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The government is setting up a 24-hour road maintenance unit for prompt action on potholes, Roads and Infrastructure Minister Joe Mizzi said on TVAM this morning. He said a freephone service would be set up for people to report potholes. Thursday, April 4, 2013, 07:56


Tlesta xogħol infrastrutturali fi Triq Melita, il-Belt Valletta. Dan kien xogħol doppju fejn inqala’ pavimentar tat-triq u sar mill-ġdid. Meta żar il-post dalgħodu l-Ministru Joe Mizzi spjega kif kien laħaq skada ż-żmien li matulu, il-kuntrattur seta’ jinżamm responsabbli għax-xogħol li għamel. Għalhekk l-ispejjeż biex isir dan ix-xogħol mill-ġdid  tħallsu minn Transport Malta. Mizzi qal li b’dawn il-€100,000 kien hemm triq fil-Gudja u oħra fil-Mellieħa li setgħu jsiru. Il-pavimentar, bejn Triq ir-Repubblika u Triq l-Ifran tkisser u sfronda, u kien qed ikun ta’ periklu għal min jgħaddi minn hemm bil-mixi, tant li ħafna residenti u individwi oħrajn, matul is-sena li għaddiet, kienu wrew it-tħassib tagħhom dwar dan mal-Kunsill Lokali tal-Belt Valletta.   10:17  |  12.08.2013


Paving works in Ordnance Street, Valletta, have been completed … The new paving consists of lava and hardstone. The project, costing €350,000, included the laying of new utility services. The Infrastructure Ministry last July ordered a contractor to re-lay the paving in Ordinance Street after the required standards were not reached. Monday, December 29, 2014, 12:48


450 bidwi u raħħal se jibbenefikaw minn kisi ta’ toroq rurali u passaġġi li se jsiru f’20 lokalità, b’investiment ta’ kważi nofs miljun ewro. Waqt konferenza tal-aħbarijiet, is-Segretarju Parlamentari għall-Biedja Roderick Galdes qal li b’kollox se jsiru aktar minn 32,000 metru kwadru ta’ toroq. Żied jgħid li fost l-aktar Kunsilli Lokali li se jibbenefikaw hemm Wied il-Għajn, Ħad-Dingli, iż-Żejtun, l-Imġarr, in-Nadur, l-Għasri u l-Għarb.                                                                                    28/05/15 02:27 PM


Works are under way for the introduction of an ‘intelligent’ traffic management system, co-financed by the European Union at a cost of €700,000, that will provide motorists with real-time information and regular updates on traffic through the use of 34 variable message signs and 48 lane-changing signs. The project includes a network of CCTV cameras that will be “the traffic centre’s eyes” on Malta’s roads. Transport Malta says the traffic control centre will be an “information hub” monitoring the main road arteries and relaying information to drivers through the signs displayed on the roads, radio bulletins and a website. The control centre will also have a number of traffic marshals who can be deployed to a particular point to aid traffic control if the need arises.                                                                          Saturday, March 12, 2016, 00:01


Testaferrata Street, Malta's poor excuse for a bumpy rollercoaster, is finally being given a facelift... thanks to the Kappara flyover project. Tens of thousands of motorists are heaving a sigh of relief as asphalt is today being laid on the street leading from Msida to Gżira, which serves as one of the main roads leading to busy Sliema. Riddled with potholes, the road was notorious for its massive craters, to the extent that in some parts it was a potential hazard for vehicles' suspension. Roads close to the Kappara roundabout are being tarmacked as works on the junction project start.                                                                                   Saturday, April 23, 2016, 13:20


Malta has had its fair share of major roadworks over the past decades, but it is fair to say that never has any pre-planning been as slick as that prepared for Kappara Junction. It is also fair to say that never has any pre-planning been as crucial as this. Kappara roundabout handles around 90,000 cars every day – one in every 10 people if you assume that each person goes through there twice a day.                      

Editorjal, The Times 18.4.2016


Transport Malta has started works to widen Żurrieq's much-maligned Vjal ix-Xarolla, with the government having promised action during last year's Budget speech. The project, which is expected to cost €1.8 million in total, will add a new carriageway to the road all the way to Triq il-Kuccard in Safi. Workers will also replace existing services, install new ones and form a service road with parking for residents, Transport Malta said.  The authority said it had agreed with the local council to start works after summer, so as to ensure that local festivities were not obstructed.                             Friday, September 30, 2016, 15:53

Minister Ian Borg and Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius held a press conference at the Garden of Serenity in Santa Luċija. The aim of this conference was for them to speak about the important work done in their sector during these first hundred days of Government. … Minister Borg began by looking forward as he announced an extensive project which will improve main arteries in the area of Santa Luċija. He announced that, after studies on several alternatives were carried out, a new project which will complement that of the Marsa-Addolorata junction has been initiated; a project which will lead to the restructuring of the Santa Luċija junction, which is very important for the thousands of vehicles which pass through the area every hour. This junction is one of the main access points for the localities of Santa Luċija, Tarxien and Paola. The project will consist of the building of two new tunnels in conjunction with the roundabout, an investment which exceeds €20 million. Once complete, this project will lead to less congestion and a more efficient traffic flow, while also significantly reducing pollution. … He went on to mention several studies which are being carried out concerning each junction and artery where there are difficulties related to traffic, to implement appropriate solutions towards less congestion and increased safety. Among the first works, the Minister mentioned the improvements done to the Lija bypass, the Gudja roundabout near the airport, and the work done in Ingiered Road and Marsa Road, as well as current ongoing works on the roundabout in the vicinity of Paola MCAST and the four-phase project being carried out in a main road in Qormi. Borg reminded the attending press of the open call for the widening of the Marsa-Ħamrun bypass, a €5 million investment, as well as the similar project expected to be carried out in Buqana Road. …  Borg also spoke about the work done on roads which needed immediate attention. Among these, the Minister mentioned the work being done in the Roman Villa area in Rabat, Sejba Road in Mqabba, Birkirkara Road in Attard and the rebuilding from scratch of Bontadini Road in Birkirkara. He reminded the attending press of the open call for the resurfacing of Bormla Road, known as Taċ-Ċawsli, in Żabbar, an investment which will cost €5 million, and also stated that works to improve access to the Mosta Technopark roundabout will soon begin. The Minister spoke with satisfaction about the quick pace at which the Kappara junction project is being carried out; a project which was always on time and on budget, and pointed out that the flyover is now functioning in both directions. He also said that it is now important to look ahead to the next big project, the substantial investment of the Marsa-Addolorata junction. The open call for the second phase of works on this project will soon close, leading to the opening of the call for the third phase of works. Dr Borg stated that this project will be carried out with the same efficiency as that of Kappara and went on to say that studies are currently being carried out in order to update existing plans for this project, according to the evolving needs of the surrounding areas. These studies, the Minister added, will not delay the project, which will begin as scheduled. Saturday, 23 September 2017, 19:33


A new agency set up to manage roads will have to conduct safety audits every three to five years, according to a legal notice published on Tuesday. Infrastructure Malta, which officially came into being on Tuesday, is bound to undertake safety inspections of all arterial and distributor roads, to identify safety-related features and to prevent accidents. The agency has also been given the remit to take remedial action at accident blackspots, with the collection of data in a timely fashion being a key factor in the process. The legal notice obliges the agency to rank areas with high concentrations of accidents “at least every three years”, and those with high priority will have to be evaluated by expert teams through site visits. Wednesday, September 5, 2018, 07:11

Il-progett tal-Kappara


€0.5 million project in arterial road and roundabouts in Żebbuġ completed 

The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects said today that Infrastructure Malta has concluded the upgrade of Ħaż-Żebbuġ’s two main roundabouts and the arterial road between them, Triq l-Imdina. This €0.5 million investment comprised the redesign and rebuilding of the two main roundabouts in this locality—the one near De Rohan Gate and the one near St Dorothy’s School—as well as the widening and improved design of the road between them. The project was completed in slightly less than two months and resulted not only in improved efficiency and safety, but also in more facilities for alternative means of transportation. Promoting respect on the road and multimodality, this project also introduced several cycling-friendly concepts in Malta. Besides the use of sharrows to warn motorists and cyclists that one of Mdina Road’s two southbound lanes and the adjacent service road in the northbound direction are now designated as a shared lane for both road users, this project also includes other new cycling-friendly developments. The pelican pedestrian crossings along this road were redesigned to include advance stop lines for cyclists. These markings, including a shaded green area reserved for cyclists along the sides of the crossing, ensure that cyclists have the necessary space to safely stop and wait for pedestrians to cross the road. Saturday, 8 September 2018, 11:33

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