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Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.


The police force will be fusing its mobile squad with the Special Assignment Group in a bid to deliver a better daily service, the police corps announced today. The new Rapid Intervention Unit, as the unit will now be called, will provide daily patrols around the island in a bid to prevent criminality, and will provide training for police deployments ranging from armed robbery to riots. The RIU will see police officers operating on a universal shift that will give officers a longer break and training periods for their continuous development, as well as serve to increase the number of police vehicles on duty. 26 June 2013, 12:00am


Infethet ghassa gdida fis-Swieqi fit-28 t’April 2014.


A process to transform the police academy into a college has been embarked upon, Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia said today. He said in a statement the aim of the transformation was for training at the college to be on a professional level with this being given by full time lecturers who were not members of the force. Wednesday, August 6, 2014, 17:11


113 policemen held their passing out parade this morning to mark their graduation from the Police Academy. The 78 policemen and 35 women were first the first group of recruits to have followed their course at the new Police Academy in Ta' Kandia, where the parade was held. Their course started in April and featured law, police rules and procedure, drill and physical exercise, among other subjects. Saturday, October 4, 2014, 09:48


A mobile police station in Marsascala was inaugurated this afternoon by Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia. The police said the facility (a converted mobile home) would beef up its presence in this locality. Dr Mallia said that another mobile police station would be set up in Paceville. He also announced that district police would soon have a fleet of electric motorbikes. Tuesday, October 7, 2014, 16:23


Fit-28 t’Ottubru 2014 giet approvata l-ligi fil-parlament li taghti d-dritt ta’ membri ta’ forzi dixxiplinarji tal-pajjiz jissiehbu f’union.


Vetturi mixtrija minn April 2013 sa Ottubru 2014

11 Ford Focus Saloon

1 Toyota Avensis

2 Daelim motor scooter

20 BMW motorcycles

1 Citroen C3 hatch back

3 Skoda Octavia estate

1 Renault tow truck

2 Daelim motor scooter

PQ 10228


On police officers it said that the previous 25% tax rate on extra duties has been brought down to 15%. More than 420 police officers are registered to carry out extra duties. Wednesday, 6 January 2016, 14:09


Ilbieraħ ħdax-il vettura tal-Pulizija li ġew utilizzati waqt iċ-CHOGM tqassmu fi ħdax-il distrett tal-Pulizija madwar Malta. Il-Ministru għall-Intern Carmelo Abela spjega li dan huwa l-akbar numru ta’ vetturi li nxtraw f’daqqa għall-Korp fl-aħħar żminijiet. 14/05/16 12:46 PM


It-tagħmir forensiku tal-Pulizija ingħata ċertifikazzjoni ta' eċċellenza mill-Bord Nazzjonali tal-Akkreditazzjoni wara li awdituri kemm lokali u Ewropej spezzjonaw il-proċessi ta’ maniġment, awditjar u l-kapaċitajiet tal-pulizija tal-Forensika. B'investiment ta' €160,000 f’taħriġ u apparat beda l-proċess ta’ immodernizzar ta' dan it-tagħmir biex fost l-oħrajn inxtraw fingerprint comparator li jgħin fit-tqabbil tal-impronti tas-swaba li jinġabru minn fuq ix-xena, mad-database tal-Pulizija. 10/12/16 07:24 PM


Angelo Gafa has been appointed CEO of the Malta Police, responsible for the administration of the corps. The letter of appointment was handed to Mr Gafa this morning by Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela. This is the first time that the Malta police have a CEO. He was selected after a public call. The Commissioner will remain responsible for investigations and general strategy. Mr Gafa served in the police force, mostly as an inspector, and recently also served in the Security Service. Before joining the police he was a lieutenant in the AFM. He hold a commerce degree from the University of Malta. Thursday, December 29, 2016, 11:05


The police Rapid intervention Unit has taken delivery of 23 new patrol cars following a €230,000 investment, the Ministry of Home Affairs said. A further 17 cars were assigned to the district police over the past year.  Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela attended a blessing ceremony with Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar at the RIU base in Ta’ Kandja. Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 12:54


The first-ever collective agreement between the Police, unions, and the government was signed on Monday. Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia said the agreement would see constables and police inspectors bumped up a scale on the public sector pay grid. Policemen would also enjoy improved disturbance allowances and overtime rates. A major sticking point resolved by the agreement will see policemen work 40-hour, rather than 46-hour weeks. Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar said the agreement was “another first” after officers were given the right to join a union. The collective agreement was the fruit of that right as it had been negotiated by unions, the government, and the police top brass. The two police unions - the Malta Police Association and the Police Officers' Union - have unanimously approved the agreement. Monday, October 15, 2018, 13:27


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