Malta u l-politika

Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.


Il-Ministru tas-Sahha Dr. Godfrey Farrugia fetah ufficcju ghalih fl-isptar Mater Dei sabiex ikun aktar qrib il-problemi fl-isptar u li jinhtiegu azzjoni immedjata. 18.3.2013, 13:10


Speaking during the Budget debate, the minister said he had also asked the hospital authorities to bring forward some 4,000 hospital appointments which had been set for 2014 and 2015 in a situation which, he stressed, was unacceptable. He said an Action Committee had been formed to improve the situation at the hospital's emergency department and to end the situation where patients were placed in corridors. Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 07:43


A €2.4million project that will study familial breast cancer among Maltese and Italian communities was launched this morning by Health Minister Godfrey Farrugia. Led by the Health Ministry, the six partners, including the University of Malta and the Malta Council for Science and Technology, the project started in March and will draw to an end in 2015. Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 11:51


The Hyperbaric Unit at the Gozo General Hospital has started functioning once again with a doctor manning the facility and the necessary staff supporting him. The service was discontinued after the previous doctor, who worked part-time, went out on long-term sick leave. Over the past five months, Gozitan patients were sent to Mater Dei for treatment despite the facility in Gozo. It was only used in cases of emergency for divers who needed to be placed under air pressure to remove air bubbles in their arteries that can block blood flow and cause permanent damage. The Unit can treat Gozitans with injuries caused by circulatory problems, infections or complications due to diabetes. news Last Updated 10 | 05 | 2013 at 08:33


The oncology centre being built adjacent to Mater Dei Hospital will cost €6 million less than the projected €60 million, Health Minister Godfrey Farrugia said yesterday. The Government will be investing an additional €13 million in a linear accelerator and additional radiotherapy bunkers, he said. The centre will also have 105 beds, more than the 96 originally planned, and options are being considered to increase the number of parking spaces around the building.

The Times 9.5.2013


In keeping with Government’s electoral manifesto pledge to work closely with the private health sector, it has been decided to set up a desk to promote contacts with the business community for ventures within the health sector. This desk will be the contact point that will reach out and facilitate dialogue with all private sector health services providers ranging from self employed health operators to private clinics and hospitals. It will work to advice in the development of partnerships between the public and private health services. The Business Friendly Contact Desk will be operating from June 2013 and can be contacted on

D.O.I. Press Release Issue Date: May 25, 2013


The Health Ministry has launched an outreach community service aimed to treat people with chronic kidney diseases. It is estimated that up to ten percent of the population suffer from such chronic diseases, especially people above the age of 65 suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. This service will be provided through a specialised clinic at the Qormi health centre. The aim is not to provide a screening service, but to monitor and provide free advice to patients referred from Mater Dei Hospital. Health Minister Godfrey Farrugia launched this new service, known as a nephrology clinic during a visit at the Qormi health centre. He said that the aim is to prevent further complications which may result in cardiovascular complications or patients having to depend on kidney dialysis machines on a regular basis. Thursday, 06 June 2013, 10:18


Gozitans cancer patients who need to travel to Malta for chemotherapy will be offered free transport from Gozo, including a car rental service, until the Government fulfils its promise to offer chemotherapy in Gozo, Health Minister Godfrey Farrugia said this evening. Tuesday, June 11, 2013, 19:10


The Ministry for Health has appointed a working group to develop a local strategy for the treatment of fibromyalgia (FM) and myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 13:55


The Health Minister this morning launched an anti-obesity outreach campaign. Thursday, July 18, 2013, 13:32


B’riżultat ta’ koperazzjoni bejn l-Assoċjazzjoni Maltija Down Syndrome u l-Ministeru tas-Saħħa, fil-jiem li għaddew fetħet il-bibien tagħha fiċ-Ċentru tas-Saħħa ta’ Birkirkara l-klinika għall-adulti li għandhom din il-kundizzjoni. Il-ħtieġa li tinfetaħ din il-klinika, unika fin-natura tagħha, inħasset minħabba n-nuqqas ta’ kura kontinwa li kien hemm għal dawn il-persuni wara li jaqbżu l-età ta’ 16-il sena. L-għan tal-klinika huwa mhux biss dak mediku imma wkoll ħolistiku. Il-klijent jiġi milqugħ b’mod familjari mill-infermieri u t-tabiba li jifformaw parti mit-tim li jieħu ħsieb il-klinika.

L-Orizzont 21.8.2013


With a waiting list of no fewer than 6,000 patients at the surgery department of Mater Dei, news that a number of consultants have agreed to carry out elective surgery well after the traditional cut-off time of 2.30pm is most welcome. This has so far been a hard nut to crack, but it looks that some way is being found to encourage more surgeons to take up elective surgery between 4 and 8pm.

Editorjal, The Times 3.9.2013


In-vitro fertilisation will be offered for free at the main public hospital by a private operator under a partnership model proposed by the Government. The arrangement will also see the fully-equipped laboratories at Mater Dei Hospital being used outside duty hours by the operator to service private patients. A call for tenders with the details of the planned out-sourcing arrangement was issued on Tuesday in Malta and overseas. Thursday, September 5, 2013, 00:01


The Ministry for Health is launching a public consultation meeting on the New Health Act. The meeting will be held on Thursday the 26th of September 2013 at the Central Auditorium – Mater Dei Hospital at 18.30hrs. The general public and all health care professionals are being invited to attend.

Reference Number: PR1998, Press Release Issue Date: Sep 20, 2013


Waiting time for bone density tests has been reduced by nine months, from a year to three months, Health Minister Godfrey Farrugia said today. This was made possible by the collective efforts of health professions working every day of the week from 8 am. to 7 p.m. he said.  He made his comments at a press conference to mark the International Day on Osteoporosis.  Dr Farrugia underlined the importance of best practices in the examination of patients and said those with high risk continued to be given faster attention. About 13,000 bone density tests are carried out every year.  A Bone Density Unit was opened at Gozo Hospital a few weeks ago. Saturday, October 19, 2013, 17:03


The Ministry of Health and private healthcare providers have agreed a protocol for the leasing of medical equipment from Mater Dei Hospital. The ministry said the purpose of the agreement was to reinforce relations between both sectors and ensure there are better services to patients.  The protocol also provides for leasing of equipment by Mater Dei when its own equipment suffers a breakdown. The protocol establishes payment terms and the procedure for inspections before and after equipment is leased. The ministry said that although equipment was leased in the past, this was the first protocol to establish clear procedures. Mater Dei received no revenue from leased equipment in the past. Saturday, October 19, 2013, 12:02


Mater Dei Hospital has a new section dedicated to the treatment of acute burns, a section that was opened today by Health Minister Godfrey Farrugia in the Plastic Surgery Unit. The section was opened in an area that was previously not used, Dr Farrugia said. Sunday, 20 October 2013, 15:11


Health Minister Godfrey Farrugia announced this morning that chemotherapy treatment is now being offered in Gozo to Gozitan cancer patients, removing the burden for such patients to have to travel to Malta to undergo the treatment, the government fulfilling its promise. Dr Farrugia also said that the oncology and palliative care would move to Mater Dei from Sir Paul Boffa by the end of the third quarter of next year, adding that this is the last Christmas at Boffa. Monday, 23 December 2013, 12:25


Health Minister Godfrey Farrugia this morning launched the new health IT system, called CPAS (Clinical Patient Administration System.) The new system takes replaces the older PAS that was developed in 1992 and was no longer supported. The CPAS was developed by Health Ministry advisor Dr Mark Sammut and a team of technical and medical staff from Mater Dei. Speaking at a press conference, Dr Farrugia said that the new system is modern and faster than the old one. The Windows based system will allow medical staff to instantly access patient records and be able to see “the whole picture.” It will also guarantee more patient security as well as accessibility and accountability. The Health Minister described the new digital system as the “backbone” of the national health service. Saturday, 15 February 2014, 11:10


A sexual assault response team (SART) has been established at Mater Dei Hospital to provide victims of sexual abuse with the treatment and assistance they require in one place, and in a dignified manner. The SART will be managed by NGO Victim Support Malta through a public-social partnership, and was officially launched this morning when the agreement was signed by representatives of the NGO and of the Family Ministry. Saturday, 01 March 2014, 15:54


A public-private partnership was launched this morning between the Health authorities and the St James and Da Vinci hospitals for the provision of MRI services by the private sector. The aim of the partnership is to cut down on hospital waiting lists. Friday, April 25, 2014, 09:49


The waiting time for out-patient coronary angiograms performed at Mater Dei Hospital  has been reduced from the nine months it stood at in December 2013 to six weeks, the parliamentary secretary for health, Chris Fearne, said. The waiting time for in-patient angiograms has been cut to a mere two days, he said in a statement. That is in line with European Society of Cardiology Guidelines. The parliamentary secretary thanked the cardiology team at Mater Dei Hospital. He said a pre-assessment coronary angiogram clinic had been set up and patients referred for a coronary angiogram were now being assessed before the procedure was carried out. Tuesday, June 24, 2014, 07:59


The Department of Otolaryngology and Audiology of Mater Dei Hospital has introduced a new surgically implanted device for hearing loss. This device, the Alpha2 MPO produced by Sophono, a U.S. company represented locally by A.T.G. Co. Ltd., is suitable for the rehabilitation of different forms of hearing loss. Thursday, 24 July 2014, 18:58


Minn meta tnieda l-proġett ġdid ta' servizzi tal-qwiebel fil-komunità f'April li għadda, ibbenefikaw minnu aktar minn 1400 omm u saru aktar minn 3500 żjara mill-qwiebel. Permezz ta' dan il-proġett, kull omm isirulha tliet żjarat, bl-ewwel waħda tkun l-għada li toħroġ mill-isptar. Waqt kull żjara, il-qabla tara l-kundizzjoni tal-omm u t-tarbija u l-ambjent li jgħixu fih, kif ukoll tipprovdi pariri u appoġġ lill-omm. 18:44  |  22.08.2014


A strategic leadership board for the Gozo General Hospital has been appointed for the first time, by the Parliamentary Secretary for Health Chris Fearne, to act as a link between the management team and the Secretariat. Saturday, 23 Aug 2014, 18:11


Refurbishment works at the Paola Health Centre started in the beginning of September and are aimed at enhancing the environment for both patients and staff. The works will cover various areas of the Health Centre and will include the installation of new equipment; the introduction of new services such as the Anti Coagulant Clinic; the setting up of a second reception to better address patients needs and avoid unnecessary queues and refurbishment of the wound clinic. Patients will also benefit from the introduction of a new Digital X-Ray machine, which provides real time imaging capabilities that can be viewed by radiologists at Mater Dei avoiding the need for patients to go to Mater Dei Hospital. Moreover, though the setting up of a new plaster room, patients with minor fractures that need a back slab will be treated at the Health Centre. Thursday, 11 Sep 2014, 15:58


A total €5 million of European funds are being spent on new advanced technology equipment for the Gozo General Hospital, health parliamentary secretary Chris Fearne said yesterday. Speaking during the Gozo Hospital Worker of the Year Award, given to nurse Bernardette Piscopo, Mr Fearne said the hospital was being transformed from an abandoned one into a dignified hospital providing new services aimed at giving Gozitan patients the care they deserved without unnecessary travel. He said that since the Day Care Unit was opened in July, some 400 patients made use of it and there was no one on the waiting list for a new service offered by the bone density unit. Saturday, September 13, 2014, 15:26


Malta hija l-ewwel u l-uniku pajjiż fl-Ewropa li introduċa l-antibiotic envelope għal persuni li għandhom il-pacemaker. L-antibiotic envelope huwa bħal borza żgħira li fiha jitpoġġa l-pacemaker u li minnu joħroġ antibijotiku biex jittaffew l-infezzjonijiet. Ħabbar dan ic-Ċermen tad-Dipartiment tal-Kardjoloġija, Dr Robert Xuereb, meta dalgħodu kien qiegħed jitkellem fuq il-Breakfast Show ta’ ONE TV. Huwa spjega li persuni li għandhom il-pacemaker huma suxxettibbli ghall-infezzjonijiet u għalhekk b’dan il-mod ser jitnaqqsilhom ir-riskju ta’ infezzjonijiet. 09:27  |  10.10.2014


Health care professionals including nurses, doctors and surgical trainees have a brand new simulation centre training facility at Mater Dei a Hospital. “Simulation training was developed years ago in the aviation industry. We have now imported the concept to medical training, allowing our medical and nursing staff to develop their medical and surgical techniques in a simulated environment” - This was stated by Parliamentary Secretary for Health Chris Fearne, during the inauguration of the new Medical Simulation Centre at Mater Dei Hospital. Mr Fearne announced that thanks to an investment of more than €450,000  government is offering a centre of excellence providing unique and powerful real-time learning opportunities in key competences to trainee doctors whilst heightening patients safety. Saturday, 25 October 2014, 13:11


Is-Segretarju Parlamentari Chris Fearne nieda uffiċjalment il-Politika Nazzjonali dwar l-Ikel u n-Nutrizzjoni mill-2015 sal-2020. Fearne qal li din il-politika ssawret bis-sehem ta’ working group u tfassal il-miri li jridu jintlaħqu. Enfasizza li l-politika se tindirizza l-isfidi li qed jaffaċċja l-poplu Malti dwar l-ikel u n-nutrizzjoni. Din il-politika tnediet fil-preżenza tad-Direttur Reġjonali tad-WHO, Zsuzsanna Jakab li faħħret lill-Malta għaliex huwa l-ewwel pajjiż fl-Ewropa li għandu politika dwar l-ikel u n-nutrizzjoni. Hija qalet li l-ikel li mhux tajjeb għas-saħħa huwa responsabbli għal numru kbir ta’ kumplikazzjonijiet li jvarjaw mill-obeżità, l-mard tal-qalb u l-kanċer. 16/12/14 04:23 PM


Tinfetah taqsima tal-emergenca ghat-tfal fl-isptar Mater Dei. 21.12.2015


Malta has moved up four places in the Euro Health Consumer Index issued by the Health Consumer Powerhouse. It was given 663 points and is up from position 27 and 582 points in 2014. Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 10:03


Parliamentary Secretary for Health Chris Fearne has announced that the next phase of expansion at the Mater Dei Hospital will include a new maternity wing, also known as a Mother & Baby Wing.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 19.2.2016


A highly specialised procedure to treat irregular heart rhythm was carried out in Malta for the first time last week. Four patients got the benefit of an “atrial fibrillation ablation”. They would normally have been sent to centres in London or Oxford, Robert Xuereb, Mater Dei Hospital’s cardiology chairman, told The Sunday Times of Malta. Sunday, March 27, 2016, 14:46


Patients with very rare blood groups have been granted a lifeline thanks to new equipment which will make it possible to freeze their own blood bags for up to 10 years.  The €130,000 machine removes water from blood cells and replaces it with glycerol, making it possible to freeze at a temperature of up to -80°C. The process is then reversed when the time comes to use the blood.  The equipment was unveiled this morning at the blood processing laboratories next to St Luke’s Hospital by Health Minister Chris Fearne and National Blood Transfusion Services director Alex Aquilina. Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 12:11


A new angio suite was inaugurated at Mater Dei’s Medical Imaging Department by Health Minister Chris Fearne today. The machine, which cost €1.9 million, was partially financed by European funds. It enables its operators to view arteries and veins in 3D facilitating the work of radiologists and leading to a more precise diagnosis. It will also enable specific interventions which were previously not carried out. Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 14:39


Minister for Health Chris Fearne this morning launched a new Brain Lab at Mater Dei Hospital. The new lab comes with an investment of €350,000, all of which are government funds. The lab is equipped with a machine which helps locate and identify brain tumours with very high precision. Minister Fearne explained that since the scan helps to spot the tumour with great detail, the surgeon operating on the patient can operate with a less invasive intervention, thus also reducing the recuperation period. Saturday, 13 August 2016, 11:37


F’Għajnsielem f’Għawdex infetħet Dar Padova, li hi l-ewwel ċentru ta’ matul il-jum għall-anzjani bid-dimensja. Is-Segretarju Parlamentari għall-Anzjanità Attiva, Justyne Caruana, inawgurat dan iċ-ċentru li ddeskrivietu bħala post adattat għal dawk li jieħdu ħsieb l-anzjani u li matul il-jum ma jkunux jistgħu jassistuhom, minħabba xogħol jew affarijiet oħra. Dan iċ-ċentru se jilqa’ sa massimu ta’ 10 anzjani f’daqqa li jingħatalhom servizz ta’ trasport, filgħodu u mal-għeluq tiegħu. 29/01/16 05:16 PM


Health parliamentary secretary Chris Fearne announced that a register for rare disease was being launched. Speaking at a press conference held at Mater Dei Hospital earlier today, on occasion of rare diseases, Fearne said that rare diseases affected some 25,000 people in Malta. “There are some 6,000 to 7,000 rare diseases around the world, and they are so classified because they affect about 1 in 2,000 people around the world,” he said, adding that many of these illnesses are genetic. Fearne explained that the register would allow specialists and researchers to keep a record of rare diseases and their occurrence. “The register will allow us to adapt treatments and procedures available, and it will professionals in researching these illnesses and the necessary cures,” he said. 29 February 2016, 1:50pm


The Secretariat for Health has introduced Fast Track Colorectal Screening, enabling family doctors to book hospital appointments directly without patients needing to go through the Mater Dei Hospital outpatients department. Parliamentary Secretary Chris Fearne told a seminar by the Malta Colorectal Cancer Awareness Group that he was pleased with the turnout of family doctors for a training session as part of the new arrangement. Friday, March 18, 2016, 11:51


Infetħet uffiċjalment play area fuq barra fid-Disneyland Ward tal-Isptar Mater Dei. Waqt il-ftuħ tagħha, is-Segretarju Parlamentari għas-Saħħa Chris Fearne qal li l-pjani għall-isptar il-ġdid tat-tfal u l-maternità huma lesti. Dan l-isptar se jkollu 180 sodda, 4 swali tal-operazzjonijiet, kif ukoll ITU tat-trabi. 26/03/16 03:56 PM


Pharmacies delivering free medicines to patients aged 70 and over will be entitled to a €14,000 tax credit to cover their expenses, which may include the purchase of a car, this newspaper has learnt. The measure could cost the government up to €3 million in tax revenues, as it implements the Labour Party’s electoral pledge to introduce a home delivery service for the elderly. n agreement over the new service was signed between the government and the Chamber of Pharmacists last year but the details had been kept under wraps until last week, when a legal notice was published with changes to the Income Tax Act. Sunday, September 25, 2016, 20:17


A total 177 families received air tickets paid by the government last year for both parents to accompany their children for treatment abroad. This was stated on Twitter this morning by Health Parliamentary Secretary Chris Fearne said on Twitter. Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 07:59


A community hostel for long-term female residents of Mount Carmel hospital was inaugurated in Attard today. The hostel, which will host 10 women who require care and can no longer live alone, is the first community hostel to cater specifically for patients requiring mental health care. Hostel residents will be taught how to cook, clean, do the shopping and plan out their needs. They will live in a mixture of single and double rooms. The hostel is a collaborative effort between the Richmond Foundation and government, with the charity footing the bill for building and kitting out the hostel, and taxpayers paying for resident services. Saturday, October 8, 2016, 15:25


Is-Segretarja Parlamentari għad-Drittijiet tal-Persuni b'Diżabilita u l-Anzjanita Attiva, Justyne Caruana, dalgħodu nediet l-istrateġija nazzjonali dwar id-dimenzja – kundizzjoni li dawk li jbatu biha f'pajjiżna mistennija jaqbżu d-dopjju tal-lum sas-sena 2050. Malta se tkun waħda minn 21 pajjiż li għandhom strateġija bħal din. Diġa bdew kampanji ta' għarfien pubbliku bħala parti minn din l-istrateġija u tqassmu żewġ fuljetti – wieħed b'linji gwida għal dawk li jieħdu ħsieb persuni bid-dimenzja u l-ieħor b'tagħrif għall-pubbliku ġenerali. Qed isir ukoll taħriġ dwar id-dimenzja għall-ħaddiema fil-qasam tas-saħħa u qed jiġi organizzat “intervention team” kontra d-dimenzja. Sadanittant inbeda wkoll il-proċess biex postijiet bħar-residenza ta' San Vinċenz de Paule jkunu “dementia friendly”. Apr 02, 2015 10:46


The government has opened legal proceedings against Skanska, the company that was responsible for the building and seismic design of Mater Dei Hospital, Health Minister Chris Fearne said today. Friday, 14 October 2016, 14:50


A new dentistry clinic has been opened at St Vincent de Paul nursing home, providing the home's 1,200 residents with dental services tailor-made for the elderly. The geriatric dental teaching lab would make it easier and faster for patients to get dentures and would also help dentistry students learn first-hand in a professional environment, parliamentary secretary for the elderly Justyne Caruana said. The project is a collaboration between the state-run nursing home and the University of Malta's Faculty of Dentistry. In the months leading up to the clinic's official opening, information sessions were held for St Vincent de Paul carers and residents. St Vincent de Paul CEO Josianne Cutajar said that a pilot study involving patient demonstrations in four theatres had been a great success and met with a great deal of enthusiasm. Monday, October 24, 2016, 13:30


Health Minister Chris Fearne has launched the patient’s charter, a document that clearly identifies the rights of the patient. It is structured around eight principles: health protection, access, information, participation and informed consent, privacy and confidentiality, dignity and respect, safe health care and lastly, comments and complaints. This charter was formulated after wide and extensive consultation across all of society. Monday, 21 November 2016, 17:52


13 dentists who work in the private sector will carry out dental check-ups in their clinics paid for by the government. The service will be provided after a call for expressions of interest issued by the Ministry of Health in a measure to reduce the waiting list at Mater Dei Hospital. The private clinics service starts in January. Thursday, December 15, 2016, 14:58


The government’s formulary list will include more cancer medications in the coming years, Health Minister Chris Fearne announced today. The announcement was made during the launch of the second National Cancer Plan, which was presented this afternoon at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre. The plan sets out an integrated and comprehensive plan of action from 2017 until 2021. Free cancer medication will be given priority and will become increasingly more readily available within the €3 million budget expenditure assigned in this year’s budget, Dr Fearne announced. Thursday, 2 March 2017, 15:18


Thirty-five renal dialysis machines were bought for Mater Dei Hospital, Health Minister Chris Fearne said today. Addressing the media, the minister said the machines will go a long way to improve the services offered in the renal unit. Tuesday, 30 May 2017, 19:49          


A new medicine for bladder cancer has been added to the government formulary in line with the promise to continue increasing cancer medicine available to patients free of charge, Health Minister Chris Fearne said. The medicine, mitomycin C, will be given from hospital. It reduces the risk of cancer reappearing after it would have been removed. Some 300 people a year would be benefitting from this new treatment. Thursday, June 22, 2017, 17:57


Patients suffering from cancer of the oesophagus can now have tumours removed through a new cutting edge operation introduced at Mater Dei Hospital just four weeks ago. The procedure, known as Minimally Invasive Oesophagostomy (MIO) is now being offered to patients at Mater Dei Hospital. As the name implies, the operation is far less invasive than the procedure that was used up until just four weeks ago. The miracle that is happening in the operating theatre bears the signature of two surgeons who specialise in the removal of this particular kind of cancer. Jo Etienne Abela and Clifton Caruana have been carrying out this new procedure for the last month and so far the results are promising. Sunday, 2 July 2017, 11:00


Mater Dei Hospital has introduced a system of SMS reminders for people having an outpatients' appointment. The purpose is to cut down on missed visits, Health Minister Chris Fearne said this morning. He explained that a third of missed calls were the result of patients forgetting their appointment. Reminders are now being sent 10 days before the appointment and another two days before. Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 10:37


Gozo General Hospital has been equipped with €400,000 worth of endoscopic imaging equipment, enabling doctors there to better diagnose and treat issues related to the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system. The equipment includes gastroscopes, colonoscopes, nephroscopes, ureteroscopes and cystoscopes, Vitals Global Healthcare said in a statement publicising the investment. They provide HD+ megapixel resolution image clarity, as well as close focus technology that enhances mucosal detail in the near field. The latter helps medics detect and differentiate subtle lesions. “These instruments will enable specialists at VGH Gozo General Hospital to improve the quality of care offered to our patients, thanks to more accurate diagnosis and treatment options due to this enhanced technology, as well as improvements in safety and comfort for the patient," hospital CEO Nadine Delicata said. Friday, September 15, 2017, 13:35


Ovarian and cervical cancer medication Bevicubamab will be given free to patients, the government announced today.  The €1 million project is expected to affect 35 patients who are currently undergoing treatment for the cancer.  This will be the fourth free cancer medication given to patients. Free leukaemia medication Azacitidine, bladder cancer medication Mitomycin C and prostate cancer medication Enzalutamide were introduced earlier this year.   Over 300 patients have benefited from the free medication, Health Minister Chris Fearne told a news conference. 18 September 2017, 4:33pm


Health Minister Chris Fearne today launched the National Cancer Plan, which sets out an integrated and comprehensive plan of action for the next five years (2017-2021). Speaking at an event held at the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the ultimate aim of the National Cancer Plan is to improve a number of identified outcomes that are important for both the patients and society. These include the:

a.      Reduction of cancer incidence

b.      Improvement of cancer survival

c.       Improvement of patients’ experience and quality of life.

d.      Governance and research


Fearne revealed that the list of state-funded cancer medicines has increased to seven. Wednesday, 4 October 2017, 11:26


As from this month, the government has started to pay all flight expenses for patients travelling abroad for care, Health Minister Chris Fearne said on Friday morning. Addressing a press conference at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, Fearne said that the government had in the past paid the fares of children only. Now, all adults receiving treatment abroad will have their tickets paid for, including those who were previously not eligible via means testing. Friday, 22 June 2018, 12:19

The government is offering 13 health professionals the opportunity to specialise further in three specific areas, investing €2.1 million in courses abroad. Addressing a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Health Minister Chris Fearne said that there were a number of areas where specialisation was still lacking and which would be required in the coming years. Three students will be selected to further their studies in genetic counselling, another four in optometry and a further six in orthoptics. Thursday, August 2, 2018, 15:23

The newly refurbished reception area at Karin Grech Hospital was inaugurated on Tuesday, following an investment of €90,000 by the hospital’s operators. In a statement, Steward Health Care, which runs three of Malta's public hospitals,  said the area was now equipped to deliver a “more welcoming experience” to patients and their family members. The reception area, it said, was “completely stripped and re-done” and fitted with an “air-conditioning system, new flooring, décor and automatic doors”. Steward said that all soft furnishings used were made of anti-microbial material and follow the highest health care standards. 15 August 2018, 1:50pm

Doctors can now order tests for their patients online as upgrades to the public health sector’s myhealth platform are rolled out. Addressing a press conference on Thursday morning, Health Minister Chris Fearne said that while in the past doctors had to fill up papers in order to requests tests for their patients, the update to the platform would enable them to do so online. This, the minister said, would ensure that there was continuity of care as patients could opt to visit any family doctor on any given day and have any tests ordered immediately. According to Mr Fearne, some 50,000 patients currently make use of the myhealth service, with numbers continuously on the rise. “This is the first step in a number of interactivity measures. At one point, we will also allow doctors to input data which means that every patient's information will be available to any doctor of their choice. This will lead to more continuity of health,” the minister said. Doctors will also soon be able to order X-rays using the myhealth platform as well as give online consent for cross-border transfer of patient summaries when these are being treated abroad. Thursday, September 6, 2018, 11:49

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