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Adrian Delia jaghzel li jibda l-missjoni tieghu bhala kap tal-PN bil-konfrontazzjoni.

Ittra li rceviet Daphne Caruana Galizia qabel ma nqatlet.

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Ftit jiem wara stharrig ta' Malta Today wera li l-PN kien 90,000 minn taht,
Adrian Delia (30.5.2020) jghid li l-PN se jirbah l-elezzjoni li jmiss.


Adrian Delia dwar Daphne Caruana Galizia

Il-Kap tal-PN fil-Mira ta' Daphne Caruana Galizia

Ftit mill-attakki kontra Adrian Delia


(L-aħħar kumment dwar Delia qabel inqatlet)

You can wear the flashiest watch and keep your snazzy shirt-cuff turned up to make sure we see it, but if you shamble about with rounded shoulders, a stoop and a neck that sticks out at 45 degrees from your shoulder-blades like a tortoise’s, it kind of undoes the effect you hope to create. The make-up-free-and-practical-haircut-nanna-face and expression don’t help, either. I look at that facial expression and think that any moment now, he’s going to bring out his knitting. OCTOBER 16, 2017 AT 2:09PM


Gary Glitter. Now if he were around, he would be part of Delia's circus troupe of sexual perverts. October 13, 2017 at 6:19pm


Some people seem thrilled because the new Nationalist Party leader said during his election campaign – but then he would, wouldn’t he – that he wants to “listen to people”. How I laughed. The thought of that man listening to anyone at all is hilarious. My life experience tells me that he’s one of those who talks at people, totally oblivious to whether they are interested and without the slightest interest in hearing what they might have to say when they can get a word in edgeways. OCTOBER 12, 2017 AT 12:29AM


Delia's circus troupe of villains and scammers.  OCTOBER 12, 2017 AT 12:29AM


This website can reveal where the Nationalist Party leader, Adrian Delia, was while the Head of State, Chief Justice, Attorney-General and the party’s MPs and officials waited for him for an hour and a half at the Palace in Valletta last Friday. He was at the Massimo Dutti shop at The Point shopping mall in Sliema, browsing the rails and trying on suits and shirts. Delia was meant to be at the Palace at 5.15pm for the start at 5.30pm of the official ceremony in which he was sworn in as leader of the Opposition in terms of the Maltese Constitution. Instead, he rolled up casually at 6.40pm, offering no explanation and making no apology. October 10, 2017 at 6:36pm


Yes. I too think that he has a loose screw or several, that his massive debts about which he is so nonchalant, and his buying a suit while everyone was at the Palace waiting for him already, are symptoms of a psychological disorder.  OCTOBER 10, 2017 AT 6:36PM


I don't think Delia has money stashed away overseas either. The extent of his debts in Malta, and the fact that he can't solve the situation, makes that highly unlikely. The man is a reckless spender. Reckless spenders do not have money stashed away in secret.  OCTOBER 10, 2017 AT 6:36PM


Speaking their language means knowing how to handle them, and being able to foresee their moves. Delia can't do that because he's not particularly bright and is also clearly psychologically unstable. Being a crooked liar is not enough.  OCTOBER 10, 2017 AT 6:36PM


The Nationalist Party has disgraced itself by allowing him to stand for election as party leader and then voting for him.  OCTOBER 10, 2017 AT 6:36PM


I had spent the past few weeks writing about how the Nationalist Party would be scripting its suicide note by making Delia its leader, not only because he himself is a knave but, crucially, because when the party allows itself to be hijacked by anybody walking in from the outside, it looks weak, vulnerable and structurally disorganised. And that means people won’t feel safe trusting it to run the country. Also, the very fact that people as sub-standard as Delia and Frank Portelli were allowed to stand for the leadership election at all has decimated people’s trust in the Nationalist Party’s ability to maintain standards, let alone set them. … And that is exactly why I and a big chunk of those who voted Nationalist in the last general election now say that we won’t be voting at all: because we don’t want Delia to become prime minister and we no longer trust the political party which was crazy and disorganised enough to allow him and Frank Portelli to be contenders in its leadership election, and a party which was so lacking in political insight and so unable to read the runes that its people actually chose Delia. OCTOBER 10, 2017 AT 1:15PM


Any leader who starts off by losing almost half of the electors who only a few months ago voted for the party he leads has no chance of getting anywhere. OCTOBER 10, 2017 AT 1:15PM


For the good of the Nationalist Party, you should do ANYTHING BUT vote for it while Delia leads it. OCTOBER 10, 2017 AT 1:15PM


I don't think you understand that lots of people no longer support the Nationalist Party as a consequence of Delia's election. OCTOBER 10, 2017 AT 1:15PM


But it is not too early for me to say that I won't be voting for the Nationalist Party led by Delia and his coterie. OCTOBER 10, 2017 AT 1:15PM


And today, 20 hours later, he tweets this non-apology. I’m beginning to think that beyond being really shady, this man actually has a loose screw. OCTOBER 7, 2017 AT 3:48PM


The battle is against corruption and that battle is not fought by installing a sleaze as party leader. October 5, 2017 at 6:34pm


Delia is dodgy himself. October 5, 2017 at 6:34pm


I had an email yesterday telling me about Delia's charisma and oratorical skills. Standards are really low, aren't they. What charisma? What oratorical skills? I went to a party yesterday, and spent the greater part of the evening listening to people who had been ripped off by him, who had been exposed to one of his shocking volleys of blasphemy and swearing, or who were sickened by his wife's compulsive exhibitionism, showy spending and unpaid bills (for the showy spending). September 30, 2017 at 11:34am


I am completely distracted by Delia’s shabby and sloppy comportment. September 27, 2017 at 9:54pm


So the removal of Debono from parliament is not, as Delia falsely claims, democracy or the people getting what they voted for, but the precise opposite. SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 AT 1:24AM


Delia’s sudden claim that he has life insurance policies and health insurance policies is not reassuring but rather the opposite. It adds another massive stream of outgoings over and above his school bills, annual bank interest and huge cost of maintaining a wife, himself and five children in the extravagant manner to which they have become accustomed. SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 AT 12:17PM


Adrian Delia and his circus troupe of villains and opportunists. September 21, 2017 at 9:14pm


Delia wanted to come out of nowhere, become party leader without doing any work, and then take a seat which somebody else had campaigned for and won. In other words, instead of being elected to parliament as a representative of the people, he is going to try to bully his way in as a representative of nobody. And before a couple of members of his troupe of perverts, sex maniacs, women-traffickers and villains … September 21, 2017 at 2:08am


In his debut speech as party leader, Adrian Delia has done the same, saying: “I’m not scared of Joseph Muscat.” And the obvious thing to think there is: “He bloody well is scared of Muscat because otherwise he wouldn’t have said it.” September 21, 2017 at 1:24am


As I said, stupid people tend to flock behind Delia. September 17, 2017 at 12:43pm


Delia has terrible, really dreadful posture (clearly, nobody ever jabbed him in the back when he was growing up) and looked as though he had slept in his shabby clothes. September 14, 2017 at 10:26pm


Delia fans are immature. September 14, 2017 at 10:26pm


If you don't doubt my reports then it follows you are perfectly content to have the Nationalist Party led by somebody who laundered money for a prostitution racket. SEPTEMBER 3, 2017 AT 2:13AM


Delia can't even get his own house in order, let alone the party's. His debt-load is almost half as big as the party's. SEPTEMBER 2, 2017 AT 9:49PM


If Adrian Delia is elected Nationalist Party leader, then I am going to fight the Nationalist Party with the same vigour I fight the Labour Party, and for the same reasons. JUNE 25, 2017 AT 6:43PM


Dwar Adrian Delia

Dr Delia has faced vociferous opposition from party officials and MPs such as Jason Azzopardi, who has made no bones about his distaste for the party's new leader. … What that means for the PN’s parliamentary group, where mistrust of Dr Delia runs deep. Sunday, September 17, 2017, 01:57


Democratic Party MP Marlene Farrugia warned Nationalist members that a victory for Adrian Delia in today's leadership contest would signal the death knell for the PN. In a Facebook post, Dr Farrugia wrote: "If the members choose Delia, they will be destroying the Opposition and burying the PN. I said what I had to say."

Timesofmalta Saturday, September 16, 2017, 12:41


The PN has sunk deeper in the quagmire which claimed it a number of years ago, and "DeliaPN" will snuff out any life left to it, Marlene Farrugia, outgoing leader of the Democratic Party said today. Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 14:46


PN 2017 electoral candidate Kevin Cassar, who has likened Adrian Delia to Donald Trump, last night submitted his resignation as a lifelong member of the party. In his letter to assistant secretary general Jean Pierre Debono, he cited Dr Delia’s choices as one of the reasons. He said he had questions over the new PN leader’s Jersey account and serious doubts about his financial position and debts, including the tax he owes. But the most worrying factor, said Prof. Cassar, was the talk of “fighting hate”. He said this was being used to justify attacks on those who criticise the leader, including journalists and party members. The talk against “the establishment” had served to incite hatred against those who had worked honestly for the party. A “personality cult” was being established that was inimical to the principles of democracy. Sunday, September 24, 2017, 07:15


Partit Demokratiku electoral candidates will contest casual elections, the PD's executive has unanimously decided. In a statement, PD acknowledged that it stood no chance of blocking Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia from entering parliament, or of adding to its tally of two MPs.  The party however said it had no faith in Dr Delia's qualities as PN leader,  arguing that his credentials "will not go far in giving credibility to the Opposition or potential alternative government it aims to portray." Sunday, September 24, 2017, 16:54

Delia has lost the moral high ground on issues of that are currently at the centre of a raging debate in the country.


The Malta Independent 8.11.2017


DeliaPN is shrinking and haemorrhaging by the hour. Saturday, December 16, 2017, 08:51


Four months after taking the helm, his failure to appoint a new Shadow Cabinet – or even at least to tweak it – is a lost opportunity both to stamp his leadership on the party and build bridges within it. It demonstrates uncertainty, as if he is afraid to rock the boat for fear it may sink. Meanwhile, he struggles to set out a clear vision of what the party stands for. … All this talk of being a positive or negative Opposition is simply a diversion, bait laid by the government swallowed hook, line and sinker by Delia.

Editorjal The Sunday Times of Malta 21.1.2018


Former Partit Demokratiku leader Marlene Farrugia on Tuesday dismissed Adrian Delia as an Opposition leader lacking in credibility. Tuesday, February 6, 2018, 11:15


Matters at the Nationalist Party seem to have come to yet another pretty pass, with the business dealings of its leader Adrian Delia once again raising eyebrows, while also weakening the moral authority to speak out against the unbridled behaviour of the government he is supposed to be keeping in check. The news that the law firm in which the Opposition leader is a shareholder in a fiduciary firm that worked on a bond issue for the Delimara power station’s former lead developer Gasol - during the time in which he was active in the company, he only resigned his directorships upon being installed at Dar Centrali - is worrisome.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 22.2.2018

"It has been resolved and it has been paid now" the leader of the Opposition confirmed. Delia shut down any allegations that the timing of his payment in full had anything to do with it taking place after the PN's fund raising marathon, adding "I paid my tax from me and no one else". Game over? Open and shut case? Hardly, it seems. As revealed last Sunday, Delia still has to pay more than what he has already paid. In the comments given to The Malta Independent, Delia had confirmed that he still has to finish paying up his tax arrears. As the Labour Party remarked, he had said that it was game over but it is still game on. Many have questioned his credibility: how can he as a party leader speak about a wide range of issues considering he owed €51,924 in taxes and another €34,859 in interest and charges from overdue taxes? He had published his financial affairs through a report put together just one day before the PN leadership race. Apart from alleging that Delia paid the tax authorities €55,000 as part of settling his dispute from PN marathon funds, the Labour Party also alleged that he was lying and that he still owed taxes for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Now he has stressed that he has settled his tax “dispute”, making a distinction from saying that he has settled the full amount owed to the tax authorities. “I was referring to the issue I had raised myself with the pre election financial report [on the radio interview declaring the tax arrears had been solved],” he said now. “This is not something that I was hiding, like they [Labour] are doing, this is something that I [revealed] myself, when I said that I had a dispute and I will resolve it. I resolved it, when I resolved it, I paid it. That’s what I said when I was referring to game over.” This is all hogwash and reflects badly on the Leader of the Opposition and on his party which lets him get away with such statements.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 23.4.2018

When Adrian Delia voted against the Domestic Violence Bill last week, he not only voted against important legislation that brought Malta fully in line with the Istanbul Convention on domestic violence but he also went against his own vote from a few weeks earlier. … In voting against he has opened the PN up to ridicule and criticism, not only for voting against a law that will help many victims of domestic violence (and for a silly reason at that), but also for backtracking and, in doing so, looking like a populist. Furthermore, the vote has further exposed the split within the party, with many of Delia's supporters openly attacking the eight MPs who 'defied' their leader's wishes and voted in favour of the government. This small group included former party leader Simon Busuttil, who expressed hi disappointment at the way he was now being labeled as a traitor by those who, up until a few months ago cheered him on at mass meetings. … His decision to give a free vote on this subject has been construed by many as a sign of weak leadership.

Editorjal, The Independent 30.4.2018

A number of NGOs have stated in a joint statement that they are “shocked and disgusted” at comments made by the leader of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia during a business breakfast organised by the party, with the theme “The Maltese Worker – A Long-Term Plan”. … In their statement, they accused Delia of using “abhorrent” language “as it is intended to generate hatred, discrimination, exclusion and violence”. “We unequivocally condemn Dr. Delia’s statements and urge him and his colleagues to refrain from resorting to such divisive discourse for the sake of political expediency.” The NGOs continue with their statement by remarking that the hastening of social change, in spite of the nation benefitting from a “broad opening up of markets, lifestyles and commodities”, has also brought “uncertainty and growing insecurities”. They also noted that not all have benefitted from the economic boom, whilst pointing to growing inequality and abject poverty in Malta as the symptom.They then moved on to accuse Delia of “capitalizing on such insecurities and populist sentiments”. “He not only negates the political factors that have contributed to such human misery, but attacks various communities whose only lowest common denominator is that of being non-Maltese.” They rounded up the above by accusing him of engaging in discourse that “not only smacks of hypocrisy, but raises serious questions vis-à-vis the Party’s commitments to international human rights obligations and to Malta's very own Constitution.” The NGOs demanded that all persons living in Malta be entitled to be respected and valued, and their humanity and dignity protected under all circumstances. “This is the Malta we all want to live in,” they concluded, hoping that the Leader of the Nationalist Party “will not rubbish this responsibility for a handful of votes, but that he will promote the Constitution’s values throughout his work”. The statement was issued by the aditus foundation, Allied Rainbow Communities, The Critical Institute, Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants, Integra Foundation, Isles of the Left, Jesuit Refugee Service Malta, KOPIN, LIBICO, Malta Emigrants’ Commission, Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement (MGRM), Men Against Violence, Migrant Women Association, Moviment Graffitti, Platform of Human Rights Organisations in Malta, Richmond Foundation, SOS Malta, SPARK15, St. Jeanne Antide Foundation (SJAF), We Are, Women’s Rights Foundation. Monday, 10 September 2018, 17:49

The Times of Malta reached out to other MPs, all of whom declared varying levels of concern about Dr Delia’s reluctance to call a parliamentary group meeting. One MP said the leadership’s failure to call a parliamentary group meeting over Dr Delia’s ultimately failed attempt to expel his predecessor Simon Busuttil “a disgrace”. Friday, September 14, 2018, 12:30

Dr Delia’s comment at the start of last week’s PN independence anniversary celebrations, namely, “Let Labour leave, and then I will tell you what my proposals are”, verged on the bizarre. … Addressing supporters, Dr Delia also made the ridiculous, and insulting, claim that some women get pregnant in order to claim welfare benefits.

Editorjal, The Sunday Times of Malta 23.9.2018

If Adrian Delia declares again ‘I am not racist,’ he will be branding himself a liar. … If Adrian Delia believes what he says when he speaks like this, he is a retrograde, small island bigot and that means he’s in the wrong job. If he doesn’t believe what he says and he merely says it because it’s popular, he proves himself incapable of leading supporters at a PN club to clap at him without pandering to deeply set horrific racist prejudice, let alone actually leading the country through some tough decisions that come a prime minister’s way as a matter of course.

Manuel Delia 8.10.2018

Delia has a mountain to climb in his bid to lift the party he leads out of its current predicament. But with so many enemies within his own party, he needs a miracle.

Editorjal, The Malta independent 19.10.2018

Calls grew on Adrian Delia to step down at once as Nationalist Party leader following claims of domestic violence in marital separation proceedings. "Adrian Delia is not fit for his constitutional role as Leader of the Opposition and therefore must resign now. If he doesn't, his party must see to it that he is fired," Occupy Justice said in a statement. Democratic Party leader Godfrey Farrugia and former PN general secretary Rosette Thake also urged Dr Delia to make an exit. … The pressure group reaction comes hours after former PN candidate Jonathan Shaw wrote on Facebook that the issue is no longer a private matter: "This is a prime example where we need to walk the talk and stand up against what is morally and intrinsically wrong. Domestic violence on women and children is a serious matter. More so, if you are in public office, as long as these allegations still stand, one has to resign. And if you don’t resign, then it’s up to the party to force a motion to make this happen. This goes beyond politics. This is about integrity, principles and morals." Occupy Justice added: "Domestic violence is a massive human rights issue plaguing our society and it is therefore not a private matter but a very public one. Malta's leaders must be at the forefront to fight domestic violence perpetrators." This call follows Occupy Justice's call a few weeks ago for Dr Delia to step down following corruption allegations, which he denies. In a Facebook post, PD leader Godfrey Farrugia wrote that Dr Delia should have quit his role as Opposition leader "a long time ago". "We've now reached rock bottom," Dr Farrugia wrote. "I once again urge you to step aside for the good of the people and of Malta". His partner and fellow PD MP Marlene Farrugia echoed those calls, saying Dr Delia's position was now "completely and irreversibly untenable" and offering to give up her seat in parliament if he were to be replaced by a unifying figure who was not an MP. In a tweet, former PN general secretary Rosette Thake indirectly urged Dr Delia to step down. Saturday, December 29, 2018, 11:13

He (Adrian Delia) is again turning out to be a divisive figure.

Editorjal, The Sunday Times 30.12.2018

The PN is in shambles and he (Adrian Delia) must bear responsibility for the loss of respect from a large section of its traditional support base.

Editorjal, The Sunday Times 6.1.2019

Dr Delia should either resign or suspend himself from all party activities until the situation becomes clear following the accusations made by his estranged wife and the news that he is being investigated by the police on the strength of a report by the government’s anti-money laundering unit in connection with a prostitution racket in London years back.

Editorjal, The Times 8.1.2019

The acrimony between Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia and PN MP Jason Azzopardi continues to reverberate, with Delia saying that Azzopardi has some soul-searching to do while the MP insists there is nothing wrong with his relationship with Delia. Friday, 18 January 2019, 10:02

Employees of the Nationalist Party and Media Link, the PN’s media company, have told this website on condition of anonymity that on Thursday morning Adrian Delia was heard shouting in apoplectic rage and blaspheming profusely apparently when he learned the nature of the WhatsApp videos making the rounds, some of which appear to have been secretly filmed in a private setting when he still lived with his family in Siġġiewi. Employees say they could hear the party leader throwing things off his desk, some of which hit other furniture items in the office and broke them. Inside sources at PN HQ say the office door of the party leader was also damaged and repairs were needed to its lock. The working environment at the headquarters of the Nationalist Party is reported to be extremely tense and some of the employees speaking to this website said they were concerned for their safety. Sun, 6th Jan '19, 09:24

Dr Delia got off to a bad start with his attacks on journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia during his leadership campaign, a mistake of monumental proportions which some PN voters have never forgiven him for. Dr Delia committed another colossal blunder when last year he made the absurd demand for former party leader Simon Busuttil, who enjoys widespread respect in the PN, to suspend himself from the party’s parliamentary group in the wake of the publication of the conclusions of the Egrant inquiry.

Editorial, The Sunday Times 3.3.2019


He (Dr. Adrian Delia) has not established himself as a potential prime minister.

Editorjal, The Malta independent 4.3.2019


Prime Minister Joseph Muscat called out PN Leader Adrian Delia on the abortion issue, accusing him of bringing out a panic button, and pressing it. Indeed, this is exactly what it looks like.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 14.5.2019

Adrian Delia, and his inner circle of aides and advisers, must now assume full responsibility, declare mea culpa and move on. Every additional day they remain in office is a lost opportunity for the PN to start preparing for its next big contest: the general election. … He has never had a victory on a national level – he did win the PN leadership race, though – and has suffered a humiliating defeat in his very first attempt. The people have overwhelmingly declared their support to Dr Muscat and his Labour Party. In the process, they dumped Dr Delia and his Nationalist Party. But so did PN supporters who stayed home on polling day. This can only be the end for Dr Delia.

Editorjal, The Times 27.5.2019

Mr Bartolo, a successful entrepreneur who was a casual election away from a parliamentary seat in the 2017 general election, admits that the decision to bring in a party leader from outside politics can now be considered a failed experiment.

Ivan Bartolo – Kandidat Nazzjonalista Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 06:32


Delia cannot convincingly fight impropriety when he still has not cleared his name from serious accusations, and when questions still hang over his character. … Delia has been rejected by too many to have any realistic hope of restoring proper opposition, let alone of winning the next election. … If he continues to refuse to go willingly, or at least ask for a vote of confidence, a serious challenge to his leadership should be mounted. … The PN has the huge task ahead, to both recreate itself and re-imagine the country’s future. Delia and his associates are just not up to it.

Editorjal, The Sunday Times 2.6.2019

Ghaziz Adrian Delia... ghadek ma irrealizzajtx li kemm ilek Kap ma hadtx decizjoni wahda li ghaqdet u li mexxietna pass wiehed il-quddiem?... KAP... int u shabek kontu fdati bit-tmexxija, u minkejja dan ma ghaqqadtux, ma mexxejtux lil partit imqar pass zghir lejn fejn jixraqlu, ma ppruvajtux tirrangaw is-sitwazzjoni bil-galbu... ghaldaqstant jien ninghaqad ma Mark u nitlobkom twarrbu, ghax il-fiducja tieghi tliftuha wkoll.

Edward Said

Sindku PN Nadur

Facebook 4.6.2019

There is no denying that what makes the situation hopeless and helpless is the fact that there is no Opposition. Correction. There is one, but it lives in a La La Land bubble. On Wednesday, the leader of the Opposition mistook the protest memorial in Valletta for the grave of Caruana Galizia. He went with a bunch of men in ties and cameras in tow, “to pay their respects to Daphne”. He clearly does not realise that flowers and candles are placed at the foot of the Great Siege monument as a sign of protest against injustice and corruption which the journalist unveiled. He does not realise that the protest is against him too because a) he is not doing his job, which is that of opposing and b) because he’s got too much dodgy baggage to be able to do that job properly. If no one around him – Louis Galea please note – is telling him what’s going on outside the bubble, then they all really ought to find another hobby other than hogging crucial democratic roles.

Kristina Chetcuti (siehba tal-ex Kap tal-PN Simon Busuttil) 20.10.2019

It's incredible how Malta allows people to reinvent themselves. From money launderer for pimps to anticorruption crusader.

Matthew Caruana Galizia

Twitter 23.2.2018

In court today Superintendent Ray Aquilina confirmed that Adrian Delia is the subject of a criminal investigation into money laundering. The case was raised by Daphne Caruana Galizia in what would prove to be one of the last cases of her life when she revealed that years before when practicing as a lawyer Adrian Delia handled an off-shore account in his name in which proceeds from prostitution in London were deposited frequently. Wed, 5th Feb '20, 16:07

With Delia at the helm, the PN is unelectable.

Editorjal, The Sunday Times 12.7.2020

Il-post ta' Adrian Delia fil-Parlament

Adrian Delia’s road to a parliamentary seat may be more arduous than most of his supporters thought it would be. The clearest way for him to get into Parliament would be if any one of the five Nationalist Party MPs elected in a casual election were to resign their seat. If that happens, the law states that the vacated seat would have to be filled by co-option, which means the onus would fall on the PN’s executive to catapult Dr Delia into Parliament. However, one of the five PN MPs elected through a casual election is Godfrey Farrugia, who now sits in Parliament as a Democratic Party MP and is effectively out of the PN’s control. This reduces the options to four names: PN administrative president Karol Aquilina, former Naxxar mayor Maria Deguara, former Mosta mayor Ivan Bartolo and former European People’s Party staffer David Stellini. However, all four MPs yesterday ruled out giving up their seat so that the PN chief could make it to Parliament and sworn in as Opposition leader. Dr Deguara, who was mentioned persistently as the most likely to resign, yesterday stood by past statements that she had no such intention. She vehemently denied holding meetings with Dr Delia, despite information to the contrary that reached the Times of Malta. Dr Deguara, the wife of former PN health minister Louis Deg-uara, was elected to Parliament for the first time through a casual election in the 11th district. Mr Bartolo, who is also enjoying his first stint as an MP, similarly ruled out the possibility. “I definitely have no intention of giving up my seat and have not been approached to do so,” the 11th district MP said. Mr Stellini, another first-time MP after returning to Malta from Brussels, also shut the door on the possibility. “Not at all, since I feel the seat is not mine but lent to me by my constituents,” he said when asked whether he was willing to resign. Mr Stellini was elected in the Gozo district to fill the seat vacated by Marthese Portelli, who was elected on two districts. Dr Aquilina, whose Facebook comment on freemasonry in the run-up to the leadership election was interpreted as a reference to Dr Delia’s bid, replied with a categorical “No.” The PN administrative council president is also on his first stint as an MP after making it through a casual election on the 10th district. With Dr Delia insisting that talks are under way for an agreement to be reached on his co-option to Parliament, it remains unclear with whom the discussions are taking place. Unless one of the four MPs elected through a casual election is hiding the truth, this leaves Dr Delia with a riskier route to Parliament. The PN leader may have MPs within the party fold willing to give up their seat – Gozitan MP Frederick Azzopardi yesterday said he was willing to be of service to the party – but their resignation would automatically trigger a casual election. Dr Delia cannot contest a casual election, because he was not even a candidate in the last election. His option would be to convince all unelected PN candidates on the district where the seat would be given up not to contest the casual election, allowing the PN to co-opt someone instead. But while Dr Delia may convince all unelected PN candidates to refrain from contesting the casual election, he will still have to contend with the PD candidates who ran under the PN flag. This is an added complication, unless he convinces the PD not to contest an eventual casual election. However, the PD is unlikely to do Dr Delia any favours, with departing leader Marlene Farrugia telling this newspaper she was not for turning. “We have not been approached, and if we are, my instructions to our candidates will be to hold our ground for the good of the country,” Dr Farrugia replied when asked whether the PD will play ball and instruct its candidates not to contest a casual election if Dr Delia’s only gateway to Parliament came to this. With Parliament slated to open on October 1 and the Budget expected a week later, Dr Delia’s route to Parliament is a race against time. He would want to enter Parliament and take up the mantle of Opposition leader in time to deliver his reaction to the Budget. Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 09:51



Deskrizzjoni ta’ Adrian Delia.

Mill-istess persuna li l-PN uża bħala forċina.

I can't talk about the Nationalist Party leadership election result because the newspaper went to print before it was out in the early hours of the morning. But I can and will talk about Delia's macho-man campaign - as far as a 50-year-old Maltese lawyer in spectacles can pass himself off as macho, that is - which turned the whole thing so ugly. What we saw was an exercise in pure, unadulterated chauvinism: a bossy, sexist, unreconstructed middle-aged, ill-mannered and charmless Maltese man behaving as though he never left the village (even though he would have us believe that he holidays in Switzerland every year off his credit cards and overdrafts), surrounded everywhere he goes by a gang of thugs and heavies, and with no women to be seen, not even his wife. She appeared just three times in this entire campaign: twice at the ballot box, and once at that disgraceful scene in the lobby of the Nationalist Party headquarters when her husband won the first ballot. The absence of women anywhere near Delia is a very bad sign. So is the heavy presence of the worst kinds of men - men who have a history of sexual misadventures, former drivers of some of the least savoury characters who ever belonged to the Nationalist Party and who are known in Malta as "bullies" from a bygone political era. The two go together, of course: the complete airbrushing of women from the equation and the overbearing presence of macho roughnecks. What we are looking at is the Far Right in motion, the fascist element - "taking back our party" to what it might have been in the 1930s. And when Delia's wife did appear, it was as a dumb accessory: a Barbie who was perplexed to find that Ken had gone missing, only to be replaced by a loud, rude man who ignored her completely except when grabbing her by the arm or wrist to drag her along behind him like Fred Flintstone. I've looked at a lot of what is being said on social media in this campaign, and the one thing that leaped out at me most strongly is the fact that Delia's most avid supporters are all men. Yes, men. Not even nice men, either. Barring a few notable exceptions (you know who you are, chaps), they're mainly men whose wives couldn't stand them and who are suing the pants off them, men whose wives dumped them, men who dumped their wives, rough men from all social backgrounds (because there are really rough men in all social groups), pigs, chauvinists, typically Maltese macho primitives, single men who are probably going to stay that way unless they can buy themselves a mail-order bride off Censu's ring-file binder, and loudmouths (you know who you are, too, chaps). Then there are the women. Something was very noticeable there, too - immediately noticeable. Practically all the women rooting for Delia on social media are dumb. The ones I know personally, I know to be dumb - with an intelligence quotient slightly above that of a chicken. The only reason they can write a sentence and spell is because they went to proper private schools, but their reasoning skills are abysmal. And the ones I don't know personally I can tell are dumb from the fact that they can't even write a proper sentence. Unfortunately, this fits the tragic pattern of the Trump factor: macho men and dumb women. I couldn't find a single intelligent woman on the internet rooting for Delia - not one. On the contrary, all the intelligent women I found were ripping into him and saying God forbid that XYZ chauvinist is elected because I'm certainly not going to vote Nationalist as long as he is leader. Some clearly intelligent men are supporting Delia for reasons of their own, but no intelligent women are. Intelligent women find him frighteningly off-putting. They can read the signs of what he is, the signals he gives off, but we needn't go into that here. I don't know who is at the helm of the Nationalist Party today, though the odds were what they were. But I can say this: if it's Adrian Delia, the Nationalist Party is going to morph into the macho, chauvinist party and return to the Mad Men era but definitely without Don Draper. No, instead of Don Draper we get the uncouth, ill-mannered, I've-just-slept-in-my-clothes Delia surrounded by savages.


Daphne Caruana Galizia Sunday, 17 September 2017, 08:59




Nazzjonalisti li attendew ghar-rally f'Tas Sliema favur Daphne Caruana Galizia. L-istess blogger harget qatta bla habel kontra l-istess kap gdid ta' dawk li gabrulha l-flus.


Adrian Delia QABEL l-elezzjoni ghall-hatra ta' Kap tal-PN.

Adrian Delia WARA l-elezzjoni ghall-hatra ta' Kap tal-PN.

Kliem Adrian Delia

Election campaign begins on January 1. Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 20:21


I am not afraid of Joseph Muscat. Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 20:21 


L-ghedewwa taghna m’humiex ahna, huma hemm barra, il-partit l-iehor, zommu f’mohhkom.


Assistenza mill-gvern lil nisa li jiehdu trattament tal-IVF

He said the Opposition was neither in favour nor against such assistance at this point in time. Sunday, October 8, 2017, 10:51


I am not a person of challenges. Sunday, September 24, 2017, 10:12 


I will sustain my standard of living from the wage I will be receiving. I have already said I will be selling my businesses and from the sale I will be in a position to continue settling my commitment with the banks as I have always done. Sunday, September 24, 2017, 10:12 


I have been in control of my debts for the past 25 years. Sunday, September 24, 2017, 10:12 


Dr Delia had told The Sunday Times of Malta he had €728,000 in outstanding personal debts with three banks. Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 21:35


The Nationalist Party should have two assistant general secretaries, with both precluded from running for political office, Adrian Delia has said.

Sunday, July 23, 2017, 16:39


Dr Delia also said he would ensure that anyone wishing to run for office on a PN ticket would first be grilled by the party's general council, with candidates then whittled down by a candidate committee, which would in turn pass on its recommendations to the party executive.

Sunday, July 23, 2017, 16:39


In a statement, Delia said Caruana Galizia does not want to relinquish her grip on the Nationalist Party. … “The time has come for councillors and members to decide who will really lead the PN,” he said. Saturday, 26 August 2017, 07:0


Il-Kap tal-Partit Nazzjonalista Adrian Delia kellu kliem ta’ tifħir lill-investituri privati li qed jagħtu qawmien mill-ġdid lill-Belt Valletta. … “Anke l-postijiet, il-binjiet antiki, qed jiġu żviluppati u qed jerġgħu jgħixu mill-ġdid. Għandna ħafna żviluppi fil-Belt li tbiddlu f’boutique hotels, ħwienet, mużewijiet, il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Belt u issa wkoll is-Suq tal-Belt.”

NETNEWS Il-Ġimgħa, 19 ta' Jannar 2018


Dr Delia said his pending tax bill had nothing to do with cash flow problems. “The taxes will be paid. One [issue] has nothing to do with the other. The taxes will be paid before I purchase,” Dr Delia insisted. Sunday, February 4, 2018, 07:21


“The time for reflection and internal restructuring of the party is over,” he said The PN would speak with one, strong, firm voice. … once a decision was taken, there would be one voice, a voice which represented the people.” Sunday, June 10, 2018, 12:21

L-attendenza ghall-mass meeting (tal-indipendenza) hija kkalkulata permezz ta’ barometru akkurat bhal per ezempju l-bejgh waqt l-attivita.

Dissett, TVM 3.10.2018

PN Leader Adrian Delia has said that there needs to be one party with one head, "It is better for those who have a problem with one leader to come out and speak so that we can see. Those who are not behind the Leader do not have a place in the party." Monday, 7 January 2019, 10:57

“Partit Nazzjonalista li għadu, minkejja din it-telfa, it-tieni l-akbar partit f’pajjiżna.”

Messaġġ minn Adrian Delia 26.5.2019

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