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The Government has reached a settlement with Joanne Cassar, who had taken Malta before the European Court of Human Rights when she was banned from marrying after having had a sex-change operation. Informed sources said the government will amend the law that could ultimately lead to her being allowed to marry a man. The 31-year-old hairdresser told the European Court that Malta had breached her rights by refusing to issue marriage banns after her gender was changed to female on her birth certificate. When contacted by, Civil Liberties Minister Helena Dalli confirmed that the new Labour Government was planning to reach an agreement with Ms Cassar over her court case and amend the law. Tuesday, April 2, 2013, 17:09


A consultative council has been set up to advise government and prepare legislation on LGBT rights, social dialogue and civil liberties minister Helena Dalli said. The council, which will be composed of civil society representatives, was created following the tabling of the draft bill amending the civil code in order to grant the right to marriage to transgender persons. Dalli said that the council will include representatives of LGBT organisations, which she said had the "experience, expertise and access to research on the issue." Monday 22 April 2013 - 17:25


Fl-14 t’April il-Parlament approva l-liġi tal-Unjoni Ċivili li permezz taghha koppji tal-istess sess jistghhu jaddottaw it-tfal. Il-liġi ghaddiet b'37 vot favur (Gvern), ebda vot kontra u 30 astenzjoni (Oppozizzjoni).


The Gender Identity Act was tonight presented in Parliament by social dialogue and civil liberties minister Helena Dalli who also launched a one-month public consultation process. In a press conference held before the start of today’s sitting, Dalli said that the law will allow transgender people to fulfil their potential” at all levels especially in their careers. 29 October 2014, 6:13pm


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