Malta u l-politika

Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.

Din il-pagna infethet wara li t-Tlieta 9 ta' Lulju 2013, il-Prim Ministru Joseph Muscat habbar li l-gvern kien qieghed jikkonsidra jibghat lura lejn il-Libja il-mijiet ta' immigranti illegali li kienu waslu Malta fis-sighat ta' qabel. Minn dak il-mument il-quddiem, saret oppozizzjoni orkestrata kontra din il-mizura mill-PN, NGOs u numru ta' avukati. Ma setax jonqos li tohrog l-ipokrisija grassa ta' dawk li ma lisnux kelma wahda meta Gvernijiet Nazzjonalisti kienu ghamlu precizament l-istess meta dehrilhom li kellhom jibghatu immigranti lura lejn minn fejn gew.

Stqarrija tal-Prim Ministru Dr. Joseph Muscat fil-Parlament fid-9 ta' Lulju 2013


Oppozizzjoni Orkestrata kontra l-Gvern ta' Joseph Muscat



L-Immigranti Illegali taht il-PN

Refugees and migrants trying to reach the EU via Greece from conflict-torn countries like Syria and Afghanistan are being unlawfully returned to Turkey by Greek coast and border guards, Amnesty International reveals in a new report out today. 9.7.2013


The trouble is that the rest of Europe doesn't want them - France has turned back hundreds of migrants and Germany has said it will take none - creating a diplomatic battle that Mr. Berlusconi has been unable to win. The anti-immigrant Northern League, the coalition party in Mr. Berlusconi's centre-right government, and politicians of the far right are using the crisis to bash the French and stoke domestic fear of immigrants. … Since neighbouring countries have "total refusal to co-operate," to use Interior Minister Roberto Maroni's words, Italy is using a form of blackmail to try to gain negotiating leverage. 6.4.2011


Instead of following international standards on how to treat asylum seekers and unaccompanied migrant children who arrive illegally from Greece, the Italian authorities have been summarily returning them, according to a report by Human Rights Watch scheduled to be published Tuesday.

The New York Times 21.1.2013


The European Commission is proposing that, unless the migrants are in distress, boats may be prevented from entering European waters and escorted to their point of departure. Thursday, June 6, 2013, 08:14


Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said yesterday there was “nothing wrong” if Malta shared Italy’s controversial policy to immediately repatriate migrants back to Libya. Speaking after a meeting with Italian counterpart Giulio Terzi in Rome, Dr Borg reiterated his support for the Italian policy that was “also beneficial” to Malta.  “There is nothing wrong if Malta could participate in such operations as long as they respect domestic and international law,” he said, insisting Malta would do nothing that violated any law.

The Times 23.6.2012


The European Commission finds nothing wrong with Libya taking back illegal immigrants rescued on the high seas by Malta and Italy. In the first unambiguous statement supporting the practice, the new Director General for Migration, Stefano Manservisi, defended the bilateral agreement which Italy signed with Libya in 2009 and which saw the North African state take back most of the migrants rescued in the Mediterranean. Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 09:00


Let’s not forget that in October 2002, the Maltese government deported 220 Eritrean migrants. Upon their return to Asmara, they were rounded up and imprisoned, suffering inhumane treatment and systematic torture, according to Amnesty International.

Editorjal, The Times 10.7.2013

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