Malta u l-politika

Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.



Jos Vella (52 minutes ago)

I think it's the Maltese Economy Road ....the one in Castille


Jeffrey Zammit (3 hours, 42 minutes ago)

From what I'm reading, the issue of roads in Malta has become a national joke. Can't the government see that we are the worst in EU (or in the world?)? Can't the government see that foreigners ridicule us? Can't the government see that our money is given to local contractors who want to become rich? How come the government does not realize all of this? I bet the government does know but the priority was NEVER the people.


C. Mallia (4 hours, 18 minutes ago)

One road in very bad condition is the road between Qrendi & Zurrieq. This is quite a busy road and very important for the locals. Half of it was done by the Qrendi L.C. but the other half (Zurrieq side) was left in a disastrous situation for many years. I don't know now after the rain because I was abroad but I can imagine! Another road worth mentioning is ta' Kandja in Siggiewi which is also in a very bad situation. It is used a lot altough many avoid it not to damage their cars. It could reduce a lot of traffic in the rush hours if it were a bit more decent. This road also homes the police SAG division which are very important in emergencies and may be delayed to the road's condition.


F.Mifsud (4 hours, 36 minutes ago)

There's a hole in the bucket.....

M'Skala disastru. Lanqas temmen li l-Prim min hemm. Min Haz-zabbar ghal Wied il-Ghajn mit-triq l-antika tirriskja hajtek, jew tinfaqa ma xi hajt habba l-hofor jew thalli xi rota warrajk. Worse still, peress li hemm qisu valley road bl-ilmijiet li jinzlu, mhux l-ewwel darba konna ser ngherqu u gejna salvajti.

...dear Liza, dear Liza


Michelle Cini (8 hours, 21 minutes ago)

I suffered the fate of a wonderful pothole on the main road of San Gwann opposite the bus stop coming up from sliema ... Not only did i lose the hub cap of my wheel but i have a massive dent in my rim and suffered a flat ! ... i ended up wasting an hour waiting for my tow service to come and replace the wheel as there was no way i could drive on that ! ... Malta has become a joke our road suck and to top it off in the morning i had to pay my insurance and road tax ... Might i mention my road tax is now 255 euros ..what a joke i pay that for what ? May i ask ?


Dr. Saviour Tortell Pisani (8 hours, 23 minutes ago)

It's about time someone highlights this spiralling problem...

Before the elections they were patching the roads with cheap materials... Now even the patching has stopped!! Judging by public infrastructre this is a third world country. I'd love to know where my taxes are going? One day quite soon I will just pave the road in front of my house on my own account and deduct the bill for my taxes!... I dare you to stop me!... Then the Gvmt may take me to court!.. and I will laugh my head off explaining my God given right to do this! haha!


Mark J Magri (8 hours, 26 minutes ago)

All Hamrun Roads and streets,especially St.John's Street need resurfacing.

I do not know when,but I hope they are done not late than the year 2012!{end of the World they say}


R Bugeja (8 hours, 38 minutes ago)

I did not have time to read all the comments, but please, someone enlighten me what roads "up to EU standards" look like. Honest to God, I hope they have nothing to do with our roads that damage after a bit of rain. Mela ahna qeghdin iz Zimbabwe? Flok ninvestu ftit flus sew u nirrangaw triq shiha, we just cover the small holes here and there? That is going to fix nothing, as you've learned already. Please, I appeal, FIX THE ROADS COMPLETELY instead of filling potholes deeper than 10cm, as they'd easily be reverted back to their original state, a deep hole, after a bit of rain. The Government will take care of it, don't worry, right before the next elections!


a darmanin (9 hours, 59 minutes ago)

it would be more interesting if the question about this survey was:

Where was the last pothole you DIDN'T miss?

Maria Ellul (10 hours, 7 minutes ago)

Our country needs a proper facelift in more ways than one......just because we

are in the euro zone does not mean we are amongst the best in the EU27.....

we are practically bottom of the league in most indicators that measure quality of life

.....and spare me the one on mobile patethic....


P. James (10 hours, 29 minutes ago)

If you damage your cars from the result of bad road conditions make sure you all take photos, get witnesses and sue the council for damages. Otherwise the government will do nothing to sort out this forever problem.


E.Vella (11 hours, 6 minutes ago)

I don't blame the goverment alone but also I blame Local Councils liks that of Haz-Zebbug....I know...its a financial problem...the worst one for decades but which no goverment find solution...its thanks to EU that major roads are being made...what's about the villages...are there plans??? Haz-Zebbug is the worst, where ever you go in Zebbug its one disaster movie...the Coucil blames the Goverment and vice versa and the poor citizens are there dancing in the middle...Maybe someone of the council can give an explanation...till now I suffered two punctures because of Zebbug holes....Whom shall I blame for all this???


a darmanin (11 hours, 9 minutes ago)

Gudja by-pass leading to the Malta International Airport (fejn hemm Scotts supermarket, Gondolier Hall u Guttenberg Press) just to name one!!!!


Ronnie Gauci (11 hours, 9 minutes ago)

I think that all those millions the Government will spend on the Valletta Opera House would have been better if they where spent on our roads. What hurts me the most is not the fact that roads are not being resurfaced but the fact that a dangerous pothole can remain unrepaired for weeks and months even though that could mean a person killing or hurting himself/herself. Repairing a hole doesn't require a capital investment. What are Road Department workers doing? I know it a bit cold at the moment to stay away from their heaters but some work has to be carried out.


c sullivan (11 hours, 11 minutes ago)

every single road in malta is potholed, I drive a moped, so i should know. What a shame, if roads were conditioned, Malta would be ideal to ride a moped, with congested roads, expensive fuel and non existent car parks. Why on earth cant the governors seize on this is beyond me, just visit barcelona, paris, or any congested island. Oh and why do we get speeding fine for doing 61 km in a 60 km zone. has it really become that petty.


Chris Finch (11 hours, 15 minutes ago)

The strange thing is why nobody has mentioned why the St Pauls Bay Bypass is still not finished. A whole section is still one lane with a temporary barrier that has caused at least one accident by the look of the oil spill and debris.

And this after the St Pauls Bay bypass appeared in the PN propaganda leaflet sent to every household of the works they had completed in their last term.

Are they laughing at the rest of us? or just simply too stupid to realise what is in front of them? I hope it is neither and there is a 3rd explanation.


edward bartolo (11 hours, 30 minutes ago)

Why are you complaining?! How on earth are you going to TEST your car's suspension system without potholes?!


John Cauchi (11 hours, 33 minutes ago)

Recently I heard that policemen start to seriously think that a person is driving and drunk when the see the car going in a straight line, thus not avoiding potholes!!! Car service centers must be in the midst of an economic boom!!


John Paul Cauchi (11 hours, 39 minutes ago)

I went to Ethiopia during the summer of 2006, when torrential rain literally wiped half a city off the map and 400,000 people were made homeless, and the roads remained as sturdy as ever. In Ethiopia.... and we dare call ourselves a developed country?? I think, sometimes, that Lawrence Gonzi either has the biggest suspensions in his car, or else travels by helicopter, or lives in a chronic state of denial!! I live in Marsascala, and all members of my family have suffered severe punctures this week, since both roads to Marsascala are heavily damaged!! Ironically, a friend of mine got a tire rupture just by the billboard advertising the government's WAY overdue plan to remake the road! The advert has been repasted, at least, but the roads have grown worse.

Enzo Caruana (11 hours, 41 minutes ago)

Don't lose hope fellow citizens. There is a solution to this national disaster. Invite Barak Obama for a state visit and include in his programme a drive through all the roads mentioned in this list of shame drawn up by this long list of frustrated, heavily taxed motorists. There is only one point to keep in mind however. The superefficient nationalist government should send the invitation to-morrow and schedule the visit for 2013. Perhaps they could finish the job by that time as they plan to do with the Opers House site. We could also ask him to attend the first sitting of Parliament there if we let Gonzi have his way


Joseph Calleja (12 hours, 14 minutes ago)

What happened to Maltese ingenuity? Make the potholes a part of Malta Heritage and take the tourists around and have them count how many potholes they can spot or even better, feel. I do believe that there is a song about the potholes on the streets of Malta. I am getting up there in age and I remember that Maltese roads were always full of potholes especially after a storm. My guess is shotty work by contractors, maybe a good example is the work done on the St. Pauls Bypass. It's about time the government let somebody from the outside redo these roads, somebody with paving know how and somebody that will be accountable for their work. Band aid work is for temporary fixes, till the next storm comes around. Besides we are building in the path of the water runoff and that has to stop too.


t farrugia (12 hours, 20 minutes ago)

@ Godfrey Xuereb - please don t turn this into a political debate

Well hard to chose the most potholed road as there are many finalists!!!!!! i bet driving on the moon would be smoother than our roads!!!!


Adrian Vella (12 hours, 26 minutes ago)



Terry Borg (12 hours, 34 minutes ago)

Triq il Kortin.....the transport minister obviously never drove along this road. The potholes and bumps would really wake him up :-)


Alfred Cassar (12 hours, 50 minutes ago)

It's much easier to say which are the roads with a decent surface. It's next to impossible to mention all the bad roads in Malta as 90% would qualify. It's a shame. If they don't want to rebuild them from scratch they must at least give them a new surface for the time being and then start rebulding them one by one. By the way is there a minister responsible for the roads????


M GATT (12 hours, 53 minutes ago)



mark tanti (13 hours, 13 minutes ago)

The commentator of this video clip was really in danger of being hit by a car (first part of this clip) We would have awarded him the Tapiro D'Oro' My friend next time stop on the pavement and not on the moon surface :)


J.Mifsud (13 hours, 17 minutes ago)

Valletta Road Zurrieq - Power Boat racing games take place here after some rain

Bulebel Industrial Area infront of Go mobile - You have to drive wrong way to avoid the quarries that there are in the middle and side of the street + increasing the risk of traffic accident

Siggiewi - ta-Kandja Road - Offroading takes place here with several quarries in the surroundings.

What about the current works at Gudja & Ghaxaq by-pass - Trenches left open for several weeks with holes and trenches left open in the middle of the streets. These trenches are not being covered up to standards !!



Albert Bezzina (13 hours, 19 minutes ago)

And we are talking only of roads here. There are hundreds of potholes in residential streets which are local councils' responsibility and these streets are out of the news. First of all, bloggers and readers should remember that the Ministry of infrastructure is the organ which has the hands on the cash not the ADT. ADT is being pushed in the forefront to take the flak away from the ministry. What a laugh in the face to road users, motorists being the first to be taken for a ride. €400000 for emergency road repair work! Who are the authorities kidding? Do they expect this figure to impress when that amount is collected every two days from registration tax and road licenses (now called annual road circulation license fee - another laugh in the face). Do the readers realize that €400000 is roughly equal to the collective annual pay rise members of parliament have awarded themselves.


Godfrey Xuereb (13 hours, 21 minutes ago)

After 22 years of Nationalist administration this is shameful!! (Jekk ghadhom jafu kif JISTHU!)


apgrech (13 hours, 25 minutes ago)

I wonder how many of the commentators below were blinded by false promises by the NP before the election and how many of them have voted NP in power!!! A government highly ineffective and good only to win elections with false promises and the foolish Maltese believe their lies.


J Farrugia (13 hours, 32 minutes ago)


Vincent Pace (13 hours, 37 minutes ago)

Dear Editor, Your web page is becoming more and more popular every day, giving a much needed voice to a very frustrated public, a public that seems to have no recourse to its grievances. May we ask you to copy this page, or link and make sure that the Executive Chairman of ADT gets to peruse it. Maybe it will, as one blogger below put it, ''wake ADT up''. Although I am convinced he will ignore them as indeed he has ignored the letters which appear on the Times and which NEVER get the courtesy of a response, let alone action. What a waste of public funds !


Joseph Sammut (14 hours, 2 minutes ago)

Why doesn't ADT request this information of the relative Local Councils; surely they are the ones who should know!!!!


D. Xuereb (14 hours, 25 minutes ago)

What about the one leading from tal-barrani into Gudja, while adding insult to injury, side trenches are dug and patched and the ones crossing the street are left open and you have to zig zag risking a head-on collision...Go buy your new eco car,and then let it dismantle on our potholed roads..funded by our road licenses..for nothing!


bob (14 hours, 33 minutes ago)

We simply never learn.


R. Bartolo (14 hours, 36 minutes ago)

The worst hole is in the sense of morality of whoever allows these low-quality roads to be built.


Lawrence Flask (14 hours, 52 minutes ago)

It seems that the last time the Queen came to Malta was not invited for tea at Marsascala!!


Matthew Bonanno (15 hours, 13 minutes ago)

I am very much opposed to the filling in of potholes. They are part of our culture and should be left alone. At this rate it won't be just our potholes being taken away, next it'll be rickety old buses and unfinished building sites too! We must act now to save our heritage from disappearing!!


Carmen Spiteri (15 hours, 14 minutes ago)

We've got the best story of all. We have been 15years living in a road not asphalted and even worst without drainage system! Yes in 2009 3 blocks of houses, still without drainage system!Since three weeks ago a very large plot of land opposite our house has been granted permission to built 2 grounds underneath garage, 3-storey high apts and penthouses. When I complained to all Local council, police and MEPA regarding the mess we have in the road while trucks were taking out all the soil, they all said can't do anything as the road is not asphalted!! Ha, Ha makes you mad or laugh?If you want to have a look, Giovanni Scicluna street &; Triq l-Isparvier, Ghaxaq.


A C Camilleri (15 hours, 18 minutes ago)

Jien nisthi minn Pajjizi. Jien ghandi 36 sena. Ili min meta kont zghir nisma fuq il-problemi tat-toroq. Dawn suppost problemi tal-passat u mhux t''issa. Nithassar biss min irrid iggarrab dawn it-toroq kuljum. Tal-misthija, ma hemmx kellma ohra, jiddispjacini nghid. Pajjiz tat-tielet dinja tassew.


I. Gatt (15 hours, 22 minutes ago)

TRIQ IL- KORTIN, in Mellieha is the 2010 contender for the Paris Dakar trials......What is happening to the 100% and over, increase in our vehicle road tax may I ask? Has anyone noticed the enormous puddle being formed on the new Manuel Dimech Bridge (heading towards Paceville) and following a rain shower. Should anyone you know go missing, start by looking inside our road craters, the likelyhood is that you will find them there.....


Peter Montebello (15 hours, 28 minutes ago)

Hey, this is not right. A fortnight ago I sent you a letter urging for a Rally of Malta. And now the ADT is taking away from us the fun of slalom. Secondly, you have asked the wrong question. It should have been "Which are the best roads excluding those with potholes?". I'm sure that your comments would have very, very limited since in all roads / streets one can encounter a pothole. Finally, what can the ADT manage to do with less than Euros 2 per car set aside to see to the potholes? (less than E2 was arrived at since yestserday in the news on TV it was said that there are 300,000 cars and E 500,000 allotted for potholes).


celia debattista (15 hours, 39 minutes ago)

I think that worst road at the moment is the road the Nationalist party are taking because their pre election promises are full of the reduction in income tax, reforming mepa, the W&E rates, and like the potholed roads of malta there are far too many (broken promises) to count.. but if your looking for potholes try qui si sana sea front which are made even bigger by all the trucks passing to and from Midi and all the other building sites near by all day long.. ..


Ivan Attard (15 hours, 43 minutes ago)

Pantar Road, Lija. Potholed, crater-like and doubles up as Pantar River when it drizzles!


Robert Mifsud (15 hours, 43 minutes ago)

Who needs to pay thousands of dollars for a trip to the moon and back,we have it after it rains and its for free.All the readers contributions show what a shabby island we live in,worse than a third world country !

Phil Pryce (15 hours, 55 minutes ago)

Well Mr Minister... if you ever read the Times of Malta you should by now have gauged the public opinion on this issue. You know it won't take much more for the nation to copy the French way of protesting. Do you really want several thousand damaged cars with angry drivers parked in front of Auberge de Castille? No? Then FIX THE DAMNED ROADS!!!!!!!


Joe V Scerri (15 hours, 59 minutes ago)

Not sure things can get more worse than Marsa-Qormi Junction (near Turksih Cemetry). Can't understand why it so neglected. To make things worse, it's not uncommon that drainage overflows near the new General Soft Drinks factory or worse still the mixture of cow-urine and rainwater from the farm beside the road. I can't understand how the health authorities never looked into this! Sometimes I don't park my car in the garage after I pass through the road for obvoius reasons. Another overlooked road is the road between Rabat and Siggiewi, past the road that leads to Gianpula. Believe you me, it's full of craters not pot holes. If only the authorities can recognise the value of this road, and how much traffic it can save from the main arterial roads. Two roads with great touristic / leisure potential which are in a shameful state: the Buskett Road leading from Rabat to Buskett Gardens (and the Presidential Palace!!) and the Panoramic Road on Dingli Cliffs. If not for us Maltese citizens, please do recognise the unique potential these roads have on Product Malta. The Gheriexem Road in Rabat fits perfectly well in this category - it's a tragedy waiting to happen.


Brandon Camilleri (16 hours ago)

The worst road is the one leading from Marse (near turkish cemetary) to Qormi and I am sure that there is no strectch of road with the equivalent importance which is is a worse state. I can imagine how shocks the vans of the companies operating from there are!!!!


Ronnie Gauci (16 hours, 7 minutes ago)

I agree with Mr Zerafa, the Marsa-Qormi road beats all. Runner up surely is Marsascala Road in Zabbar, where Agatha Barbara used to live. Not only its full of deep potholes but when it rains heavily and you ride a dinghy near Agatha Barbara's monument the current will carry you in open seas outside Marsascala and I'm not joking. Residents there are prisoners in their own houses when it rains, the Govt. knows about this danger but still doesn't move a finger.


Doris Varrazzo (16 hours, 12 minutes ago)

Please come and have a wonderful photo of the horrible stretch of road in Victor Denaro Str., Msida, one thing I tell you that we need a GSM not for informing us for road names but for potholes and cranes that surround us daily as they crop up every single day all around us.It is a real shame, it seems that we are on a roller coaster. Action please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Horace Gauci (16 hours, 14 minutes ago)

I think that it's easier to spot out the ones that are in a suitable condition. Indeed, may I ask where is the money from all these contraventions and car taxes being spent? I appreciate some sort of answer. Thanks.


Janice Vella (16 hours, 21 minutes ago)

The worst road is that of Hal Farrug in front of the new Lufthansa building. You want to break your car........ past from that street!!!!!!!


E Gatt (16 hours, 29 minutes ago)

Must be something wrong with the asphalt/stones used that makes the roads not waterproof. Even the pavements (example shop side of the Sliema Ferries or the marina gardens in Ta’ Xbiex) have ‘dissolved’.


R Enderby (16 hours, 30 minutes ago)

Anthony Grech is spot on! "come to Gozo and visit the moon"! Truly appalling.


Jonathan Falzon (16 hours, 55 minutes ago)

Worst roads are the one in Rabat going from Roman Villa to Nigret (Gheriexem Str) and the one going from Mriehel to St. Venera (in front of Farsons and Fino).

dzerafa (16 hours, 55 minutes ago) THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL. ROAD FROM MARSA TOWARDS QORMI. (area near turkish cemetry)


Jeffrey Mallia (16 hours, 56 minutes ago)

It would have been easier for us to submit a photo of a flat road !!....Which I must say that a flat road is not a good road either. I would challenge ADT to find just one single road which have the adequate GRIP factor. Does ADT or the ministry have a data sheet on each and every road regarding grip statistics ? Or it's just good enough to lay tarmac on the surface, and all are happy ? Do us a favor dear Minister, resign please because you proofed yourself to be truly incompetent 100%


Mark S. (16 hours, 57 minutes ago)

Lot of roads but definitely Valletta Road Zurrieq. Suitable for off road. Suitable for Power Boat P1 races……fi drenagg pero!


Marco Borg (17 hours ago)

I once recall watching our prime minister on Xarabank saying "Titpaxxa is-suq fit toroq maltin". I am definetly more convinced then ever that there must be another Malta we are ALL unaware of... so I suggest we all start looking for this heaven on earth where even the Germans must envy our roads!!


J. Grech (17 hours, 8 minutes ago)

in other words, every road in malta MUST BE SURFACED. ezempju car ta kemm il gvern ma jafx kif ha jtejjeb is sistema tat toroq f malta u jnaqqas it traffiku. hafna mit toroq qabel kienu 2 lanes u wara li gew trangati saru 1 lane!!!


K. Callus (17 hours, 9 minutes ago)

It is definitely LABOUR AVENUE in NAXXAR. One must keep in mind that the majority of Naxxar and Gharghur residents use that road to get to their homes everyday, and many people travelling towards the North of the island use it as well while on their way through t'Alla u Ommu road. I am myself a resident living in Labour avenue and in the early morning I am awaken frightened by the noise of trucks driving on the potholes sounding just like an earthquake in the early hours of the morning. When I contacted the local council I was told that being a main road, Labour avenue does not fall under their responsibility. Could be so, but I am sure that the Naxxar local council can put some pressure on the authorities involved to ensure that this busy road is taken care of. And please no excuses saying that the roots of the trees are lifting the tarmac because we all know that it is not so!


Karl Grech (17 hours, 14 minutes ago)

Perhaps you may like to check out Triq tal- Wej in Mosta, besides the potholed road you will also find a vacant site that has not been walled off (being used as a dumping site) rendering this area unsightly and potentially hazardous, pavements are also non-existent in this residential area. Karl G


C Abela (17 hours, 25 minutes ago)

@Jesmond Zammit and B. Bonnici imhatra ghal kemm tridu - l ghar triq fid DINJA zgur u bla dubju st joseph str zabbar il parti li min hdejn triq ta m scala(disastru iehor) li tghati ghaz zejtun. Haha I fully agree with you guys. Someone here compared some roads to the surface of the moon. This road is worse. In fact Nasa astronauts are using this road to practice for the MARS mission. Astronauts are complaining... arguing that the training conditions they have to endure are unrealisticly tough and too hard when compared to those expected from the red planet.


C Muscat (17 hours, 26 minutes ago)

Going to Roman Villa Rabat if you can call it a road. It is so interesting a question. Thank you 'Times'. Please do not ask for the best road. Kindly ask the authorities what are the amount of taxpayers money spent each year for the last say 12 years on roads surfaces.


A Agius (17 hours, 31 minutes ago)

It is impossible to conclude which road is the worst road in Malta. Everyone names a road that they use often but nobody uses ALL the roads. Probably the worst road will hardly be voted as it is used by a few people daily. Anyway, I will name one too. Triq il-Keffa in Swieqi. Today I drove through it from top to bottom and I noticed that about 50% of the moonholes there were 2 days ago have been "filled", probably the larger ones. The way these have been "filled" suggest that whoever did the job, did not have enough material to do a decent job since they were left half-filled. The fact that the other half of the holes was left untouched also suggests this.... or is it that these smaller ones are not yet large enough to be qualified for attention? A big insult to all road users, taxpayers and human intelligence in general. To me, doing a half-finished careless and unprofessional job is worse than doing nothing at all. Thank you Swieqi local council.


A. Vassallo (17 hours, 38 minutes ago)

Sliema Road, San Gwann is nothing compared to other roads in San Gwann. You can start from the beginning of B'Kara Road, from underneath the bridge or from near the Malta Independent offices near the petrol station, all the way to the Half Way Inn, and keep on going up Naxxar Road in San Gwann and keep on going until the HSBC Branch, than get into Vjal ir-Rihan all the way up to the Vibes Disco ctossroads. Both roads in the San Gwann Industrial Estate, that is, the road leading from near the Mater Dei roundabout all the way to Bellavista Road, Bellavista road itself and the road leading to the San Gwann Housing Estate from near the new Golden Harvest factory. Have a look at the above-mentioned roads or better still, pass trough them and you can get an rough idea of how the surface of the moon is with its magnificent craters. All that stretch of road is in miserable state.


catherine caruana (17 hours, 38 minutes ago)

Obviouly .This is found at Kalkara.As soon as you come up the slope of St.Liberata str.,and drive along the straight road infront of the Capuchins Church,.All along this road there are potholes which are rim breaking traps for the unaware driver when these are filled with rainwater.And the funny thing about it is that this road does not fall under the responsibility of the local council!Its state is a real shame !!!


Stefania V. Vella (17 hours, 39 minutes ago)

Sliema Road has been in a desperate call for maintenance for the past 13 years I'v been living there. This need has reached it's climax however, after being completely destroyed by the numerous trucks and bulldozers used to build Mater Dei hospital over the past years. I too am one of the Sliema Road resident victims - my car has been through 3 punctures in the past 3 months - but now i have finally memorised by heart the location of each hole in this obstacle course leading from the roundabout to my house - i have become really good at avoiding the numerous "wells" in our street - i'll do great in the next pot hole olympics. Regretfully, i am still without a solution on how to prevent all the loose rocks, from being pinched by tyres and bombarded onto my house windows and parked car each day and night. The people at the local council remarked that our road is under their responsibility, and not the Government (?#$@#).. and it would cost them 3/4 of their allocated budget; to which my answer is... So??? Just fix it, please!???


E. Attard (17 hours, 45 minutes ago)

This morning they patched all the holes of that road which leads to San Gwann in front of the Independant but since they only patched them the stones of the tarmac where already coming off this afternoon so in a way its uselless they patched them !!! Then there is one massive in front of Meliat Pharmacy in St Julians be careful !!! Zabbar just past Hompesch the road is all holes and not round holes but trenchs of missing road cars were getting stuck in the massive trenches you not only ruin your tyres but also the bottom of the car so beware ! Another terrible road is on your way to Kalkara next to convent of Capucchini ... another one is behind Cordin all the way down to when you come out of that road that leads next to the roundabout of Paola next to the marble shop !!! It's true I am surprised that Dr Gonzi passes through the road of Marsascala everyday and nothing is done to make the road smooth. there is quite a bump in front of Astral on your way to San Gwan in that road leading to Mater Dei


Joseph Agius (17 hours, 45 minutes ago)

Just went up Kappara road and it has been 'dusted'.....but the road is still horrible as ever! who are they kiddin? Hope this is not the resurface they have promised?


Mary Fisher (17 hours, 47 minutes ago)

I hope that the Ministry in charge of the roads in Malta takes serious heed of the comments your paper has received. I have never seen such a long list of comments to any of your editorials. It makes me shudder. One special cluster of roads that comes to mind is all the country roads around Buskett and Dingli Cliffs - an area of unsurpassed natural beauty, visited by so many tourists and Maltese alike and so awfully spoilt by the potholes in all the road surfaces. If the government has got the raw materials at hand there is full employment guaranteed for all those who at present are out of work.


Anthony Grech (17 hours, 49 minutes ago)



J Cilia (17 hours, 50 minutes ago)

Can anyone of our learned MEPs enlighten us as to what our rights are in the event (frequent) that our car tyres are damaged due to poor road surfaces and potholes.


A.Grech (17 minutes ago)

definitely hdejn il gibjun imsida u it triq ta quddiem il pjazza tal hamrun dik li tihdok al marsa, maaa xbiza


a.camilleri (22 minutes ago)

valletta road in zurrieq must be one of the worst in malta


paul mizzi (4 minutes ago)

definately the road that leads from Il-Bieb tas-Sultan to Fgura and the side street that leads from Hompesh Arch into Fgura.


charles galea (4 minutes ago)

Labour Ave in Naxxar needs urgent resurficing it is even dengerous to cross the road on foot, the area between Mdina Hall and the playground.

g.c.Forte (10 minutes ago)

Is this a joke ? In fact I looked at the calendar to see if it is the 1st of April, and the answer is from Mellieha to Marsaxlokk and from Dingli to Valletta. I have noticed that Gaza still have roads far better than us. Suggestion; we should leave these potholed and use them as reservoirs.Any more...........or golf courses through out all the whole island.


Joe Brincat (12 minutes ago)

Ironically the Govt. increased road tax substantially for 4X4 vehicles which are in much need in this 3rd. world country! We have lots of money to spend on City Gate and the Opera house

but not for adequate roads. Priorities and good governance my foot!


S Boyd (10 minutes ago)

Zebbug roads are disaster too! Like Mr Cumbo put it they are like "Craters" in the middle of the road, and if you try to avoid them you run the risk of hitting a parked car. Zebbug local Council have to do something about Triq Dun Luret Callus and Triq Gianni Bonnici!


Bertie Buhagiar (12 minutes ago)

Surely it is Sliema Road. I use it everyday and it's getting worse daily especially now after the rain, but one has to remark that this road which has now become a major road leading to the new hospital has been in a miserable state for years but now it is in a complete disaster. When is action going to be taken?? Forget patching, build the road once again.


Rita Spiteri (12 minutes ago)

@Joe Galea

or you can say our roads are BIODEGRADABLE


Brian Maloret (16 minutes ago)

Often wondered why there is so many car mechanic businesses situated in Malta; now I know, potholes. The mechanics must be earning a fortune repairing the damage to cars caused by potholed roads.


A. Zammit (6 minutes ago)

Triq il-Waqqafa in Mosta (behind football ground) is really one of the worst... It literally takes a full 3 mins to arrive to the main road from our house (incidentally there are only about 3 short roads to get to the main road).

This has potholes all year round, as the patches which are done once a year become detached after only a few weeks. Obviously the number of potholes have multiplied by a factor of 50 in the last month....

The roads in the area around us have never been made. They started of course about a year ago, before the elections, but then stopped altogether. We were unfortunately the unlucky ones.....


M Grech (7 minutes ago)

It looks like The Times will be risking a serious jamming of its online version. The number of replies has already been overwhelming. Why not think laterally and ask readers to send their videos and comments of a properly surfaced road? Now that would be one daunting task! At least one should come up, we'll be celebrating five years as EU members soon!


Matthew Borg (10 minutes ago)

I can mention so many roads that fall into this category that it's shameful. Sliema Road, San Gwann; The Strand, Sliema; Old Railway Road, Birkirkara; Ganu Street, Birkirkara - those are just a few to mention. The latter is particularly shameful as you have to practically crash into oncoming cars to pass through without damaging your own vehicle.


Each time I go out driving, I deem it a challenge. I tell myself, time after time, that I'm playing a different game with different roads but, ultimately, with the same title - create your own slalom!


Peter Abela (11 minutes ago)

Triq il Kortin and Luqa (Valletta road)


Brian Maloret (14 minutes ago)

Even without the recent heavy rain the roads and pavements in Bugibba and Qawra must qualify for being the most potholed roads in Malta.


v.pulis (15 minutes ago)

Cospicua Road stretching between Senglea and Cospicua. Driving on this road feels like you're on the continent.....because everyone drives on the right side to avoid the non existing other half of the road on the left provided no traffic is coming from the opposite direction in which case you have to drive on/in the devestated portion with your mouth shut tight to prevent your intestines from exiting!!!!! Same goes for Senglea water front which would be more aptly named the Western Font in memory of the crater filled battle front of the first world war.


Joanne Micallef (17 minutes ago)

Some roads in Swieqi and Ibragg need urgent attention, there are a couple of dangerous potholes in the valley between Swieqi and San Gwann, and Triq Santa Katerina San Gwan/Madliena area ( where there are the fireworks factories ) looks more like the surface of the moon rather than a local road it's one big crater after another.


Joe Galea (18 minutes ago)

And my vote goes to....... to 90% of all roads in Malta!! Maltese roads are water soluble!!!


jesmond zammit (19 minutes ago)

imhatra ghal kemm tridu u ma min minkhom jisfidani l ghar triq fid DINJA zgur u bla dubju st joseph str zabbar il parti li min hdejn triq ta m scala(disastru iehor) li tghati ghaz zejtun.

hopless case


D.Agius (21 minutes ago)

Marsascala Road takes my vote!

I wonder how northern countries with longer rainy seasons have such good roads!

Our local contractors have no idea how to construct long lasting durable roads..


lgalea (29 minutes ago)

Please allow me to make a suggestion to consider the whole of Malta as one massively pot-holed street where you need a moon buggy to drive on.

Are you sill alive ADT?


Marianne Mercieca (30 minutes ago)

This morning I almost got lost in one pothole in Quarries Street Mosta!!! It's so deep that I almost sank into it. Poor car!! Need to have the ball joints on my car checked out. Well, we're giving the mechanics the chance to earn some extra cash. And better call them bore holes... more suitable...since pots are quite small :)


Lincoln Grixti (30 minutes ago)

1. Valletta Road Zurrieq - Bejn Zurrieq u l-ST

2. Triq Wied il-Ghajn Zabbar (T-triq l-antika bejn Zabbar u Marsaskala)

3. Hal Far Road - Zurrieq (Triq bejn Zurrieq u Hal Far)

4. Qrendi Road - Zurrieq ( Bejn Zurrieq u Qrendi)

5. Triq id-Dejma Zabbar (Bejn Roundabout ta Bulebel u Mina ta Hompesh)

6. Triq il-Mina ta Hompesh Zabbar (Parti ta hdejn il Crossing Lights)


G. Farrugia (31 minutes ago)

Sliema Road is a shining example of the poor state of roadworks in Malta and is probably one of the worst roads to drive upon. Only yesterday I drove up it and swore I'd avoid it in the future. I had to constantly swerve left and right to avoid an unbelievable number of craters, with traffic moving down in the opposite direction and cars parked by the kerb - dangerous stuff.

I've had it with these blasted roads. In two years I've had half a dozen punctures and three of my rims and tyres have had to be changed (had another puncture since then too!) - ALL due to potholes. Potholes seem to like me for some reason.

Anyway, in my opinion this is the result of the greed and incompetence of the contractors responsible for such shoddy roadworks.

I'm equally disgusted at the relevant authorities and the government over their utter failure to monitor roadwork quality of the islands and to ensure it's acceptable enough for roads to be safe, at least.

What does it take?!

Don't hard working tax payers deserve better?


vincent Pace (32 minutes ago)

How dare the ADT insult our intelligence. First they tell us they are restructuring, then they change management personnel, then nothing happens for a year, and they had the cheek to come out with press releases promising emty promises, and the latest joke...... A blitz to solve the problem in 2 weeks. We have ruined our cars slashed tyres and smashed up rims. Minister who is accountable ? We know who should carry the buck.

Today my cousin went to register a car. a two hour wait for nothing, incompetence galore..or is this also the result of a year's restructuring exercise?? Shame shame shame.


charmaine mangion (33 minutes ago)

all malta!!!!!! main roads and side streets.


B.Bonnici (37 minutes ago)

I also vote for the road between Zejtun and M'Scala by pass, it is the closest one get to Hal far airfield during WW2.


M Zammit (40 minutes ago)

The road shown in the video is a luxury when compared to the one leading to the small Gozitan village of San Lawrenz. Shame!


Janice buttigieg (44 minutes ago)

I have just seen one of the so called "blitzed" roads. Triq Efesu in St Paul's Bay !!!! Countless potholes along this road seem to have had a shovel full of tarmac thrown down and left for the traffic to compact it. Most likely it will be washed away soon as it has just started raining again. Why can't it be done properly in the first place. This is always happening. A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!


Joseph Falzon (44 minutes ago)

1. The road leading from Naxxar to San Gwann 2. Labour Avenue Naxxar (Paris - Dakar) 3. MostaSquare towards Naxxar 4 From ST Micro Kirkop towards Blue Grotto Avenue, Zurrieq (SHAME) 5 B'Kara towards Mosta (passing by Lija Cemetry) 6 Fgura to Marsascala 7 From Ta' Alla u Ommu leading towards Burmarrad (near Piscopo Gardens) and same road leading towards Green Supplier. Qrendi Road Zurrieq i.e. Zurrieq towards Siggiewi. What about the road infron of EDIBLE OIL ???? ENDLESS


E Sultana (57 minutes ago)

I have to say the South is in total shambles. I speak of roads I use daily - Triq Alfred Cachia Zammit in Zejtun, the street where I live in is a war zone. It's the busiest road in Zejtun taking you to MScala, Zabbar and Cottonera area. Last week I ruined a tyre and nearly collided into another car. The damage was not caused by a pothole but because a week ago some intelligent person decided to fill the holes and instead of levelling the road he created moutains. In the rain I couldn't see properly and I flew over this man made trap. Now a week after my street looks like Gaza strip because the asphalt was not properly put. I've lived here for 22 years and in all these years I don't remeber someone tearing the street and asphalting it again. And M'Scala bypass is a shame - I wonder why ,because surely the PM has to drive through there every day to go to work and back home. Well I guess it is the government's car that is getting mashed up. And Gudja is a horrible place to drive through as well


Joseph M Aquilina (57 minutes ago)

Are we, mortals, entitled to compensation for damage incurred due to not- up- to-standard roads?

If we are ( and I very much doubt it), by whom?


L. Cumbo (58 minutes ago)

Triq l-Ghasel, Mosta (St. Margerita Area) - we have to go through this narrow road to leave the area and the CRATERS cannot be avoided, unless you want to crash into a "parked car"! So please Mosta Local Council, get them filled asap.


Joseph Mallia (58 minutes ago)

It is very hard to point out the most potholed road in Malta because all roads are. Potholes are mainly made because of the many trenches which are dug endlessly in our roads to repair water pipe connections,lay cables and so on. These are poorly patched with the consequence that when it rains heavily and incessantly the weak points start to deteriorate and the pothole starts taking shape and getting larger and deeper. I drive daily tot Sliema and I memorised where the potholes are and I manage to avoid some whenever possible.

I have one suggestion to make to the minister of finance. What about a rebate on the newly revised road tax to make good for the rattling of the car body , damaged shockabsorbers and tyres which is caused due to the bad state of our roads. I think that roads too form part of the environment .


A Frendo (59 minutes ago)

Funnily enough if you go to the english to Maltese Dictionary online ie. and you type in the word pothole or potholes the result shows up as "Toroq ta' Malta" is this a joke or what?!!!!


Kevin barun (1 hour, 3 minutes ago)

Simple.... It is named Malta..

The question would have been easier if it is.... Please name a road without Potholes !!


S. Zammit (1 hour, 3 minutes ago)

I see only 2 outcomes from these "emergency repairs"

A) The holes are turned into bumps, which are just as bad as the cars vibrate as if it's and earthquake


B) Come first rain, the same potholes emerge plus the bits and pieces of tarmac which will scrape and damage the paint of your car when the one in front of you passes..


We pay for VRT to make sure the cars are worth driving; when will there be a test to make sure our roads are worthy of our cars? Motoring is not cheap and to spend €1,000's on a car only to have damage from the roads every year is a disgrace. God knows how many people replace suspentions, go for various tow-in services because of our roads..


M. Busuttil (1 hour, 16 minutes ago)

An the winner is.........................Valletta Road, Zurrieq!!

When it's raining it transforms from a two lane road to a one lane since one side is flooded with water. And when it stops raining too much potholes to count :)

Plus don't know when they are going to tackle the problem near the airport roundabout. All day the same calvary for the drivers of that area.


John Falzon (1 hour, 16 minutes ago)

Marsascala takes my vote. Incidentally, there is a road that leads from the Mscala bypass directly to zejtun (bypassing Zabbar Road and reducing the traffic load on it), but it has never been tarmacked as far as I know. The holes in that road are terrible indeed.

Also, my (expensive) car was new 5 years ago. Today it is full of rattles and creaks and I blame it all on the Government and its policies on road works.


Joe Farrugia (1 hour, 19 minutes ago)

You all haven't understood the concept yet!

Our roads are unique! World Cultural Heritage!

State of the ART!


John Spiteri (1 hour, 22 minutes ago)

Gaza road.....ehm I meant Kortin Road.......there is a particular 2km stretch that can compete in the 'worst roads championship'


J.A. Agius (1 hour, 23 minutes ago)

Is anyone at the Ministry taking note of this list? Making public this list together with an indication as to who is, or are, in the opinion of the Ministry, the culprit/s should be of real 'news value. Then we might want to hear what nearly all Local Councils have to say.

And could the Times tell us whether there has been, in its online history, any other article which has attracted as many comments?


Stephen Deguara (1 hour, 23 minutes ago)

Triq il-Forga, Naxxar - Driving on the Moon - ADT please do something!!! - 20 years forgotten!!!


Jennifer Abela (1 hour, 23 minutes ago)

Somehow there was some kind of a road further up from the Hagar Qim temples leading to Siggiewi and then keeps on going to Girgenti and further on to all the Dingli cliffs road. I need to use this road (together with other members of the family) not for just lazy driving but for our daily need. Now the somehow kind of a road is not existent. We have several damages in our vehicles (which are not old vechicles) due to the bad state or the road. Can any one pls take serious action about this!

I just wish that the election was closer! That might have been a good hope!

Just in case some important person might take note of this... I (together with several other families )have been living in my house with the road in a virgin state for the last 10 years. We live in field. Not even one layer of zrar or something has been done. This is Triq it-Tin, Zurrieq. Pls note that we are people with dignity and what matters to you most ..... with votes!!


michael fenech (1 hour, 24 minutes ago)

M'scala road leading towards the Sant' Antnin processing plant and the old Zabbar road to M’scala there is not one pothole to be found.



Edward Camilleri (1 hour, 30 minutes ago)

Quite right. Triq il-Kortin is a shambles with car damage guaranteed. Last week a motorcyclist was injured by a crater there. But as usual.......who cares! ADT obviously never visit Mellieha.


D Williams (1 hour, 31 minutes ago)

Unbelievable., last Tuesday I saw road workers in Naxxar filling potholes full of rain water and for those who forgot, it was a rainy day too,! And as Mr A Camilleri said no compacting. This is madness what can I say, pitty Mickey Mouse left this island (His Home). tal Biki Man!


Anthony Formosa (1 hour, 32 minutes ago)

Now I see why Maltese suffer from slip discs and why the waiting list is getting bigger and bigger, if someone thinks I'm joking ask drivers who are frequently driving on our roads.

Anyone still remember the road/offroad leading to St'Luke's hospital? that was a real pain for patients and nobody cared, who cares now.


Jean-Pierre Aquilina (1 hour, 36 minutes ago)

A framed satellite photo of Malta side by side with the moon could be presented to the ADT to spot the differences.


Aaron Bugeja (1 hour, 38 minutes ago)

IT-Triq li twasslek ghaz-ZURRIEQ, gravi wisq u meta taghmel ix-xita tigi bahar.


michael fenech (1 hour, 46 minutes ago)

M'scala road leading towards the Sant' Antnin processing plant and the old Zabbar road to M’scala there is not one pothole to be found.



C.Anastasi (1 hour, 47 minutes ago)

The road which has very deep potholes is the first road on the left leading into balzan from the Vodafone roundabout in Lija. I've managed to memorise the potholes to try avoid them especially in the pouring rain, but others are not so lucky!


Albert Vella (1 hour, 49 minutes ago)

I agree Kortin Road Mellieha is the surely the worst not only in Malta but in the whole world, Baghdad included. In Brussels, London, Paris, Munich and most European Cities it rains almost every single day but no potholes can be seen ! We were promised the same standard of living as our `fortunate ` EU cousins. We are more like a third world country wishing that the Queen or Pope pos by for a visit to have the luxury of a couple of decent roads ! Wake Up. The MEP Elections coming up soon, send a message with your vote( or no vote).


martha calleja (1 hour, 49 minutes ago)

25 years in gov ! (9125 days) shame ! if we had to cover ed 1 km / day of tarmac we would have 9125km .of good road surface. it took over 3 years to make a 3 km road (ta alla ommu road) ! does the gov has a serious plan about this ? where are all the machines that were at full force before the elections?? hail ceasar to your 2000 year old roman roads that you built.

malta is envy , wish you were still here to teach the gov how to build our roads


R. Bartolo (1 hour, 49 minutes ago)

What about all the roads surrounding Msida Circus, and the roundabout itself?

I hurt myself and damaged my bicycle when cycling there, because of potholes.

And then damaged my car while driving.

There are too many potholes to avoid them.

Shame on who accepts this work, and gives our money away for this work.

Shame on who accepts this money, and carries out this work.


Odette Longo (1 hour, 49 minutes ago)

one of the busiest and (out of all the roads mentioned hereunder, certainly the most dangerous is WITHOUT A DOUBT, Ingieret Road - i.e. it -triq tac-cimiterju tat-Torok... from Marsa up to the point where the road turns up to Luqa Road.

MOST IMPORTANT.... don't bother fixing it unless you also include water culvert running along the marsa sports club wall.... othewise the road would be impassable whenever it rains.

I am familiar with Sliema road and although it is bad, this one is MUCH WORSE.


Charles Grech (1 hour, 53 minutes ago)

Can anyone fix triq L Indiana c/w Fleur de Lys Road

Also Triq L-Imsel at Qawra



J.Micallef (1 hour, 57 minutes ago)

Gvern, forget Ghadira, forget Valletta entrance. REBUILT OUR ROADS.


Mario Micallef (1 hour, 58 minutes ago)

TRIQ IL KORTIN MELLIEHA.......currently resembles the roads in Gaza


A Camilleri (1 hour, 59 minutes ago)

Unbelievable. In St. Paul's Bay a van stopped in the middle of the road, a man shovelled a few heaps of cold asphalt in a pothole streching across the road and drove on, without compacting or anything. That was left to the oncoming traffic! Job done in a minute. If this is the way the potholes are being 'blizted', then its really money down the drain.


Joe Scerri (2 hours, 1 minute ago)

According to the CIA factbook , Malta has a total of 2,014 km paved roadways. Considering that 1km of road usually takes about a year to complete and costs around a couple million euros and that at best we have around 10% of relatively decent roads but definitely none to the high standards found in Northern Europe, the States and Australia, we still have a few more hundred years to go :(


marthese zammit (2 hours, 3 minutes ago)

I think most roads in the south part are like a war zone area with the amount of pot holes in them.Instead of giving details on which road is the worst can we send our bills paid for the damage done to our cars to someone responsible for us to be refunded, Hope action is taken to avoid accidents and damage to our cars and pockets


Alex Camilleri (2 hours, 4 minutes ago)

One suggestion - why don't we exhibit the best pothole photos in Freedom square Valletta......


P Borg (2 hours, 4 minutes ago)

Triq il-Gudja Gudja is in a very bad state. I also suggest traffic lights at the Luqa end of the road.

If arranged, this road could ease alot of the traffic problems of the south, especially near the Airport roundabout where all traffic from Mqabba, Zurrieq, Safi, Kirkop, Ghaxaq and Gudja intersect especially during the rush hours of the morning.

Unfortunately, this problem is in the south and will probably fall on deaf ears like many other problems of the south.


M. Galea (2 hours, 5 minutes ago)

It is disgusting!!. To whom we will send the bill for the repairs we have to do to our cars?

The new roads are being built relatively well, however untill some bright guy realises that there must be road repair standards, our roads will never improve.

All roads are ruined when Enemalta, Water Services etc, etc, do their works, they never fill up the trenches according to proper standards.


Mario Grech (2 hours, 5 minutes ago)

Triq Salvu Aquilina MOSTA. You have to drive like a slalom here to avoid the craters.


Ronald Galea (2 hours, 6 minutes ago)

What about the road in Marsa, next to the Marsa Sports Club?? It has been in shames for the last 3 years, but no Gonzi or EFA, passes from there!!


C.Borg (2 hours, 6 minutes ago)



Eric Camilleri (2 hours, 7 minutes ago)

I think the BISCUIT goes to Mr Johnston for standing in the middle of an already dangerous road.

william sciberras (2 hours, 8 minutes ago)

.....ahh .not enough space to list them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


clive borg (2 hours, 9 minutes ago)

@ eddie bonello

there are roads that haven't got potholes, the latest network roads are good, ie the ones near mgarr, buqana and those areas,

i was trying to count the potholes but i thought its much better to count the non-potholes areas, cos while driving if you try to escape one youll find yourself into a bigger pothole.


j borg (2 hours, 10 minutes ago)

Among the worst roads on the island:

1. Mill street Qormi (in front of new Joinwell showroom

2. St. Geroges street, St. Paul's Bay

3. Road from T'Alla u Ommu and Burmarrad


Rita Spiteri (2 hours, 10 minutes ago)

I have read most of the comments here and for the first time I can see that everyone is agreement that our roads are terrible to say the least.


NBORG (2 hours, 11 minutes ago)

I think Waylon has a death wish, standing in the road like that.

Reggie Miller str, Gzira/st Julians the potholes cant be missed and will soon stretch across the road. Cars are going up onto the pavement to avoid them.


Stefan Sacco (2 hours, 12 minutes ago)

It has to be without a shadow of doubt Cottoner Avenue ,,the one that takes you from Fgura to Zabbar or De La Salle Collage.......O sorry ...forgot...its the South of Malta so we can forgive the goverment for leaving it Gaza Style !!!


Emanuel Muscat (2 hours, 15 minutes ago)

Qrendi Road between Zurrieq and Qrendi has many potholes for many weeks now.About time to the Government to re-surface this arterial road especially to Qrendi residents which use this road frequently .


K Farrugia (2 hours, 17 minutes ago)

Sliema road, San Gwann was supposed to be next on the agenda after completion of Manuel Dimech bridge! It is a main road and now also a crucial link to Hospital! Can u imagine someone who is injured taking a ride on an ambulance with such a bumby road? If the injured is suffering from spinal injuries he's bound to get paralized! Given the amount of traffic that passes over Sliema Road I'm sure it tops the priority list.


Emanuel Muscat (2 hours, 17 minutes ago)

Qrendi Road between Zurrieq and Qrendi has many potholes for many weeks now.About time to the Government to re-surface this arterial road especially to Qrendi residents which use this road frequently .

eddie bonello (2 hours, 20 minutes ago)

I'll put the question to the government.

Indicate to us just one complete damage free road built to European standards.


Philip Grech (2 hours, 21 minutes ago)

I read the news today, oh boy;

Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire;

And though the holes were rather small,

They had to count them all.

Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.,,,

("A Day in the Life" by The Beatles)


Robert Micallef (2 hours, 24 minutes ago)

Zabbar to M'Scala both of them-the one passing next to Sant'Antnin and the old one! Last friday next to the Waste Treatment plant there was a big unavoidable crater. I personnally saw 9 cars parked on the side changing their tyres due to punctures/broken rims! I tought a road block was on course!

M'Scala Triq il-Qaliet.

Tarxien to Gudja is in a horibble state.

Ghaxaq Bypass till Roundabout next to airport should be redone!

Zejtun to Delimara/Marsaxlokk should be redone

Zejtun to M'Scala one big hole little bit further down Helena Dalli's Farmhouse bue to water coming out of a waterbowser filling station.

Zejtun to Zabbar- Both Triq tac-cawsli till hompesh gate and the other that runs parallel to it never saw a patch in these 15/20 years

Zejtun to Bulebel/Tarxien. Horrible state.

Bulebel industrial area need some patching.


A.Camilleri (2 hours, 26 minutes ago)

Authorities responsible please do something to us, Rabat residents. Nigret Road as well as the main road, the hill leading to Roman Villa are both in a terrible state, getting worse by the second.

I also agree of considering Ta Qali as one of the main areas.


Hadrian Agius (2 hours, 28 minutes ago)






C.Farrugia (2 hours, 28 minutes ago)

1. Various stretches of the road leading from Rabat to Santa Venera, near roundabout

2. Buskett Road

Wonder how it would feel if a foreign dignitary was to drive up the way to Verdala Castle!


C Briffa (2 hours, 28 minutes ago)

I think the worst road is the Road between Mqabba ( ta' Kandja) to Hal Luqa, were 2 mega projects are being built. The Montekristo Wine vaults and Lufthansa Technick. This is not a road it is a swiming pool and luna surface. can somen doe something for us residents of Mqabba, Qrendi & Zurrieq as we do not have nay alternative either 30 minutes to pass from the Kirkop Tunnel or the Triathlon Race (Swiming Pool and Obstacle Race) of ta' Kandja. Please do something!!!!!


John Xuereb (2 hours, 31 minutes ago)

He should be standing on the pavement ! Tut tut


Joseph Farrugia (2 hours, 35 minutes ago)

The road leading to the new Lufthansa Technik (LTM) Hangars all the way to Siggiewi. Hope that this road is resurfaced when the LTM premises are officially opened and hope that if this resurfaced it is done properly as tens if not hundreds of construction industry vehicles pass daily.


Lisa Galea (2 hours, 36 minutes ago)

There is no doubt that the road from Siggiewi to Mqabba is dotted with craters and so is the road after Girgenti junction to Siggiewi (the one the PM does not take) But the list could be endless.

Since resources are not going to be spent on patching up but instead fixing signs, I suggest painting the potholes flourescent and perhaps marking their depth and also supplying all drivers with a voucher for tyres or for damages incurred by the roads... I could not refrain from being ironic. It would be interesting if the Times were to collect all the street names mentioned below and forward them to the ministry.


PM Camilleri (2 hours, 36 minutes ago)

We will never have decent roads, at least not in our lifetime. I have also seen large cracks appearing on the Zebbug bypass road which is supposed to have been constructed according to supposedly EU standards.


Johann Zammit (2 hours, 41 minutes ago)

Ejja Gheriexem Street in Rabat....Listen it's better you ask which are the roads up to European standard...........


Joseph Cauchi (2 hours, 42 minutes ago)

I think the road that really wins the lot is Triq il-Kappella ta' Santa Marija, Naxxar (Maghtab).

This road is the responsibility of the Naxxar Local Council, but obviously the Local Council does not give a hoot to the residents of Maghtab.

The residents have been in this predicament for a number of years now and definitely the situation is going to remain the same and even worse.

You bet!


john abela (2 hours, 43 minutes ago)

all the south but especially marsascala by pass


victor dimech (2 hours, 43 minutes ago)

Have we forgotten Valletta?arent there any potholes after all the rain?take a walk starting from upper Old Bakery Str.And what about Marsascala bypass it is like driving on the moons surface.


Joe Cordina (2 hours, 44 minutes ago)

The road leading to Ta Qali from Rabat Road does not have so many potholes because it is just one big hole in which you could fit a car.


P Debono (2 hours, 45 minutes ago)

May I take this opportunity to thank The Times for its investigative journalism and the addition of video journalism too.

I also agree with you that San Gwann takes the biscuit as the worst road because it is used by almost everyone, but it seems that there are so many challengers in this regard!

That road really makes Baghdad look like New York though...


Joe Busuttil (2 hours, 47 minutes ago)

All those living in Zurrieq area, have two options to go to work in the morning:

1. either using the main road via the MIA (Airport) Tunnel towards Luqa, which would take you ages to reach one's destination due to horrible traffic, or

2. via ta' Kandja towards Siggiewi, which road is like the face of the moon.


Therefore, we have to save extra money (if there is any left!) either to replace the clutch system (besides the extra fuel waisted in the traffic) or to replace the shock absorbers and the tyres due to the craters in ta' Kandja road. Could any technical person let me know which is the less expensive? Authorities, please wake up...we are paying more for our road licence and we expect decent roads. There is no need to inform drivers that the road is pot-holed, they will get to know as soon as they drive out of their garages!!!


Donatella Vella (2 hours, 48 minutes ago)

I tend to agree with Claudine Baldacchino since i live in the limits. Also Mscala road near the St Antnin Recycling Plant. My sister has left behind her car's wheel in the middle of the night. A grotesque whole covered with rain water have lead to ten cars being stranded on the spot.


Veronica Debattista (2 hours, 49 minutes ago)

There are SO many potholes that I'm sure soon I'm going to end up with a puncture. There is a very bad one in Qui Si Sana and also under the regional road bridge, near The Independent. The problem is that if the roads are re tarmaked, who knows how long THAT will take?!


Herbert Guillaumier (2 hours, 57 minutes ago)

B'Bugia Road in Tarxien is a State of the Art Road. And not just after the rains but throughout the year!!!!!!!


Daniel Calamatta (2 hours, 57 minutes ago)

Due to the terrible state of our roads and the large potholes which sometimes are impossible to avoid, I had to to repair my car's rim twice, and it's really expensive. Can somebody fill these blessed potholes, as it is becoming really annoying trying to slalom around holes on every road.


Kevin Borg (2 hours, 57 minutes ago)

Yesterday in Naxxar I saw 2 men and a 12-13 year old kid filling up potholes in a very amateurish way. Shame on them to bring a boy to help them, he should be at school.


J. Balzan (2 hours, 58 minutes ago)

the road leading from naxxar to san gwann & valletta road mosta


Eugenio Cutajar (2 hours, 58 minutes ago)

Surely VALLETTA ROAD, ZURRIEQ. Govenrment promised us its repair during this year. In fact it was mentioned during the last Budget speech as one of the roads earmarked to be repaired during 2009. Let's hope for the best.


PAUL FORMOSA (2 hours, 58 minutes ago)



Charles Micallef (3 hours ago)

Triq it Trunciera-Qawra Road,

Triq it-Turisti, pass the Police Station & Bus Station is in a very poor state.............


E. Azzopardi (3 hours, 1 minute ago)

How can anyone say which street or road is the worst? You would have to go all over the place to see and FEEL !! What I say is that so many many roads and streets are in such a bad state that it is impossible to say which one takes the biscuist!!!!!

I hope we will not be back to square one in a few weeks time. Is anybody checking that the patching is done PROPERLY AND EFFECTIVELY?????


Kurt Mifsud (3 hours, 1 minute ago)

L-iktar li nista nitkellem fuq Wied il-Ghajn. Hemm hofra qisa waqet xi meteorita. Is-sibt li ghadda kien hemm 4 karozzi wieqfin mal-genb minhabba fiha. Wiehed minnhom kellu 2 tryes maqsumin, 2 roti gewh kwadri, il-karozza kienet maqluba fuq naha wahda jigifieri suspensions, u tant nizel fil-fond li anke l-bumper kisser. Mizerjament kellu €1k hsara tqis li suspensions ma tistax tibdel ta naha wahda biss.

Ghaddejt minn Valley Road i-naha ta l-Imsida ukoll gravi hafna qeda. Sliema road ma naddix minnha sry imma nifhimkom :). AUSTIN int tifhimna????!!!!


G. Pace (3 hours, 2 minutes ago)

I have just passed through the road that from Qbajjar takes you to Marsalforn. If I am not mistaken, this particular road was surfaced with new tarmac about 15 months ago. Now it is a disgrace to the contractor and/or perit who certified it. Ministry for Gozo/Zebbug Local Council please note.


Hadrian Agius (3 hours, 2 minutes ago)

Surely the worst road in malta right now by far is at Ta Qali near the Mdina Glass, the road has more potholes than tarmac,,,unbelievable. Another horrible road is in Bkara in front of Eduline and another is Achille Ferris Street in Msida. I can't understand how come the EU doesn't check about these things!!! I think it's the citizen's right to have proper roads like any other EU country where in all other countries it rains much much more.


Carl Bugeja (3 hours, 2 minutes ago)

Can I ask a question regarding when we are going to use the millions of euros which were budgeted from the EU and allocated to built new roads? Can the Minister responsable for the roads get the wake up call?

Claudine Baldacchino (3 hours, 4 minutes ago)

Definitely Dock Street Paola


R DeBattista (3 hours, 4 minutes ago)

Well why don't you come and see Sghajtar Road. You could be having a cheap tour on the moon. Correspondence on the state of the road has long been sent to the Authorities concerned BUT with no acknowledgement, which is the least one could expect. And what about building debris around !!!!!


E Gatt (3 hours, 5 minutes ago)

Offer the road works to private enterprise, including companies from other EU countries. Malta is not a large country and companies that can handle large cities can easily deal with our roads once and for all. If we need to make a choice between good roads or sentimental reason for keeping amateurs just because they are Maltese, then let’s bite the bullet.


A Camilleri (3 hours, 5 minutes ago)

Naxxar Road Lija to Mosta, can ease the flow of traffic substantially if it weren't for the potholes. If it was properly tarmaced and marked two lanes can be used on each carriageway rather than everyone driving in the middle of the road to be able to manouvre around the potholes. The same goes for the road leading from Naxxar to San Gwann. If properly marked it will enable drivers to overtake safely in certain areas. ADT should give traffic flow management far more importance in its planning.


Joe Vella (3 hours, 6 minutes ago)

Anyone passed through Qortin street in Mellieha (this is the road just before the petrol station leading to Mellieha). I can bet anyone the surface of the moon is smoother than this street not forgetting this is one of the only two streets leading to Qortin Mellieha. Recently we had the 'honour' of recieving a letter from the local council that this street would at least be patched up. Yes it was but really in the sense patched up. Now we have some rain and guess what? Back to square one.


Charles Busuttil (3 hours, 7 minutes ago)

Whenever a serious traffic accident is reported in the news bulletins one can still hear the same phrase 'for some unknown reason, the driver lost control of his vehicle'. Some unknown reasons indeed!!!!!!


Muscat A.P (3 hours, 7 minutes ago)

Has anyone of the ministers or members of parliament gone through Gudja Road - Luqa??? Don't think so as this road WAS supposed to be tarmaced when works at the Airport roundabout were taking place - but alas this never can into effect.!!! Now apart from being from beginning to end a great risk to drive through with potholes galore everywhere, you are at an even greater risk of either damaging your car tyres or worst still having an accident with another car since everyone tries to bypass the holes - and who will pay for these damages - the local council !!!!!!!!!!! What a shame


N.Grima (3 hours, 8 minutes ago)

Sliema Road, hands down. It's always been like going over the moon, but now it's as if the moon just got bombarded.


Paul Vella (3 hours, 10 minutes ago)

I have nothing to add to the indications already given but I have a further comment. Notabile Road, particularly in front of the MFSA belies (to say the least) the concept of a centre of excellence in finanacial services that Malta is trying to project.


Joseph Vella (3 hours, 11 minutes ago)

All the way from Xemxija Bay to the roundabout leading to Mellieha nd mellieha Bypass. Various assortment of potholes on both sides of the road but most important when coming down from Mellieha the bends are a danger.


Keith Abela (3 hours, 12 minutes ago)

This is a day to remember in Maltese Journalism. Though this is an interesting excercise to carry forward in such a desperate situation, it really shows the ridiculous state Malta is in. This is really the extreme that makes a laughter of the state of affairs the island finds itself in. What else can we expect? or What not to expect under this administration? There are no limits to what's possilbe under GonziPN! Now we will have another half a million euro dumped in patching our street potholes, only to be carried away on the next day of rain. It is a real value for money for the taxes people pay. So everyone, just today, can imagine how much of the tax deducted from his/her salary, will eventually for another time be spent in substandard roadworks! Let's be fair, its an effective way how to drive the economy in such hard situations...people filling the pot holes, tow truck workers, puncture services, mechanics...journalists...whatever. Who's responsible? Who has been in government for the past twenty years? Next pls....


JONATHAN (3 hours, 13 minutes ago)

T`QALI ROAD...leading to pitkali

albert callus (3 hours, 13 minutes ago)

Why are you surprised over the number of potholes in our roads? Don't you know that our roads were built according to European standards? I do not expect better than that. Do NOT blame anyone except those who had voted in favour of the EU!!!


Julia Bonett (3 hours, 15 minutes ago)

Sliema rd - San Gwann ummmmmmmmmm come see the damage on my car - Shall I send in the bill to the local council or the goverment !!!!


Stephen Saliba (3 hours, 16 minutes ago)

The road of the Turkish cemetery is a thinks it is an extension of the golf course!!!  We need another CHOGM to fix all roads with the Queen taken for a drive around Malta!!!


Anthony Formosa (3 hours, 17 minutes ago)

The biggest pothole is in our finance, that reflects in our roads. :-) sorry off roads.


Joseph Casha (3 hours, 17 minutes ago)

Unfirtunately Valletta Road in Zurrieq remains one of the worst main roads in malta, and to make matters worse, it is used heavily in summer by tourists due to blue grotto


Fenech MD (3 hours, 18 minutes ago)

Would you believe it if when driving down to B'Bugia, a main road which have been surfaced hurriedly before the election, is already full of sizable holes? Who is liable for patching or resufacing these roads? Jew bhas-soltu il-gvern juri snienu maz-zghir (bhal dawk li qed inehhilhom il-kmamar) u dghajjef mal-kbir? We really have a long way (unfortunately full of holes) to European standards!!!


Nigel lawrence (3 hours, 18 minutes ago)

Seriously, You can't expect first class roads when we are run by a third world government.


John Pisani (3 hours, 18 minutes ago)

If you still need your car and/or your health...don't bother coming to Ta’ Mlit Housing Estate and nearby in Mosta. We don't have potholes, we have bore holes. TAL-MISTHIJA!!!!!!!


Andrew Gatt (3 hours, 19 minutes ago)

How about indicating the roads that DON'T need repair? A much shorter and easier exercise.....let's keep it simple for ADT!


Carl Spiteri (3 hours, 19 minutes ago)

The road between Zurrieq and Qrendi.


L Vella (3 hours, 19 minutes ago)

Seems like we are well on the way to becoming the HOLEY land.


KCaruana (3 hours, 20 minutes ago)

All of Bahar Ic-Caghaq!!!

We have potholes that you could easily fall to the centre of the earth from. Also Coast Road is a true disaster to navigate. Drunks drive more steadily than a person trying to avoid the potholes on that long and dangerous piece of road!


james debone (3 hours, 20 minutes ago)

Old Marsascala Bypass is full of potholes.


Michel Camilleri (3 hours, 21 minutes ago)

Can we have a national pothole reporting system using a number of access methods e.g. SMS, Phone, internet.

I invite readers to have a look at this site for an idea.

It permits online reporting of road hazards using a map for locating the problem, a list and map of reported hazards, a repair performance league table by district.


Donavan Galea (3 hours, 21 minutes ago)

The irony of this is that we are paying €20 to acquire the VRT certificate!!! Shame!! I think that this should be refunded - this is what you call theft!! Government is taking our money whereas in return we are given nothing back except terrible potholes everywhere......... well I frequent mostly Santa Venera since I work there and I can list a number of roads that are in terrible state....... Palazz l-Ahmar Street, Canon Road, Fleur de Lys Junction, Imsida Road, Quarries Street, St. George's Road, St. Joseph High Road, and many many others!!! The Local Council and the Government is in a complete nap!!! Please wake up!!!


Giles Zammit (3 hours, 23 minutes ago)

Zejtun Road, M'Xlokk.


Marianne Mangion (3 hours, 23 minutes ago)

Salvu Barbara Str., Dun Karm Schembri Str. Dun M. Azzopardi Str, Tal Wej Area , EB Vella Street and all the street openning into it except Triq id=Dellu which is nicely made and in which it seems somebody important lives in it. It is a shame on the council as these areas are the worst in the Whole of Mosta. Way back in the late 1990, these street were once among the top list of roads to be resurfaced by the council. There is total neglect regarding road maintenance. I have lived in one of these streets for the last 32 years, each year worse than the one before. With such roads the said areas can be considered as depressed areas.


d william (3 hours, 23 minutes ago)

Why does everyone mention the state of the moon surface and compare it with maltese roads? At least there's no gravity there so you can float past the holes, here you drown yourself+car.


Paul Borg (3 hours, 24 minutes ago)

May someone enlighten me what is "UP TO EU STANDARDS" in road construction. Are we in the EU or not?


d amato (3 hours, 24 minutes ago)

This is where the Gov't should focus and spend money... mela the planned extension of the St John's Co-Cathedral jew...! L-ewwel AHNA please, ic-cittadini...

WAKE UP and don't be selfish anymore!


D. Zammit (3 hours, 24 minutes ago)

All roads are disastrous! The worst thing is that it is nearly impossible (if not impossible) to sue the government for the damage we do to our cars! Simply the land of corruption and apathy! People just grumble but still give governments the power to walk over us all! We all need to stand up for our rights dear Maltese! Waky waky!


Pauline Ellul (3 hours, 25 minutes ago)

The road that takes you from qajjenza to marsaxlokk near san lucjan is a disgrace. Many roads need to be fixed thats why we pay our car license every year.


C Chircop (3 hours, 26 minutes ago)

Kappara Hill (I believe it's called Sliema Road) is in shambles.


Joseph Agius (3 hours, 27 minutes ago)

Unfortunately I live in San Gwann and work in Luqa so I have to drive thru' the worst two roads....Kappara Road and Imgieret Road Luqa!....only five punctures in seven days!


Ronald Cauchi (3 hours, 29 minutes ago)

Potholes? Where? Whoever complains about potholes is obviously a Socialist saboteur intent on destroying the island's tourist industry by damaging our reputation abroad and sallying Malta's name as a centre for excellence......Oh I forgot that's not for a few more years. In the meantime Get Smart!


JAMIE PACE (3 hours, 31 minutes ago)

there's a deadly pot hole in San Gwann....its almost next to the turning where you leave San Gwann driving down to Mater Dei hospital....that pot hole is a dead trap...last week i was driving on that road at night and with some rain and a bit of flooding on the road one could hardly notice it....i went on it and lost a tyre and a rim....thank GOD there wasn't any vehicle right behind me or on the other side of the road,cos the impact made me lose control of my car as i went for the brakes....its obvious with the rains pouring down a lot recently, it will be highly difficult to amend such pot holes.....but placing some signs on such spots warning drivers of impending danger wld go a long way in saving lives....


M.Porter (3 hours, 31 minutes ago)

Ghaxaq Bypass!! A great offroad course!


Duncan Sant (3 hours, 31 minutes ago)

Triq il-Qaliet in Marsaskala leading to St. Thomas could mistake it for lunar surface

it's just one obstacle course!


Anthony Pace (3 hours, 33 minutes ago)

Notabile Road, Mriehel, Naxxar Road, Lija, The Strand, Gzira and Sliema, Valley Road, B'kara, Triq l-Imdina, Attard are the roads which need considerable patching.


V. Vassallo (3 hours, 36 minutes ago)

Actually we don't have potholes but craters - Triq ir-Rifugjati tal-Gwerra and all the area at Tal_blata l-Gholja Mosta

alistair borg (3 hours, 37 minutes ago)



Michael Neville Cassar (3 hours, 38 minutes ago)

If anyone want to retest his car springs I suggest to drive his car in St Paul Street or Christopher Street Valletta and if anyone want to smash his/her car drive from the end of the airport tunnel to Im-Qabba or Zurrieq . Fix our disgraceful roads, shame on you all road fixers .


J Hendy (3 hours, 41 minutes ago)

All of the roads are full of potholes. The two worst roads are the one between Mdina Glass and MFCC and Ta' Kandja..


S Gambin (3 hours, 41 minutes ago)

Mosta Road Lija, near Lija Cemetery


Johann Belizzi (3 hours, 42 minutes ago)

We incur a yearly increase on road licence to drive on these. We should sue for damages sustained and the rapid deterioration on our vehicles while Tonio Fenech laughs all the way to the bank with our taxes. Not one road has been tarmacked since elections!!!!


Georgette Pisani (3 hours, 43 minutes ago)

Ganu street B`Kara is the worst I think but all the roads in Malta are a disaster.Its like walking on the MOON.


D William (3 hours, 43 minutes ago)

Thanks for the opportunity Times.


Mosta: infront of my house, Main Street there a very large hole, 'Qisna l banda bu booooom' the facade of my house is 'ZIBEL'. thats main street on way up to Naxxar, please note cos we've seen cars being smashed (crashing into parked cars), even cars smash house facades. (including mine) its been going on for years.

How about from San Gwann to Naxxar By pass. There's a hole the size of a truck tyre and very deep.

Zabbar Road near the Hompesh Gate: go and see for yourself, if you love off roading go with your landrover you'll have fun for sure.

Lija road : terrible Sliema: to gzira, vice versa.

SOOOOOO many holes


S.Busuttil (3 hours, 44 minutes ago)

Have you seen the road from Mensija street St julians (The gardens) that leads to Triq il - Gizimin in Swieqi from the back? you need a 4x4 to pass through a very useful shortcut.


Andrew Grech (3 hours, 45 minutes ago)

The road leading from B'Bugia to Xlendi :-), with its multitude of side-roads!!!!

Why don't we encircle all our potholes in some bright coloured luminous spray. It would definitely make it a colourfull ride home after a days work.


Bernard Brincat (3 hours, 46 minutes ago)

Mill street qormi (infront of Joinwell showroom)


D.Micallef (3 hours, 47 minutes ago)

I don't know what you guys are talking about.

All are roads are state of the art. Driving has actually become one of my hobbies.

How can you complain when passing from the Marsascala by-pass or the road leading from Marsa to Qormi (tac-Cimiterju tat-Torok?)

What recession? Tyre Service Centres are not coping with the repairs! It's disgraceful. Really really embarassing especially when you have guests coming from abroad.


Joe Caruana (3 hours, 47 minutes ago)

Mdina Road Qormi between Cocacola and roundabout leading to Luqa. 25 years guarantee.


Nick Pace Debono (3 hours, 52 minutes ago)

Well, im not sure its the most potholed..but Triq il - Qortin in Mellieha, the road leading from opposite ex Belleview into Santa Marija Estate is in a terrible state, full of potholes and a poor attempt of covering up a recently dug up trench...commical to say the least!


Joe Fountain (3 hours, 53 minutes ago)

This is actually very sad!

Dragan Donkov (3 hours, 53 minutes ago)

It will be nice to pay some attention to the Marsascala bypass. There one still can see large billboard saying that one day this road will be repaired…. next elections maybe ?!?!?!?. The thing that amazes me most is that Dr Gonzi drives that road every day to go home.

Roads are the best way to steal money legally now days... so why we pay this road tax? And the important thing is who will do the repairs and how long is the warranty period? In EU is it 5 years…


S Schembri (3 hours, 54 minutes ago)

We should hold sort of an oscars award - the most potholed road - the widest pothole - the deepest pothole - the longest waiting pothole to be repaired .. you name the other categories .. lol .. it is a shame how newly constructed roads hold so much water .. i think architects should start getting fined for the bad designs they are coming up with.


Monica Pace Bonello (3 hours, 54 minutes ago)

Potholes - what potholes you havin' a laugh!!! that is after i pay my road licence that is :)


Joe Micallef (3 hours, 56 minutes ago)

Its not just potholes, but also irresponsible work. A trench leading to a manhole situated at the bend turning to central paceville when coming from regional road cross road. Corner with Telemalta buidling. It cost me a new tyre!


James Ellul (3 hours, 58 minutes ago)

Triq il-Kortin Mellieha - PUNCTURES GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris Mifsud (4 hours ago)

Sliema road is a disgrace and has been like that and getting worse for many years . There is also the road between Sliema and San Gwann (Near the Indepenent) which is also in a terrible state .

And last saturday i suffered a broken wheel when i went into a pot hole near the vibes roundabout . There are potholes wherever you go and instead of re-surfacing the roads as what should be done , the governmnet talks about wasting money inventing a new road in Mellieha .

Sorry , but i think we should fix and resurface the roads that we have before thinking of inventing new ones


Vincent Zerafa (4 hours ago)

@ chris

I agree with you. Recently I saw three cars at the side of the road with serious damage to the front tyre. They had just gone through 30 cms ( one foot ) deep potholes!!

When will we have roads up to standard? This is one of those issues that has never been settled once and for all. Its a disgrace!!


Christopher Mamo (4 hours, 2 minutes ago)

Tarxien Road, Gudja

Cars heading towards tal-Barrani are virtually forced to be driving on the opposite lane (direction Luqa) for the entire stretch bar a few metres (and it is a long road used by all sorts of trucks and heavy vehicles and is quite dangerous at the moment).

Andrew Demanuele (4 hours, 2 minutes ago)

Sliema road is really challenging for the title here!!!Please do something quick!


mario mifsud (4 hours, 3 minutes ago)

What pot holes?

What roads?

We only have third world country dirt tracks

Worst road? some of them have been like this for years Zabbar rd, M'scala bypass, Zurrieq Ave, most of B'Kara bypass, Mota - Lija rd, Mosta -Attard rd, Mellieha rd just to name a few

thank God we will build another road in Ghadira, we really need it


K Spiteri (4 hours, 3 minutes ago)

Mosta Road Lija, between Lija Cemetery and Kinds Showroom.


michael zarb (4 hours, 3 minutes ago)

no competitions.......just all roads !!!


Luke Vella (4 hours, 5 minutes ago)

By far the worst road on the island - SLIEMA ROAD.

The government should re build this road from scratch not patch it up (Shame!!!!) - not even a country side road should be in such a state.

What is Austin doing sleeping!!!!!!


Louise Borg (4 hours, 6 minutes ago)

I drove up Sliema Rd. yesterday afternoon and it was like playing a video game swerving from one side to another to avoid pot holes....but it was impossible...infact took an alternative route on my way back! The road near the Turks cemetery in Marsa leading to Qormi is in a bad state as well...& the worst pothole is near the F.K.N.K. club in Msida turning left towards Valley Rd. (fejn l-gibjun) has been patched more than 5 times in less than a month...imma ghalxejn ta'.


Robert Grech (4 hours, 6 minutes ago)

Smart City area, Kalkara - Some very smart potholes!!


Mae Zammit (4 hours, 8 minutes ago)

It is almost impossible to say since the potholes are all aver the Island.

Maybe, Balzan Valley since I use it often - but not when it's raining heavily,

and then your car seems to become a boat.


Keith Zammit (4 hours, 8 minutes ago)

Between Zurrieq near the Xarolla windmill to Hal Far.


Manuel Mifsud (4 hours, 13 minutes ago)

Needing urgent attention please!

Testaferrata Street Msida/Ta' Xbiex, all the way to Gzira/Sliema Promenade including Sliema Strand and Tigne Seafront.

Thanks for your attention.


Chris (4 hours, 13 minutes ago)

M'scala road leading towards the Sant' Antnin processing plant



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