Malta u l-politika

Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.


Li fil-politika, l-oppozizzjoni tkun liema wahda tkun tikritika decizjonijiet tal-Gvern hija prattika normali u accettata f’kull demokrazija. Meta pero, l-kritika tigi minn gewwa stess ma tistax ma tqajjimx interess u mistoqsijiet.


Kemm il-darba naqraw fil-media Nazzjonalista dwar il-kritika minn Mintoff li kienet saret lill-Gvern Laburista ta’ Dr. Sant. Igaghluk tahseb li l-grupp parlamentari Nazzjonalista huwa kor wiehed, vuci wahda u jaqblu bejniethom. Xejn m’hu aktar il-boghod mill-verita. Hemm konflitti kbar ta’ ideat u politika fuq in-naha tal-Gvern. Dawn li gejjin huma biss ftit ezempji …



DR. SIMON BUSUTTIL – Membru Parlamentari Ewropew

Kontra decizjoni tal-Gvern li dahhal taxxa gdida

I have long insisted that this tax (departure tax) should be reduced or removed altogether because it is incompatible with basic principles of EU membership, most notably the free movement of persons.

The Times 10.2.2006


JOHN DALLI – Membru Parlamentari

Kontra provizjonijiet fil-ligi dwar taxxa fuq il-propjeta

Mr Dalli said the principle until now was that losses could be evened out with profits. This right was being removed and this was wrong. This was destabilising the whole system. Was this right? With due respect, it seemed people did not know what was happening. It was like raising tax in a substantial way. … Mr Dalli said the government was not legislating for the next five years but for posterity. The fact that the five-year grace period was given as an afterthought did not have anything to do with the issue. The Parliamentary Secretary should reconsider.

The Times 7.2.2006


DR. AUSTIN GATT – Ministru

Kontra l-ufficcju tal-Prim Ministru

No less a high government official than Investments Minister Austin Gatt yesterday blamed the Office of the Prime Minister for blocking so far the recruitment of some 15 operatives for a call centre to service calls for Enemalta and Water Services.

The Malta Independent 9.2.2006


DR. MICHAEL AXIAK – Membru Parlamentari

Kontra n-nuqqas ta’ aggornament mill-Gvern fit-tariffi tat-tobba

He told Parliament that the government should not be surprised at alleged abuses by doctors when it itself had not shouldered its responsibilities.

The Times 9.2.2006


ANTOINE MIFSUD BONNICI – Membru Parlamentari

Kontra l-Ministru Dolores Cristina

Nationalist MP Antoine Mifsud Bonnici yesterday took exception to remarks made by Social Solidarity Minister Dolores Cristina in Parliament and in an interview regarding the actions of doctors who issued certificates for invalidity pensions.

The Times 8.2.2006


JOHN DALLI – Membru Parlamentari

Kontra l-burokrazija tal-gvern

Our bureaucracy is not helping to give comfort to the investor and to the economic operators in this country. The negativism that one faces within the plethora of regulatory bodies, most of the time totally unco-ordinated, is a killer of initiative. It seems that this country is perfectly organised to turn business away. In this, we are succeeding perfectly.

The Sunday Times 4.9.2005



Kontra l-Ministru Tonio Borg u decizjoni tieghu

Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando yesterday told The Malta Independent, without hesitation, he supports the request made by journalists to be given access to detention centres. Contacted for comments, Dr Pullicino Orlando said he believes journalists should be given access to detention centres – primarily, to give a face to the irregular immigrants held there and to confirm that the government is doing its utmost subject to the limited resources available.

The Malta Independent 11.3.2005


MARIO GALEA – Membru Parlamentari

Kontra s-swat li qalghu l-immigranti illegali mis-suldati Maltin

Nationalist backbencher Mario Galea is the only Nationalist MP to date to publicly condemn without any reservations the AFM attack on irregular immigrants on 14 January. Contacted by MaltaToday last Tuesday, Mario Galea did not mince his words: “I condemn what happened in Safi. We all saw what happened during the TV programme Xarabank”. Mario Galea also stated clearly that had the Prime Minister not called for an inquiry immediately after the incidents he would have resigned from his party.

Malta Today 13.2.2005


EDWIN VASSALLO – Segretarju Parlamentari

Kontra l-mod kif dahlet il-ligi tal-Eco Contribution

The eco-contribution could have been introduced in a better way, there could have been more thought put into the process and better marketing.

The Times 19.1.2005



Kontra d-decizjoni tal-Gvern biex jaghmel zewg landfills fil-Qrendi

People opposing the proposed landfills near the Mnajdra temples made their objections heard yesterday when they presented a petition asking parliament to stop the development. The petition, which contained 10,300 signatures, mainly of residents of Qrendi, Siggiewi and Zebbug, was presented by Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando.

The Times, 14.10.2003



Kontra l-Ministru Ninu Zammit u d-decizjoni tieghu li jaghmel il-landfills fil-Qrendi

The minister is speaking Mickey Mouse language.

The Malta Independent on Sunday 27.7.2003


DR. AUSTIN GATT – Ministru

Kontra d-deputat Nazzjonalista Jason Azzopardi

Investments Minister Austin Gatt yesterday publicly chided government back-bencher, Jason Azzopardi, who is also the chairman of the EU and Foreign Relations Committee for asking “useless” questions. … Government whip Mario Galea, rising on a point of order, said that Dr Azzopardi was away on parliamentary business and should have landed just around an hour before the House convened. Dr Gatt should have made his remarks when Dr Azzopardi was present.

The Malta Independent 30.3.2006


ROBERT ARRIGO – Membru Parlamentari

Kontra decizjoni tal-Ministru tat-Turizmu

Mr. Arrigo said the closure of foreign MTA (Malta Tourism Authority) offices was a mistake and their former employees should be sent back abroad.

The Times 1.11.2006



Kontra decizjoni tal-media tal-PN

Il-mod ta’ kif kellhom ikunu rappurtati l-inċidenti li nqalgħu waqt il-protesta organizzata mill-Federazzjoni tal-Kaċċaturi, Nassaba u Konservazzjonisti (FKNK) tliet ġimgħat ilu fil-Belt wassal għal argument sħun fid-Dar Ċentrali tal-PN bejn John Zammit, id-Direttur Editorjali tal-media tal-PN u l-Ministru għall-Ambjent, George Pullicino. Nifhmu li l-argument inqala’ meta b’kumbinazzjoni John Zammit instema’ jgħid kliem fis-sens li l-kaċċaturi ma kellhomx jingħataw importanza … F’dak il-ħin inzerta għaddej mill-istess kuritur il-Ministru George Pullicino li sema’ lil Zammit jitkellem b’dak il-mod u wieġbu lura billi staqsih jekk kienx qed jitkellem bis-serjetà. Filwaqt li John Zammit ikkonferma l-ħsieb tiegħu, il-Ministru Pullicino sostna d-diżappunt tiegħu għall-fatt li l-media tal-PN kellhom opportunità li jesponu għemil il-kaċċaturi. Il-kwistjoni żviluppat f’argument storbjuż bi kliem iebes li għadda bejn John Zammit u l-Ministru Pullicino. L-għajjat anki nstema’ minn barra t-triq. Jirriżulta li dakinhar tal-protesta għaddiet ta’ John Zammit …

Karl Stagno Navarra

Illum 25.3.2007


JOHN DALLI – Ministru

Kontra decizjoni tal-Awtorita tal-Housing

Social Policy Minister John Dalli was visibly annoyed at the launch of a new housing scheme yesterday and called for a reform of social housing that would be more sustainable and ethical. … When asked whether he was specifically referring to the apartments around him, he said: “Let's be honest, this is not social housing.”

The Times 22.11.2008


CHARLO’ BONNICI – Membru Parlamentari

Kontra decizjoni ta’ Austin Gatt li jaghmel triq gdida fl-Ghadira

Nationalist MP Charlo' Bonnici yesterday called on the government to revisit the decision to build a new inland road ostensibly to save Għadira Bay from erosion. Making it clear that his first responsibility was to his country, he said the government should seek to strengthen, not ruin, the good that Malta already had. Mr Bonnici disagreed that in order to save Għadira Bay the solution should be to build a new road. The decision should be revisited in no unnecessary hurry, and the least harmful solution should be chosen. For the past 30 years the Danish village had brought to Malta some 500 tourists a week who invariably went home singing Malta's praises, enticing even more Danes to visit the country. The proposed road put at risk the village, Foresta 2000 and the bird sanctuary.

Times 4.12.2008



Kontra decizjoni tal-Gvern Nazzjonalista li dahhal VAT fuq registrazzjoni tal-vetturi

Roberta Metsola Tedesco Triccas a Nationalist candidate for the European Parliament elections, said today that she disagreed with the government on the imposition of VAT on vehicle registration tax. Writing on her website, the candidate said: "I feel that I do not have any personal or moral dilemma in stating that I do not agree with the Government’s position on the matter of the VAT charged on the registration tax on cars.” latest news 14.3.2009


DR. LAWRENCE GONZI – Kap tal-Partit Nazzjonalista

Kontra decizjoni ta’ Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando li jaghmel Private Members’s Bill

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said this evening he did not agree with Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando's position and with the method he used in presenting a private member's bill on bill (divorzju). latest news 6.7.2010






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