-korporazzjonijiet pubbliċi m’għandhomx jintużaw b’mod partiġjan! Imma donnu li f’Malta kollox jgħaddi! Qiesu ma ġara xejn. Jannar 2013




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista tal-Gustizzja

There is chaos at the lawcourts and this is not a pleasant situation.

The Malta Independent 27.11.94


The 1992 – 1996 administration was in fact pathetic.

The Sunday Times 1.4.2001


The law courts are in a huge mess.

The Sunday Times 1.4.2001


This nation is in a crisis.

The Sunday Times 19.8.2001


The economy is at a standstill if not in decline.

The Sunday Times 19.8.2001




Ex Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

Irrid nghid li l-fatt li tkun demokristjan ma jfissirx li tkun kristjan.

Parlament 8.3.95 (pubblikazzjoni Politika nru. 5)


Former MP Michael Asciak said his daughters were unable to engage him when he challenged them with questions about “bread and butter” issues despite them both being undergraduates. 

The Sunday Times 18.12.2011




Ex bodyguard ta’ Eddie Fenech Adami

I was the prime minister's canvasser. First between 1980 and 1982. At the time he was the leader of the opposition. There were times when I slept outside his house – I remained as a canvasser until about 1988 or 1989.

The Times 29.5.96




Ex Ufficcjal tal-Partit Nazzjonalista

When vat was introduced originally, prices did not go down to anywhere near the levels predicted by PN politicians. Neither did they do so with the second coming of VAT this year. We all remember his (John Dalli) comment on Xarabank that with the introduction of VAT, 40,000 products would go down in price.

The Times 9.12.99


At present the government is not enjoying happy days. It appears edgy, restless, sometimes confused. It is enthusiastic about putting its message across but not quite sure what the message is, preferring to regurgitate rather than think ... The overwhelming feeling on the ground is that these guys are tired, have been there for too long and are mired in self-importance.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 15.9.2002


Where is this sudden explosion of national irritation with this Nationalist Government coming from?

The Malta Independent on Sunday 24.8.2003


By banning Bondiplus from dealing with the John Dalli case, the PBS editorial board has dealt a heavy blow to the integrity of broadcast journalism on our national TV station. … This is a travesty of justice and fairness, worthy of a banana republic. … This case is a first in another, even darker sense. Never, ever, has PBS refused to even listen to my plans for a programme before taking a decision. That the editorial board bans this programme without even wanting to know the way it was going to be produced is a disgrace to national broadcasting in European Malta, in 2006.

The Times 27.12.2006


Simon Busuttil’s immediate response to my offer was that since I was somehow associated with the defeated PN and its past I had become, and I quote, “a liability” to the party. Not quite. My political soul was moulded in the Eddie Fenech Adami era. It was a time when the buck always stopped at the party leader’s desk. If Simon Busuttil believed that I had become a liability to the new PN he wanted to create, the only gentlemanly response was to respect the decision with magnanimity and a dignified silence. In other words, it was not Joseph Muscat who bought my silence, but Simon Busuttil who banished me to it. … The Nationalist Party was part of my very identity and having its leader eject me put that identity into question. It was like being thrown out of the home I was born in, and for doing nothing worse than fiercely defending it till the end. With that one word from Simon Busuttil I instantly felt detached, disengaged from what was going on around me in politics and the media. … I never wanted this matter to be instrumentalised for political reasons, by either side of the spectrum. So I waited for the right moment. Now that the election is over and Simon Busuttil has resigned it is time to set the record straight and clear my name once and for all. Sunday, 11 June 2017, 11:00




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

The point is that I just cannot understand the shroud of secrecy that seems to have been built around our ‘negotiations’ (for EU membership).

The Malta Independent on Sunday 4.6.2000




Ex Segretarju Generali tal-Partit Nazzjonalista

The (Nationalist) party is now in debt.

Malta Today ta' 20 April 2003


I have had responsible people coming up to me and saying, "forget the idea of doing the roads as they should be done; put 3 inches of tarmac everywhere so that people will get the idea of progress.

Malta Today 20 April 2003


It was Lawrence Gonzi who halted the Mnajdra landfill proposal. The government bowed its head to common sense.

The Times 23.8.2004


Yes, we believe a change in government should bring about a change in chairmen. … Mr Saliba openly admits that the PN receives donations from contractors.

The Times 1.9.2007




Ex Kandidata Nazzjonalista

Today’s pensioners are justifiably upset at seeing the value of their pension being eroded.

The Sunday Times 10.12.2000


The government in general and many ministers in particular look down and depressed. They feel beleaguered and look so bewildered. Some of them have to go.

The Times 1.5.2001


It is the same ministers who disappointed then (in 1996) with their arrogance not least, who are doing it again.

The Times 1.5.2001


(Hawnhekk Marisa qeghda tindirizza lil Eddie Fenech Adami) Stop this policy of squeezing people dry when they are already hard pushed.

The Times 1.5.2001


Yes I hear a lot of moans about this government. Yes I complain too. There are things they do which I strongly disagree with.

The Times 10.2.2004


On the streets though, it’s not like that. People are grumbling very loudly. There is a perception that the government is unravelling. And worse than the government, the PN itself looks like it is in a trance, out of touch and not even kicking up a fight.

The Malta Independent 27.7.2004


The Dr Fenech Adami way, where everyone trundled along quite nicely and ministers, chairmen and other heads always stayed on, whatever the allegations.

The Malta Independent 27.7.2004


The PN still does'nt understand why it is so disliked at present, and as I said, not just among the puliti that it has no time for, but by very many former avid and not so avid PN voters.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 5.9.2004


Right now the Nationalist Party is like a closed metallic bubble of a room being thrown this way and that over very choppy waves. Occasionally they come up with a non-brainwave. … The Nationalist Party … seems to be run and managed by a very small closed clique who are either out of touch because they don’t care or have just not realised what a serious credibility problem they have. … It is actually very hard these days to say something supportive of the PN and the government. … the feeling of doom and gloom is everywhere. … Some Nationalist ministers and party officials are generating this themselves. … The PN is not going to win an election or the sympathy of this people with these aggressive 30 something men who are choking the party to death. The anger is growing, the resentment is deepening.

The Malta Independent 21.2.2005


If you are an employee on a highish wage of Lm12,000 plus, or you are one of the self-employed who employs many others and who has to declare most of your income, you’re clobbered. You feel and are broke.

The Malta Independent 2.5.2005


When times are tough, when money is tight, when people feel threatened by the inevitable change that this new century and EU ways of living are bringing, it’s not surprising that we are witnessing a rise in fundamentalist attitudes.

The Malta Independent 16.5.2005


You don’t need opinion polls to tell you that the Nationalists are getting more unpopular by the day. . . . everywhere you go, the lack of enthusiasm for the PN in certain social circles is abundantly clear.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 26.2.2006


Ever since a former PM became a President the PN has been hampered with a credibility problem.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 26.2.2006


We didn’t really need this poll (elezzjoni tal-kunsilli lokali 11.3.2006) to know people are very fed up with many years of PN government with certain basics not improving.

The Malta Independent 13.3.2006


The Daphne (Caruana Galizia) style of journalism is as outdated as the politics of old Labour it was designed to counteract.

The Sunday Times 2.3.1997


Many of the problems faced by the current administration, which are only partially illustrated in local council election results, are the result of looking backward instead of forward, of thinking tactically instead of strategically, of introducing measures which simply defy the laws of gravity!

The Malta Independent on Sunday 18.3.2007


I am no great fan of the Lou Bondì style of haranguing/interviewing that has become the hallmark of Bondiplus. The format is too much about Lou’s ego and not enough about the person being interviewed. The programme is too much about Lou’s apparent sense of superiority than the personality in the studio.

The Malta Independent 21.5.2007




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

A total of 6,908 vehicle owners failed to pay their vehicle licence in the first half of the year. No action had been taken against them.

The Times 24.7.2002




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

A fountain that cost Lm56,776 and installed in the sea at Bugibba is not being used as it used to cost Lm7,000 a year to mount and maintain in summer.

The Times 24.7.2002




Ex sindku Nazzjonalista tal-Gzira u kandidat Nazzjonalista

Are we living in a democratic country? I do not think so.

Fuljett mahrug mill-hbieb tieghu u mqassam il-Gzira 7.3.2001


Mr. (Albert) Rizzo said that despite being a Nationalist Party supporter and although he knows he will stay that way, a lifelong member, he is not happy with the way he and some of his colleagues are being treated by the party. … Mr Rizzo believes that he has been given the cold shoulder by the PN.

MaltaToday 22.9.2002


I sincerely believe that what Eddie Fenech Adami used to say is no longer valid today.

MaltaToday 25.7.2004




Ex Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando jiddiskrivi lil Ministru Ninu Zammit: The Minister is speaking Mickey Mouse language.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 27.7.2003


Tourism Minister Francis Zammit Dimech ended up having to defend himself from fellow Nationalists, particularly MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, during a party activity in St Paul's Bay yesterday. The back-bencher said tourism needed a new injection of energy on the level the government was showing in the case of the IT and pharmaceutical sectors. Dr Pullicino Orlando warned that euphoria over tourism projections for the coming months could breed dangerous complacency. Dr Pullicino Orlando complained of a weak approach to certain issues, which, he said, undermined one of Malta's most crucial sectors. It was high time that disciplinary measures to deter abuse were introduced and enforced whenever necessary, he insisted. … Dr Pullicino Orlando stressed the lack of coordination in certain levels.

The Times 7.5.2007


Granted, a number of cases of corruption have come to light over the past months. Granted, the way some political situations were handled by the government left much to be desired.

The Times 31.8.2007


Dr. Lawrence Gonzi took a firm stand today against those who resort to vile personal attacks and who are poisoning the local political scene. Ms. Caruana Galizia continued with her despicable ranting on The Malta Independent on Sunday today. She is a pathological liar and has clear signs of mental instability exemplified by the daily torrent of bile she spews into her blogs. ‎'Those who HOLD ON to hatred over long periods, nurse it, protect it, feed it--and act it out in violent or otherwise malicious or lethal ways--are definitely courting mental illness of some kind. They probably suffer from paranoid schizophrenia, narcissistic or antisocial personality disorders.' She needs treatment not pocket machiavelli's egging her on. I COUNTED NO LESS THAN 15 BLOG POSTS PENNED BY HER YESTERDAY, 15 !!! STARTING FROM 1 IN THE MORNING AND GOING ON TILL 12 MIDNIGHT - POSTS SEETHING WITH VENOM AND HATRED.

15.1.2012 Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando - Facebook Group


DAPHNE CARUANA GALIZIA - Twaqqa lil Kristu Imsallab ghaz-zufjett biex tattakka lil Franco Debono. X'gharukaza. ISTHI !!! Jien ma naqbilx ma l-agir ta' Franco Debono li jaf iwassal biex jaqa l-Gvern imma totalment niddisasocja ruhi minn dawn il-hnizrijiet.

11.1.2012 Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando - Facebook Group


Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando made a scathing attack this afternoon against Government for not keeping promises made to introduce free IVF treatment to all by the end of 2011 and by not having put forward for discussion the law giving rights to couples who are cohabitating. Local News -- 28 May 2012 -- 16:35CEST


It would have been far better for the PN executive to have nipped the problem in the bud eight years ago when apartheid politics was introduced in the PN. Since then prominent Nationalist MPs, loyal representatives of the people and the party, have been vilified, framed and ostracised in an attempt to 'purify' the party of all those who do not form part of or are subservient to the coterie the Prime Minister has chosen to surround himself with. 21.6.2012 - 09:14


"I purposely delayed going to the PN Headquarters two days before the elections when summoned by Mr Gordon Pisani, acting under the directions of Mr Cachia Caruana. I realised that, after having used me to gain points by portraying Dr Alfred Sant as a bully as part of the 'Mistra campaign', they were now in the process of setting me up as a scapegoat in the eventuality of an electoral defeat. … The Nationalist MP added that what happened yestersay meant that "anyone dealing with certain high-ranking officials of the PN and the Office of the Prime Minister should, fro now onwards, appreciate that what they say may be divulged publicly and possibly twisted.  It is also obvious that the 'leak' of selected parts of what should have been an internal meeting of the Executive Committee was very well organised. It is no wonder that many MPs are choosing not to attend for our Parliamentary Group and Executive Committee meetings. This is indeed a shameful state of affairs," he said. In his statement, Dr Pullicino Orlando said he had called Gordon Pisani as a witness during yesterday's PN Executive Committee meeting to confirm that, prior to the 2008 elections, Mr Cachia Caruana had sent us both to the house of Mrs. Daphne Caruana Galizia in Bidnija as she was engaged in helping us with the 'Mistra campaign'. Mr Pisani confirmed this, he said, proving the direct link between Mr Cachia Caruana and Mrs Caruana Galizia who, he claimed, was also used to target those of who refuseed to bow their heads to the whims of the clique that Mr Cachia Caruana formed part of., 18.7.2012, 15:20


Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando said today that he regretted not having resigned from the PN earlier. “I feel liberated,” he said in his second interview in four days on One TV. He said he felt liberated because the PN had been hijacked, emasculated and poisoned by Richard Cachia Caruana and Austin Gatt. … One only needed to see how John Dalli had been framed by people within the PN, and those who hatched this frame-up had been promoted. That was why he was now distancing himself from the PN., 20.7.2012, 07:32




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

Mill-elezzjoni 'l hawn, sfortunatament, iltqajt ma' numru ta' Maltin, fosthom anke Nazzjonalisti, li gergru bis-shih.

Il-Mument 21 ta' Settembru 2003


Imbaghad beda jsir tgergir fuq xi Ministru li sahaq fuq l-importanza li kien hemm bzonn nissikkaw ic-cinturin.

Il-Mument 21 ta' Settembru 2003




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

Ghadni kemm qrajt l-editorjal ta' In-Nazzjon tal-lum 20 ta' Dicembru 2003, intitolat, "Fejn hi l-etika?" li jitratta l-kwistjoni ta' l-allegati abbuzi fil-hrug ta' certifikati tal-mard minn numru ta' tobba. Ghalija u ghall-professjoni medika in generali dan l-editorjal huwa ta' stmerrija u jista johloq certu sens ta' sfiducja fost it-tobba Maltin.

In-Nazzjon 22 ta' Dicembru 2003




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

I am here to make people uncomfortable because we need to change our ways.

Malta Today 21.12.2003


Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo has hit back at the party leadership following his fallout on the gay marriage issue, saying the PN’s attempt to portray itself as liberal was to blame for last June’s landslide general election defeat. This criticism was levelled during a PN leadership campaign event at the Mġarr party club where he endorsed former general secretary and Gozitan MP Chris said. Friday, August 4, 2017, 19:31




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

Darker clouds still beckon on the horizon.

The Times 16.7.2004


We are not perfect. We will continue to make mistakes because we are human. Corruption exists.

The Times 14.9.2007



Ittra lil Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami: You persuaded us to join the EU, promising so many good things and portraying Europe as a heaven for Malta, and that the airline and the country would flourish in the EU. Now, only two weeks away from joining the EU everything in this country is falling apart. I feel I have been betrayed. I see nothing of what I was promised. They are blaming the workers for past mismanagement and wrong decisions taken. They want to reduce my salary by 30 per cent. There is so much waste in the airline. The unions have come up with many ways on how to save money, which would not affect anybody’s take-home pay, but no, Dr Austin Gatt is not interested, he has taken a decision and does not want to go back on it. He has declared that I earn Lm12,000 a year and that I am over-paid. It would be true if I earned so much but the truth is I earn a mere Lm600 a month. You in the meantime have taken the highest position possible in the country, you were supposed to retire peacefully, but you felt you can do more to serve the country, good luck to you. I hope you have taken the right decision. As for the rest of us, everything seems to be going the wrong way. We are told that we are on the verge of bankruptcy yet we sponsor TV programmes, we purchase new cars for our top management. More staff are added to an already overstaffed airline, an airline made up of 800 productive workers and 1,000 non productive workers. We are told to accept a moratorium of six years. I thought the days of wage freezes were over, or is there some pampalun out there wanting to purchase the airline at a cheap price with as little overheads as possible. I feel betrayed and disillusioned.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 25.4.2004




This all smacks of an extremely clumsy government, a far cry from the extremely focused Nationalist government soon after taking office in 1987.

Malta Today 18.4.2004


In 18 years of Nationalist administration, the meritocracy system has been shelved and the finer version of nepotism has been installed. …  the middle class, and let us bloody face it – the quiet, educated, and traditionalist Nationalist voter – is living far worse off.

MaltaToday 9.4.2006


The Prime Minister is the only one who talks about a buzzing economy. Some dim-witted advisor has sort of convinced him that the figures sort of add up so we must be doing better. It is simply not true. Sales are down, purchasing power is at rock bottom, business confidence is low and it is bad, very bad with the middle class.

MaltaToday 2.7.2006



How can I, a staunch supporter of the Nationalist Party since the beginning of the 1960s, who even suffered two transfers, vote for the PN now?

The Malta Independent on Sunday 20.6.2004




As a staunch Nationalist, I would like to point out that I was not very happy with some of the answers given by the PM and the PN general secretary, Joe Saliba, during the press conferences following the elections. I got the impression that, especially the latter, was trying to turn a loss situation into a win situation. … I am sure he (Dr. Gonzi) knows perfectly well that some of his ministers are not performing well. Although some ministries have changed hands, most of the old faces are still there. Therefore, a reshuffle, changing the tired old lot with some new blood, would certainly help to regenerate the administration with new vigour. It seems as though the PN has become a party of cliques. The leader has to understand and to ensure that the party does not belong to a chosen few but to all its supporters. … I regret to state that some ministers have become very arrogant and inconsiderate. … There are many more deficiencies, which, I am sure Dr Gonzi knows about. If he does not, then he does not deserve the position he holds.

The Times 2.7.2004




MEP Nazzjonalista

Ikun hazin jekk ikun hawn min, bhall-kandidati Laburisti, jghid li sejjer fil-Parlament Ewropew bl-attitudni li se jipprova jnehhi l-izvantaggi.

In-Nazzjon 12 ta' Mejju 2004




I have been an ardent Nationalist supporter since the day Eddie Fenech Adami was elected PN leader but if this incompetent lot who are now in government think they can win the next general election based on current performance, they have another thing coming. Their downfall will be so great that it will take them long, long years to recover.

The Times 31.7.2004




Il-Partit Nazzjonalista … hu maghmul minn nies li bhal kulhadd jistghu ma jkunux dejjem u l-hin kollu perfetti f'dak li jaghmlu.

Editorjal 6.6.2004


Gvernijiet Laburisti ta’ bejn l-1971 u l-1987, wettqu gid ghall-pajjiz.

Editorjal 12.6.2011




The PN, under the leadership of Dr Eddie Fenech Adami, had a deep mistrust of journalists, especially those who wanted to be more than just a convenient mediator between the government and the public. Instead of trying to understand the media, the government made things worse by taking a “holier than thou” and “you don’t understand” attitude. Criticism was, in simple terms, not tolerated.

Editorjal 27.7.2004


The (Nationalist) party has lost its grip on the feelings of the people, and that section that is traditionally linked to it – the middle class – does no longer identify itself in the PN. … The distance between the PN and the people seems to be growing wider every day.

Editorjal 14.3.2005


Let us take things at face value. Malta hasn’t been doing well in various fields in the past four or five years – tourism, the economy, the deficit, debt, and energy prices – we have struggled on in all of them.

Editorjal 14.11.2005


Nationalist Party … is now facing a crisis, just two years before the national elections are held. … the people are not happy with their government. It could be on something purely local, but one cannot also disregard the fact that even on a national level, the people wanted to show their disappointment.

Editorjal 13.3.2006


The government should realise that it has committed too many mistakes over the past weeks. It needs to pick up the pieces quickly to improve its chances of being re-elected.

Editorjal 12.7.2007


Today, it is the Labour Party that accuses the Nationalist government of trying to manipulate the people with the way the national TV and radio station is being run. What was wrong 25 years ago is still wrong today. And the recent recruitment of journalists by the Public Broadcasting Services, including the appointment of Natalino Fenech as news manager without a fresh call for applications earlier this week, has given the MLP a lot to complain about. …  the way things have happened justify the complaints that are being raised by Labour. The Nationalist Party has made the mistake of giving the MLP a weapon they (the PN) had used well in the 1980s.

Editorjal 2.2.2008


The Prime Minister himself is the first to acknowledge that mistakes have been made, and more than once during this election campaign he has made a public apology for the errors. Again, this is a tactical ploy that is being used by the PN to try to convince the people …

Editorjal 13.2.2008


The Nationalist government has not always been able to implement what it promised. The excuses that were given were wide and varied, depending on the circumstances of the case, but at the end of the day they were simply excuses. And the MLP is doing the right thing, from the political aspect, in using unfinished projects as examples of government incompetence.

Editorjal, 14.2.2008


The total power blackout we had last Tuesday may be symptomatic of a government that is in the dark, a government that has lost its grasp on the needs of the nation, a government that needs to wake up to the calls for a better administration and a greater sensitivity to the people’s requirements.

Editorjal, 19.6.2009


Labour have never been as close to the truth as they are today.

Editorjal, 22.6.2009


We will say it again… wrong. We are of course talking about the decision by the government to increase the salaries of MPs in an effort to “cushion” their return to a normal lifestyle once out of politics. What on earth is this government thinking? Backdated to 2008 to boot? At a time when families are scrimping and saving to celebrate Christmas, the government goes and announces that MPs are to get a whopping increase of about €600 per week. It is a case of political suicide; it really is.

Editorjal, 13.12.2010


The PL is correct to voice the growing concern among the people about the added costs they have to shoulder.

Editorjal, 5.1.2011


Dr Gatt is arrogant, rumbustious, sometimes needlessly confrontational.

Editorjal, 19.10.2011


Mr (Louis) Grech was a respected member of the European Parliament and performed admirably in his tasks. He is eloquent and respected and is very much a moderate who can reach out to a target audience that the Labour Party so desperately needs to engage with. His manner befits everyone who’s vote the PL is trying to attract. He is not in the working class Labour supporter mould. He is strong, effective, intelligent and a bridge that the floating voter would quite happily listen to, and perhaps, trust. His experience in the role of chairman at Air Malta and as one of the better quality MEPs in Brussels will stand him in good stead. He has the look, the charm and the charisma to support his leader and attract new followers to the party – but he also has the moral fortitude to put Labour right, where it sometimes goes wrong. He is not young, but his experience and age will work in Labour’s favour. Joseph Muscat is young – he needs an older, more experienced running mate to balance that out and in Grech, he has found the ideal person. As an individual, Grech is outstanding. His track record is extensive and he has always got results where they matter, and we believe that he will do the same for the Labour Party. Joseph Muscat has often been accused of trying to silence his deputies, but he must not behave this way with Louis Grech. In hindsight, it is understood why. Dr Muscat did not want his previous deputy to put his foot in it every time he went on camera. Now that he has a solid running mate, he must let him work his magic and allow him free rein, as he has not allowed anyone before. We believe that he is a good choice.

Editorjal, 28.12.2012


It took 25 years of Nationalist Governments in Malta to practically achieve….nothing with China. Not one euro cent of investment.

Editorjal, 22.7.2014


The prime minister has become a sort of a globe-trotter. One day he is here, the next he is there. In recent days he has spanned the world’s continents: holding a conference in New York one day and in Moscow a few days later. We should rejoice that Malta, through its leader, has become known and appreciated around the world.

Editorjal, 22.11.2016


There is no doubt that the government has performed marvellously so far in the area  of civil rights.

Editorjal, 1.1.2017


The PN should ask Toni Bezzina not to contest the next election.

Editorjal, 2.3.2017


The gay community in Malta will be forever grateful to Joseph Muscat for first introducing civil unions and now gay marriage. On the civil liberties front, his Labour movement cannot but be lauded; it has taken the country forward in this respect, ensuring that rights are equal to all, not exclusive to certain groups of people.

Editorjal, 14.7.2017


Further doubt on the wisdom behind the idea of the pre-electoral coalition in the first place.It also gives strength to the prophecy made by Joseph Muscat during the electoral campaign that ForzaNazzjonali was just a ‘coalition of confusion’.

Editorjal, 1.8.2017


The PN Opposition is either too focused on its leadership contest, which has turned sour, or its speakers on finance are enjoying a post-election defeat holiday.

Editorjal, 15.8.2017


This tragicomedy's plot sees a down and out party, bruised and beaten by two successive hammerings at the general election polls, seeking a new leader to reform the ailing and beleaguered party and lead it to greener electoral pastures. … what are arguably the party's darkest days since the 1980s. … The situation would be comical if it were not so serious. This Maltese tragicomedy being played out is indeed a tragedy for the Opposition, a comedy for the ruling Labour Party, and seriously concerning for the country as a whole. … it appears that what the country will have, once the dust settles, is a bitterly divided and fractured Opposition.

Editorjal, 2.9.2017

One of the moments that will be remembered the most this summer is the photo of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat enjoying a well-deserved holiday in Italy, sipping wine while exponents of the Nationalist Party were – and still are – embroiled in their bitter battle, inside the Dar Centrali as well as on the social media. That photo epitomises Labour’s tranquillity as against the Nationalist Party’s chaos. … There is no doubt that Labour’s policies are working, and are working well. The feel-good factor that characterised the months before the election was carried forward after the 3 June polls, and it looks set to continue. The government is now hard at work to prepare the budget for 2018, and will probably be presenting it with an Opposition still in disarray and licking its wounds.

Editorjal, 8.9.2017


There could not be a bigger contrast between what it happening in the Labour Party, including its work in government, and the Nationalist Party. PN supporters used to mock Prime Minister Joseph Muscat when, before the election, he used to speak about serenity. By now they should have realised that the serenity Joseph Muscat was speaking about is much better than the chaos the PN has been enveloped in since the massive defeat in the 3 June general election. Since then, and it’s been more than 100 days, the PN has faced a long, bitter battle for the leadership which will not die out after tomorrow’s vote. What is even worse is that the PN has allowed itself and its supporters to be engaged in a divisive campaign that will be hard to patch up once the electoral process is over. … The Malta Independent has published a series of articles with regard to the confusion that reigns on the voting register, with lifetime members claiming they have been deprived the right to vote while the PN insists that everyone who is entitled to vote will be able to vote tomorrow. This is just the tip of the iceberg of chaos that has gripped the PN. No doubt, there are other currents and taking of sides which have harmed the Nationalist Party. …. And this goes to confirm the serenity that exists within the Labour Party. Of course, it is much easier to be serene in times of victory. Nonetheless, it is clear that, right now, Labour, without doing anything, is enjoying the momentum while seeing its main rivals destroy each other.

Editorjal, 15.9.2017



There must be something really wrong in the way the government is conducting its administration.

Editorjal 25.8.2004


Some of them (ministri tal-Gvern) have lost sight of what they are supposed to achieve. Others have run dry of ideas. Some are simply unable to make a decision and one in particular has become the epitome of arrogance. There is no need to mention names. The electorate knows exactly which is which. And so does the Prime Minister.

Editorjal 19.9.2005


It can hardly be denied that there are some members of Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi's Cabinet who are showing arrogance.

Editorjal 19.11.2005


If the Nationalist Party is unable to judge the anger its stand over hunting has caused among a large swathe of its own supporters, then it is in real trouble indeed. … What really raised the ire of many Nationalists was the way the party justified its decision to use a derogation under the Birds Directive to allow spring hunting of turtledove and quail. … In fact, most took this as a direct insult to them as in their mind there was absolutely no question as to why they had voted yes in the referendum. … The Nationalists have now found themselves in a quandary of their own making. They have had no alternative other than to respect their political commitment to the hunters, but in doing so, they have greatly irritated the rest of their supporters who are against hunting. They compounded the problem when they kept saying they did so in accordance with the mandate they had in the referendum.

Editorjal 13.3.2007


The Nationalists, now in government for almost 20 years, have creaked, and are still creaking, badly.

Editorjal 14.5.2007


The biggest loser if the election continues to be delayed is likely to be the PN. There have been too many mistakes, too many self-inflicted wounds and far too much stubbornness, if not outright arrogance.

Editorjal 16.7.2007


At 87 pages, the recently-published national ICT strategy for Malta inevitably includes a large proportion of fluff, the written equivalent of the airbrushed fountains in the Grand Harbour plan. … Alas, the 87-page document contains more rhetoric than substance and, thus, the country must wait to see what these benefits will be.

Editorjal, 18.12.2007


It is a sad reality that successive Nationalist governments have neglected primary health care.

Editorjal, 25.7.2008


The electorate is not satisfied at the way the government is running the country. Yes, it is the Prime Minister's prerogative to decide when to reshuffle his Cabinet, but he can hardly now ignore the significance of the people's warning to it.

Editorjal, 9.6.2009


Many parts of Malta are in a mess and George Pullicino, the Minister of Resources and Rural Affairs, is particularly worried over the great amount of rubbish thrown into the Tritons Fountain, in Valletta, which he describes as one of the island's prime landmarks. Never mind for a moment that this “prime landmark” has its upper plates out of alignment, that these are generally dirty and that the fountain lies right in the centre of what is probably the most chaotic and shabby places on the island, the minister is either sadly not fully aware of the bad state the country is in today or, if he is aware, which is more likely, he is simply powerless to handle it and, like many other ministers before him, he finds he has no alternative other than bemoan the people's lack of cooperation and, ironically, repeat the government's commitment to “the proper upkeep of the Maltese islands”. … Had the government been really committed to ensuring a proper upkeep, the situation would not have been half as bad as it is today. Tourists driving up to Mosta to see the dome, for instance, are no doubt shocked at seeing the sheer neglect so evident all along the road and the pavement, right from the Lija cemetery up to the roundabout. And a road leading to Ta' Qali, Durumblat, must certainly rank among the many that give tourists the impression that we are a Third World country.

Editorjal, 2.9.2009


The Nationalist Party in government (is) finding itself in difficulties, often due to bad planning, or sheer arrogance … morale in the PN down to probably the lowest level for many years.

Editorjal, 29.1.2010


One of the conclusions reached by the auditing firm investigating the Fairmount contract beggars belief. In plain language, it was established that the job was a loss-making venture before it even began. This is far too serious to be taken lightly by anyone, more so by the ministry that was responsible for the shipyards. The auditing firm found that the yard's management allowed the contracts to be worded in a way that gave the client the upper-hand in most situations. And what is one to make of the remark that the executive management "may have misled" the board of directors, and its shareholder, by focusing excessively on the revenue generated by the two contracts while providing unrealistic "expectations of profit contribution" when it was very unlikely that there would have ever been profit at the negotiated price? In the case of both the Fairmount contracts and in that of the BWSC, many questions remain unanswered. Good governance, propriety and accountability demand that the tale in both cases does not end before the whole truth is found.

Editorjal, 5.5.2010


Without a shadow of a doubt, the Nationalist Party is passing through what may well be considered as one of the most politically embarrassing situations for many, many years. Investigations into claims of corruption, irregularities or mismanagement are revealing glaring signs of administrative weaknesses or, in a number of cases, sheer ineptitude that have not been seen in Malta's administration for years.

Editorjal 12.6.2010


However much the Prime Minister tries to deflect public attention from the furore over the pay rise to parliamentarians, the issue still tops the national agenda. And it is most unlikely it will go away before at least some kind of relief is given to those that have been most hit by the recent price rises. Politically, the Labour Party will surely not let go of what most people classify today as possibly the worst gaffe committed by the Nationalists in this legislature. There have been other gaffes but this has fuelled considerable anger. The problem for the Nationalists is that the more they have tried to calm the people’s nerves over this, the greater has been the reaction against it.

Editorjal, 19.1.2011


The outcome of the referendum on divorce, coupled with the gross mishandling of the rise in ministerial honoraria and duty allowance, have triggered a crisis for the Nationalist Party. Each of these highly sensitive issues has been marked by terrible errors of judgement.

Editorjal, 22.06.2011


Lawrence Gonzi is making one mistake after another.

Editorjal, 10.11.2011


Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and his government are in a crisis. … The Prime Minister has on a number of occasions bent over backwards to address his (Dr. Franco Debono) complaints – to appease him, many, even within the Nationalist Party, might prefer to say. That must have been the Prime Minister’s biggest mistake and, after what happened yesterday, Dr Gonzi might now be regretting it.

Editorjal, 7.1.2011


It is not just that the party in government is now running on a slow puncture, as one Nationalist MP put it a few days ago, but that the party is not even in a position to replace the tyre as the wheel is jammed! … The string of mistakes the PN in government has made in this legislature will not be forgotten.

Editorjal, 2.2.2012


The list of errors and blunders made by the Nationalists in this legislature is so long.

Editorjal, 13.4.2012


And the Nationalist Party is in turmoil, seemingly not knowing which way to turn.

Editorjal, 24.6.2012


… in reality the vigorous embellishment works, which religiously take place whenever Malta is hosting a major international event, is anything but funny. This cosmetic exercise is insulting to the 420,000 inhabitants of the island who have to tolerate the institutionalised disrespect and have no choice but to accept substandard roads and a shabby environment in several areas. … What was even more insulting was that the works were clearly focused on routes used by the visiting foreign dignitaries and the press accredited to the event. Why else would polluted grey walls at Aldo Moro Street in Marsa be given a desperately-needed coat of paint? Why were some of the main junctions, leading from the airport to the dignitaries’ hotels and, especially, on the route to Rabat, given a fresh layer of tarmac? It was amusing to see the road to Verdala Palace, which hosted the summit, asphalted until the entrance, stopping metres beyond the palace where the VIPs did not venture. The entire area around Auberge de Castille in Valletta, which hosted the bilateral meetings, was also spruced up. … The authorities may well argue that this was a regular exercise meant to benefit the Maltese people but, in reality, only the most gullible would believe that. Ever since the last Arab leader and foreign journalist left the island on Saturday, workers have once again been conspicuous by their absence. We have seen this all too often – whenever Queen Elizabeth II has visited the island, during the three Papal visits, when the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting was held here, on the eve of a general election... One cannot blame those who argue that they would love to see a summit hosted in Malta every year. Meanwhile, residents of populated areas will have to wait and pray their locality is included in the next summit’s route. Why have sections of Testaferrata Street and Kappara hill, to name just two areas, been allowed to deteriorate to such an extent that they have now turned into a motoring roller coaster? Why do we have to let roadside shrubs grow to a ridiculous extent before action is taken? Why are pedestrian crossing markings allowed to fade, causing a potential threat to both commuters and motorists? Why should everyday road users be treated as second class citizens? The authorities should also be held to account over whether such cosmetic exercises are a waste of money and resources. Some road-markings painted over the past few days have already started fading – once again, it seems inappropriate paint has been used (not to mention the evident clear amateurism at road painting). We have seen it happen before. And it will happen again. It is not uncommon for authorities to embellish surroundings before hosting a major event. Barcelona did it before the 1992 Olympics. South Africa did it before the 2010 World Cup. But, unlike Malta, most of them maintain the momentum because, once the pomp and ceremony is over, they realise that the locals and tourists do expect similar respect.

Editorjal 11.10.2012


The Government has clearly failed to deliver a safe fireworks environment as the latest tragic accident demonstrates. It seems palpably clear that the weakness lies in the application of the regulations on the ground. It is the administration of the law, not the law itself, which is the void lying at the heart of this life-threatening manufacturing industry. Until the Government acts decisively to implement the most stringent safety regulations to fireworks factories on the ground, the annual litany of death and destruction will continue.

Editorjal, 6.11.2012


Those who thought Labour would fall flat on its face when it came to presenting this proposal were probably disappointed. Far from the flimsy plan many had expected, what the PL shared with the public yesterday was a professionally-prepared and detailed exposition. In engaging a highly reputable consultant company that was also recently used by the Government for the Delimara power station extension, DNV Kema, the PL immediately added a stamp of credibility to the technical side of its proposal: which is to build a gas-fired power station to replace the controversial heavy fuel burners Malta currently relies upon.

Editorjal, 9.1.2013


Dr Muscat is undoubtedly deserving of praise for the manner in which he has handled his elevation to Prime Minister in recent days and the Labour Party victory; which, contrary to some predictions, has been remarkably peaceful and serene. Much of the credit for that is down to his approach.

Editorjal, 14.3.2013


An audit report on the debt-ridden Enemalta found so many glaring shortcomings in the running of two of its key committees for the period 2008-2011 that it would not be altogether unreasonable to equate them with two of the worst-run local councils. The shortcomings are so blatant, so daring and so extensive that they wipe out any semblence of organisation, let alone good governance. .. The word used by Dr. Muscat for the collection of shortcomings found by the Auditor is mismangement but, in truth, it is far more serious than that.

Editorjal, 20.7.2013


The interim leader (Dr. Simon Busuttil) is weak.

Editorjal, 12.8.2017

With its hopes shattered and its morale at rock bottom, the PN needs someone at its helm who can give it back its confidence and sense of purpose.

Editorjal, 27.8.2017


Any Nationalist sympathiser wanting to find out what was happening with his party’s shambolic leadership contest on Wednesday night had no option but to turn to the political adversary’s own television station to get a contorted version of the unfolding events. The party’s own media blissfully ignored the world right inside its own foyer. As for Labour’s One, it did not need to spin the chaos at the PN headquarters. The events just unfolded in painful gushes right before everybody’s eyes. … The PN must now be hoping that its councillors would get it out of the mess it got itself in. … This week, the PN had the opportunity to put an end to this charade, to call off the election and start again later. It decided the show must go on, and it will.

Editorjal, 1.9.2017

The Nationalist Party is facing a far more serious problem than co-opting the new leader in Parliament. Whatever the party’s internal electoral commission thinks, the information that has just emerged raises serious doubts on the leadership election. It takes a lot more than a mere line in a two-page confidential report by the electoral commission to put everyone’s mind at rest that “what has happened does not cast any doubt on the integrity of the voting process itself once it is only the person with the right to vote who can in fact vote…”  … The issue was sparked off by a card-carrying PN member who reported that when he tried to collect his vote he was informed it had been taken by assistant general secretary Jean Pierre Debono after producing a proxy. The member insisted he had authorised nobody to collect his vote and declared the signature featured on the proxy was not his. Falsifying a signature is a criminal offence. At this stage, there is no hard evidence who committed the offence, which is punishable by up to four years in prison. Thus, while preserving all the evidence, the PN, which, we must assume, was immediately informed by the electoral commission about what happened, should have lost no time in asking the police to investigate. Mr Debono yesterday strongly denied having falsified any signatures. The party should also have suspended Mr Debono forthwith. The leaked confidential report indicated there were other proxies issued on behalf of Mr Debono. Thus, if there was abuse this went beyond a single case. Surely, the PN cannot be happy with such a situation. The electoral commission used harsh words vis-à-vis Mr Debono for the serious shortcomings he committed, including facilitating the possibility of having false signatures on the proxies. But perhaps the strongest comment is when the commission noted that at no point did Mr Debono inform it he had adopted the proxy procedure. It pointed out that “had it not been for this incident, this ruse by a party official would have remained completely unknown to the electoral commission, the candidates contesting the election and all eligible voters”. The same could be said for the electoral commission. Had its report – based on a meeting that took place two days prior to the election – not been leaked by the independent media nobody would have been aware of this gross case of misconduct, if not outright crime. It should have immediately insisted with the party to put the election on hold until the whole matter was cleared. In a general election, what happened would amount to corrupt practices, which usually vitiate an election. It is in the interest of both contenders – Adrian Delia and Chris Said – to ensure the election they contested is free from any doubts whatsoever. Hence, they ought to demand a wide-ranging independent inquiry and, more importantly, insist the leadership contest returns to the point it was on September 15 until the inquiry board concludes its work and makes its recommendations. A leader elected through a process shrouded in doubt is a very weak leader from the outset.

Editorjal 23.9.2017


There can be no question that Malta’s standard of living has increased markedly in recent years.

Editorjal, 4.10.2017


It is becoming more and more evident that the problems faced by the Nationalist Party do not stem from its electoral defeat in June. The terrible spectacle in Parliament on Wednesday, where leading Nationalist MPs failed to support a motion moved by their own party, reflects the sad morass that is the Opposition.

Editorjal, 24.11.2017


For former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil, his successor, Adrian Delia, and the Nationalist Party. Their ‘nightmare’ has just started and they must proceed with the utmost correctness unless they want to see the party, which is already in a mess, dig the hole it is in even deeper. … That no love is lost between the two men has been evident ever since the day Dr Delia showed interest in the party headship. Dr Delia has done very little if any to do what needs to be done to take the party out of its doldrums. Indeed, the situation appears to be getting worse not better. Still, on the Egrant issue, Dr Delia was correct. As the leader of a political party, Dr Busuttil had done his utmost to gain as much political mileage as possible from the allegations made then. To the extent that he practically made them his own as if he was in possession of solid evidence. Just as he had assumed responsibility for the heavy electoral defeat last year and stepped down as leader, Dr Busuttil should have also resigned now, certainly from the PN parliamentary group.

Editorjal, 23.7.2018


If Nationalist MPs are unable to see the painful disappointment in the eyes of people who voted for them last year and, possibly, many times before, then they were not worth electing. The situation is beyond embarrassing. It has become offensive. … The talk out there on the streets is that the party is coming close to committing hara-kiri. This has gone on for too long and is not what Nationalists want. … Dr Delia tried to take the party off on a new start. That he failed was not entirely his fault. Simon Busuttil had failed before him.

Editorjal, 31.7.2018


At the moment the Government is probably at the lowest level of popularity one can imagine.

Inflight magazine tal-Air Malta, Settembru 2004




I was pleasantly surprised when a lady from the "Customer care" of the Nationalist Party phoned me to enquire why I would not renew my membership to the party mentioned. She then proceeded to attack me on anything I said, mentioned or suggested. When I mentioned the frequent complaints on the government which appear on The Times her answer was: "Well you know what The Times is like these days". She even went so far as to say that I do not understand as much as her as I do not go abroad as much as her! Well now would you believe it. Definitely a case of a person doing the wrong job. I do have a question to the editor of The Times: Do you really receive these letters or do you make them up at night?

The Times 27.10.2004




Ex President CMTU u Ex President tal-Malta Union of Teachers

The MUT is shocked with measures the government wants to take … if workers knew what was in store they would be very angry at what the government was proposing for those working in the public sector.

The Times 10.1.2005


Last Monday I was interview by Rachel of Bondi-plus about the minimum wage. The interview lasted a few minutes but today during the programme my interview which only lasted a few seconds was completely and scandalously edited in such a way that it made no sense whatsoever. Today we witnessed a biased programme which does not augur well for what is soon to occur during the election campaign. I am sure things will deteriorate and it is of deep concern to me as a Maltese citizen that our state tv has reached such depths.

Kumment fuq Facebook 2.10.2012


Yesterday on the occasion of the 5 plus 5 Dialogue Malta Summit I was invited for the Official Opening. Even though I was a guest with the invite in my hand, I was refused access to St. Paul's Street from Castille Square. I politely asked a police officer on how I could get through and he answered, " issa jien naf?" When I told him I was a guest and showed him the invite, he arrogantly replied ''ghala bibi '' All the roads leading to St. Paul''s Street were blocked. I then attempted to pass through St. John's Strreet to be able to proceed to St. Paul's Street as we as guests, were instructed to use the side door of Auberge Castille. As I was only allowed to use the pavement oppostite the side door, I could not cross over to the other side of the road to enter as there were barriers. I was not allowed to cross the road. I was going to go back home after almost 35 minutes of trying to find access but then I decided to put my foot down. I started to yell at the multitude of policemen and soldiers who were standing next to the side door. "Tistghu jekk joghgobkom tghiduli ahna l- mistednin minn fejn nistghu nidhlu?'' It was here that a number of soldiers and policemen rushed at me as they might have thought I was a menace. Finally after another argument they removed the barrier and I was allowed to enter. Inside I heard other guests narrating the hassle they passed through. - DAWN JITTRATTAW IL- MISTIEDNIN B'DAN IL MOD, AHSEB WARA KIEKU TIPPROVA BISS TERSAQ MINGHAJR INVIT LI KIEN JGHID - The Prime Minister requests the pleasure of your Company".

Facebook comment 6.10.2012





Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

I regret to say that Mr (Robert) Arrigo is not fully informed and has therefore made a number of assumptions which are clearly mistaken. … Mr Arrigo is not correct … contrary to what was implied by Mr Arrigo … I find it strange he is objecting … what Mr Arrigo fails to mention …

The Times 9.2.2005




Membru tal-Kumitat Ezekuttiv tal-PN, ex Sindku Nazzjonalista Marsa

I would have never imagined in 100 years I would have reached the state where I would have to write to a daily newspaper to express my concern about a political party that has been everything to me. But I feel things have gone far too far. … I am still an active member of the PN executive and I know many of my colleagues are in pain seeing this party, which has the potential to win yet another national election, resort to measures that go against the essence of our beliefs.

The Times 16.2.2005


We Nationalists who fought for democracy still put democracy at the top of our priority list. That is why we are scandalised when those who are running the party today take such sacrilegious decisions against democracy. … I will not be silenced, not until the party we knew regains its soul and sense of reality.

The Times 9.3.2005


It is clear to me that the party's general secretary, Joe Saliba, must shoulder the responsibility for this result. If no one else is able to say it, then I will. Mr Saliba, it is time to go. Your time is up. You have led this party into consecutive electoral defeats and your "denial" of this is turning members and long-term supporters away from the PN. … the PN suffered a crushing defeat. All explanations of why the PN supporters remained at home are irrelevant. The relevant bit is that they did not vote for the PN. … I am a Nationalist and as a Nationalist I know that the PN will lose the next election and the Labour Party will win unless drastic action is taken. … that is what the party is - arrogant, cut off from reality and distanced from the prevailing atmosphere. … Mr Saliba has led this party to its worst defeats. Now his electoral reform bravado will seal the end of the PN with an attempt to open up for smaller parties. … it will lead to the demise of the PN as we know it. Here is a party that is losing on all fronts: fewer newspaper readers, fewer PN-dominated councils, fewer television viewers for NET and fewer party members. Stalwarts and party faithful have deserted in droves; back benchers with so much to offer have been completely ignored. Worst of all, the people who matter, the brains within the party, are being side-lined and dumped.

The Times 22.3.2005





Ex Segretarju Generali tal-PN u segretarju privat ta’ Gorg Borg Olivier

It is a matter of fact that the leader, Lawrence Gonzi, has inherited an abnormally negative situation ... Arrogance and dereliction of duty should be thrown out. Ministers who adopt such maxims in the behaviour should be thrown out.

The Times 24.2.2005


The (Nationalist) party was losing potentially valuable youngsters because the present state of affairs is generating a general feeling among the younger generation that politics is something to despise because it is "dirty", … ministers should lead by example. Unfortunately, many politicians are nowadays out to make a career. This is not what they are supposed to be in politics for. They have been elected to serve the people and the country.

The Times 5.3.2005


The residents of Qui-Si-Sana, most of them Nationalists, are opposing the development of a car park. Nationalist MPs elected from Sliema are not defending those residents.

MaltaToday 27.3.2005


The PN government has a lot of problems. The Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi inherited a government full of problems.

MaltaToday 27.3.2005




As I already had occasion to make public thanks to The Times and PBS in my published reply, censored both by the (Nationalist) Party newspaper I ran for five years, In-Nazzjon, and the PN TV station NET of which I was its chief executive during its first two years, the libels filed (mill-PN kontra MaltaToday) are no more than an attempt to silence.

MaltaToday 1.8.2004




People are finding less money in their pockets to spend on everyday needs - and this is not simply due to inflation. Forget things like clothes, travel, luxury goods and general leisure. It is more the basic necessities, and medicines that are going up in leaps and bounds.

Editorjal 6.3.2005


It is good to see the Labour Party engage in consultations with NGOs, members of civil society, and individuals in drawing up its policy documents. …

Editorjal, 5.8.2007


Lawrence Gonzi seems to have lost sight of what it was that won him the election in the first two weeks of the 2008 campaign.

Editorjal, 14.3.2010


There are too many people in the government who have become intolerant to criticism. If the public voices an opinion, it is invariably incorrect; if the media take a particular angle or line, we are accused of being negative or having agendas.

Editorjal, 14.11.2010


The decision to stealthily rejoin the Partnership for Peace programme in 2008, when the celebrations from the Nationalist Party’s wafer-thin victory were hardly over was the prelude to the government’s communications mismanagement throughout this legislature. The benefits of reviving PfP did not feature anywhere in the 353 promises made by the Nationalist Party in its electoral manifesto. And given that it had been a divisive political issue in the past, it destroyed from the outset Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi’s central electoral tenet that his would be a government for the people. Since then there has been a tragic series of political errors, ranging from the honoraria debacle to the humiliating way the Prime Minister bent over backwards to appease unruly backbenchers.

Editorjal 27.5.2012


When the in­fighting gripped the government barely days after the Nationalist Party swept through a razor-thin electoral victory in 2008, fingers were pointed in every direction. … This administration will remain known … in the history annals for the way it spectacularly failed to handle its own infighting. … What happened at the PN headquarters last Thursday when three MPs were told they could not contest with the party at the next election was an overdue decision, but in reality it was one of the saddest chapters of a party which has for many years been on the right side of history. … What is certain is that the political uncertainty brought about by the PN’s internal haemorrhage …– is doing little to inspire confidence.

Editorjal, 15.7.2012


Lawrence Gonzi would have been better off holding the election last March, rather than permitting a situation that has allowed a few MPs to hijack the country’s agenda with their nauseating pursuit of self interest for months on end. The Prime Minister did not call an election for one reason and it had nothing to do with the so-called national interest: it was not deemed to be in the Nationalist Party’s interest.

Editorjal 22.7.2012


Joseph Muscat has presided over significant wealth and employment creation, has started to reduce poverty, implemented effective social measures as well as introduced previously undreamt of civil liberties, achievements that have benefited thousands.

Editorjal, 11.6.2017


Whatever the reasons for the recent defeats, the Nationalist Party faces an uphill road to win back the support not just of floating voters but also of its hard core supporters. … The election of Adrian Delia as party leader did not take off smoothly. It was always evident that a sizeable part of the parliamentary group and the administration of the party believed that he was not the right person to lead them in the coming years. … many traditional PN supporters feel that the present leader of their party no longer merits their support. … The PN’s present leader has so far failed to project himself as a strong unifying leader that can lead the party out of the woods and back to winning the support of the electorate.

Editorjal, 26.11.2017


It would be wrong to dismiss all those who are not ready to canonise Daphne Caruana Galizia on the altar of journalistic inquiry and free speech as anti-democratic, pro-corruption lackeys. There is real anger for that part of her writing that had nothing to do with investigative journalism. Her lampooning and innuendos needlessly hurt people and trampled over red lines even with respect to political adversaries, such as toasting their death, speculating on their health and commenting on their children.

Editorjal, 18.2.2018

In a court of law one is innocent until proven guilty. In the court of politics, faced with strong evidence that indicates misconduct, one is guilty until proven innocent.

Editorjal, 10.6.2018

He (Adrian Delia) is again turning out to be a divisive figure. … Frankly, the PN can hardly sink any lower as a viable Opposition, and there is hardly anywhere to go but up.

Editorjal, 30.12.2018


Ex Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

Because of power fatigue, arrogance has reared its ugly head and it appears that some of the leaders are not realising that their attitude and behaviour are pushing many people away from the government when they are not in a position to lose further popularity. In addition to all this, there is serious lack of planning in implementing policies … Moreover, Government does not seem to be conscious of the contradictory messages it is sending to people.

The Sunday Times 13.3.2005



Ex Sindku Nazzjonalista St. Venera

At around 2.15pm I was given a list from party headquarters. I was called by Angelito (Sciberras, l-assistent tas-Segretarju Generali tal-PN)” Among the 67 lost sheep pinpointed by the party, Caruana says 34 refused to speak to him. “They refused to discuss why they were going to abstain,” he says. “Others refused to open their doors. … Other Nationalists on the list complained of shabby roads and rats infesting their streets, drainage seeping inside their houses and unlit roads.

MaltaToday 20.3.2005




Ex Kap tal-Partit Nazzjonalista

I recognise that we have taken some decisions that people did not appreciate and that these measures hit people's pockets. … … I can understand people saying that hiking the price of paraffin is not the best way forward. I can understand people saying that the introduction of the eco contribution is not the best way forward because again this is hitting them in their pockets... or departure tax, mobile phones... the measures that have been taken have led to a sort of shrinking of the money that's available in people's pockets for them to spend. But this is logical, it's natural… There are currents within the party like any other party.

The Times 28.3.2005


It is true that many people are fed up with the present state of things.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 17.7.2005




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

The main problem that has led to the present state of affairs is the fall-out from the leadership race last year. Whatever the party administration says, it is obvious even to the casual observer that the people in the administration were backing Lawrence Gonzi against John Dalli… this has led to the sort of bad blood that had never been evident on such a scale within the party.

MaltaToday 3.4.2005


The responsible minister (Francis Zammit Dimech), on the other hand, has assured us that the Maltasong board ‘never worked so hard’! How infantile can we get?

MaltaToday 28.5.2006


When Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami remarked that the general election results showed that many people had not understood properly the Nationalist Party’s message – that was arrogance.

The Sunday Times 2.3.1997


I know how he (Carmel Cacopardo ex PN information secretary) goes about persecuting people whom he arbitrarily decides to put in his sights for one reason or another. I am quite familiar with what I am talking about, as he had decided to target me when I was Minister. I openly declare my bias, but this does not mean that I am automatically wrong in my analysis of his methods. When he decides to persecute someone, there is no way one can distinguish between the means and the end. Moreover he embarks on his crusades with the zeal of a Savonarola and the single-mindedness of a Darth Vader.

MaltaToday 22.7.2007


Among the 353 proposals in the PN's electoral manifesto, one finds proposition 258 which simply - and incredibly - states: 'Appointments to government boards will be made after a public call for applications.' Since the election most, if not all, government boards have now been reappointed, presumably for the five-year term of the present administration - but no public call for applications was ever made. In this case, perhaps, the criticism is valid. … The decision to include proposition 258 in the PN electoral manifesto was the most ill-thought out and misguided electoral proposal ever.

The Sunday Times 24.8.2008


Not allowing some space for the culture that pervades the mentality of the Maltese people is a silly mistake on Jason’s (Azzopardi) part, albeit one that might have long term consequences. Acting in a way that is obviously ‘strong with the weak’ and ‘weak with the strong’ makes it even worse. How can he justify his petty persecution of canopies on public pavements while he closes both eyes to the situation in the zone of Little Armier, where people have for years broken the law with impunity by using public land to build their summer shacks, with some making a business out of the whole shenanigan. … The problem is that Jason might be fooling himself by thinking that he is on a sure winner. He is in for a surprise. A surprise so big that, I am sure, it will keep on haunting him for the rest of his life. … This country refuses to be a humdrum place where everywhere runs by clockwork, whatever Jason Azzopardi says and does. … Five years of Jason Azzopardi will leave Malta exactly where it was.

MaltaToday 15.2.2009


Falzon jikkonċedi li mhux kollox ward u żahar fuq il-bankijiet tal-Gvern… Fi kliem Falzon, … il-frustrazzjoni li donnha tħalliet tikber għax ħadd ma ta kasha, bil-konsegwenza li nfirxet sew fuq il-backbench tal-Gvern….  “Issa qed tidħol l-apatija, fejn numru kbir ma fadlilhomx aktar il-ħajra li jerġgħu jikkontestaw u dan qatt ma ġara fil-PN. … Il-fatt li hemm uħud li qed juru li ma fadlilhomx interess li jerġgħu jikkontestaw l-elezzjoni għandha biex tinkwieta lill-PN għaliex wieħed ma jridx jinsa l-impatt fuq il-bażi tal-votanti ta’ dawn in-nies, u jekk dawn id-deputati qed juru dwejjaq, bla ma jridu qed jittrasmettuh lill-elettorat, biex ma nsemmux ukoll kemm hu diffiċli li ssib kandidati validi u popolari llum.” Għal Falzon, il-każ ta’ Franco Debono kien imbarazzanti għall-Gvern, iżda għalkemm kien perikoluż u li qatt ma ġara fi Gvernijiet preċedenti mmexxija mill-PN, ma jaqbilx ma’ dak li qal id-Deputat Nazzjonalista Philip Mifsud nhar il-Ħadd li għadda meta qal li l-preċedent kien perikoluż għaliex jista’ jissoġġetta lill-Prim Ministru u l-Gvern għal rikatt. “Hemm problema fuq il-backbench tal-Gvern u teħtieġ tkun solvuta b’għaqal,” sostna Falzon li żied li donnu l-PN qed jittraskura r-realtà li l-politika hi mibnija fuq il-perċezzjoni, jiġifieri ta’ x’jaħsbu jew iħossu n-nies. In-nies qed tara konfużjoni sħiħa fuq il-bankijiet tal-Gvern,” sostna Falzon, u jżid li jekk din il-preċezzjoni ma titbiddilx, se jkun ferm diffiċli għal PN meta jiġi biex jaffronta elezzjoni ġenerali… “Il-Prim Ministru qed jingħata pariri ħżiena u din ktibtha u ngħidha pubblikament. Għalkemm hu magħruf li l-Prim Ministru jieħu d-deċiżjonijiet hu, dawn l-istess deċiżjonijiet huma mibnija fuq il-pariri li qed jingħatawlu, u f’ħafna ċirkostanzi qed jirriżultaw li huma ħżiena. Nemmen illum li kemm il-preġju, kif ukoll id-difett ta’ Lawrence Gonzi huma msawra f’kontradizzjoni. Li tkun determinat fil-politika tfisser li tibqa’ ssostni d-deċiżjonijiet, li hi ħaġa tajba, iżda hu difett jekk dik ir-ras iebsa tikkmandak u ma tkunx flessibbli,” sostna. “Fil-politika teħtieġ ikollok il-kuraġġ ukoll li tagħmel u-turns jekk hemm bżonn,” sostna Falzon. “Jinkwetani – għax hekk iġġib il-kelma – hu l-fatt li donnhom il-Ministri m’humiex iffukati fuq xogħolhom, u wisq aktar, il-Prim Ministru hu distratt b’ħafna kwistjonijiet redikoli u mhux qed jitħalla jaġixxi bħala l-Kap tal-Eżekuttiv. Din is-sitwazzjoni ddejjaqni, aktar milli tinkwetani, għaliex kull Gvern immexxi mill-PN dejjem kien iffukat u pproduċa ħafna, Il-Prim Ministru fassal il-proġett ambizzjuż lejn il-kisba ta’ eċċellenza f’diversi setturi sas-sena 2015, iżda jekk wieħed isegwi sew, jinduna li l-Prim Ministru donnu abbanduna dik il-mira għaliex lanqas qed jitkellem dwarha aktar. Agħar minn hekk, in-nies mhux qed titkellem dwarha, u mhux qed tħoss li din il-mira hi tajba għalihom, bħalma kienet is-sitwazzjoni qabel is-sħubija fl-UE.”

ILLUM 7.2.2010


The payment of an allowance equivalent to a proposed higher rate of MPs' honoraria to ministers and parliamentary secretaries was an administrative mess for which someone must be held responsible. … the Prime Minister was left carrying the can. He and the Minister of Finance are politically responsible for this mess. 24.1.2011


Someone must be responsible for the administrative mistake that led to the ministerial salary increase being carried out behind people’s backs. The mess on the ministerial salary increase that led to a parliamentary motion tabled by Opposition leader Joseph Muscat is the biggest embarrassment that any Maltese Prime Minister has been subjected to since Independence in 1964. … The Prime Minister is duty bound to find out who is responsible for this mistake; even carry out an investigation in order to establish who should carry the can. He should go public about this and ask whoever it is to resign from whichever perch he sits on. There is no other decent way out. The country will not forget this mess unless the PM acts in this way. Heads must roll. 13.6.2011


During the 2013 election campaign, it was obvious that the PN had lost the moral igh ground and this was one of the reasons that led to the unheard of proportion of its electoral rout. The PN was perceived as having lost the moral high ground – not because some minister was corrupt but because a network of corruption and shady deals thrived during the PN’s tenure of office. 27.9.2016


The PN simply declared that it agrees with the request for the increase in the minimum wage as expounded by the coalition of NGOs, apparently without thinking twice about it: an exercise in irresponsible political opportunism, if there ever was one. 8 November 2016, 7:22am


In a public meeting in Vittoriosa last Sunday, he urged the Attorney General to “publish all reports” related to Mr Schembri and his accountant, Brian Tonna. Technically, Simon Busuttil was asking the Attorney General to break the law twice – first by getting a copy of the report and then by publishing it. … To attack the Attorney General and expect him to break the law, however, is not on. … the PN’s personal attack on the Attorney General is nothing short of obnoxious.

Michael Falzon ex Ministru Nazzjonalista 16 May 2017, 7:30am


It was an open secret that Claudio Grech did not agree with the agressive way the Opposition was behaving during Joseph Muscat’s first term of office. He was a lonely voice in favour of a saner less hysterical stance that – for the PN establishment – went against the grain.  … The PN’s shabby treatment in my case is not about Swiss Leaks. It started much before Swiss Leaks became a convenient excuse. When that news broke out, I suspended myself and then the PN claimed it had suspended me. I never received any communication from the PN about this suspension. The PN statute and the principles of natural justice were completely ignored and flouted by the party that preaches that the rule of law is sacrosanct. I was never accused of anything. I was never given the opportunity to defend myself and explain. I was never judged and found guilty but was left hanging suspended without due process for the rest of my life. I spoke to Simon Busuttil two or three times about my situation. He promised to do something about it but he did not. I do not blame him personally but somehow people behind the scenes did not let him attempt to thrash the matter out. …  The election result cruelly revealed Simon Busuttil’s lack of streetwise acumen. Two decisions taken solely by him, before they had to be rubber-stamped by the rest of the leadership team and the PN executive, stick out. One was the crazy idea that Salvu Mallia could make a good PN candidate.  The other was the infamous coalition agreement that led to Marlene Farrugia taking PN votes rather than the PN taking any votes from the PD. In any case the PD vote would have been much less had they stood on their own. The net result is that not only has the PN lost the election, but it has also donated a seat to the PD! … Muscat has indeed become a bigger and stronger political giant. … Muscat had his feet on the ground while Busuttil was spouting intangible morality. 13 June 2017, 7:30am


In choosing its new leader, the PN is facing a dilemma. In the end, however, it is Napoleon’s dictum that matters: ‘A leader is a dealer in hope.’ That is where Simon Busuttil’s leadership failed. Integrity and honesty – as always mixed with a dose of hypocrisy – do not inspire hope. That is why his leadership was a complete failure, increasing the PN’s vote deficit from 30,000 to 40,000 and losing two seats to a parasitic political setup that managed to dupe him. 12 September 2017, 7:30am


There is no doubt that he (Dr. Alfred Sant) is correct in depicting the PN as being currently in disarray after two rival factions – one loyal to PN leader Adrian Delia and the other loyal to his predecessor Simon Busuttil – appear to have entered into a war of attrition. … The recent spat on Facebook between Pierre Portelli, the head of the PN’s media, and PN Member of Parliament Jason Azzopardi, is a clear indication of the troubles within the PN. Incidentally this spat was apparently removed from Facebook not long after it appeared. I could not find it again – although I had already recorded it. 4 September 2018, 12:01pm



Ex Chairman tal-Alternattiva Demokratika

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Tonio Borg clearly demonstrates he does not possess the wherewithal ever to be politically in tune with anything other than meaningless loud noises. Attempting to demonstrate the lack of logic of his adversaries he reveals a pitiable lack of logic of his own.

The Times 3.6.2005


If the PN leadership assumes that some majority will absolve them of the current rape of the countryside because it is the only way to acquire a great electoral war chest, they are mistaken. There is no vast majority that is prepared to make such compromises. The tradeoff no longer works. Malta has changed. Enough of us care to make a difference. After this public rape, enough of us will not care enough what happens to the PN.

The Times 30.6.2006


This government still thinks that it is clever to govern by tricks, surprises, procedural booby traps and legalisms.

The Malta Independent 19.1.2007


The government has once again given in to a few people who think they can do as they please. Instead of implementing EU law regarding hunting, the Government, scared stiff of losing votes, is risking stiff fines imposed by the EU. These fines will be paid out of everybody's taxes.

di-ve news 27.2.2007 1445CET


People who have voted PN all their lives, people who have lived with the idea that the PN is their bulwark against violence, corruption and oppression, find it hard to admit that not only is their protection gone for good but that it is their bulwark that is exposing them to harm, to damage from which they will never recover.

The Sunday Times 4.3.2007


What on earth could have led the Prime Minister to refuse the offer of resignation by Minister Jesmond Mugliett? The minister had botched the whole affair compounding the embarrassment of judicially-certified corruption in a public agency under his custodianship. … The Prime Minister, in refusing to “decapitate” the minister publicly, appears to condone and respect such adherence to the dominant loyalty code of the anti-system instead of defending the state. How can he fail to see how scandalous it all is?

The Times 13.7.2007


Three Labour mayors have opted out of the launch of the government's promise to beautify the Grand Harbour. I would have done the same and I do not receive instructions from the Malta Labour Party. The whole thing reeks of election party tricks, an election campaign stunt paid from public funds.

The Times 7.9.2007


The premiership of Lawrence Gonzi will go down in history as a step backward in the country's political development.

Di-ve news 11.11.2007


Under the Nationalist regime pressure to silence outspoken dissidents is exercised in a more sophisticated manner than was done under Labour regimes …  In many cases, Alternattiva Demokratika officials have been told by their superiors at work that they must choose between their political activity and their hope for promotion or even the right to keep their jobs ... In many cases, pressure had been exercised by threatening the incomes of party activists thus impacting the lives of spouses and children of party officials who were not involved in political activity.

The Times 17.11.2007


Not all of us suffer from amnesia as badly as Minister George Pullicino seems to hope.

The Times 1.2.2008


Harry Vassallo described the proposal made by Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi to take personal responsibility for the reform of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority if re-elected, as a cheap gimmick. … We have no confidence in his ability to safeguard the common good. His government will go down in history as the one which illegally extended development zones in 2006, promoted high rise development and relaxed height limitations across the country while dragging its feet on the publication of the 2005 census results. His government has encouraged the accumulation of 53,000 vacant properties which are a permanent burden on our quality of life, a major threat to the economies of thousands of families owning property and to the Maltese economy as a whole.

The Malta Independent 13.2.2008




President emeritus German Maltese Circle

As a Maltese citizen who worked so much for the Nationalist Party, … I have no shadow of doubt that the Foreign Minister, Dr Michael Frendo, is not up to date.

The Times 24.7.2005




The results of local elections are definitely a reflection of the mood of the country on the whole. To deny this is to bury one's head in the sand.

The Times 28.3.2006


In districts where the PN lost its majority, and its mayor, we have seen internal party strife and the arrogance and subsequent unpopularity of mayors. The latter, in all cases across party lines, have tended to become all powerful, taking certain decisions and making statements unilaterally, without consulting or, at least, heeding the advice of their fellow councillors. One government MP complained to me that mayors were hardly leaving any space for him and his parliamentary colleagues to work within their district. These mayors have become little kings.

The Times 28.3.2006


Castille (meaning the Prime Minister) is hardly accessible, except for rare publicity stunts. All this has been expressed without hesitation both by John Dalli in a recent interview with The Sunday Times and Guido de Marco in his memoirs. If this is still the case, then it is worrying.

The Times 1.1.2008


The Nationalist Party is in a veritable mess.

The Times 19.3.2013


The Nationalist Party has failed miserably, and it has failed doubly miserably, because it got the same thrashing that it got during the 2013 general elections. The revived leadership seems to have learnt nothing from that thrashing. The whole of this leadership seems to have been replaced to no avail. The statute has been changed, but this means nothing, at least until this stage. The new leadership (and by this I mean leader, deputy leaders, presidents of various organs, etc.) has not made a difference. I fear – and I have seen this during the recent campaign – that the party is still a closed shop.

The Malta Independent 29.5.2014




Malta … itself is manifestly without any vision of where it is heading.

Editorjal 23.4.2006


Shame on the government and the government’s party for trying to attack the credibility of one of its critics by collecting a dossier of “facts” about that person’s private life and trying to pass it on to the public through the media. Shame on them for “not noticing” that the “facts” they presented as facts related to matters some 30 years stale and have nothing to do with the person’s actual statements. It was only regimes who acted like that – fascist and communist – so we can only conclude we are living in a regime, and the air we breathe is fin du regime air. And shame on the government for not only not noticing the faux pas it made, but to keep on insisting it is in the right and not in the wrong.

Editorjal 30.7.2006


The arrogance with which the Nationalist Party has repeatedly faced electors is incredible: the last time anybody apologised for mistakes done was Eddie Fenech Adami in 1998, and that was probably extracted from him by torture. Dr Gonzi has allowed his ministers too much of a free rein and his Cabinet includes some experts in demolition – demolishing trust, collaboration, working together, singing from one hymn sheet. Huge policy blunders have been made and each blunder has made the government a national laughing stock and it had to backtrack ignominiously. In other areas, some largely apathetic ministers have allowed things to drift or kept their heads well below the parapet, and their leader never even noticed they were not pulling their weight.

Editorjal 18.3.2007


The Labour Opposition has been rightly campaigning for a long time against cost over-runs.

Editorjal 9.9.2007


Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, who had neither the fire nor the impudent arrogance of Dom Mintoff … was patient, hard working and persistent. Anyway, in the run-up to the 1987 May election, he took extraordinary pains to remove any kind of antagonistic behaviour or policies. And, more importantly, he made it a point to make sure the government delivered on the expectations of people, including and especially on such matters as jobs and housing.

Editorjal 13.1.2008


Believing it won the election, this government proceeded to act big and strong when actually it was, and still is, weak – terribly, conclusively, weak. It boasts that it has “two strong hands” but forgets it has feet of clay. Being weak, it should have sought out agreement and compromise. Instead, it acted big, went its own way, and imposed its will. … So, breaking a clear election commitment, it went on and continued to appoint its own blue-eyed boys to anything that moved. It shunned the accepted and hallowed practice of the European Union and the Commission in consultation, consultation, consultation at each and every step of a decision process.

Editorjal 8.3.2009


The Labour Party is perfectly correct to decry the decision (approvazzjoni mill-MEPA ghal-estenzjoni tal-freeport), and even, perhaps, to hint at political interference in the decision. A second refusal by Mepa would have left a lot of egg on the government’s face, after trumpeting the agreement and pushing it through Parliament the way it did. ... Moreover, PL MP Roderick Galdes, the only Mepa board member to have stood his ground this week a year later and voted, once again, against the application – in the process receiving a rebuke from the Nationalist media for doing so – says he asked before the vote for the Freeport to confirm it would in fact be employing 500 new workers, but never received any such confirmation.

Editorjal 24.1.2010


It appears that the government, with apologies to Shakespeare and the Danish people at large, has acquired something truly rotten from the state of Denmark – in the form of the technology chosen for the Delimara power station extension. Thursday’s marathon parliamentary sitting that examined and voted on an Opposition motion against the power station extension contract was fully warranted. And whether it was an act of political posturing or not, the Opposition was quite right to have insisted on the debate. … The Opposition deserves kudos for raging on about the extension for as long as it has been. But whether the Opposition’s opposition will result in anything tangible is highly doubtful. As Opposition leader Joseph Muscat says in an interview in today’s issue, “The real debate is about how this government has changed environmental legislation and the rules of the game when it came to the tender… and now it has changed parliamentary rules in order to get this deal through – and it has done so at any cost.” He is quite right, there is certainly something foul in the air, and the new extension is not even up and running yet.

Editorjal, 9.5.2010


With the changing of the guard this last week, much of the country, the majority in fact, has been engulfed in a wave of optimism, of a new and brighter future under the ‘movement’ spearheaded by the new Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

Editorjal, 17.3.2013


It is clear that the feel-good factor coming from an economic boom is sufficient for Joseph Muscat to remain popular.

Editorjal, 13.11.2013


What a sorry state of utter pandemonium the Nationalist Party has allowed itself to descend into. … the party is in a sheer state of chaos and at the rate that the party is going, there will hardly be an Opposition to be reckoned with by the time a new leader and administrative team is elected come September. … the party’s structures have suffered a meltdown, it has become a case of every man for himself and party loyalty is no longer being appreciated or indeed expected.

Editorjal, 6.8.2017


What had started out with a glimmer of hope that the Nationalist Party would be able to regroup itself into a formidable Opposition once Parliament reconvenes in early October is quickly deteriorating into a complete and utter shambles. The situation is such a mess that the party’s administrative council will be meeting tomorrow to work out how, exactly, it is to act now that it is faced with the growing scandal surrounding one of the contest’s two frontrunners, Adrian Delia. … The question is whether the Nationalist Party will be able to regroup itself after what has been an abysmally bitter party leadership campaign. And at the rate at which things are going, the party is looking at a good 20 years on the Opposition benches. … Malta’s summer carnival started last night, but the political carnival that is the PN leadership election has been ongoing for some time is now reaching a fever pitch, just seven days before the first round of voting for King Carnival is held.

Editorjal, 27.8.2018


The (Nationalist) party, with the contenders’ respective supporters going at each other like crazed jackals, is looking at a good 20 years on the Opposition benches. This leadership contest had originally been billed as a contest among friends but since then the gloves have come off and the bare-knuckled fight that ensued did neither the contenders nor the party any favours.

Editorjal, 10.9.2017 


At the rate at which things are going, the (Nationalist) party is looking at a good 20 years on the opposition benches unless it gets its house in order once and for all, one way or another.

Editorjal, 13.1.2019


Ex-Tezorier tal-PN

Peter Darmanin, said the Nationalist government was facing the most difficult legislature in recent political history.

The Sunday Times 2.4.2006


Irrid naghmilha cara daqs il-kristall li jien ma naqbilx, assolutament ma naqbilx maz-zieda li hadu l-membri tal-Kabinet u l-Membri Parlamentari, zieda li fl-opinjoni tieghi hija esagerata meta wiehed iqis iz-zmienijiet tal-lum. Jiddispjacini nghid li l-Kabinet Nazzjonalista ma qarax sewwa is-sinjali taz-zmienijiet tal-lum u issa jridu jerfghu ir-resposabilta’ ta’ ghemilhom quddiem Alla u quddiem il-bniedem. Ir-ruh socjali Nazzjonalista hadet majnata kbira.

kumment fuq Facebook


L-ewwel talba taghna giet mismugha. Franco irrizenja mill-Partit Nazzjonalista. Ismu tnizzel fil-mizbla tal-istorja politika ta’ Malta.

kumment fuq Facebook Jannar 2012




A compromise with justice is in itself an injustice. How many compromises have been made in this country? So much for xoghol, gustizzja u libertà (work, justice, liberty)!

The Times 12.6.2006


I am a Nationalist, one of conviction not a party puppet. I love my country and my people. The last time round I voted Azzjoni Nazzjonali, a chance the elctorate had, but missed. The PN (which by the way is not Nationalist at all) has to be kicked out at all costs. And when I say ALL costs it means ALL costs. Labour cannot do much if in Government, as the country is burdened heavily with debts and is bankrupt. However I`d rather have the punch wielding culprits, as they have proven to be more gentlemen, rather the back stabbing poisonous snakes of Pieta. I am sorry Austin, I supported the party during the firey times. I was not afraid. The PN paid me back by betraying me and a group of PN supporters to the police. The PN paid me back by ruining my business. The PN paid me back by sending its thugs behind my doorstep to beat me up. The PN paid me back by vindictive transfers on my place of work. The PN thinks it can have puppets, which I am not. Many things to say, had I to write a book it would be thicker than the Bible. Kelma wahda biss: LABOUR, the only solution to end the misery of many and the lies you feed us. Dawk storbju jtuk xi daqqa ta ponn imma jintesa kollox. With the PN its different. They are ruthless and mercyless and they appear to be angels. The punches I can bear, your arrogance dear PN I cannot. online 19.9.2011 15:10




I am not a flag bearing Nationalist, but of Nationalist religion anyway. I used to declare this with pride. I have however noticed a change in me. I no longer willingly flaunt my political allegiance because I am not proud of this Nationalist government, I am no longer proud of the people I voted for. I am no longer willing to go out and vote for people who have let me and my country down to this degree. I am ashamed of the party in government I have supported for all these years. There is no accountability in this country. Anything goes. Dr Gonzi seems helpless. He is not in control. His ministers are not delivering. Even worse, some of them are a public embarrassment. I do not have to name names. … Unfortunately, even a diehard Nationalist like myself, is now convinced that for this team, it is time to go.

The Malta Independent 16.7.2006




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

L-Avukat Jason Azzopardi qal li mhux sew li qed tbati l-familja tal-akkużat, fejn dawn qed jgħixu fil-faqar … 29.11.2006




Ex kandidata tal-PN

He (I.M. Beck) never replies to the issues at hand. Moreover, he does his readers a disservice when he deliberately misleads them on the points made by those persons he seeks to criticise. Unfortunately it seems that the columnist cannot stand being ignored.

The Times 23.12.2006




Ex Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

We must all candidly acknowledge that certain events in our governments' history remain shrouded in imperfect visibility - and this may be conducive to suspicion of irregularities, if not of unbecoming tactics. … The PN's devastating performance, both in the last local council results and the European parliamentary elections, urgently called for a radical reform in the party's hierarchical structure and influence and its leadership's attitude and public image.

The Times 7.2.2007




Ex Direttur Generali tal-GRTU u ex Kandidat Nazzjonalista MEP 2009

Il-Gvern sar immuffat bil-privileġġi. Għoġobni u nagħtik. Dejjaqni u nabbandunak. Issefsfulek f’widnejk: ma ħadux pjaċir bik taf. Intimidazzjoni bil-pulit. Hekk sew?

Illum 18.3.2007


The government has rendered the CVA (controlled vehicle access) system a farce he said.

The Times 7.7.2007


L-ordni li ta l-Ministru Jesmond Mugliett lil kuntrattur biex minn nhar l-Erbgha jibda jkisser l-korsija li s'issa kien ghaddej it-traffiku minnha wara li kienet issahhet ghal ta’ l-apposta biex tiflah it-traffiku, bhala decizjoni zbaljata u arragonanti. Hi decizjoni ta' sfida lis-sidien tan-negozji kollha ta’ San Gijan, Paceville u l-inhawi tal-madwar. “Inkredibbli li bla ma l-anqas kellu d-dicenza jitkellem maghna, il-Ministru qabad u ha decizjoni bhal din”. … Issa hi vera bla sens ghalhekk li l-Ministru flok li japologizza mas-settur privat ghall-hsara bla qies li ikkawzalu b'dan id-dewmien kollu li l-Ministru minn fuq jghid li la s-sidien qaghdu ghaliha qabel issa jkollhom ikomplu jissaportu aktar. Din hi insensittivita ghall-wegghat tan-nies li l-ebda Ministru m'ghandu jhaddem. … ll-Ministru l-fiducja tal-GRTU fuq dan il-progett tilifha.

Stqarrija ghall-istampa 26.11.2007


“Kienet ghalhekk ghal kollox insensittiva biex ma nghidx arroganti, id-decizjoni tal-Ministru u tal-ADT li jaqbdu u jkissru l-parti tal-pont li kienet il-qofol tad-diskussjoni mal-GRTU”, qal Vince Farrugia, “Din mhix attitudni accettabli u hu ghal kollox mod zbaljat kif Gvern jittratta mal-Korpi ewlenin ta’ pajjizna aktar u aktar meta kien hemm dikjarazzjoni tal-Prim Ministru li l-affarjiet ser isiru bi ftehim”.

Stqarrija ghall-istampa  4.12.2007


Turning down the request by GRTU for shop owners to be able to operate business as usual today was a terrible gaffe by the Finance Minister, GRTU Director General Vince Farrugia told this newspaper.

The Malta Independent 1.5.2010





Deputat Segretarju Generali Alternattiva Demokratika

Amateurism is the only way to describe the government's approach to energy policy.

The Sunday Times 1.4.2007


The mentality of the Nationalist government is still fossilised, stuck in the past. Policies? Hardly anything new. Their strategy? Try to avoid and find loopholes in laws and regulations, even trying to put Government above the law in some cases. The rushing through without following proper procedures of some construction projects (what else if not construction?) is a case in point. A European attitude and mentality? Hardly a whiff of it.

The Sunday Times 1.4.2007





Ex President tal-PN, ex MP Nazzjonalista, kandidat tal-PN ghall-MEP 2009, kandidat ghal-hatra ta' kap tal-PN

I expressed my concern about the enormous costs incurred by the Maltese taxpayer to build and furnish the Mater Dei Hospital. These costs have now been determined to be in the region of Lm250 million. I compared the cost of building Mater Dei in Malta with the cost of building a practically identical hospital abroad – the New Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh. I stated that the new Royal Infirmary Hospital was built and fully furnished with all the necessary medical equipment including 25 operating theatres and the same number of beds as Mater Dei at a cost of Lm125 million. I can confirm that my statement was correct. The owner-builders of the New Royal Infirmary are the Morrison Building Consortium and the Royal Bank of Scotland. The owners of the New Royal Infirmary have leased the hospital to the NHS and are getting a good return on their investment but unfortunately, the presenter of the programme, Lou Bondi, used this to fudge the issue. The issue is not the cost of leasing – the issue is how much does it cost to build and furnish a hospital to the same standard as Mater Dei. Why should Mater Dei cost double what it would cost for an identical hospital built in the UK? The Maltese people, who are ultimately footing the bill for Mater Dei, have to judge for themselves.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 6.5.2007


“There were people asking me, ‘why are we paying high rates to make up for the mistakes of those who bought oil at a high price?’ I had no answer to that.” “In another country, resignations would have followed,” Portelli said about the high cost of oil procurement.

MaltaToday 8.6.2009


Kelna kampanja negattiva. Iddemoralizzajna lil kulħadd. M’għandniex nassoċċjaw ruħna ma’ nies li jiktbu l-bloggs tagħhom illi jweġgħu lin-nies, aħseb u ara kemm se mmur mass meeting u nikwota lil din il-persuna. Ma jagħmlilniex ġieħ.

Newsdesk Radio 101

You Tube 27.7.2017


Outgoing Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil is messing up since he resigned the post after the general election and taking on the role of interim leader he is replaced in September, Frank Portelli, one of the candidates contesting the PN leadership, said. Thursday, 3 August 2017, 11:31


I feel that the party is in dire straits, and it needs someone to come in, unify the party, and put it back on track. The party is being led by the nose by a person who influences the party intelligentsia and is crashing into the wall repeatedly. … She [Daphne Caruana Galizia] was described as a noose around the PN’s neck. These are not my words, but I think it describes her correctly. Read her articles, has she ever actually put forward a positive idea for the country? No, it is full of hatred and divisiveness. She targets people’s families – the wife of the Prime Minister, my family –- people who have absolutely nothing to do with politics. Throughout the election, the PN executives consistently mentioned her name, as though she was running the party’s agenda. … At the end of this leadership contest, the winner will not receive a gold trophy, but rather a sack full of problems, a party that has hurt many people. One thing that needs to change is the association with negative people. Sunday, 20 August 2017, 10:45


As a candidate for the PN leadership, my analysis is that the PN has lost its way. Sunday, August 27, 2017, 00:01



CANDIDUS II (on the dot)

The leader of a prominent NGO thanked the Prime Minister (Lawrence Gonzi) for his “great gift” by deciding that Xaghra l-Hamra should not be turned into a golf course after all. Splendid! So all a government has to do to win kudos, especially on the eve of an election, is first to decide to ruin a pristine area and then announce a change of heart. How pathetic!

The Times 21.5.2007





Hemm barra hemm nies li qed jgħixu agħar milli kienu jgħixu qabel. Familji li ma jistgħux ilaħħqu u qed jgħixu minn ġurnata għall-oħra. Mhux dawk il-komdi li jgergru dejjem, iżda wħud li ġenwinament qed ibatu. Il-Gvern ta’ Gonzi jrid jittratta din il-problema b’impenn jekk verament jemmen li ħadd m’għandu jibqa’ lura.

ILLUM 20.5.2007




Violent elements still linger in the police force, and will continue to do so until the job started by Alfred Sant in 1996 is finally concluded.

Editorjal 6.6.2007


Gonzi’s administration nowadays shows all the signs of a government that is tired, exhausted and taken over by events. Some of his Cabinet ministers emerge at best as weary and out of control; at worst as too close to the rot that may lead to the collapse of Nationalist rule.

Editorjal 1.7.2007


At a time when government appears beset by corruption allegations from all quarters, the fact that Gonzi appears to have taken ownership of the controversial decision is deeply inauspicious. One sincerely hopes that Mugliett’s claims are proved correct, as now that the government has thrown its full weight behind him, the consequences otherwise could be far more serious than a single ministerial resignation. But the greatest disappointment of all is arguably the Prime Minister’s “behind closed doors” approach to the issue. This must go down as yet another lost opportunity for Gonzi to convince us that he was being serious when, four years ago, he promised us a “new way of doing politics.

Editorjal 11.7.2007


The first step would be to insist on an immediate, public apology from Austin Gatt. While he (Dr. Lawrence Gonzi) is at it, he might also consider weeding out the many embarrassments to his party – people like Tony Abela, who cannot be trusted to open his mouth without shocking his audience with his rudeness. … the Prime Minister must assume his responsibility for his party’s decline in standards. Surely, we deserve better than this sordid state of affairs.

Editorjal 10.10.2007


This, it seems, is the flavour of the forthcoming election campaign insofar as the Nationalist Party is concerned: character assassination, personal invective, snide remarks, threats, insults and outright intimidation.

Editorjal 10.10.2007


Controlling corruption has not been among Lawrence Gonzi’s foremost successes as Prime Minister. In 2007 alone, we witnessed several cases which embarrassed the Nationalist government for its mishandling of corrupt elements in its bureaucracy.

Editorjal 30.1.2008




Ex Segretarju Generali tal-UHM u Kandidat ghall-elezzjoni generali (PN) 2013

Mr Vella criticised the government for its “sheer arrogance”.

The Times 3.7.2007


There is a disaster in the health sector, Mr (Gejtu - UHM) Vella added, and if John Dalli has too big a ministry, the prime minister must downsize it for him.

The Malta Independent 10.9.2009


The recent ministerial rises are “exaggerated” according to Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin general secretary Gejtu Vella. Speaking at a union activity and in comments to, Mr Vella said the union believed parliamentarians and ministers should have an adequate salary, but the way this increase had been given was not sensitive to the difficulties workers, pensioners and their families are going through right now. “We would have expected this process to take place more responsibly,” Mr Vella said, adding parliamentarians should lead by example. Asked if the pay was “adequate”, Mr Vella said “in these circumstances, in the current circumstances, the raise is exaggerated and should not have been given at this stage”. , 16.12.2010 - 13:49CET





Ex Chairman tal-Bord Editorjali tal-PBS

He (Austin Gatt) has the tendency to drown in shallow water. In my opinion, tolerance is not his strongest virtue, though he is known for his straight talking and I've got a similar trait.

The Times 1.9.2007




Deputat Mexxej ta’ Azzjoni Nazzjonali

The government's latest vision for Malta's Grand Harbour is yet another illusion. Over the past 20 years the government has not been capable of implementing one single project of this magnitude. So, how can anyone believe and trust its vision? Who can honestly believe that it is serious in its vision? The only two projects which have been implemented were initiated by the Labour government. These were the Valletta Waterfront and the Cottonera Waterfront. … Given its record, the present government cannot really claim that it is the guarantee of the future. Indeed if this is not the case, then the vision for the Grand Harbour will end up being another unfinished plan, just another report which will be covered in dust by 2015!

The Times 20.9.2007


Angelo Xuereb yesterday accused the Prime Minister of arrogance. … “This is the epitomy of an arrogant party that has become so enamoured with power that it now deludes itself that it has some divine right to rule,” Mr Xuereb argued. “In one breath,” he added, “Dr Gonzi boasts that he has faith in the intelligence of the Maltese people; in another he feels the need to revert to desperate statements in an attempt to stop them from exercising their intelligence.”

The Malta Independent 21.2.2008




Alfred Sant għandu attribwiti tajbin. jekk xi ħadd jaħseb li l-Partit Nazzjonalista se jirbaħ l-elezzjoni bl-attakki fuq Alfred Sant din tkun strateġija żbaljata.

Smash Television, Settembru 2007


I admire Austin Gatt on his attributes for performance, but the way I communicate is certainly different.” So you don’t agree with what he said in relation to Alfred Sant? “Absolutely not.”

MaltaToday on Sunday 28.10.2007





(Alternattiva Demokratika)

Il-kummenti personali u viljakki li għamel Austin Gatt fil-konfront tal-Kap ta’ l-Oppożizzjoni fil-Kunsill Ġenerali tal-PN ħaqqhom kull stmerrija. Gatt hu ministru tal-Kabinett. Għandu jieqaf iġib ruħu bħall-agħar fost il-gallopini tiegħu.

ILLUM 14.10.2007




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

I go shopping every morning and it's not the first time that the shop owner, who knows who I am, shows me invoices to prove that prices have increased. There is something extraordinary happening in the food sector and you can't just close your eyes and ignore this because the statistical mechanism that measures the overall increases in prices truly shows the increase to be only 50c.

The Times 20.10.2007


Il-Gvern hu mpenjat li … nghinu lil min ghandu l-aktar.



It is difficult for me to count how many core Nationalists have expressed with me their pain and confusion that, as a party, we do not seem to stand for anything. Wednesday, 14 June 2017, 09:11


These last four years the Nationalist Party had acquired an art of silencing those who had differing opinions. Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 09:04






Farrugia Sacco also described a news report by the Nationalist TV station NET as “deplorable” for its use of continuous footage of the judge alongside Labour leader Alfred Sant, in what appeared to be a deliberate political slant to the report. “It is deplorable. They know they have footage of me with the Prime Minister, the Archbishop, or in my role as a sports official. The footage used was not fair,” Farrugia Sacco said.

MaltaToday 21.10.2007


Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi was "talking nonsense" when he called for his resignation this morning. Sunday, 9.12.2012, 16:39




For the past three years Malta has undergone a major surgical operation, especially in the Nationalist Party (PN). All those that oppose Dr Lawrence Gonzi are being victimised. I am talking through personal experience. I have voted for PN for the past seven elections but I will never vote PN until Dr Gonzi is the leader.  He has caused havoc in the party and hundreds of genuine Nationalists like me feel betrayed and disgusted by this leader. The time for change has come and in a few weeks time we shall have Labour in power - the party we can trust to take care of our wellbeing. 8.12.2007




It is the year 2004, during the election campaign for the European Parliament. As the days go by, the opinion polls register a constant growth for my candidature as AD representative. What happens then? A mud-slinging public campaign against AD and me is concocted by the brilliant strategists at Pietà. But I am a public figure, with some experience of life, and I know how to react. So the attack is turned to private individuals. What happens? A highly placed PN politician phones a person who is canvassing for me in the election. The high-ranking PN politician intimidates this person by saying: “Ma tisthix (aren’t you ashamed), you’re working for Cassola.” This is a typical example of abuse of power by a high-ranking politician on the government side, and it is just one example of what I know. How many other Maltese and Gozitans have suffered political intimidation in the course of their lives? Do you want this type of politics to continue to prevail in our country?

The Malta Independent on Sunday 9.12.2007


According to The Times, the Grant Thornton auditors have said that Birkirkara mayor Michael Fenech Adami should repay €5,120 in money exceeding the mayoral honoraria ceiling which he received last year, and cited a government memo to this effect. But a combative Mr Fenech Adami said he had no intention of paying back money: “I was asked to repay it to set an example, but there’s no obligation to do so. And when I read that Franco Debono is still getting paid to be a parliamentary assistant, I don’t see why I should pay it back,” he said. Michael Fenech Adami’s arrogance is disgraceful. He is a disgrace to his father’s political work and setting a horrible example to the Maltese.





Ili ‘fuq minn 50 sena nahdem ghall-PN u qatt ma tlabthom xejn. … Halli nghid xi haga dwar il-PN. Ghalija llum hemm ministri  u segretarji parlamentari li huma mahmuga. Jien kont immur nghin fil-festi tal-Indipendenza l-Furjana, kont immur l-istamperija meta kien ikollhom bzonn, kont wiehed minn ta’ l-ewwel meta ftahna l-kazin ta’ Tas-Sliema. Izda l-problema qieghda li meta titlobhom il-gustizzja li tant isemmu jinqarsu xi ftit u jipprovaw ikissruk. Bhalma ghamlu lili, zewg ittri anonimi, qatran mal-bieb u l-faccata, tkissir u serq fil-mutur, hsarat fid-dar u hafna affarijiet ohra. Dan ghax tlabt li nghix fil-kwiet. … Hemm hafna u hafna xi nghidlek … Jien ghalija spiccaw ghal dejjem ghax qatt ma kont nobsor ghalihom. … Jekk trid tkun taf dwar il-PN isma r-radju Super 1 u aqra alternattiva, u tkun taf fejnu l-hmieg. … ghadni u nibqa’ tterrorizzat sakemm dan il-gvern jibqa fil-poter. Sa minn meta kien ghad ghandi 7 snin kont nismaghhom jghidu li dan il-gvern huwa tas-sinjuri imma ntbaht tard wisq.

Alternattiva 14.3.1991




Whatever anyone else says prices have been rising - possibly for well over a year - and are still increasing at rates not always easy to explain. I know this, the authorities know it and so do ordinary people who are clearly feeling the pinch.

Joanna Drake blog 3.1.2008




Mara ta’ Eddie Fenech Adami

Forsi mit-tfal kollha, ibni Michael l-aktar li hareg jixbhu (Eddie) f’dan is-sens. Jinkwieta ghall-affarijiet tal-mument biss minghajr ma jaqleb mohhu ghall-affarijiet li ghad iridu jaslu.

In-Nazzjon Taghna, 7.2.1992




This place (Kazin Nazzjonalista tal-Gzira) is just a church without a priest, a community without a congregation. I am closing the club as the party is no longer interested in it.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 9.5.1993




(Segretarju Generali Alternattiva Demokratika)

Charlo Bonnici has revealed a trait which is evident throughout the PN – namely that only those with PN allegiances are fit to hold office. Coming from a ‘fresh face’ in the PN camp, such statements only serve to instill a deep sense of disappointment with the Nationalist exclusionary attitude.

The Malta Independent 23.1.2008




(Ex Attivist Nazzjonalista)

In a sworn affidavit, Jo Said recounted how Nationalist MP David Agius had admitted to him “that corruption runs deep in the Nationalist Party and the government.” Mr Said met Mr Agius at his behest on 17 January morning at Saracino’s in Attard square after they had met on a TV programme. On that day Mr Agius confessed to Mr Said that “corruption runs deep in the Nationalist Party and the government.” Mr Said asked him whether he would leave this matter on his conscience and told him that he would become corrupt by hiding away corruption.

The Malta Independent 5.2.2008


I resigned from the party some three years ago and, therefore, I am not a PN supporter any more (even though the PN secretary kept sending me reminders to pay my subscription fee - but this is the way they think. Shady, isn't it?) I am still considering whom I shall give my support to, but I shall most definitely not form part of the blue party and shall most surely not be voting for anyone on their band wagon.

The Times 5.2.2008


I thought Malta was a democratic country, where one can voice one’s opinion without fear of intimidation, let alone threats. And, to boot, these threats came from what seemed to be plain-clothes policemen. The two males branded their police badges and threatened me with the words ‘Ghalaq halqek, tghid xejn ghax ghajnejna fuqek u waqqaf dak il-programm’ (Shut your mouth, don’t say anything because we are watching you and stop that programme) after blocking my driving path with their white car, which was made to side-stop in my way. … we were harassed all week by Nationalist Party officials and even by Ministers and their private secretaries. They ‘ordered’ us to suspend the repetition of the programme. Moreover, the Parliamentary Secretary of Finance arrogantly addressed Brian Hansford only minutes after we finished recording the programme last Monday at about 4.30pm – that is four hours before it went on air – with words of suing the ‘gheruq u xniexel’ out of all of us. Coincidentally, David Agius, who was on the programme, is a Nationalist MP, and owns a cell-phone! The Environment Minister’s secretary, Ray Bezzina, even had the effrontery to phone me on Friday afternoon, to ask for my address ‘as the Minister intends to file a libel suit against you’. … Other top brass from the party called me to try to entice me to accept their corrupt ways – what a gang of barefaced cowards! Yes it is possible in Malta to be a coward and barefaced at the same time. … Who would have thought that the Nationalist Party would have transformed itself into a monster? Who would have predicted that this power-hungry and corrupt clique, speedily turning itself into a nouveaux-riche coterie, would have sprouted from our crusade for saving democracy in Malta? Shame on all of them. And let us not believe them when they say that the new candidates are joining them to purge the filth from the inside. … Any more plans to restrain my freedom of expression? Come on Lawrence, repent if you remember how. And by repent, I mean act now and remove the rot from your circles. I advise you to heed the citizens’ ‘order’ to remove two or three bad boys from entering Castille with immediate effect and even bar them from contesting the general elections. Anything short of this will mean that yours would be the name of the worst defeated leader, ever.

MaltaToday 30.1.2008


Open your eyes and see, my ex-PN colleagues, for your own and your children’s sake, please. Would you ever imagine that you would end up being continuously threatened and having to employ security to protect your persona? I never imagined that, but now I live it. That’s until 8 March.

The Malta Independent 27.2.2008




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

In 1992 in Parliament I had said that we created a monster (Planning Authority) and I still believe this.

MaltaToday 22.7.2001




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

I was disappointed at the way we (former cabinet members) were informed that we would not be back on board. In fact, at about 1.30pm on Wednesday I was informed via SMS that I would not be a cabinet member. I think we were owed a more dignified dismissal, as we were part of the cabinet that contributed to a PN victory. We were at least owed an explanation as to why we were not reconsidered for a cabinet post, and a thank you.

The Malta Independent 14.3.2008


Former PN Minister Jesmond Mugliett lashed out at what he described as “gross government incompetence” over the failure at ARMS Limited, stressing that the blunders committed carried a heavy price for the consumer to shoulder. Speaking during a parliamentary debate on ARMS Ltd, Mugliett hit out at the government for the way ARMS Ltd and the Smart Meter projects were handled., November 08, 2010


Former minister Jesmond Mugliett claimed that MEPA only started caring about the black dust problem after it acquired Hexagon House on Spencer Hill, since it was in a part of the island affected by the black dust. - Politics - 06 December 2010 18:25CEST




As a PN supporter, I wish JPO disappears from the face of the earth. I think he caused enough grief already to the party. PN should disassociate itself from him. The damage and the issues which are coming out of this are unprecedented in the Maltese history. It comes out, that JPO was pressurisng officials to appprove the approval.... that in effect is already a good indication of “corrupt practises” when someone uses his power to “get unlawful” favours. online comment 18.3.2008





I feel sorry for all the pro government comments when at this sort of situation I would back down and shut up cause after all this mess I would be shy saying something in favour. People like Jason Borg seem that they are not living in Malta cause they are always defending this government. I am one of those who voted pn but definitely not for this sort of PN. When Alfred Sant did the same I was the first one to protest but now I am sorry to say that we are in a worst situation and I feel more sorry that it is my government, which I elected, that is doing this. online comment 29.10.2008




I've been considering myself as true nationalist since I was young and I've been voting for the nationalist party since I was 18. However, during this time of great depression, stress and difficult period, we have to strongly unite and stand up against this brutal dictatorship which is smashing our society. Even if I am not of the worst hit, I still feel obliged and socially responsible to show my solidarity with those in great need. I'll be one of the crowd!! GWU, keep it up. Just as in the US, “change is what we need”. online comment 7.11.2008





I am a Nationalist voter from when I was young but now it is truly the time to change/clear your political colour and we all stand up against this nonsense and barbaric budget measures. I am so sorry to say that the PN has really disappointed me. I believe that the new car measures are important towards the environment but hey, the Maltese budget, the Maltese wage cannot tolerate this. Malta has no reliable good public transport system, so everyone MUST have a car. Then, the crazy govt. exempt buses from this, after all its buses who are really polluting Malta. Second car dealers are hit mostly but also the middle class and the lower class who now have to another loan to buy a new car every six seven years. People are trying to make a sacrifice in order to buy their first home and now that sacrifice means nothing who now have to pay a lot for necessities. It is disgusting. People wake up and put away the proud of being nationalist or labour, it doesn’t matter what you are, cos here we have to be really together. WE HAVE TO SAY STOP. online comment 7.11.2008





SHAME ON YOU DR. GONZI. This matter (illegal immigration) is forefront in the Maltese citizen's worries yet you refuse to address the problem. You should be made to resign. I have always had absolute confidence in the Nationalist Party but my vote will definitely be going elsewhere! online comment 19.2.2009





Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

Much ado about nothing. (il-ftahir tal-Gvern Nazzjonalista dwar iz-zieda tal-cruise liners).

ILLUM 22.2.2009


It's (hidma tal-Gvern Nazzjonalista) probably not what people expected. It is a bit clouded by the current global economic problems. But I believe one could do better. … Sometimes we have a habit of causing the problems ourselves. With some hindsight, we could avoid it. … A large number of people are visiting my offices looking for jobs. … I think most times he (Lawrence Gonzi) does (jisma’, jevalwa u jiddeciedi). Maybe he should do it all the time. … There are a lot of people on the (PN) backbench that can make a small contribution. … At the moment, no (ma jinghatawx spazju biex jaghtu kontribuzzjoni). … There are people who want help with a job, people who want a transfer from one department to another. I think I'm obliged to help. That's why I open my office daily. I may fill in forms, I may guide. … the function of a local MP in my experience shows that even in our districts you need that phone call to get things moving.

The Sunday Times 4.10.2009


Irridu nindirizzaw il-hela li hemm fl-awtoritajiet, bhalma huma l-Enemalta, il-Water Services

In-Nazzjon 22.3.2010


But shouldn’t we start from the bottom, by not spending taxpayers’ money uselessly? I am against any form of useless taxpayers’ money spending by any government. I cannot understand why security guards must be paid €5.85 plus vat per hour (PQ27596) to guard a monument. And why would voters and helpers from the 9th and 10th district be invited for the inauguration of the new Marsaxlokk promenade? Why should money be spent to inaugurate monuments and places? Why should there be days of entertainment, programmes published, and adverts placed in newspapers and magazines? Does anybody keep track on how taxpayers’ money is spent? At the same time Cabinet colleagues do not lift a finger to change a situation of people in need of help, due to sickness and unfortunate circumstances. I believe that if all citizens have to do sacrifices, then this useless government/minister spending should stop straight away. What’s next, a free day trip to Gozo?

The Malta Independent 29.7.2011


It was a rape of three streets in St Julian’s, of virgin residential homes that, thanks to Mepa, have had their lives ruined. Mepa does not stand any more to safeguard what is correct. You must see the body language, how uncomfortable these persons were when pronouncing the rape of streets in St Julian’s. They should feel ashamed and resign, such was their arrogance. Ruining peoples’ lives and getting it stamped by Mepa, is evil. Pushing the standard of people’s lives down, ruining their comfort they strove to attain, probably downing their property value, surely rests on three shameful shoulders.

The Malta Independent - 27.1.2012


The situation we have today, and the huge majority electoral losses incurred, are due to strategy, perception, foresight by Labour, and the succumbing to that of our electorate. … We are people friendly, and acknowledge the reality of having hurt many in the past. This will not happen again. Friday, October 26, 2018, 07:12



I have never blogged on this site or on any other site so far. Tonight I feel I should. Also, I am not a supporter of Joseph Muscat or his party. I read carefully this report and I am struck by three of his points:

  1. 1) the need for a just admission policy where males are separated from females and children are not sent to detention centres;
  2. 2) helping immigrants to integrate into the Maltese culture by organising specific courses for them; and
  3. 3) respect of human dignity (on various levels), especially when they are in detention.
  4. These proposals should be the concern of us all. These are proposals of a politician who is voicing the concerns of the people, and yet taking a human stance to solve this issue. This problem we are all living should be dealt with as soon as possible with all the respect to human dignity. online comment 16.3.2009




So Finally there is an action plan on the table!!!... I hope there is a referendum so you can have my vote! I have to admit that the MLP never impressed me in the past whether it was policies, political manners or plain competence. However, as time passes I am sensing a very big change. The PL action plan on immigration is a “Master Piece”... They very effectively grasped the reality of the situation, the opinion of the people, the big risks we face and they also managed to put the whole issue in perspective. I am also satisfied that the position taken is bold, probably effective, and YET still moderate and humane. It still shows that we Maltese are an intrinsically hospitable lot, ready to help and that we understand the plight of these people. However, it also credits the fact there OUR RESOURCES ARE LIMITED AND HAVE TO BE RATIONED CAREFULLY. International obligations should generally be observed but NOT at any cost. Ensuring that our country remains a viable habitable place for its citizens is the sovereign obligation of any government. online comment 17.3.2009




As a Nationalist die-hard, but one who does not see everything through rose-tinted glasses, I was very disturbed and disillusioned on reading the report Gonzi Lambasts Mepa Auditor (November 9). There have been a few “turning a blind eye” decisions by the PM, but his criticism of the planning authority's audit officer beats the biscuit. Joe Falzon, quite rightly, stated that meetings between members of the Development Control Commission and developers should be held in public, as any clandestine meetings would send the wrong message to the public, and could infer lack of veracity and honesty. After all, was it not Dr Gonzi himself, on being elected leader of his party and of the country, who stressed time and time again that his government would be “transparent” in all its dealings? One would have thought that as a man sworn to “transparency”, and as the minister responsible for Mepa, Dr Gonzi would have backed the auditor and insist that any “private” meetings between developers and DCC members would be illegal, and thus jeopardise the application. That is lucidity... but then GonziPN has been changing the meaning of everything that the Nationalist Party stood for. Perhaps Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando was right when he claimed the CDD members were taken to court simply to quell public outcry! I, for one, am fast losing faith - and patience - with our PM.

The Times 11.11.2009




ex Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

“the duo from Castille and the trio DC Pieta' kicked many others out”. He adds that while some shepherds search for lost sheep, others let them go. … in 2005 Mr Bonnici had refused a medal from the Nationalist Party that was given to various former MPs to honour their service. He said certain moves were “strategic” while others were intended to reward “blue-eyed boys” and punish others. Many decisions showed “absolute preferences”, and he gave the example of the role of acting-President as something which should be shared and not given to the same person without alternating, just to keep them happy.

The Times 14.12.2009




Ex Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

“I wanted to send a message: the PN backbench has no function. While the Opposition carries out its role, us backbenchers cannot criticise or question the actions of government. If we propose anything, the ministers take issue with us. If we question anything, we are accused of rocking the boat.”

MaltaToday 20.12.2009


In an unusual incident, Nationalist MP and lawyer Franco Debono yesterday stood in a courtroom and delivered a 15-minute tirade against the Minister of Justice, saying he should “wake up from his slumber” as there were serious issues that needed to be dealt with swiftly.

The Times 23.8.2011


Nationalist MP Franco Debono said this evening he will be abstaining in tomorrow's vote of no confidence in Transport Minister Austin Gatt. He told “I will not be an accomplice with those who will make a mockery of democracy and I will abstain.” 3.11.2011, 19:46


Nationalist MP Franco Debono said today that he was disappointed by the attitude of Home Affairs Minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici regarding the extensive bill to amend the criminal code, announced yesterday. "The first time I learnt about this Bill was through The issue was not even discussed in the PN parliamentary group," he said. Dr Debono said the issue at this stage was not over whether or not he would vote in favour of the Bill, but he felt the Bill was a hotch potch., 29.11.2011, 20:37


He said that when he asked the prime minister what his position would be if he were to stand for re-election, Dr Gonzi replied that he was in favour of his candidature and he should go on home visits. “The only condition he made was that I should attack Labour.”   He also told him that the ultimate decision on whether he could contest the election on the PN ticket rested with the party Executive. Dr Debono said that when he told Dr Gonzi that last Saturday he criticised the Labour motion against Mr Cachia Caruana, Dr Gonzi replied that that was not enough and he should attack Labour every day.

The Times 26.6.2012




Ex Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

The PN was running out of time to repair the damage it has done to itself. “Labour today is not the same opposition it was two years ago. The Opposition is present, on ball, and reactive on many fronts, not to mention it has more intelligence than before,” he said. “The PN has a lot of homework to do.”

MaltaToday 31.1.2010


Simon Busuttil must go, at least for the sake of his party.   My party, the one I militated in for some 15 years.  The one I always voted for and the one I canvassed for in the last general election. … Busuttil must go for a hundred and one reasons. … Busuttil was elected leader of the Opposition in 2013.  Since then he always trailed behind Joseph Muscat in every opinion poll I saw by some 10 to 15 points.  People trusted, and still trust, Muscat more than they trust Busuttil. … Unfortunately for Busuttil, the perception out there is that he is not electable as a prime minister. … In most opinion polls I followed throughout these four years, Busuttil was even less popular then his own party.   This poses a real problem, as it puts him as a liability to the party rather than as an asset.  And let’s face it, there were instances when he really was a liability to his party. He was definitely a liability to the PN when he handpicked Rosette Thake for secretary general of the PN and also when he, unilaterally, approved Salvu Mallia as a general election candidate … He was definitely a liability when he burdened the PN with a coalition that only served to widen the gap between the PL and the PN with the result that the PN ended up with one seat less in Parliament. … the PN was caught on the wrong foot when the election was announced, that there was no electoral manifesto ready, not even a draft and that the very few last minute proposals were half-baked. Friday, June 16, 2017, 06:48





Ex Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

Dr Farrugia agreed that Malta was beset by problems and that the government was not taking things seriously enough.

The Times 9.2.2010


It is not I who will bring the government down but it’s the pig headedness that seems to have taken Castille by storm ... the PN is totally out of sync with the people’s concerns.

MaltaToday 14.2.2010


The PN is no longer the party I once knew. I am stopped by people in the street who are stupefied by the way the government is cut off from their realities. I am sad about this. But this is the way people feel.

Malta Today 9.1.2011


Nationalist MP Jean-Pierre Farrugia has called for resignations over the way increases were granted to ministers and MPs behind the public’s back, calling it an “unprecedented mess”. “Those who made this mess – and this is a mess – should shoulder responsibility. I don’t know where the responsibility lies. I don’t know whether the Prime Minister is directly responsible. I wouldn’t drop it on his lap because he has enough responsibilities... “But the people who advised him... I think heads must roll. Because this is unprecedented... You won’t find it happening anywhere else,”

The Times 14.1.2011




Ex Sindku Nazzjonalista Tas-Sliema

The police inspector told me that if I didn’t admit to the false allegation he would make a show of me in front of the press.

The Sunday Times 22.8.2010


Mr Dimech said he could not work with the present administration of the Nationalist Party, clarifying that it was not the Prime Minister that was the problem but the party's “internal administration”. 25.8.2010




Ex Vici Sindku Nazzjonalista Tas-Sliema

Thoughts on the PN's resolution on divorce: 1. In favour that PN has a position; 2. Against the position PN is about to take; 3. Paragraph two shows total alienation of reality.

online comment 9.2.2011




Sindku Floriana

Speaking during a press conference, Nigel Holland lambasted infrastructure minister Austin Gatt, branding him as “blatantly arrogant” for repeatedly taking decisions without any consultation. 5.5.2011




Assistant Segretarju Generali PN

Il-poplu Malti qed jerga’ jhoss li l-Gvern immexxi mill-Partit Nazzjonalista hu maqtugh minnu u mir-realta’ li qed jghix fiha l-poplu Malti u Ghawdxi.

In-Nazzjon 18.7.2011




EX Chairman Alternattiva Demokratika

I believe that Dr Gonzi’s (divorce) no vote in Parliament is the biggest mistake he has done so far as Prime Minister.

The Times 22.7.2011


Speaking in a press conference this morning, AD chairman Michael Briguglio said that the Nationalist Party's most recent decisions will only deepen the current parliamentary crisis. 4.2.2012




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

“Our party currently appears to be bleeding and needs to urgently heal itself from these wounds quickly and effectively if we want to approach the next election as a united front with a fighting chance of winning,” he told The Sunday Times, when contacted.

The Sunday Times 1.7.2012




Ex Deputy Editor ta’ The Times

I am willing to bet that the electoral campaign will make a shambles of our weak democratic credentials, which have already been shown somewhat for what they are by the way Lawrence Gonzi abused the House of Representatives over the past many months of a lost parliamentary majority. In his Christmas message (The Times, December 24) Dr Gonzi put gloss over the piteous state to which he has reduced those credentials. But the electoral campaign will be like a Hurricane Sandy compared to our grigalati when put against what has been happening so far. There will be lies, and lies about the lies, and God knows what dirty tricks will be played by the Government, which at all costs will want to be in power for Malta’s 2017 EU rotating presidency. People’s heads will be turning wildly by the claims and counter-claims, so let us hope that by election day our faces will be facing front. The Prime Minister also said that in the coming weeks the Government will continue to negotiate on Malta’s 2014-20 financial package from the EU. Let us hope Dr Gonzi will not be in power by the time the deal is concluded. As he did with the poorly negotiated agreement on EU help for our irregular migrant situation, Dr Gonzi will trumpet a victory no matter what he ‘achieves’. Where were the “highly intelligent” and certainly highly paid, Richard Cachia Caruana, and the now PN deputy leader, MEP Simon Busuttil, when the EU made such a hash of solidarity over illegal immigration with one of its own member countries?

The Times 2.2.2012




Information Office Director (PN) 2008 - 2103

After a full year at the helm of the Nationalist Party, people still aren’t persuaded. The new PN leader fails the ‘blink test’ – not enough people can close their eyes and imagine him at Castille, including the staunchest of his supporters.

The Times 18.8.2014




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

We have taken many decisions which hurt people, … We agreed with the (1996-98) Labour government that the (fiscal) problem existed.

MaltaToday 27.5.2001




EX Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

We have lost. We have lost massively. A crushing defeat. There is no way of denying this. The people have literally booted us out and told us to get lost. The once proud Nationalist Party is presently at its knees.

Blog 16.3.2013




Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

Former health minister and PN MP Joe Cassar said that it is extremely difficult for any professional to go through change when taking up a ministerial role or any other executive post, empathising with Health Minister Godfrey Farrugia. He said that it is quite normal to go through such an emotional change. Dr Cassar was more of a psychiatrist than a political rival when he was speaking with The Malta Independent online  after Dr Farrugia broke down into tears during a press conference earlier today. “I know exactly what the minister is going through; I went through it myself,” he said, adding that it’s no walk in the park letting go of your patients. Dr Cassar said psychiatrists deal with human emotions and admitted that he had taken it very badly when he had to choose between taking up his role in office and abandoning his private practice to do so, adding that certain patients’ conditions had deteriorated as a result. “My heart goes out to him and I understand the pain he is going through; if anything it shows the courage ministers and parliamentary secretaries go through when abandoning their private practice,” he said. Wednesday, 17 April 2013, 15:44





Ex Membru Parlamentari Nazzjonalista

“Today is an important Day for Malta, just wish that the party I love so much could have done more to get to this day.” Monday, April 14, 2014, 07:51




Kandidat Nazzjonalista ghall-elezzjoni MEP 2009

“Agree wholeheartedly. On social issues our party is on the wrong side of history.” Monday, April 14, 2014, 07:51




ex Ministru Nazzjonalista

He (Guido de Marco) was always late for his appointment because he loved life. Friday, July 25, 2014, 08:59




Kandidata Nazzjonalista

Sadly, my party also has been no stranger to the lures of over- development. 29.1.2017