Malta u l-politika

Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.

l-liberta' tal-espressjoni tant kienet pilastru fil-politika tieghu li Borg Olivier rebah zewg elezzjonijiet (1962 u 1966) minhabba li l-Laburisti kienu interdetjati jekk juru li huma Laburisti. Dan kien jinkludi il-qari ta' gurnali Laburisti, kitba fl-istess gurnali u vot lill-Partit Laburista. Dawk kollha kienu jaghmlu dnub mejjet u kienu jmorru l-infern u jindifnu fil-mizbla. Naturalment dan il-kastig kien jinghata mill-Knisja Maltija imma Borg Olivier ma kienx jiggieled lill-Knisja biex tigi rrispettata din il-liberta' tal-espressjoni anzi approfitta ruhu minn dan it-tradiment tad-demokrazija tant li rebah zewg elezzjonijiet.

Dik liberta' tal-espressjoni!!

Gorg Borg Olivier u l-Arcisqof Gonzi li flimkien kienu responsabbli biex gew michuda drittijiet fundamentali tal-Laburisti Maltin fis-snin sittin.

DAILY MIRROR – 15 ta’ Marzu 2006

In the final day of our serialisation of her explosive autobiography, author and ex-actress Helene Thornton, 68, recalls some extraordinary experinces from her "wild and wicked world". SHE lifts the lid on the sexy secrets of her marriage to TV bishop Jess Yates. And, following their separation, she recalls her headlong plunge into the lifestyle of the Swinging Sixties, including intimate encounters with singer Tom Jones, speed ace Donald Campbell and even a foreign Prime Minister...

MY strangest marriage proposal came from a foreign Prime Minister. The first time we met I had no idea who he was. He visited an exhibition of my paintings when I lived with Paula in Malta, after leaving Jess. He walked in at night as if he owned the place, looked around and bought two pictures. As he left in the pitch dark, he missed his I footing and fell. I told him: "It's a disgrace that the government can't light all the streets." The next day there was work going on in the street and the neighbours came out to thank me for getting the Prime Minister to fix the street lights. Premier George Borg Olivier, who had led the island to independence, continued his interest in me. I enjoyed his company, but when he began talking of marriage I knew it was time to leave Malta. He was already married but separated at that time, and so was I. On my return to England I saw him two more times.

Ara x'tip ta' indipendenza Gorg Borg Olivier gab ghal Malta.

Dwar Borg Olivier

Fl-1977 Dr. Gorg Borg Olivier kien bniedem mibdul li kien tilef il-kontroll. Kien hadha bi kbira hafna meta warbuh minn mexxej u minfloku ghamlu lil Dr. Fenech Adami.

Dr. Victor Ragonesi  eks Segretarju Generali tal-PN

Il-Gens 10.5.96


Dr Fenech Adami said Dr Borg Olivier wanted to vote 'no' because he wanted to keep the British monarchy as the head of State. Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 12:00


According to a cable signed by ‘Getz’ at the time when John I Getz was US Ambassador to Malta, Ġorġ Borg Olivier who at the time was Opposition leader, in January 1974 was faced with a declaration of no confidence by 21 of the 27 PN MPs. This claim had been made by a former PN MP who defected to Labour - Alfred J Baldacchino - during a Labour rally on March 3, 1974. According to the former PN MP, this attempt to oust Dr Borg Olivier as party leader had taken place some months before he had switched parties, thus increasing government’s slim one-seat majority to three. In his speech to the Labour supporters Mr Baldacchino had also claimed that another two PN MPs would follow suit and switch to Labour. Significantly  towards the end of this cable dated 4 March 1974, PN MP Mario Felice who was described as “outspoken in his criticism of Dr Borg Olivier’s ineffective leadership” described Mr Baldacchino’s claims regarding the attempt to remove the party leader as “essentially correct”. On the other hand he “vigorously” denied that two other MPs were prepared to follow him. In his account Mr Baldacchino had said that he had attended a meeting at the office of Nationalist MP Guze Maria Camilleri on Jan 7, where 18. PN MPs had  signed a declaration of no confidence in Dr Borg Olivier’s leadership. Three others who could not attend, signed later. He said that out of 27 MPs only five supported the party leader , making the point that they were either his relatives or had been part of his cabinet in the previous legislature when the PN was in power. These five MPs were Paulo Borg Olivier, Dr Borg Olivier’s brother; Albert Borg Olivier de Puget, Dr Borg Olivier's nephew; Alfred Bonnici, “appointed speaker in last parliament by Dr Borg Olivier”; J. Cassar Galea, “an old Borg Olivier crony”; and  Alexander Cachia Zammit, “former minister in Dr Borg Olivier’s cabinet”. Wednesday, 10 April 2013, 08:00


Why were you furious when George Borg Olivier was removed? He was a total mess. By that stage he was drunk every day - easily a bottle a whisky a day, I would say, his personal life was cause for major scandal, and he had lost two elections on the trot. September 21, 2017 at 9:14pm




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