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Budget 2014

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association welcomed the government’s policy of incentivising work especially the incentives given to unemployed people to re-enter the job market as well as other incentives for part-timers, females entering or returning to the job market, job placements, income tax reductions and other measures.  MHRA is very much in favour of all these measures as it will help decrease the costs and potentially increase public income generated through income tax and other contributions. MHRA also welcomes the confirmation of Government’s commitment to reduce the utility tariffs to the domestic market and looks forward to the reduction to the commercial and industrial sector not later than 2015. news Last Updated 04 | 11 | 2013 at 21:08


Fl-ewwel reazzjoni tagħha ghall-Baġit 2014, il-GWU qalet li dan il-baġit huwa wieħed ġust u b’ruħ soċjali. “Għaliex jaħseb f’kulhadd u fuq kollox se jwieżen lil min jiflaħ l-inqas. Huwa wkoll baġit li jmur fid-direzzjoni t-tajba għaliex se jppromwovi l-bżulija u jinċentiva lil min irid jaħdem. Fuq kollox dan il-baġit huwa mibni fuq il-prinċipji tal-ġustizzja soċjali,” qalet il-GWU. 21:19  |  04.11.2013


“In conclusion, this can be considered a positive budget that should keep Malta on the right track of consistent economic expansion at a time when the global economy is also on the path to recovery,” the MEA reiterated. Monday 4 November 2013 - 21:23


The Federation of Estate Agents (FEA) welcomed the measures announced in the budget which included some of its past proposals. In a statement this morning it said these were the introduction of a final withholding tax on rental income and a revision of the Government appointed architect valuations. It also welcomed the concession to first time buyers, who would not pay stamp duty during 2014, something the Malta Developers Association pushed hard for and which would give a needed incentive to this segment of the market, the FEA said. The FEA also welcomed Government plans to set up an official structure aimed at coordinating and encouraging the marketing and promotion of property and lifestyle in Malta, to foreigners overseas. Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 11:04


The budget contains many positive educational measures one can discuss and work on, the Malta Union of Teachers said this morning. It said in a statement these include courses for young people and apprenticeship schemes, the sabbatical for teachers and the increase in funding for University of Malta and its change in funding system. With regards to the pilot project to introduce tablets, this still needed to be discussed to make sure that such changes were part of the on-going long-term educational reforms and not just a novelty token. The MUT also needed to make sure that this pilot project would not add further burdens on educators who were still catching up with a multitude of reforms. The MUT said it was in favour of the supervision scheme for children before school. However, a similar scheme that was underfunded and understaffed was already in place. The union hoped that there would be proper investment in this scheme this time round. It said it was definitely in favour of the decision to open free childcare centres. However, this needed substantial investment and proper working conditions to attract professional staff to take care of children of a very young age. The MUT recommended that unlike previous experiences, the provision of resources including human resources within these centres would be congruent to the budget allocated. It acknowledged positively the Government’s proposal to build five new schools and to modernise the existing structures. The Union expected the Government to provide it with further details during the coming weeks to guide members accordingly. Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 10:46


The Forum Unions Maltin noted the continued implementation of beneficial measures and noted that some of its important proposals submitted to the MCESD were included in the Budget. However, it still had to evaluate the impact of tax increases mentioned in the Budget speech and their effect on its members. The Forum welcomed proposals for the creation of jobs and reduction of the deficit since this augured well for Malta not to be penalised by the EU. On the other hand, it still had its reservations on the proposals regarding the health hector. It hoped the Budget presented a true and fair view of the prevalent state of affairs and that in the forthcoming year there would be no other indirect or direct tax increases implemented other than those mentioned in the budget. Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 09:44


The Gozo Business Chamber sees the Budget as a positive one continuing in the right direction of creating incentives for people to work. In a statement it said that the further reduction in top tax rates, as planned last year, the incentives for first time property buyers, apprenticeship schemes, incentives for more women and the unemployed to seek employment, free child care centres and extension of the tax bands for part-timers were all steps in the right direction. It was also positive to note that the pension’s problem was to start being tackled with the introduction of third pillar pensions which will have tax incentives attached. More funds were allocated to the Gozo Ministry and there were going to be special incentives by Malta Enterprise for Gozo. The continuation of the studies on the airstrip and the permanent link between the two islands were also welcomed by the GBC. The need to get the country out of the Excessive Deficit Procedure was a top priority and hopefully Government’s target of a deficit of 2.1 per cent by the end of next year is welcomed, the chamber said. Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 09:33


The Budget is a positive one with a number of initiatives that will enhance economic growth while addressing the deficit but leaves much to be desired in the health sector, the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses said. Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 09:22


The Chamber of Commerce this evening welcomed the Government’s  commitment towards public finance consolidation and its intention to reduce the government deficit. Reacting to the Budget, the Chamber  welcomed the introduction of voluntary third pillar pensions to supplement the current pensions system. It said it supported the continuation of income tax burden reduction and it was   in favour of shifting the tax burden from direct to indirect taxes. However, Malta had a poor track record in enforcing payment of indirect taxes because the country still lacked a fair and effective structure for market surveillance. Monday, November 4, 2013, 21:55


Welcoming the inclusion of some of its Budget recommendations, the Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises – GRTU said it had insisted on having measures to help SMEs. It hailed the decision to amend the law so that VAT defaulters do not end up in jail, the extension of the Microinvest scheme and the increase in funds for research and innovation. The GRTU also commended the reduction in utility tariffs, the final withholding tax on rental income, the revision of the CVA in Valletta and measures to improve the traffic situation, which it said would impact positively on small businesses. Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 00:01


The University Students’ Council welcomed the increased investment in education. In a statement it said the increased university budget will continue to fund the current infrastructural drive to ensure the University can cater for the ever-increasing student population. It also welcomed the Government’s commitment to a long-term plan for the university and to increase stipends proportionally. It noted the increased stipend allowance to Maltese students reading for a course in Veterinary studies, which would continue to support students who needed to study abroad to follow their chosen vocation. In respect to the proposed initiative of granting stipends to students repeating an academic year, KSU called for a clear-cut approach as to which students would be eligible to benefit from the mentioned-stipends. KSU said it understood this was meant to encourage students to persevere in their studies, however, it expected this to be done in a sensible and well-devised manner to avoid encouraging students taking a passive, laissez faire approach towards their studies. KSU said it backed the Government’s concern in acknowledging the need to devise a holistic plan to tackle the traffic and transportation problems plaguing the Maltese islands. It welcomed the continued drive to promote employment, which it said was of utmost importance for University students who would be the main job seekers a few years down the line. Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 17:34


Il-‘Light Pollution Awareness Group’ (LPAG) fi stqarrija qal li jinsab sodisfatt bl-inizjattivi li qed jipproponi l-Gvern fil-Baġit 2014 dwar id-dawl intelliġenti tat-triq.

L-Orizzont 11.11.2013


Let us begin from here. The budget was a good one, and assuming that the government’s calculations are correct, it will see the country close the year with a smaller deficit than the EU is predicting.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 13.11.2013



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