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Il-Gvern tal-FINANZI FIS-SOD jibqa' jiddejjen u jiddejjen u jiddejjen u jiddejjen ...


Sal-aħħar ta' Frar 2013


Kull Malti il-PN hallielu dejn ta' 11,400 Ewro u INT qiegħed tħallas sehemek bl-interessi b'kollox.


Kristy Debono (kandidata PN elezzjoni 2013) dwar id-dejn

4,781,983,000 Ewro dejn - Frar 2013

Kull ma jmiss il-PN ... Dejn!!

“The Nationalist Party is several thousand Liri in the red - some quarters insist the debts may even run into millions.”

The Malta Independent 19.10.97


“L-orizzont has claimed that the companies pertaining to the PN were Lm4 million in the red and I can confirm that when I assumed this role that figure was correct. Today, we've whittled that figure of debt down to Lm2.8 million.”

Joe Saliba segretarju generali tal-PN (intervista ma' The Times fit-23.8.2004)


Cliché Media and Entertainment, run by popular TV presenter Claudette Pace and her husband David, said yesterday a second edition of L-Isfida this year was highly unlikely because it had heard nothing from on whether the programme would be produced again this year. … Cliché Media and Entertainment said the main problem was that, which managed the revenues from L-Isfida's advertising, still owed a substantial amount of money to them and to the other parties involved. According to Cliché Media and Entertainment, "the costs for L-Isfida were more than covered and the popular programme made a profit". The last payment received was for the month of March, it said. Mr Attard (Net TV) confirmed that the last payment to Cliché and Media Entertainment was indeed made at the end of March and still had to pay their dues for April, May, June and July. … Cliché and Media Entertainment said it was no use meeting to plan a new programme if was not prepared to provide a payment plan for the first series. Cliché and Media Entertainment said the contract allowed a 45-day credit period, which gave ample time to Net TV to collect the money from advertisers and to pay co-producers accordingly. "In an unwritten, gentleman's agreement, we had extended the credit period to 60 days. Even that has been exceeded now," the company said.

The Times 26.8.2004


“Three weeks (that is after the general election) is a short time. But a lot has happened or been revealed already. The most marked news, overriding the new Government’s activities, has been the revelation that the Nationalist Party is in dire financial straits and to no mean amount, not to say bankrupt. Incidentally, bankruptcy legally means that one is not in a position to pay one’s debts. Obviously these debts must be of a certain amount, but the figure of €8 million being bandied about is no joke.”

Austin Sammut, The Times 2.4.2013


The Nationalist Party’s communications company has been ordered to pay almost €500,000 to a printing firm for invoices dating back to 2006. Media.Link Communications was ordered by the court to pay Europrint for hundreds of pending invoices covering the period between 2006 and 2010. The ruling was delivered on April 14 by Mr Justice Silvio Meli and case documents showed that the PN at one point disputed the exact figures. The party eventually agreed to pay the full sum according to a consensually agreed repayment programme spread over five years. When asked about the matter, PN leader Simon Busuttil refrained from entering into the merits of the case but acknowledged the party had a legacy of debt that had to be paid back. Europrint belonged to the PN but was later sold to its present owners Giov. Muscat Co Ltd, an established wholesale printing and stationary supplier. Media.Link Communications maintained a healthy commercial relationship with the press until 2006 when it started struggling to make payments. In 2010, Europrint decided to start court action that led to the settlement reached this year. The case reflects the wider financial troubles faced by the party, which is said to be as much as €8 million in the red, a legacy party sources attribute mostly to uncontrolled spending on the Pietà headquarters inaugurated in 2008. In April 2013, the party was forced to postpone paying the salaries of some 150 employees due to cash flow problems and has not replaced workers who have since left the party in droves. Sunday, June 1, 2014, 11:13


For the year ending 31 December 2016, the PN had a total debt of €8,421,105, with the loans split as following: two bank loans of €415,210 and €2,894,005 respectively and borrowing from other related parties of €2 million. The borrowing from third parties – referring to the scheme popularly known as ‘cedoli’ – reached €3,527,100.  The money loaned under the scheme is repayable in full at the expiration of a ten-year period commencing from the date of signing of the loan agreement. 3 July 2017, 1:15pm


Selling party clubs is linked to the debt accumulated by the Nationalist Party. While the PN's administration is insisting that the debt decreased by €3-4 million, reliable sources claim that the debt has actually gone up from €15 to €25 million. Moreover, the administration is telling us that the "ċedoli" or bond system was crucial to decrease its debt. But the administration forgets that these bonds are simply another form of loan on which interest has to be paid!

Dr. Simon Mercieca Monday, 18 September 2017, 08:38






Clyde Puli - TVM 9.2.2020

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