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Franco Debono dwar il-Partit Nazzjonalista


Franco Debono dwar iz-zieda fl-Onorarja


Franco Debono dwar l-energija u l-kontijiet tad-dawl u ilma


Franco Debono dwar ix-xandir pubbliku


Franco Debono fuq ir-responsabilta ta' Lawrence Gonzi bhala Prim Ministru


Franco Debono dwar il-hatra ta' Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici bhala Leader of the House


Franco Debono dwar ir-rizenja tieghu mill-PN


Franco Debono dwar kif jigi trattat


Franco Debono u t-theddid li jircievi


Franco Debono u s-self tal-PN minghand Zaren Vassallo




Dwar rizenji

He also insisted that ministers should account for their actions, and resign when they failed, rather than act like they lived on a different planet than the rest of the people., January 26, 2012, 12:16


Under Gonzi’s administration, nobody has resigned in four years when there were several causes for doing so. But it seems in Malta’s democracy there is only one sin: finding fault with the Great Leader.

The Times 12.1.2012


Dwar il-kritika tieghu

He also complained that his protests to date within the organs of the Nationalist Party and the government, had not been heeded, leading to him to his current actions., January 26, 2012, 12:16


Dwar responsabilta

He was continuing to appeal to those who had failed the government to assume their responsibility., January 26, 2012, 12:05


Instead of heeding his advice, his colleagues “obscenely” asked for his resignation simply because he disagreed with the prevailing culture of lack of accountability.

The Times 26.1.2012


Not only was lack of accountability too deeply rooted in the country, but now someone who was doing his best for the country was being “obscenely” asked to resign because he disagreed with this culture.

The Times 26.1.2012


Nationalist MP Franco Debono said in Parliament yesterday evening that in view of last Sunday’s acknowledgement by the Prime Minister that mistakes had been made by the government, the formula for the future should be based on the phrase “li tkisser, sewwi” (fix what you break).

The Times 28.2.2012


Nationalist MP Franco Debono said today that the results of the local council elections showed that the people wanted to convey a clear message to the 'oligarchy'. “The people said ‘we want our country back.’ The people are waiting for accountability and resignations" he said in comments on his interpretation of the results. 12.3.2012 08:57


Dwar l-arroganza

A Prime Minister who couldn’t care less and thinks he has absolute discretion is inviting trouble. An MP is not a toy.

The Times 26.1.2012


Dwar il-klikek

Dr Gonzi was held hostage by a clique, forcing him to reward failing ministers and punish well-meaning backbenchers, creating a “parallel universe”.

The Times 26.1.2012


Dwar skuzi

The government had stretched the EU financial crisis to the point that it became an “excuse” for several failings.

The Times 26.1.2012


Dwar il-habs

The situation in the prisons was unacceptable but no one shouldered responsibility, even after the infamous case of 10 years ago that took centre-stage last December where “poor” Josette Bickle was jailed for drug trafficking. The judge had suspected collusion with prison authorities but no one shouldered responsibility.

The Times 26.1.2012


Dwar is-servizz tas-sahha

The primary healthcare reform had not materialised, resulting in long waiting lists and an overcrowded emergency unit.

The Times 26.1.2012


Dwar Hermann Schiavone

If the Opposition is thirsty for power, Dr Schiavone was “obsessed” with it, he said.

The Times 26.1.2012


Dwar id-divorzju

The Prime Minister’s reasoning for voting against divorce despite the referendum was “absurd” and went contrary to democracy, he said, adding that this alone merited resignation.

The Times 26.1.2012


Dwar pariri tajbin

The current political crisis may be resolved if the prime minister starts getting advice from the right people. January 23, 2012, 09:06


Dwar il-power station

I have protested and continue to protest over the use of heavy fuel oil in the Delimara power station, and urge yet again the use of cleaner fuel and possible gas. This issue has cost this country months of useless controversy which is still ongoing when this time could have been better used on more important debates. January 23, 2012, 09:06


Dwar l-Air Malta

Years of mismanagement, lack of accountability and no one shouldering responsibility now meant that the most vulnerable - the workers - would have to pay for the failures of others. These people were the sacrificial lambs. January 23, 2012, 09:06


Dwar il-mandat ta’ 5 snin

It is parliament which has a maximum term of five-years, according to the constitution, and there is an obvious difference between parliament and the government. January 17, 2012, 10:28


Dwar tradimenti

It is the Prime Minister and his clique who betrayed their constituents.

The Times 12.1.2012


Dwar biza u protezzjoni

Dr Debono complained about the “horrific” personal attacks being made in his regard, which, he said, had created a “frightening” situation. “This is a nightmare,” he said, pointing out that police officers had to be stationed outside his parents’ home in G?axaq, where he lives, for protection.

The Times 12.1.2012


Dwar fiducja fil-Gvern

I will not support the government, I have no confidence in it. January 10, 2012, 17:14


Dwar il-poter

Dr Gonzi is obsessed with retaining power. January 9, 2012, 07:14


Dwar riformi

I have been telling Dr Gonzi since July that I will not support any reforms on justice or home affairs by Carm Mifsud Bonnici because I feel he has the wrong attitude.

The Times 9.1.2012


Dwar appogg lill-Gvern

Nationalist backbencher Franco Debono said yesterday he would support anyone but Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi to lead the government. If Dr Gonzi does not resign, the MP said yesterday, the only alternative would be a general election.

The Sunday Times 8.1.2012


I have no confidence in people like Gonzi. He is a Prime Minister not a god. The country is going through a lot of hardship because of his stubbornness. I have no confidence in the government whatsoever.

The Times 7.1.2012


Dwar il-Parlament

Dr Debono said parliament was being bypassed through delaying tactics, and this was unacceptable. “The people must understand that all these manoeuvres are not only not in the national interest, but intended solely so that no one assumed political responsibility and resigns. The Prime Minister should have understood by now that these tactics do not work with me. I made it clear to the prime minister that I will not accept the budget vote before the debate on the justice motion,” he said. The motion demands that political responsibility be assumed for 'endemic problems' in the sectors falling under the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs - which was then under the responsibility of Carm Mifsud Bonnici. The ministry was later split. 23.4.2012 18:59


Franco Debono this evening fired an angry tirade at the government, hitting out at the fact that more amendments had been moved to the Budget Measures Bill than there were clauses. He also pointed out that there was no one on the government benches other than the Finance Minister and Gozitan MP Frederick Azzopardi. … Sounding angry, Dr Debono said the House had not taken a vote for three months and it had taken a break of three weeks over Easter. Yet, now, four times as many amendments had been presented as there were clauses, without time for proper discussion. "This is not the way Parliament should be run. Where is the prime minister? I expected him to be here. Is he somewhere else replying to people on the internet?" Dr Debono asked. "We are continuing to ridicule Parliament and I am sorry there is a self-appointed technocrat who runs everything, and that is why politicians are losing respect because this technocrat and his friends from St Edwards do what they want," Dr Debono said. He said he had sought the prime minister within the precincts of the House but could not find him. Dr Debono said he was a Nationalist more than all the MPs put together 10 times over, but they should be in the House. 9.5.2012, 18:34


Dwar Hsara

“Lawrence Gonzi is inflicting the same harm to the political class as his uncle Archbishop Mikiel Gonzi had inflicted on the Church.”

Dr. Franco Debono April 24, 2012, 17:53


Dwar Dr. Austin Gatt

These bills (ilma u dawl), he says were introduced by "the bully" (Austin Gatt) "who decided to play his antics once again on his favourite victim - the whole Maltese population". … “Bullies have no place in politics, let alone in the politics of a small island. Bullies have debased politics and brought the troubled situation we are in now. Bullies mean trouble and more bullies. … Can this country tolerate a minister (Austin Gatt) and his band of merry men in various government boards and entities playing musical chairs, committing one blunder after the other, not resigning after BWSC, not resigning after Arriva, burdening the Maltese population with cruel water and electricity bills, declares he is not even contesting the next elections, and he continues to act and is allowed to act by the prime Minister as if he is an untouchable li hadd ma jista ghalih? "What does a Prime Minister expect if he allows someone to ride roughshod over everyone and to bully his colleagues with impunity? Isn't that a bad example not just to the whole country but also to the parliamentary group? Where is team spirit? "Why is Austin Gatt allowed to have multiple political lives, whilst others ideas and opportunities have to survive multiple abortion attempts? "Austin Gatt's attitude, which for years has brought feelings of utter disgust in thousands of Maltese people, including Nationalists, is the attitude which has caused untold harm to the PN parliamentary group, the party and the government. Someone who is confrontational by nature does not become a doer because he exhibits his bullying tactics and gives vent to his anger, with the excuse of getting things done. The public transport reform, without Austin Gatt's bullying character, would have succeeded. Friday, August 3, 2012, 09:52


Dwar Meritokrazija

Haqqu ministeru min hu integru, kapaci, leali u ghandu vizjoni, min hareg b’ideat validi, u min gie elett b’mod qawwi. Min m’ghandux dawn il-kwalitajiet u nghata ministeru minhabba missieru, z-ziju jew l-parrinu qed jisraq post haddiehor bil-barka ta Gonzi. 13.9.2012 @ 14:01:10


Dwar Irgulija

Gonzi lanqas ghandu l-icken idea ta’ rgulija, qisu tifel zghir u l-poplu kollu gugarelli tieghu. Id-dittaturi biss jaghmlu bhal Gonzi. Dan min jahseb li hu?

Franco Debono, 25.9.2012











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