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Elezzjoni Generali, s-Sibt 9 ta' Marzu 2013

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L-ahbar tar-rebha

L-awguri lil Dr. Muscat

President tal-Kummissjoni Ewropea José Manuel Barroso



"In my own name and on behalf of the European Commission, I congratulate Dr Joseph Muscat for the electoral result obtained. Dr Joseph Muscat can count on the continued commitment of the European Commission to work side by side with Malta and to overcome the challenges we face together as a Union. I wish him every success throughout his mandate."



President tal-Parlament Ewropew Martin Schulz



"I salute the Maltese people who have participated in one of the most active democratic elections in Europe with over 93% voting turnout. I congratulate the Labour Party and my highly regarded former colleague Joseph Muscat for winning the trust of the Maltese people in these elections. I look forward to working closely together with a view to finding common answers to the challenges faced by our European Union. Malta can look forward to continued good economic growth. Malta may be the smallest nation in the EU, yet it is strategically located and is enjoying a solid economic performance. The European Parliament also looks forward to working closely with the Maltese government in the run-up and the deployment of its term at the helm of the Council of the European Union in January 2017.''



Messages of congratulations for Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and the Labour Party started trickling in on Monday morning in the wake of Labour's landslide victory at the polls on Sunday. The Malta Chamber for Small and Medium Enterprises (GRTU) congratulated Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on behalf of its members. In a statement issued shortly before Muscat's swearing-in in Valletta, the GRTU wished Muscat success in fulfilling "the aspirations and plans" which the country emphatically entrusted the Labour leader. The union also congratulated the Labour Party for its electoral success and all MPs elected. In a footnote, the GRTU executive thanked outgoing Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi for "the sterling work" carried out by his administrations. In a statement, Union Haddiema Maghqudin congratulated Muscat and the Labour Party for the PL's significant victory, auguring that this will lead to the continuation of national prosperity. UHM also thanked the Opposition Leader Lawrence Gonzi for his service to the country as Prime Minister during the past five years, "which were far from easy, but nevertheless achieved employment and economic growth." The union pledged to continue working for workers' best interests "as it always did", and said it remains committed to delivering its positive contribution in the employment sector. Student organisation Pulse also congratulated Muscat and auguring that Labour's win will translate into more work in the interests of all Maltese and Gozitan people, and that the PL in government will give the same importance to education as it did during the campaign.  "While there is the need to continue sustaining areas that have done successfully in the past, the government needs to address pressing education issues which affects the lives of thousands of students." Pulse said it is looking forward to having the opportunity to meet the new PL administration responsible for education to discuss its proposals for this sector. Pulse also thanked Lawrence Gonzi for his service to the country while Prime Minister of Malta and leader of the Nationalist Party. Monday 11 March 2013 - 12:58






Reference Number: PR0385, Press Release Issue Date: Mar 11, 2013


Mr. President,


Following your success in the general elections, I want to personally address my warmest congratulations, express my sincerest wishes for your success in the highest office to which the Maltese people have confided in you.


You have offered your fellow compatriots change and opened a new perspective in economic development that puts its place in the name of justice.


In light of this special occasion, I wish to confirm my desire to strengthen relations between France and Malta in all areas, and will be happy to receive you in Paris as soon as possible.


At this crucial moment for Europe, and notably within the Eurozone, we should be working together for growth and prosperity, strenghten the Union and reinforce the solidarity that binds us and the relationship of friendship and trust between our two countries is essential. I know your commitment for the European idea is strong and consistent and I look forward to working with you during the next European Council.


Due to its unique history and the important links that Malta has developed with the countries of the Southern Mediterranean, your country is equally expected to play a crucial role in this region. We trust that it becomes an area of democracy, of shared development and of free movement as well as maintaining our profound and lasting economies and cultures.


In renewing my sincerest congratulations on your success, please accept, Mr. President, the expression of my cordial greetings.









Quddiem ic-Centru Nazzjonali Laburista 10.3.2013

Mass Meeting spontanju fuq il-Fosos Floriana (wara nofsinhar 10.3.2013)

Mass Meeting tar-rebha, Floriana 16.3.2013

Laqgha ta' ringrazzjament lill-Ghawdxin. Sannat 23.3.2013





Il-Hatra Ufficjali Bhala Prim Ministru 11.3.2013

Il-folla fil-pjazza tal-Palazz waqt ic-cerimonja

Ic-cerimonja tal-hatra ta' Dr. Joseph Muscat bhala Prim Ministru




Grupp Parlamentari

L-ewwel laqgha tal-grupp parlamentari saret fit-12 ta' Marzu 2013 fic-Centru Nazzjonali Laburista





Fit-12 ta’ Marzu 2013, il-Partit Nazzjonalista ghamel rikors fil-Qorti Kostituzzjonali sabiex isiru recounts fid-distretti 8 u 13.

Fit-13 ta’ Marzu 2013, il-Qorti Kostituzzjonali ma laqghetx it-talba tal-Partit Nazzjonalista ghal recounts fid-distretti 8 u 13 u ghalhekk ir-rizultat finali jibqa’ jaqra PL 39 siggu u PN 30 siggu.

Fil-25 ta’ Novembru 2016, il-Qorti Kostituzzjonali tal-Appell tat żewġ siġġijiet oħra fil-Parlament lill-Partit Nazzjonalista.



Il-Kabinett Originali


Fit-13 ta’ Marzu 2013 il-Kabinett tal-Ministri ha l-gurament tal-hatra










Analizi Korretta

Following the Muscat tsunami, the first moves being made by the new administration are being followed with intense scrutiny by the entire country. Usually, everyone allows a new administration a ‘honeymoon’ period – that is enough time to allow the new administration to start putting into place its building blocks, one by one, to begin to implement the electoral commitments. One would have expected that after getting such a drubbing from the entire population, what remains of the Nationalist Party would hold its horses and gives the new administration, at the very least, the benefit of doubt and time to set itself up. By and large, that is the attitude, especially by normal PN supporters. But, there is a small segment of the party to which, unwisely, the outgoing secretary of the party, Paul Borg Olivier, added his voice. He, and they, are wrong in fact and also wrong in tactics. Let’s put the facts first. Any prime minister has to have a team around him which he trusts, people he knows and people he can rely on. If we think back, the same was done by Lawrence Gonzi in choosing people such as Gordon Pisani, Richard Cachia Caruana, Leonard Callus and Edgar Galea Curmi and the rest. So Joseph Muscat did nothing wrong in choosing Mario Cutajar, Keith Schembri and Kurt Farrugia. This is what happens in any administration in a western democracy. In fact, Dr Muscat also appointed Mr Cutjar on a “designate” basis, to allow for a thorough transition. Secondly, in reference to his inner administration team, no one in the country at large interprets Dr Muscat’s words “Malta taghna lkoll” to mean that there will be no boundaries between parties. Thirdly, after being drubbed with the worst electoral beating in this country’s history, it ill suits the Nationalist Party to re-ignite the negative approach which led to its downfall in this election. The Opposition must be a loyal and constructive Opposition, not only out of a sense of duty, but also as party strategy, because it would be a better approach. Only in doing that, can it find and regain its role as a political party. Obviously, the country will be closely watching every appointment that Dr Muscat makes, even though the initial appointments are not the be all and end all of the task of administering the country. Asking the Principal Permanent Secretary to resign, and all the Permanent Secretaries as well, shows the new administration intends to deliver a new beginning, such as it promised. Many of the people who have been asked to resign are highly qualified persons who have given their utmost in the service of the country and the new administration could also thank them for all they did in the service of the country. Perhaps, later, somewhere can be found where they can use their talents and experience for the benefit of the country. And that is where “Malta taghna lkoll” should come into play. But also, the new administration must now make choices of who should replace the outgoing members of the civil service, and then too, the appointment of a new Cabinet. These are early days. The new administration must be given time to find itself and to get its house in order before it is expected to start delivering. Hasty comments such as those made by some people in the PN will do the party no favours and will only continue to reinforce the current feeling surrounding it.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 13.3.2013

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