Malta u l-politika

Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.




Kulhadd kien jistenna tmexxija ahjar mill-Partit Nazzjonalista fil-gvern, kemm dawk li jappogjaw lill-PN kif ukoll il-kritici tieghu. Meta l-PN ipprezenta ruhu bhala s-salvatur tal-futur ta’ dan il-pajjiz, liema prezentazjoni dejjem kienet wahda li tolqot l-ghajn u perswazziva, wiehed ftit seta’ kellu ghalfejn imaqdar il-vizjoni Nazzjonalista. Kien partit b’idejat godda, friski u progressivi immexxi minn kap li deher herqan li jwettaq tibdil minn fuq s’isfel fil-hajja Maltija. Dan kien fl-1987. Ghaddew hafna snin minn dakinhar u l-istennija ghall-bidla kbira ghall-ahjar ittapnet minn fallimenti wiehed wara l-iehor li gabu l-kolass tal-aspettattivi kbar tal-poplu Malti. Il-fallimenti tal-Partit Nazzjonalista ma kienux f’qasam wiehed imma f’firxa wiesa ta’ oqsma li b’xi mod jew iehor laqtu lil kull wiehed u wahda minna.


Vera li l-kelma innifisha “falliment” hija kelma iebsa, imma l-provi li gejjin ma jhallu l-ebda dubju dwar ir-rizultati tal-politika Nazzjonalista kif imwettqa l-ewwel taht Dr. Fenech Adami imbaghad taht Dr. Lawrence Gonzi. Il-fallimenti Nazzjonalisti johorgu minn fatti ta’ arroganza, inkompetenza, nuqqas ta’ ghaqal, decizjonijiet zbaljati, abbuzi, gideb, nuqqas ta’ rispett u aspetti ohra negattivi fil-politika Nazzjonalista li jhammru wicc il-Maltin mal-kumplament tad-dinja.


Jekk wiehed ghandux ikompli jhalli dan it-tharbit sejjer hija decizjoni kbira li l-votant Malti ghandu jiehu meta jigi mghajjat sabiex jiddeciedi l-futur ta’ Malta ghal-hames snin li jkunu gejjin. Meta wiehed ipoggi bilqeghda biex jindika fid-dokument tal-vot il-preferenza tieghu, ma jistax ma jiftakarx x’ghaddejna minnu taht Gvernijiet Nazzjonalisti mill-1987 s’issa.


Naf li Nazzjonalisti akkaniti ma jiehdux gost li l-fallimenti tal-PN jigu mperca, imma l-fatti li gejjin ma gewx ivvintati minn imma huma fallimenti Nazzjonalisti maghmula minn Gvern Nazzjonalista u mill-partit innifsu u kollha gew esperjenzati mill-poplu Malti.


L-ezempji li gejjin huma cari bizzejjed. Indikat ezempju wiehed fuq kull kaz imma hemm hafna aktar ezempji ghal min irid ikabbar il-feriti tal-PN.


Fejn falla l-Gvern Nazzjonalista?


Falla meta ma tax widen ghal dak li jrid il-poplu

Nearly three quarters of those responding to an online poll by have shot down the government's claim that it has a mandate to safeguard hunting and trapping in spring. Several respondents again claimed they were prepared to play the hunters' game and refrain from voting for the Nationalist Party if the government was prepared to defy EU law to appease the hunting lobby. – The Times 14.3.2007


Falla meta ma biddilx bordijiet li taw rizultati hziena

VALLETTA, Malta (di-ve news) July 14, 2006 - 1035CEST - The MaltaSong Board has been confirmed despite the controversies following Fabrizio Faniello's dismal performance at the Eurovision Song Contest, after which various calls had been made for the resignation of the Board and in particular of its Chairperson Robert Abela.


Falla meta ma pprotegiex l-ambjent

Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar yesterday made a last-ditch attempt to alert the public of the “impending doom” that would result from the realisation of the government's “so-called” rationalisation exercise. – The Sunday Times 16.7.2006


Falla meta ma rrispettax l-avversarji politici tieghu

President Eddie Fenech Adami has been ordered to pay Lm1,000 in damages to Labour MP Chris Cardona over comments made during a political debate broadcast a week before the 2003 general election, when he was Prime Minister. – The Times 19.7.2006


Falla meta kien selettiv fir-relazzjoni tieghu mal-media Maltija

VALLETTA, Malta (di-ve news) - July 20 2006 - 1435CEST - The Journalists' Committee called on the government to grant fair and equal access to the media on issues of national importance, … According to the Committee, this is not the first time that the government has handpicked media organisations to impart information that is of public interest. “The government cannot be selective in granting access to the media on issues of such national importance.”


Falla meta ma harisx id-dinjita tal-bniedem

A UNHCR delegation was shocked on Thursday to find 11 men cooped up in a tiny, dark and unventilated room at the Lyster Barracks detention centre … Paolo Artini and Neil Falzon said they were “shocked” to see how the men, of various African nationalities, were accommodated. … the room was no bigger than three metres by two-and-a-half metres and had no windows or light source. “The psychological stress on these men is incredible. I've never seen anything like it,” the Spanish official said. … they had been locked up for between three and five days. One of them allegedly even tried to commit suicide but was stopped by the other detainees. … They even have to urinate in a plastic bottle using a funnel as they cannot go to the toilet whenever they like,” Mr Falzon said. – The Sunday Times 23.7.2006


Falla meta pprovda servizz hazin tas-sahha

The shortage of nursing support staff at St Luke's Hospital means that nurses are not able to give the optimal amount of attention to patients, the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses claimed yesterday. … the hospital was suffering from an “exaggerated shortage” of nursing aides, health assistants, cleaners, porters, couriers and ward clerks. In a statement, Mr Galea said nurses were having to do the work of the support staff and consequently had less time to dedicate to the patients.– The Times 1.8.2006


Falla meta wettaq progetti malajr minghajr preparamenti serji

The new perched sandy beach in Bugibba has been closed to swimmers after sewage was found to be leaking into the water on Monday. – The Times 17.8.2006


Falla meta ma lahaqx il-miri tieghu stess fit-turizmu

Tourism, long the mainstay of the country’s economy, has suddenly become the national laughing stock. – The Malta Independent, 20.8.2006


Falla meta ma hax azzjoni kontra min abbuza minn flus il-poplu

The Auditor General in a report tabled in Parliament yesterday listed a catalogue of failings in the operations of the Voice of the Mediterranean radio station. – The Times 6.7.2006


Falla meta ma holoqx impjiegi bizzejjed ghall-haddiema Maltin

Malta was the EU country with the highest relative increase in unemployment over a year up to last May, according to Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities. Malta topped the list with an unemployment rate growth from 7.2 to 8.3 per cent. – The Times 4.7.2006


Falla meta ma razzanx elementi vjolenti fil-Korp tal-Pulizija

The lawyers (Giannella Caruana Curran u Manuel Mallia) are claiming that their client was beaten by the police, even in the presence of police inspector Josric Mifsud. They said that he was beaten over the back with a chair and that his face, neck and ear showed visible signs of injury. In fact, they made a request for their client’s alleged injuries to be photographed by a photographer in no form or manner connected to the Police Corps. – The Malta Independent 10.3.2005


Falla meta ma hallasx dejnu mal-importaturi tal-medicini

The government owes pharmaceutical importers Lm12 million and this fact was having a detrimental effect on the sector’s business, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise’s healthcare trade section, Reginald Fava, said yesterday. … Mr Fava said he had warned the authorities before EU membership that if this situation was not addressed, “we would have to start going to Sicily to obtain medicines”. – The Malta Independent 26.5.2006


Falla meta cekken is-sehem tal-Maltin fl-Unjoni Ewropea

First it comes up with the slogan “So that Malta grows in the EU” and uses it in the MEP election (which it lost), then it promptly forgot all about it and discarded it just as one would get rid of a pastizzi paperbag. It then proceeded to go directly and diametrically opposite to what it had claimed to be doing. Instead of helping Malta to grow bigger in the EU, it is cutting off Malta ever more from the EU, thus reinforcing the natural isolationism of the Maltese nation. – The Malta Independent on Sunday, 11.6.2006


Falla meta ma ssodisfax l-aspettattivi tal-poplu Malti

Only 8.7% of the Maltese said they were satisfied with the government's performance at present. As many as 80.3% said they are not satisfied, while the remaining 11% did not commit themselves. – The Times 11.6.2006


Falla meta ma assigurax ambjent sahan

A report issued yesterday in Brussels shows that the majority of Malta's bathing sites last summer did not reach cleanliness standards as envisaged by the European Union.  – The Times 10.6.2006


Falla meta telaq is-servizz mediku ghal riehu

The waiting list for cataract operations has reached 3,812, Health Minister Louis Deguara said. – The Times 8.6.2006


Falla meta ma pprotegiex l-ambjent minn aktar zvilupp bla bzonn

The latest online poll by The Times, asking whether changes to development zones would be in the national interest, has shown a majority being against, citing the level of construction works, over-development and a lack of open space. Some of the 66.24 per cent of respondents who were against the changes also felt that the adjustments were a matter of “speculation and corruption”. – The Times 22.5.2006


Falla meta ma rrikonoxxiex problemi kbar fl-akbar qasam ekonomiku tal-pajjiz

The cabinet has every single operator in the tourism industry pressing the emergency

button for attention and action, but the cabinet pretends that nothing is happening. – Daphne Caruana Galizia, The Malta Independent 11.5.2006


Falla meta naqas li jinnegozja l-ahjar kundizzjonijiet ghal-Malta qabel shubija fl-UE

The Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises – GRTU has blamed those who “made a mess of negotiations with the EU” for the high price of medicines in Malta. – The Malta Independent, 28.4.2006


Falla meta ma laqax minn qabel ghal-zidied fil-prezz taz-zejt

Electricity bills are now so high, and becoming such a significant proportion of take home pay, that many are using reserves to pay, as well as trying to cut down as much as they can by the time of the next bill, because reserves have a limited life, don’t they? – Marisa Micallef, The Malta Independent 24.4.2006


Falla meta ma zgurax ambjent b’sahhtu

The study by Prof. Vella and Mr Camilleri, entitled Fine Dust Emissions From Soft Stone Quarrying In Malta, shows that the fine dust emission rate from the 67 active soft stone quarries stood at 11,500 milligrammes per square metre a day. The international guideline ranges between 100-300 milligrammes per square metre a day - meaning that, at best, the emission measured was 38 times more than the highest international recommended level. – The Times 3.4.2006


Falla meta halla l-haddiema jahdmu f’ambjent skomdu u perikoluz

Ambulance drivers are suffering from physical and mental pressure because there are no ambulances to replace others which break down, the Union Haddiema Maghqudin said yesterday. – The Times 14.3.2006


Falla meta ma harigx bi pjani serji u rilevanti

Almost six out of every ten respondents to an online poll by The Times think that the pension reform plans announced by the government last week are either inadequate or irrelevant. Just over 44 per cent said the plans were inadequate, 41.37 per cent deem them to be adequate and 14.35 per cent think the plans were irrelevant. – The Times 8.3.2006


Falla meta ma naddafx lil Malta minn bastimenti qerrieda

Members of Graffitti group were yesterday stopped from protesting against the presence of warships when the police removed banners and asked them to leave Pinto Wharf where five Nato vessels are berthed. – The Times 20.2.2006                


Falla meta ma zgurax impjiegi adattati lill-istudenti fl-Universita’

A report issued by the University of Malta titled Career Outcomes Graduates 2004 … the report states many are finding it difficult to get a job at professional and managerial levels and an increasing number start working in executive or clerical posts. In 2000, 10 per cent of graduates claimed they were in jobs unrelated to their studies, and this increased to 40 per cent in 2004. - The Malta Independent on Sunday 19.2.2006


Falla meta ma sahhahx l-ekonomija Maltija

Malta became 'poorer' last year. During its first year of accession to the EU (May-December 2004) Malta's economy grew poorer when compared to the EU average, according to Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU. The new figures show that whereas Malta's GDP per capita in purchasing power standard (PPS) stood at 72 per cent of the EU average in 2003, it went down to 69 per last year. – The Times 23.12.2005


Falla meta halliena minghajr protezzjoni kontra l-kriminalita

Floriana local council expressed its concern over the “rise in delinquency” in the locality yesterday, and put the blame on the lack of police presence. … mayor Publius Agius said one rarely used to hear about crime in Floriana, but over the past six weeks there had been four burglaries while elderly people were at Mass or running errands. “The whole community is in shock,” Mr. Agius stated. – The Times 18.12.2005


Falla meta halliena b’inqas flus fil-but

More figures came out on Friday to prove, at least according to government figures, that the rich are getting poorer and the richer they are, the poorer they are becoming. – The Malta Independent 21.11.2005


Falla meta ma hax azzjoni kontra l-arroganza fil-Kabinet tal-Ministri

It can hardly be denied that there are some members of Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi's Cabinet who are showing arrogance. – editorjal, The Times 19.11.2005


Falla meta ma riedx jisma u jikkonsulta

The government is just refusing to listen, it is refusing to negotiate and discuss. – Vince Farrugia GRTU Director General, the Malta Independent on Sunday 13.11.2005


Falla meta ma harisx ix-xoghol tal-Maltin

Tourist coach owners are up in arms, accusing the government of making it easy for foreign operators to come to Malta. The Unscheduled Bus Service general manager James Cassar said coach owners' work was being threatened by foreigners. He said that while Maltese had to face a lot of red tape to operate in other countries, foreigners were given red carpet treatment when coming to Malta. – The Times 9.11.2005


Falla meta ma qeridx il-klikek Nazzjonalisti

Grace Borg insisted yesterday that she resigned as chairman of the Maltasong board because she was not being allowed to do her job by the “clique” of Culture Minister Francis Zammit Dimech. “I told the Prime Minister in the letter of resignation I sent last Tuesday that I was not prepared to continue working with people who form part of the minister's clique,” she said yesterday, addressing a press conference attended by numerous singers, authors, composers and supporters. – The Times 25.10.2005     


Falla meta mexa b’nuqqas ta’ serjeta u dinjita

This government never learns .. it still hasn’t learnt to act like all good families should – with temperance, moderation and good husbandry. Instead, this government now shocks, undermines confidence and most importantly shifts all burdens on to the taxpayers, in one way or another. … Does the government know the huge wave of pessimism it has unleashed on the whole country? You hear people talk of nothing else. People, families, already stressed out and hardly managing to make ends meet are now despairing. – editorial, The Malta Independent on Sunday 23.10.2005


Falla meta ma pprotegiex postijiet storici fil-pajjiz

Portes des Bombes outside Floriana was vandalised for the third time in less than six months yesterday. – The Times 7.10.2005


Falla meta halla perikli cari jsehhu

The Police knew that the fireworks for St Joseph’s feast in Msida would be launched from a field full of tall dry grass – an obvious fire hazard according to Civil Protection chief Peter Cordina – but issued the permit anyway, … An official police spokesman confirmed to this newspaper that the police knew about the dry grass in the field and issued the permit anyway, ignoring the risk involved in launching petards next to dry grass. The seal of approval by the police was actually given by three officers… an inspector, a superintendent and an assistant commissioner. – The Malta Independent 25.7.2005


Falla meta ma harisx l-assi tal-pajjiz

Sea Malta chairman Marlene Mizzi resigned yesterday and launched a fierce attack on the government over its decision to sell off the company. – The Times 21.6.2005


Falla meta halla tberbieq bl-addocc ta’ flus il-poplu

Eight mobile phones at the Fondazzjoni ghall-Harsien Socjali … cost Lm12,000 last year, Social Solidarity Minister Dolores  Cristina said. – The Malta Independent 23.2.2005


Falla meta ma rrispettax l-anqas in-nies fil-partit tieghu stess

Party activists are being treated as people with no intelligence. - John Dalli, MaltaToday 20.3.2005


Falla meta ma hax azzjoni kontra estremisti fil-partit tieghu

Alexis Callus, a 24-year-old Nationalist Party local councillor and deputy mayor of Safi, should resign his post in the council as well as from the party. … he flirts heavily with racist ideas and subscribes to an extreme-right wing political philosophy. … Mr. Callus jokes on the internet about beating up Sudanese refugees. He thinks that Benito Mussolini was “a visionary” and “a great statesman, the founder of Europe as we know it today”. … He uses political terminology straight out of an Italian fascist's handbook and worked on a website chock-full of Hitler quotes and racist comments. … Mr. Callus, a deeply misguided young man, is free to join a party which shares his views. But that party cannot be the PN. He must go now before it becomes too late. – Lou Bondi, The Times 29.1.2005


Falla meta dahhal ligijiet godda malajr minghajr preparamenti serji

The eco-contribution could have been introduced in a better way, there could have been more thought put into the process and better marketing, Parliamentary Secretary Edwin Vassallo acknowledged in parliament yesterday. – The Times 19.1.2005


Falla meta ma kkonsultax man-nies tieghu stess f’mumenti krucjali

Parliamentary Secretary Frans Agius, who was elected from the third electoral district, which includes Zejtun, insisted that the Party should have consulted those involved in the party’s organisation in the 3 and 4 electoral districts. Dr Agius told MaltaToday that he had learned of the party’s decision from the media. – MaltaToday 13.2.2005


Falla meta baghbas mad-demokrazija

Seven out of every 10 respondents to an online poll by The Times felt it was improper of the Nationalist Party to withdraw four local council election candidates, describing it as a “most cowardly act” and “undemocratic”. The move gave rise to strong criticism of the PN, which came under fierce attacks in the internet poll. – The Times 15.2.2005


Falla meta wera li hu gifa u ma ffaccjax l-elettorat Malti

And when the time came for it to face another test - in the forthcoming local council elections - it threw in the towel, withdrawing four candidates from Labour strongholds Marsa and Zejtun thus ensuring no election would be required there. This move was evidently aimed at avoiding another humiliating defeat. – editorial The Times 14.2.2005


Falla meta ma waqqafx l-apatija fil-partit tieghu stess

In the past I have often referred to the Mosta Nationalist Party club as an abandoned haunted house. And it certainly was. But now it is no longer haunted, because even the ghosts have deserted it! What a pity! What a waste of money - about Lm150,000. What a pity waste of energy, effort, goodwill and sacrifice by former minister Lawrence Gatt, past committee members and tesserati! Everything has gone down the drain. But who cares? – Giovanni DeMartino, The Sunday Times 19.12.2004


Falla meta halla tpattija politika ssehh

Magistrate Mallia found that (Eileen) Montesin had, on the change in government of 1987, been discriminated against because of her political opinions. The tribunal concluded that respondents had immediately stopped all Montesin's programmes and that she had not been seen or heard on public broadcasting and was boycotted for nine years. – The Times 4.11.2004


Falla meta halla infieq bl-addocc fuq progetti kapitali

The Mater Dei hospital saga is fast becoming a national farce. … This project has made countless companies rich and overly profitable, at the expense of the country's coffers. It is a fact that cannot be denied and worse still, it cannot in any way be accepted. … We are speaking here of a monumental overspending culture and an ill thought out national project – one that has led to contributing black holes in the government's national deficit. … To the former Prime Minister who propelled this national disaster in the mid-nineties until last year, there can only be one message: well done for such a mismanaged white elephant. – editorjal, The Malta Financial & Business Times 6.10.2004


Falla meta ppermetta l-ligi tal-gungla fil-pajjiz

There could be as many as 400 auto dealers who are operating without the necessary permits to act as a motor car dealer, The Malta Independent has learnt. – The Malta Independent 9.10.2004


Falla meta ma provdiex l-aktar affarijiet bazici

Shortages of basic necessities such as bandages and suppositories are “becoming the order of the day” in the medical wards of St Luke's Hospital as nurses battle to do their job despite being understaffed. – The Sunday Times 29.8.2004


Falla meta ma qeridx il-qaghad

With unemployment in January being established at 8,794 (ETC figures), the unemployment rate rose to 6.1 per cent, the highest level since February 1987, the Central Bank’s Quarterly Review said. – The Malta Independent on Sunday 1.8.2004


Falla meta ma zammx il-partit tieghu maghqud

On Tuesday, Dalli told me on Bondiplus that he did not exclude the possibility that this whole business was a PN-concocted plot to remove him from office. In no uncertain terms, the former Foreign Affairs minister drew a link between the PN's poor showing at the European election polls and the PN's instinct for finding and crucifying appropriate scapegoats. He was not, emphasised Dalli, about to allow a repeat performance of the post-1996 debacle finger-pointing in his direction. – Lou Bondi, The Malta Independent on Sunday 4.7.2004     


Falla meta xxahhah fil-qasam edukattiv

The president of the Malta Union of Teachers yesterday complained about the university’s precarious financial situation. Adding that some faculties are refraining from purchasing stationery, printers and computers are not being repaired and no new books are being purchased for the library. – the Malta Independent 25.5.2004


Falla meta ghamel sarima ma’ halq in-nies tieghu

Siggiewi councillor, Nenu Aquilina has withdrawn the motion he planned to put forward against the two proposed interim landfills last week after pressure from his party peers not to antagonize the government. Nationalist party sources said the PN councillor was under tremendous pressure to withdraw the motion … - The Malta Independent 2.2.2004


Falla meta ma harisx bizzejjed l-ambjent tal-iskejjel

Teachers at St Joseph School, in Marsa have been instructed by their union to report for work at the Education Division as from Monday because of a pungent odour emanating from an area close to the school, even though the Education Ministry said yesterday the situation had been resolved. … Over the past week, teachers were forced to take students outdoors. The odour was so unbearable yesterday the division sent buses to take the students and teachers away from the school, he said. The MUT will be informing the public next week about the kind of “pig sty” students and teachers had to attend, Mr. Bencini added. – The Times 18.10.2003


Falla meta kien spalla ma’ spalla mal-kriminali

There is, with a twist here and there, much political capital to be made out of Eddie Fenech Adami’s dealings with a known criminal, Zeppi l-Hafi. – editorjal The Times 29.7.99


Falla meta ma zammx weghdiet elettorali

Jien ma nlaqlaqx f’dawn l-affarijiet. Iva hemm bzonn. Qeghdin fi zmien ta’ hekk. Hemm bzonn li certi kundizzjonijiet li (l-haddiema) kienu … akkwistaw matul iz-zminijiet, inceduhom… iva, huwa z-zmien fejn certi kundizzjonijiet ikollna nergghu nharsu lejhom mill-gdid.  – Dr. George Hyzler Permanent Secretary/Ministry for Economic Services – Radju MAS


Falla meta ma taghniex protezzjoni fi djarna stess

Maltese society becomes more preoccupied at the growing number of violent attacks on elderly persons in their own homes, who are gagged and savagely beaten, if not killed for the sake of a few valuables - editorjal, The Sunday Times, 24.3.91


Falla meta ma pprotegiex il-valuri Nsara

Nitolbu lil Alla jahfer l-iskandli li m'humiex ftit, li qeghdin isiru fil-gzira taghna. Nitolbu lil Alla jzomm lil uliedna 'l boghod minn din il-mewga ta' hazen u korruzzjoni li ghadejja minn fuq pajjizna... Jiddispjacini nghid, imma nhossni fid-dmir li nistqarr li moralment pajjizna mar lura. - Isqof Cauchi, Il-gens 7.8.92


Falla meta halla l-gustizzja titmermer

Jien wiehed li ili nivvota PN ghal aktar minn 30 sena... Illum inhoss qalbi tinghafas... Il-gustizzja li tant niftahru biha qeghda tigi mzebilha b'tali manjiera li t-trasparenza taghha ghoddha ghebet ghal kollox. - Victor Mario Abela, Il-Gens 18.7.92


Falla meta ma rrispettax il-Parlament

And there was uproar in the house, leading the speaker to suspend the sitting. Mr. (Michael) Falzon was seen being held back by colleagues. - The Times 8.10.92


Falla meta wera nuqqas ta’ rispett lejn nies bi bzonnijiet specjali

Disabled persons are reduced to being beggars - it is as if they still have to get down on their knees for what should be theirs automatically - Alfred Bezzina executive secretary of the National Commission for the Handicapped, The Malta Independent 6.12.92


Falla meta ccensura lin-nies tieghu stess

Carmel Cacopardo, Deputy General Secretary of the Nationalist Party, has been censured by the party for implying that allegations involving a prospective candidate for the local elections, Ray Bondin, had been ignored by the party. - The Sunday Times 10.10.93


Falla meta ma pprovdiex servizzi bazici

Hdax il-gimgha! Daqshekk ilhom minghajr ilma fil-vit ir-residenti ta' fuq is-sur ta' Santa Liena f'Bormla. - Il-Gens 1.10.93


Falla meta qarraq bil-konsumatur

Consumer prices will not go up with the introduction of VAT -Minister John Dalli, The Sunday Times 5.12.93


Falla meta abbuza mill-poter

The (corruption) Commission said that ... there was no doubt that he (Ministru Lawrence Gatt) abused when he sent his daughter to work in his private office when she was a civil servant and when he employed his brother-in-law, a pensioner and gave him authority over Agriculture Department employees. He also abused when he allowed chits to be signed by someone else for the use of a car. - The Times 5.7.94


Falla meta halla s-sigurta fil-habs tiddghajjef

Melchior Spiteri has done it again. He has escaped from prison for the umpteenth time, it must be a record which could easily make it to the Guiness book of records. He makes it look as if it was the easiest thing to do. He cannot keep on leaving the Corradino Hilton whenever he likes. – The Malta Independent, 28.5.95


Falla meta ma riedx jahdem ghall-ftehim mall-MLP

Konna se nasslu... Izda malli l-Partit (Nazzjonalista) sar jaf x'kont ghamilt, gejt censurat u mkecci mill-grupp parlamentari Nazzjonalista... - Dr. Josie Muscat, Il-Gens, 9.6.95


Falla meta attivisti ambjentali tratthom bhala kriminali

The Greenpeace ship (Sirius) was here (1988) for a mere crew change. The Maltese police thought otherwise and had instructions not to allow anyone boarding the ship to disembark. The crew were in fact escorted by the police from the ship to the airport and they were not even allowed to stay here for a day or two to do some sightseeing. – The Malta Independent 23.7.95


Falla meta qaleb ir-regolamenti tad-demokrazija ta’ taht fuq

PN would govern if it got less first count votes than Labour. - Dr. Austin Gatt, The Malta Independent 22.10.95


Falla meta pprova johnoq il-verita

People who fear the truth should not follow my programme, there has been a lot of pressure to stop the programme, even from within the station itself. - John Bundy, The Malta Independent 14.4.96


Falla meta ma qeridx il-korruzzjoni

Manwel Saliba, a diehard Nationalist militant... claimed last Thursday that someone connected to the PN was accepting money in return for employing people... Mr. Saliba said he had even told the Prime Minister about his claims. – The Malta Independent  24.3.96


Falla meta halla l-faqar jerga jitfacca

There is hidden poverty on the island. - Gemma Mifsud Bonnici wife of President Emeritus Ugo Mifsud Bonnici - The Times 24.6.96


Falla meta ried jeqred raba saqwi

Expropriation of irrigated farmland at Luqa in the vicinity of Qormi (ghall-fabbrika tal-Coca Cola) was in violation of the tenant farmer's fundamental human rights. - The Times 26.7.96


Falla meta hedded id-dritt ta’ strajk

We are faced with an extreme situation far worse than that of 1977 which was limited to sympathy strike. Now both our right to strike as well as the fundamental human rights of association and representation of our members are being challenged. - MUBE President and General Secretary, The Times 19.8.96


Falla meta halla lill-poplu fl-ghama dwar x’kien qieghed jaghmel

PN drilled an oil well in Kercem Gozo in early 1990s but kept the operation secret.  – The Malta Independent 8.3.98


Falla meta ma kkontrollax il-partitarji vjolenti tieghu

11 Nationalist supporters including one policeman arraigned in court after attacking Labour supporters, injuring them and causing over Lm500 worth of damage to a Peugeot 106 – The Malta Independent 3.9.98


Falla meta ma ammettiex li mexxa hazin

The 1992 – 1996 administration was in fact pathetic – Dr. Joe Fenech ex Ministru tal-Gustizzja, The Sunday Times 1.4.2001


Falla meta halla anarkija shiha fil-habs

Josette Bickle ta' 42 sena mill-Belt kienet ikkundannata 12-il sena ħabs u mmultata €23,000 wara li nstabet li bejn l-2006 u l-2008 ittraffikat id-droga eroina fil-Faċilita' Korrettiva ta' Kordin. … L-Imħallef Michael Mallia fis-sentenza tiegħu qal ma hemmx dubju li dan ir-reat huwa wieħed serju u jimmina direttament l-istituzzjoni li suppost għandha sservi ta' korrezzjoni għal min jiżbalja fis-soċjeta'. Pero, qal li l-preokkupazzjoni tal-Qorti hi għal fatt li Josette Bickle setgħet taġixxi b'impunita' għal sentejn sħaħ taħt għajnejn il-gwardjani u d-diriġienti tal-ħabs. Hija impossibli li dawn ma kienu jafu x'kien għaddej aktar u aktar meta t-teħid tad-droga kien isir fiċ-ċelel fejn ir-riħa kienet tinfirex fil-kurituri fejn kien ikun hem mil-gwarjani. In-numru kbir ta' visiti permessi lil Josette Bickle bil-kontra tal-priġunieri l-oħra u l-mod faċli lid-droga kienet tiġi fil-pusses tagħha u tiddaħħal fid-diviżjoni ma jistax ma jindikax kollużjoni ma' l-awtoritajiet, qal l-Imħallef. “Hija ta' tkexkix tisma' xhud jgħid li d-droga fil-ħabs kienet tant faċli li l-konsenja tagħha ġiet deskritta bħala “door to door” mentri fuq barra trid tiġri minn post għal ieħor biex issibha. Din il-Qorti wisq tissuspetta li din il-kollużjoni testendi ben oltre l-konfini tal-ħabs għax minkejja li tneħħa d-direttur ta' dak iż-żmien, il-problema xorta għadha hemm u llum għadna kemm qrajna r-rapport tal-Kummissjoni Nazzjonali għad-Droga, Alkoħol u Dependenzi oħra li 41% tal-priġunieri huma tossicidipendenti,” tenna l-Imħallef. 15 ta' Diċembru, 2011  15:26 CET










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