Malta u l-politika

Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.

Biex Tkun Taf il-Partit Nazzjonalista Ahjar



Il-partit nazzjonalista bhal kull partit demokristjan iehor ghandu kurrenti diversi gewwa fih.

Josie Muscat - L-Alternattiva 2.6.1990


Politikament l-iktar haga li forsi l-Partit (Nazzjonalista) bata minnha kien li fi snin sittin, il-Partit ma kienx japplika politika socjali li kienet bzonnjuza dak iz-zmien... kien gie njorat wisq it-taghlim socjali u l-politika socjali.

Austin Gatt, il-Gens 15.6.90



The Nationalist Party may prefer to stab its enemies in the back then look around and say: goodness, where did all that blood come from?

Daphne Caruana Galizia, The Sunday Times, 27.10.1991



The Nationalist Party has failed to update its own structures.

Dr. Austin Gatt, The Malta Independent 31.1.1993


The Nationalist Party's administrative council, meeting on wednesday, found that Mr. Ray Bondin was short on ethics, caused through lack of foresight and imprudence.

The Sunday Times, 17.10.1993


Carmel Cacopardo, deputy general secretary of the Nationalist Party, has been censured by the Party for implying that allegations involving a prospective candidate for the local elections, Ray Bondin, had been ignored by the Party.

The Sunday Times 10.10.1993


L-Partit Nazzjonalista hu l-partit tal-bidla... Li rridu nezaminaw izda... Jekk il-mod kif qed titwettaq il-bidla hux verament se joffri soluzzjoni ghal-htigijiet tal-pajjiz.

Lorraine Schembri Orland, kunsill general tal-PN, in-Nazzjon Taghna, 2.11.1993


Dwar il-budget, id-Deputat Nazzjonalista (John Vella) qal li l-budget ipprezentat mill-gvern ghas-sena d-diehla hu wiehed differenti minn tas-snin ta’ qabel. Hu budget li jhares b’visjoni lejn il-futur.

In-Nazzjon Taghna, 21.12.93



We should be proud of our (PN) principles. Yet I fear that we take unclear stands so as not to offend anyone.

Dr. Austin Gatt, The Times 11.3.1994


Sakemm l-ghadu jigi minn barra ninghaqdu kontra tieghu u nfarkuh bhalma ghamilna (elezzjoni 1992). Imma issa l-periklu gej minn gewwa.

Giovanni de Martino, in-Nazzjon, 31.3.1994


Eddie Fenech Adami admitted at a forum in Rabat (last week) that there were liberal elements within his Party who wanted to identify themselves more with liberalism than christian values.

The Sunday Times 8.5.1994


Minn naha taghna ma ghandniex ghalfejn nohorgu dokumenti godda biex nirrevedu l-policies Nazzjonalisti.

George Bonello Dupuis, in-Nazzjon, 3.12.94



Sa ftit xhur ilu jien kont naghmel parti shiha mill-Partit Nazzjonalista. Izda llum... hallejt il-partit.

Victor Mario Abela, il-Gens, 29.3.96


The campaign (mill-PN) against professor de Marco is no fairy-tale.

Editorjal, The Sunday Times 11.8.1996


At one moment we stopped communicating with the people.

Eddie Fenech Adami, The Malta Independent 24.11.1996


We were overconfident (of winning the 1996 elections)  and this overconfidence made us insensitive to what people were saying.

Anna Catania fil-laqgha tal-Kunsill Generali tal-PN

The Malta Independent 24.11.1996



For more than 14 hours I had to lie to the Party people at ta' Qali.

Dr. Austin Gatt dwar x’ghamel wara l-elezzjoni tal-1996 li ntrebhet mill-MLP

The Malta Independent 9.3.1997


The Nationalist Party is several thousand Liri in the red - some quarters insist the debts may even run into millions.

The Malta Independent 19.10.1997



Il-partit taghna … waqa’ f’apatija li tkexkex.

Giovanni Demartino,  il-Mument 18.2.2001



The Nationalists are experts at downplaying losses or downsizings in performance.

Editorjal, The Times 4.4.2002


Fl-ahhar ghaxar snin rajt partit li b’certu tibdiliet ohrajn, anke fil-poter, ma rridx nghid tilef, izda sfuma dak l-accent li kien qawwi qabel, ta’ partit li ghandu ruh socjali kristjana, li fiha rispett kbir lejn il-principju tal-liberta. Dan naqas bil-qawwi, sfuma.

Richard Muscat, il-Mument 25.8.2002



That something is wrong is as definite as it is palpable.  At no point since the PN was elected to power in 1987 – except perhaps in the run up to the 1996 election – has there been so much discomfort with the fact that the country is being run by this Party.

Lou Bondi, The Malta Independent on Sunday 24.8.2003


Mill-elezzjoni ‘l hawn, sfortunatament, iltqajt ma’ numru ta’ maltin, fosthom anki Nazzjonalisti, li gergru bis-shih.

Joe Cassar, il-Mument 21.9.2003


Ghadni kemm qrajt l-editorjal ta’ In-Nazzjon tal-lum 20 ta’ Dicembru 2003, intitolat, “Fejn hi l-etika?” ... Ghalija u ghall-professjoni medika in generali dan l-editorjal huwa ta’ stmerrija u jista johloq certu sens ta’ sfiducja fost it-tobba Maltin.

Deputat Nazzjonalista Dr. Antoine Mifsud Bonnici, In-Nazzjon 22.12.2003



The PN is now at it again. Information arriving at Pieta' has raised the alarm, as there are strong indications that many Nationalist Party supporters are so disgruntled with the PN administration that they are considering giving their vote to Arnold Cassola, the only candidate AD is pushing for the EP election.  … there are a number of PN supporters who are prepared to risk not voting for their Party.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 10.5.2004


Yesterday’s usual PN press conference was also characterized by new measures to limit the number of questions asked by journalists.

MaltaToday 30.5.2004


When the press conference was over, the Super One cameraman was asked to switch off his camera. He complied by pulling out the battery, but not content with the move, PN officials accosted the One News team and accused them of unethical behaviour. PN Information office Gordon Pisani went as far as reminding the journalists and cameraman that they were guests at the PN headquarters.

MaltaToday 30.5.2004


The PN’s campaign, including allegations that AD was pro-abortion, proved the panic the Party was in. …the PN wanted to destroy its allies. … The Nationalist Administration was shameful and the Party was showing monumental ingratitude.

The Times 12.5.2004


But what about the Nationalist Party? Will it take lying down Mr (John) Dalli's public statement that he did not rule out a PN “frame-up” against him?

Editorjal, The Times 5.7.2004


I sincerely believe that what Eddie Fenech Adami used to say is no longer valid today, (Albert) Rizzo told MaltaToday about what he sees as an injustice in his regards emanating from within the PN quarters.

MaltaToday 25.7.2004


The PN, under the leadership of Dr Eddie Fenech Adami, had a deep mistrust of journalists, especially those who wanted to be more than just a convenient mediator between the government and the public. Instead of trying to understand the media, the government made things worse by taking a “holier than thou” and “you don’t understand” attitude. Criticism was, in simple terms, not tolerated.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 27.7.2004


There is a perception that the government is unravelling. And worse than the government, the PN itself looks like it is in a trance, out of touch and not even kicking up a fight.

Marisa Micallef Leyson, The Malta Independent 27.7.2004


Ironically, however, the biggest damage being done to the EU cause is coming from the PN. And, with the benefit of hindsight, one can also see that this damage started being done a long time ago and not only after the changing of the guard at Pietà, where the Party's headquarters is situated.

Editorjal, The Times 27.7.2004


Just over a month has passed since the EP election, and the PN has maintained its bulldozer attitude, taking decisions without prior consultation. It has happened at least three times over the past five weeks.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 21.7.2004


As I already had occasion to make public thanks to The Times and PBS in my published reply, censored both by the (Nationalist) Party newspaper I ran for five years, In-Nazzjon, and the PN TV station NET of which I was its chief executive during its first two years, the libels filed (against MaltaToday) are no more than an attempt to silence.

Roger de Giorgio, Malta Today 1.8.2004


L-orizzont has claimed that the companies pertaining to the PN were Lm4 million in the red and I can confirm that when I assumed this role that figure was correct. Today, we've whittled that figure of debt down to Lm2.8 million.

Joe Saliba, PN general secretary, The Times 23.8.2004


The PN still doesn’t understand why it is so disliked at present, and as I said, not just among the puliti that it has no time for, but by very many former avid and not so avid PN voters.

Marisa Micallef Leyson, The Malta Independent on Sunday 5.9.2004


In the past I have often referred to the Mosta Nationalist Party club as an abandoned haunted house. And it certainly was. But now it is no longer haunted, because even the ghosts have deserted it! What a pity! What a waste of money - about Lm150,000. What a pity waste of energy, effort, goodwill and sacrifice by former minister Lawrence Gatt, past committee members and tesserati! Everything has gone down the drain. But who cares?

Mr Giovanni DeMartino, The Sunday Times 19.12.2004



Alexis Callus, a 24-year-old Nationalist Party local councillor and deputy mayor of Safi, should resign his post in the council as well as from the party. Enough facts about his beliefs and activities have emerged to prove that he flirts heavily with racist ideas and subscribes to an extreme-right wing political philosophy. It is quite clear that this young man is not politically mature enough to realise the danger of the ideas he has been playing around with. Mr Callus jokes on the internet about beating up Sudanese refugees. He thinks that Benito Mussolini was “a visionary” and “a great statesman, the founder of Europe as we know it today”. He thinks that one of the proofs that Turkey is culturally unfit to become an EU member is that we have sayings like haqq it-Torok (curse the Turks) and ikrah daqs Tork (as ugly as a Turk). He uses political terminology straight out of an Italian fascist's handbook and worked on a website chock-full of Hitler quotes and racist comments. This PN councillor helped to advertise the Norman Lowell meeting in Safi on the internet and was present for it. ...  Mr Callus is not just an extreme right-winger. He also embraces other views which are as colourful as they are despicable. NGOs who help refugees and illegal aliens in detention, for instance, are called “the new mafia”. Archbishop Michael Gonzi, in this PN councillor's view, was right to deny Labourites a decent burial three decades ago. And he opines that this government looks positively at such a view. Politically, this man lives in his own world. What has the PN done about all this? Joe Saliba, the PN secretary general, said that Mr Callus admitted his mistake and was “forgiven”. This is not good enough. It would have been acceptable had Mr Callus committed one foolish mistake. The facts, however, show that he adheres to beliefs that are clearly at odds with those of the Nationalist Party. For a party to forgive someone who commits a genuine mistake and be prepared to take the flak is a magnanimous act. To accept that the PN is represented in Safi by an extreme right-winger with racist views is not. Racism, xenophobia and neo-fascist beliefs cannot be treated lightly, particularly at present. ... Mr Callus, a deeply misguided young man, is free to join a party which shares his views. But that party cannot be the PN. He must go now before it becomes too late.

Lou Bondi, The Times 29.1.2005


While acknowledging the right of voters to decide who becomes mayor, the PN this year has deprived its voters in two major localities of the choice of who becomes councillor.

Editorjal, The Sunday Times 13.2.2005


Seven out of every 10 respondents to an online poll by The Times felt it was improper of the Nationalist Party to withdraw four local council election candidates, describing it as a “most cowardly act” and “undemocratic”. The move gave rise to strong criticism of the PN, which came under fierce attacks in the internet poll.

The Times 15.2.2005


I therefore feel very uneasy knowing that my own Party has demonstrated cowardice in the face of two difficult council elections this March, one in Zejtun, the other in Marsa. … As a Nationalist candidate in the third district, which includes Zejtun, I find it very difficult to explain to constituents any plausible reason for the action taken by the few reigning powers within the so-called strategy group. Even because so far the Party has not felt it wise to call us candidates to the headquarters and explain to us what they did. … those of us who love the Party, who gave many years to the Party, who have even shed our blood for our Party must react to such a cowardly retreat. …

Michael Mercieca (kandidat tal-PN ghat-tielet distrett, kunsillier fuq Wied il-Ghajn u membru tal-Kumitat Ezekuttiv tal-PN), The Times 22.2.2005


“From the start of the campaign, two PN candidates started spreading lies about me,” Caruana says without naming them, although he indicates they are a man and a woman. “They carried out a destructive campaign. I never said one word against my colleagues or against my Party. Whenever, during my house visits, I or the Party was criticised, I explained as much as I could without pointing fingers at anyone. But these two candidates were spreading lies about me.” … “At around 2.15pm I was given a list from Party headquarters. I was called by Angelito (Sciberras, the PN Assistant Secretary General).” Among the 67 lost sheep pinpointed by the Party, Caruana says 34 refused to speak to him. “They refused to discuss why they were going to abstain,” he says. “Others refused to open their doors. … Other Nationalists on the list complained of shabby roads and rats infesting their streets, drainage seeping inside their houses and unlit roads.

Michael Caruana (ex sindku PN St. Venera), Malta Today 20.3.2005


“Party activists are being treated as people with no intelligence. And it is evident that there are those who are unwilling to raise and discuss the issue because it reflects directly on their position in the Party.” When asked whether he was referring to PN secretary-general Joe Saliba, Mr Dalli answered: “Yes. This is the second election round that Saliba has been responsible for, and this is the second crushing defeat that the Nationalist Party has suffered. The non-campaign that we had in these elections, and the stupid campaign we had in June last year has shown the limits of the present Party administration. … Joe Saliba and his cohort preferred to concentrate on administrative changes to the statute which would strengthen their own position within the Party and did not give a hoot for the Party weakening its position in the country. This is unacceptable.”

John Dalli, Malta Today 20.3.2005


I am gratified I am interpreting the true feeling of the grassroots of the Nationalist Party. Many have stopped me in the streets and many others have come up to me to tell me of their concerns about the present state of affairs within the PN. They speak, as I do, because they love the Party and are loyal to the Party. They want the Party to grow as it did in the past and not shrink as it is doing today. They want the Party to be inclusive and hate to see the selective process that the Party management has embarked upon in placing friendly faces in positions that would determine internal elections.

John Dalli - The Times 28.3.2005


The main problem that has led to the present state of affairs is the fall-out from the leadership race last year. Whatever the party administration says, it is obvious even to the casual observer that the people in the administration were backing Lawrence Gonzi against John Dalli… this has led to the sort of bad blood that had never been evident on such a scale within the party.

Michael Falzon (Ex- Ministru Nazzjonalista) MaltaToday 3.4.2005


Nearly three-quarters of those who took part in a poll on The Times website believe the Nationalist Party is being insensitive towards the middle class. Seventy-two per cent of respondents gave the thumbs down to the way the Party is treating this segment of the population in yet another indication of widespread discontent with the PN and the government.

The Times 19.4.2005



You don’t need opinion polls to tell you that the Nationalists are getting more unpopular by the day. . . . everywhere you go, the lack of enthusiasm for the PN in certain social circles is abundantly clear.

Marisa Micallef, The Malta Independent on Sunday 26.2.2006


Ever since a former PM became a President the PN has been hampered with a credibility problem.

Marisa Micallef, The Malta Independent on Sunday 26.2.2006


“Here I am, speaking at the PN’s highest organ,” said Peter Darmanin, with the theatrics of a high priest. “As a Party official, I turn to you, dear Kap, and promise you my unconditional loyalty. I am ready to follow you all the way until we reach our destination. I expect this loyalty from every Party official. If there are any Party officials who are not ready to give their loyalty to the Party leader, let them stand up and get out of the General Council. I expect this loyalty from every ministry and Nationalist MP. If you’re not ready to give your loyalty to the Party leader, stand up from you chairs and declare yourselves independent.”

MaltaToday 9.4.2006


Hector Bruno, the quintessential Maltese showman and comedian, once tried to make fun of Eddie Fenech Adami at a PN do. He had been making fun of KMB, Alfred Sant and the MLP for so long that his jokes had started suffering from over-exposure. So, one fine day he tried out an experiment. Hector decided to try to raise a laugh or two at the expense of the PN and its leader. The jokes fell flat – flatter than Fabrizio’s infamous two notes. Nobody laughed and everybody wondered what had gone awry in Hector’s mind! How could he say jokes about our own dear Party and our beloved leader!? It’s only the other side that is a good subject for jokes! Hector, of course, never tried this again.

Michael Falzon, MaltaToday 28.5.2006



Charles Dimech ta’ 48 sena minn Ħaż-Żebbuġ ħalef ħalfa li ma jagħtix aktar wiċċ lill-Partit Nazzjonalista. Charles Dimech sostna li hemm 100 vot fil-familja tiegħu u tal-mara li mhux se jerġgħu jivvutaw f’elezzjoni oħra, u lanqas m’huma se jagħtu kas lil xi wieħed mill-kandidati tal-PN. “Użawni, wegħduni u rmewni,” sostna Charles.

Illum, 28.1.2007


Gonzi ma fehem xejn. Dan mhux il-Lawrence Gonzi li naf jien. Gonzi li naf jien hu umli u onest. Gonzi ta’ nhar il-Ħadd kien qisu t-tifel li jrid jipprova jixbah lil papà. Għax l-ironija hi li kien Eddie li kellu l-attitudni li wera Gonzi nhar il-Ħadd. Eddie kien jista’ jagħmel kważi li jrid. Anki meta kien jiċħad il-verità magħrufa u jiċħad ir-realtà, kien jibqa’ jippoppa sidru, qisu rebaħ. Anki wara t-tisbita ta’ l-1996 baqa’ xorta.

Vince Farrugia (Director Generali GRTU u kandidat PN ghall-elezzonijiet tal-MEP 2009), ILLUM 18.3.2007


He (George Bonello Dupuis) sees the signs of corrosion in the PN after being in power for two decades.

MaltaToday 13.5.2007


The malaise in our Party and the intransigence that is pushing so many people away as Dr Gonzi refuses the hands of reconciliation extended to him.

John Dalli, The Sunday Times 3.6.2007


For the past three years Malta has undergone a major surgical operation, especially in the Nationalist Party (PN). All those that oppose Dr Lawrence Gonzi are being victimised. I am talking through personal experience. I have voted for PN for the past seven elections but I will never vote PN until Dr Gonzi is the leader.  He has caused havoc in the Party and hundreds of genuine Nationalists like me feel betrayed and disgusted by this leader.

Michael Woods, 8.12.2007           



M’għandna l-ebda dubju li l-PN se jipprova jisfrutta favur tiegħu l-istat ta’ saħħa ta’ Sant matul il-kampanja elettorali.

Editorjal ILLUM 13.1.2008


Carmel Cacopardo severed his ties with the Nationalist Party after 30 years on the same day Alternattiva Demokratika appointed him spokesman for sustainable development. In a letter sent to PN general secretary Joe Saliba, dated January 16 but e-mailed to the media over the weekend, the former assistant audit officer at the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (Mepa) had strong words of criticism for the Party he had served for so many years. “When I joined the PN, I had no problem identifying myself with the Party. However, lately, I've been making an effort to establish whether it's the same Party I joined in the 1970s. I've reached the conclusion that, if I had to choose today, I wouldn't join,” he wrote. He spoke of the PN's attempt to hush things up when people acted incorrectly, while he encountered obstacles and a million and one excuses when it came to continuing his work within Mepa. “The real reason (for this) is never mentioned: That intolerance against criticism and those who think independently has emerged. Whoever does not tolerate string-pulling is continually being sidelined,” Mr Cacopardo said. He added that it was useless mentioning names since the information has been available in the public domain for months. Mr Cacopardo said that in the circumstances, he felt he no longer had a place within the PN and was resigning with immediate effect. Mr Cacopardo was a Nationalist Party candidate in three general elections, namely in 1987, 1992 and 1996, and sat on the PN's executive council for 12 years occupying the posts of information secretary, assistant general secretary and president of the administration council.

The Times 21.1.2008


The heading of the report regarding the judicial protest I filed in court reads Self-Proclaimed PN Supporter Files Judicial Protest (February 2). It seems to me that the editor of The Times lives in blue wonderland. Who told him that I am a self-proclaimed PN supporter? Why does he spin anything that criticises the PN? Did he check with Joe Saliba to ensure that I am a self-proclaimed supporter? Or did he do his duty to find out for certain that I had been a member of the Nationalist Party for nearly 40 years and he rubbished this? Did the editor refer to me so as to show him my membership cards of old? No. So he insinuates that I am playing a Nationalist. What a cheek! And this cheek comes from a self-proclaimed virgin! The editor should go to their headquarters and see for himself that I was listed in their database as a paying member. To be precise, I resigned from the Party some three years ago and, therefore, I am not a PN supporter any more (even though the PN secretary kept sending me reminders to pay my subscription fee - but this is the way they think. Shady, isn't it?) I am still considering whom I shall give my support to, but I shall most definitely not form part of the blue Party and shall most surely not be voting for anyone on their band wagon. If the editor's mentality is to insinuate and to pressure, I am afraid that his independent claim has been stained by blue blotches.

Jo Said, The Times 5.2.2008


In a sworn affidavit, Jo Said recounted how Nationalist MP David Agius had admitted to him “that corruption runs deep in the Nationalist Party and the government.” Mr Said met Mr Agius at his behest on 17 January morning at Saracino’s in Attard square after they had met on a TV programme. On that day Mr Agius confessed to Mr Said that “corruption runs deep in the Nationalist Party and the government.” Mr Said asked him whether he would leave this matter on his conscience and told him that he would become corrupt by hiding away corruption.

The Times 5.2.2008


Azzjoni Nazzjonali deputy leader Angelo Xuereb yesterday accused the Prime Minister of arrogance. He was referring to a news conference carried on TVM in which Lawrence Gonzi claimed that people who did not vote or opted to vote for parties other than the PN would in fact be voting for the Labour Party. “This is the epitomy of an arrogant Party that has become so enamoured with power that it now deludes itself that it has some divine right to rule,” Mr Xuereb argued. “In one breath,” he added, “Dr Gonzi boasts that he has faith in the intelligence of the Maltese people; in another he feels the need to revert to desperate statements in an attempt to stop them from exercising their intelligence.”

The Malta Independent 21.2.2008


I was informed via SMS that I would not be a cabinet member. I think we were owed a more dignified dismissal, as we were part of the cabinet that contributed to a PN victory. We were at least owed an explanation as to why we were not reconsidered for a cabinet post, and a thank you.

Jesmond Mugliett, The Malta Independent 14.3.2008


As a PN supporter, I wish JPO disappears from the face of the earth. I think he caused enough grief already to the Party. PN should disassociate itself from him. The damage and the issues which are coming out of this are unprecedented in the Maltese history. It comes out, that JPO was pressurising officials to appprove the approval.... that in effect is already a good indication of “corrupt practises” when someone uses his power to “get unlawful” favours.

Paul Pace, 18.3.2008


I have no more doubt about it now! When we talk of deceit, manipulation, dirty tricks and a little tbazwir the Nationalist Party is second to none. … the Nationalists are real masters of deceit.

Giovanni deMartino, The Malta Independent 22.8.2008


The decision to include proposition 258 in the PN electoral manifesto was the most ill-thought out and misguided electoral proposal ever.

Michael Falzon, The Sunday Times 24.8.2008



The Nationalist Party seems to want to find all possible excuses to attack Opposition Leader Joseph Muscat. ... the PN’s criticism goes beyond this triviality. Sometimes, it verges on being an attempt at character assassination, as was the case when, less than an hour after Dr Muscat finished his address during the PL mass meeting in Vittoriosa on the eve of Freedom Day ... This particular PN statement leads us into another matter that exposes the Nationalist Party’s arrogant ways – that is, their trying to influence or, worse, their trying to manipulate the independent media.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 6.4.2009


Jean Claude Micallef hu wieħed mill-persuni li telaq minn Net TV wara li l-istazzjon waqqaf numru ta’ programmi qabel iż-żmien minħabba problemi ta’ flus. “Sakemm tinbidel id-direzzjoni mill-maniġment, jinbidel l-istil u jkun hemm rispett lejn it-telespettatur, l-isponsors u lejn il-kwalità tal-programmi jien ma nerġa’ qatt lura fuq in-NET, ... Aħna ġejna nfurmati li l-programm se jieqaf ġimgħa biss qabel. Ġie l-producer u nfurmana fic-changing room, ... Rajtha deċiżjoni redikola. L-aktar għaliex qisha għaddiet bl-eżatt l-elezzjoni u li kellhom jieħdu ħaduh. ... Kont ili għal xhur sħaħ niġbed l-attenzjoni ta’ diversi nuqqasijiet. Jien persuna li l-estetika naraha importanti ħafna. Kemm-il darba għamilt ilmenti. U fuq kull livell ta’ maniġment. Iltqajt ma’ ħafna nies viċin il-PN, inklużi minn kumitati lokali tal-partit u ħafna nies huma mdejqin bin-nuqqas ta’ servizz li qed jagħti Net TV. Ħafna nies jgħiduli ‘nagħtu regolarment flus fil-ġbir ta’ fondi imbagħad l-affarijiet mhux qed ikunu ta’ livell.’... Qed nipprova nsolvi l-problemi. Dak biss li nista’ ngħid.” Micallef kien wiċċ maħbub fuq in-Net tant li kien nominat għall-aqwa preżentaur tas-sena. Ironikament nominata wkoll għall-aqwa preżentatriċi feminili kien hemm ukoll Claudette Pace, li l-istess bħal Micallef, telqet minn fuq in-Net.

ILLUM 21.6.2009


These are difficult times for the party in government. Nothing seems to be going its way. Right from the time it won the general election by just a whisker, the going has been uphill all the time, as shown by the results of the European Parliament and local council elections in June. Party leader and Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi appears to be losing some of the political pull he had in the first years of his election as leader and a number of his colleagues in Cabinet appear to be suffering from the wear-and-tear syndrome. In short, the party's popularity appears to be taking a battering and the outlook does not look encouraging as it struggles to cope with loads of old and new difficulties in so many areas of life in the country.

Editorjal, The Times 19.9.2009


Two Nationalist backbenchers engaged in a war of words yesterday during a parliamentary group meeting at Villa Francia in Lija. Robert Arrigo and Beppe Fenech Adami got involved in a “screaming match”, according to sources, which led to the temporary postponement of the meeting in the presence of Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi. Sources said that during one intervention Dr Fenech Adami told his colleagues that whoever was not prepared to toe the party line should leave. Dr Fenech Adami was apparently referring to three backbenchers – Robert Arrigo, Franco Debono and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando – who appeared on Bondiplus last Monday to talk about their statements of disgruntlement with respect to the party. “They were told that they didn’t do themselves any favours by appearing on the programme,” the sources said. Mr Arrigo got up and told Dr Fenech Adami that if he was referring to him then he would leave. The Sliema MP was, however, prevented from leaving by two MPs, according to sources. When contacted last night, both backbenchers declined to comment on the incident. Mr Arrigo said: “The exchange we had in the parliamentary group stays within the same group.” Dr Fenech Adami said: “I won’t comment on what has been said in the parliamentary group.”

The Sunday Times 11.10.2009


Michael Bonnici, who was Deputy Speaker for a number of years, said he often discussed with other ex-MPs about how some people got chosen for certain posts and others were left out. In a letter to the editor published today he says that “the duo from Castille and the trio DC Pieta' kicked many others out”. He adds that while some shepherds search for lost sheep, others let them go. … in 2005 Mr Bonnici had refused a medal from the Nationalist Party that was given to various former MPs to honour their service. He said certain moves were “strategic” while others were intended to reward “blue-eyed boys” and punish others. Many decisions showed “absolute preferences”, and he gave the example of the role of acting-President as something which should be shared and not given to the same person without alternating, just to keep them happy.

The Times 14.12.2009



The PN was running out of time to repair the damage it has done to itself. “Labour today is not the same opposition it was two years ago. The Opposition is present, on ball, and reactive on many fronts, not to mention it has more intelligence than before,” he said. “The PN has a lot of homework to do.”

Philip Mifsud MP (PN)

MaltaToday 31.1.2010


(Michael) Falzon jikkonċedi li mhux kollox ward u żahar fuq il-bankijiet tal-Gvern… Fi kliem Falzon, … il-frustrazzjoni li donnha tħalliet tikber għax ħadd ma ta kasha, bil-konsegwenza li nfirxet sew fuq il-backbench tal-Gvern….  “Issa qed tidħol l-apatija, fejn numru kbir ma fadlilhomx aktar il-ħajra li jerġgħu jikkontestaw u dan qatt ma ġara fil-PN. … Il-fatt li hemm uħud li qed juru li ma fadlilhomx interess li jerġgħu jikkontestaw l-elezzjoni għandha biex tinkwieta lill-PN għaliex wieħed ma jridx jinsa l-impatt fuq il-bażi tal-votanti ta’ dawn in-nies, u jekk dawn id-deputati qed juru dwejjaq, bla ma jridu qed jittrasmettuh lill-elettorat, biex ma nsemmux ukoll kemm hu diffiċli li ssib kandidati validi u popolari llum.” ... “Hemm problema fuq il-backbench tal-Gvern u teħtieġ tkun solvuta b’għaqal,” sostna Falzon li żied li donnu l-PN qed jittraskura r-realtà li l-politika hi mibnija fuq il-perċezzjoni, jiġifieri ta’ x’jaħsbu jew iħossu n-nies. In-nies qed tara konfużjoni sħiħa fuq il-bankijiet tal-Gvern,” sostna Falzon, u jżid li jekk din il-preċezzjoni ma titbiddilx, se jkun ferm diffiċli għal PN meta jiġi biex jaffronta elezzjoni ġenerali… “Il-Prim Ministru qed jingħata pariri ħżiena u din ktibtha u ngħidha pubblikament. Għalkemm hu magħruf li l-Prim Ministru jieħu d-deċiżjonijiet hu, dawn l-istess deċiżjonijiet huma mibnija fuq il-pariri li qed jingħatawlu, u f’ħafna ċirkostanzi qed jirriżultaw li huma ħżiena. Nemmen illum li kemm il-preġju, kif ukoll id-difett ta’ Lawrence Gonzi huma msawra f’kontradizzjoni. Li tkun determinat fil-politika tfisser li tibqa’ ssostni d-deċiżjonijiet, li hi ħaġa tajba, iżda hu difett jekk dik ir-ras iebsa tikkmandak u ma tkunx flessibbli,” sostna. “Fil-politika teħtieġ ikollok il-kuraġġ ukoll li tagħmel u-turns jekk hemm bżonn,” sostna Falzon. “Jinkwetani – għax hekk iġġib il-kelma – hu l-fatt li donnhom il-Ministri m’humiex iffukati fuq xogħolhom, u wisq aktar, il-Prim Ministru hu distratt b’ħafna kwistjonijiet redikoli u mhux qed jitħalla jaġixxi bħala l-Kap tal-Eżekuttiv. Din is-sitwazzjoni ddejjaqni, aktar milli tinkwetani, għaliex kull Gvern immexxi mill-PN dejjem kien iffukat u pproduċa ħafna, Il-Prim Ministru fassal il-proġett ambizzjuż lejn il-kisba ta’ eċċellenza f’diversi setturi sas-sena 2015, iżda jekk wieħed isegwi sew, jinduna li l-Prim Ministru donnu abbanduna dik il-mira għaliex lanqas qed jitkellem dwarha aktar. Agħar minn hekk, in-nies mhux qed titkellem dwarha, u mhux qed tħoss li din il-mira hi tajba għalihom, bħalma kienet is-sitwazzjoni qabel is-sħubija fl-UE.” ... Kritika li jagħmel hi indirizzata lill-media tal-PN, li fi kliem Falzon qed tintilef fl-iżball li tittratta lill-Kap tal-Oppożizzjoni u Mexxej tal-PL Joseph Muscat bl-istess metodi li bihom kienet tittratta ma’ Alfred Sant. “Dan hu żball kbir,” sostna Falzon, li jinsisti li l-karattri tat-tnejn huma differenti ħafna.

ILLUM 7.2.2010


It is not I who will bring the government down but it’s the pig headedness that seems to have taken Castille by storm ... the PN is totally out of sync with the people’s concerns.

Jean-Pierre Farrugia MP PN

MaltaToday 14.2.2010


Fairmount and BWSC are unlikely to move out of the political radar screen unless a way is found of neutralising the fallout that has arisen from the claims of corruption made in the two cases. Both are politically damaging to the Nationalist government and both will be taken as examples showing lack of good governance and political accountability. … Particularly worrying is the way the government has been trying to deflect the unfavourable impact on political responsibility resulting from, in the case of the Fairmount, the study made by an auditing firm, and, in the second, the report by the Auditor General ...

Editorjal, The Times 5.5.2010


Without a shadow of a doubt, the Nationalist Party is passing through what may well be considered as one of the most politically embarrassing situations for many, many years. Investigations into claims of corruption, irregularities or mismanagement are revealing glaring signs of administrative weaknesses or, in a number of cases, sheer ineptitude that have not been seen in Malta's administration for years.

Editorjal, The Times 12.6.2010


Mr (Nikki) Dimech (Sindku Nazzjonalista ta’ Tas-Sliema) accused Dr Borg Olivier (Segretarju Generali PN) of “framing” him to get him out of the way before the next general election and describes as dishonourable and disrespectful Dr Borg Olivier’s decision to “force” another Nationalist councillor, Sandra Camilleri, to sign a motion of no confidence in the mayor.

The Sunday Times 22.8.2010


(Sindku Nazzjonalista ta’ Tas-Sliema) Mr Dimech said he could not work with the present administration of the Nationalist Party, clarifying that it was not the Prime Minister that was the problem but the party's "internal administration". Wednesday, 25th August 2010 - 13:03CET


A climate of apartheid has crept into the (Nationalist) party.

John Dalli, MaltaToday 26.9.2010



At this time, the last thing we need is a political crisis. Yet government has lost its Parliamentary majority for the first time since Labour’s summer of discontent in 1998. Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi moved quickly to pour cold water over the enthusiasm within the Labour Party ranks, stating that this was a case of MPs voting according to their own conscience after being given a free vote. But the outcome of the motion on the divorce referendum motion was, in effect, a de facto no confidence vote. How can it be interpreted otherwise? In crude terms, Parliament has twisted the arms of the executive by passing legislation the latter neither proposed nor wanted.

by Paul Cachia - [email protected]

Editorial -- 16 March 2011 -- 17:55CEST


It is amazing how short, or perhaps small, the memories of some Nationalists can be ... One of the problems with the Nationalist media these days is that they have forgotten what newsworthy means.

Editorjal, The Sunday Times 22.5.2011


The divorce referendum result last Sunday was disastrous for the Nationalist Party in general and for its leader, Lawrence Gonzi, in particular.

Editorjal, The Sunday Times 5.6.2011


The outcome of the referendum on divorce, coupled with the gross mishandling of the rise in ministerial honoraria and duty allowance, have triggered a crisis for the Nationalist Party. Each of these highly sensitive issues has been marked by terrible errors of judgement.

Editorjal, The Times 22.06.2011


Il-poplu Malti qed jerga’ jhoss li l-Gvern immexxi mill-Partit Nazzjonalista hu maqtugh minnu u mir-realta’ li qed jghix fiha l-poplu Malti u Ghawdxi.

Jean Pierre Debono, Assistant Segretarju Generali PN, In-Nazzjon 18.7.2011



It is not just that the party in government is now running on a slow puncture, as one Nationalist MP put it a few days ago, but that the party is not even in a position to replace the tyre as the wheel is jammed! ... The string of mistakes the PN in government has made in this legislature will not be forgotten.

Editorjal, The Times 2.2.2012


Speaking in a press conference this morning, AD chairman Michael Briguglio said that the Nationalist Party's most recent decisions will only deepen the current parliamentary crisis. 4.2.2012


The Nationalist Party’s dismal result at this weekend’s local council elections has been described by the Prime Minister’s “special delegate” as “nothing short of an electoral meltdown”. “I take this to be an ultimatum. Unless we get it right in the next 12 months, we are heading for a certain electoral defeat,” MEP Simon Busuttil said yesterday.

The Times 13.3.2012


The list of errors and blunders made by the Nationalists in this legislature is so long.

Editorjal, The Times 13.4.2012


It is very evident now that the situation within the PN and, more specifically, within its Parliamentary Group is far from rosy. Order must be restored for the good of the party itself but, more importantly, for the good of the country. So, stop the game of cat and mouse and move to an election... soonest.

Editorjal, The Times 20.6.2012


It would have been far better for the PN executive to have nipped the problem in the bud eight years ago when apartheid politics was introduced in the PN. Since then prominent Nationalist MPs, loyal representatives of the people and the party, have been vilified, framed and ostracised in an attempt to 'purify' the party of all those who do not form part of or are subservient to the coterie the Prime Minister has chosen to surround himself with.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando 21 June 2012 - 09:14


And the Nationalist Party is in turmoil, seemingly not knowing which way to turn.

Editorjal, The Times 24.6.2012


The Nationalist Party is divided. And it is high time that we come clean on this one. People are loathe to trust a party in government if it is unable to stand united. So unless unity is restored, the party is in for a rough ride.

Dr. Simon Busuttil, The Times 27.6.2012


Environment Minister Mario de Marco has called for urgent and effective action to stop the “bleeding” within the Nationalist Party. “Our party currently appears to be bleeding and needs to urgently heal itself from these wounds quickly and effectively if we want to approach the next election as a united front with a fighting chance of winning,” he told The Sunday Times, when contacted.

The Sunday Times 1.7.2012


When the in­fighting gripped the government barely days after the Nationalist Party swept through a razor-thin electoral victory in 2008, fingers were pointed in every direction. … This administration will remain known … in the history annals for the way it spectacularly failed to handle its own infighting. … What happened at the PN headquarters last Thursday when three MPs were told they could not contest with the party at the next election was an overdue decision, but in reality it was one of the saddest chapters of a party which has for many years been on the right side of history. … What is certain is that the political uncertainty brought about by the PN’s internal haemorrhage …– is doing little to inspire confidence. –

Editorjal, The Sunday Times 15.7.2012


Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando said today that he regretted not having resigned from the PN earlier. “I feel liberated,” he said in his second interview in four days on One TV. He said he felt liberated because the PN had been hijacked, emasculated and poisoned by Richard Cachia Caruana and Austin Gatt. … One only needed to see how John Dalli had been framed by people within the PN, and those who hatched this frame-up had been promoted. That was why he was now distancing himself from the PN., 20.7.2012, 07:32




Dr (Hermann) Schiavone said he had not committed any crime but was not being allowed to contest the election because the (Nationalist) party was asking something of him which he felt was not acceptable.

The Sunday Times 6.1.2013


The Nationalist Party sought to cling to power for a year too long and lost sight of the need to promote what it was doing to the people who ultimately matter: the electorate, as well as the need to heed and address their concerns. This manifested itself in a number of ways, not least through the Government’s inept handling of the media. The Nationalist Party has focused too much effort in recent years on dismissing sources of even constructive criticism as the enemy and embracing sycophants. And, at times, it launched or supported McCarthyite-like campaigns against those not seen to be toeing the line. This caused it terminal harm and must be one of the fundamental changes it makes as it searches for a completely new approach that is required if it wants to get back into government.

Editorjal, The Times 11.3.2013


Nationalist MP Robert Arrigo has demanded complete removal of the 'clique' within the Nationalist Party, hinting that Deputy leader Simon Busuttil must also go. In a hard-hitting facebook post addressed to his constituents, he said: "You very kindly elected me on the 9th and 10th districts. This is not my victory , but your victory. I just represent you and your feelings towards the party and Malta.


I must share some points with you.

I have increased the number 1 votes on the 10th district by some 550 .

I have increased the number 1 votes on the 9th district by some 600 .


This on a scenario of one of the largest swings and defeats that the PN has suffered in recent history. Not only, but I am the only backbencher to get elected on two districts I am the only MP who got properly elected last time round  who was not given the opportunity to participate in the government. In the districts I had one vici kap (deputy leader), one president of the PN executive , two sitting ministers and 1 outgoing minister who campaigned heavily for a candidate. I was one who had no supporting staff, paid by the taxpayer, to campaign , and who were transferred to a private apartment in Sliema to conduct a campaign from the taxpayers' money. The party gave me the airtime that was allocated, across the board , to all PN candidates, but completely left me out, of any other press conferences, net tv programmes, radio, newspapers, other tv stations. On the contrary , other competing candidates had a field day, and pushed by the party. Some had 3 to 6 media events in one day.  On the last 2 weeks , a series of high profile openings were duly set up , to give maximum coverage thereby including the presence of the prime minister, even excluding a particular mayor. All this , and probably more, give you , the electorate a more stunning performance. You have proven that you are the jury , not the party , that your sentiments are to be respected , and that the klikka (clique) must go, in its entirety. So far only Dr Gonzi and Dr Borg Olivier  have shouldered responsibility. Others should follow suit and not get excuses of coming here only recently. A clean and total change is the only remedy for such a disaster." March 13, 2013, 12:52


The Nationalist Party is still under shock. Few were confident that the PN would win the 2013 elections, but even fewer expected the PN to get such a drubbing.

Editorjal, The Malta Indepedent 18.3.2013


The Nationalist Party is in a veritable mess.

Austin Sammut, The Times 19.3.2013


We have lost. We have lost massively. A crushing defeat. There is no way of denying this. The people have literally booted us out and told us to get lost. The once proud Nationalist Party is presently at its knees.

Michael Gonzi 16.3.2013


News that the Nationalist Party could not even pay its fulltime and part-time workers in March came as a shock to those who were not aware of the internal rumblings inside what was, until a month ago, Malta’s ruling party. Then, of course, this development explains many mysteries about the election campaign, how PN was constantly outspent by PL. Now that the veil has fallen, and things start emerging from the shade, it is becoming clearer by the minute that the party that claimed to hold Malta’s finances in a pair of safe hands, could not even hold its own finances in such safe hands.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 2.4.2013


The Nationalist Party is in dire straits. Those dire straits are financial, but from that, all else springs – or doesn’t. Unless the money problems are sorted out, the political problems can’t be tackled. When a political party is constantly worried about where to get the millions to pay its debts, it is distracted from its proper objective of developing policy and playing an effective part in the actual political life of this country.

Daphne Caruana Galizia

The Malta Independent on Sunday 18.8.2013




Leader Simon Busuttil has told Malta that the party is rejuvenated and is inclusive. We beg to differ, and this is where the PN is ‘keeping up appearances’. Let us go with the cosmetics first, the setup for the PN General Council was lacklustre to say the least. The backdrop looked scruffy and dated and the chairs – well, let’s just say they would have been more at home in a Bingo hall. Dr Busuttil’s delivery was good, the speech was also good in content, but did he have to go for the grand (re) entrance? Dr Busuttil was sat in the front row and then exited the hall, only to return to a ‘hero’s welcome’ as the party faithful stood up and applauded. To the trained eye, it looked like an exercise in the grandiose and was not needed. In short, it looked set-up and it didn’t look good at all. We also question the PN’s shooting down of MEP candidate Kevin Plumpton, who took to social media to share his views on the Citizenship Scheme. The PN distanced itself from his comments, in which he said he believed that the PN should now retract its judicial protest against the government.  The PN went as far as issuing a statement on the matter. And it begs the question, is there no freedom of expression allowed in the Nationalist Party? Other PN members have said that the revised scheme can produce good results, so why has he been singled out?

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 4.2.2014


If the LNG floating platform comes to be, even if something went wrong, there would be no massive blast that would wipe out the country. But we again question the wisdom of making such statements. We already heard how the value of people’s property in the Southern region began to drop as soon as the statement was endorsed by the Nationalist Party. The statements that were made could have had a severe financial impact on people’s livelihoods and way of life. And it again boils down to the cardinal point – scaremongering does not work. Pardon the pun, but it always blows up in your face.

Editorjal, The Malta, Independent 21.2.2014


The Nationalist Party could have voted against the Civil Unions Bill last night. Or voted in favour. Or given its MPs a free vote. It did none of these things; it instead chose to take the worst possible route: abstention. … Uniting on no position whatsoever is the stuff of village committees – not of the official Opposition. And three, the situation will no doubt cause bad feeling within the party without taking it forward in one direction or another. This is bad politics. It simply does not make sense to allow the spilling of blood within a party without achieving a bigger objective. Only the PN itself can decide what direction it wants to take. But direction there must be. With its stand yesterday, there is only incoherence.

Editorjal, The Times 15.4.2014


PN: On the wrong side of history

The more time passes, the more evident it becomes that the Nationalist Party is struggling to break away from the identity that caused it to lose so much support. The PN has struggled to reinvent itself since the leadership changed, and saw Simon Busuttil take over the helm from stalwart former leader Lawrence Gonzi.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 16.4.2014


It has become glaringly clear that Malta does not appreciate the opposition’s negative approach to politics.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 26.5.2014


The Nationalist Party currently lacks credibility.

Simon Busuttil, 31.5.2014


The PN is pushing the idea hard and has even lobbied for it to be kickstarted in the upcoming budget. But we have to ask the PN, why now? The PN has been in office for 25 years and had this hot potato sitting in its lap for a good 15 years while it was in government. Although it held numerous conferences on the subject and consulted with all and sundry, it never did much to actually tackle the problem. Lawrence Gonzi's Government did take the first step in reforming matters by altering the NI contribution rates for people born after a certain date and by increasing the retirement age. But it never grasped the bull by the horns and implemented the second pillar. Only today, just after 19 months in Opposition, is the PN demanding Joseph Muscat's government to introduce the 2nd pillar which in essence will impose a new contribution on workers and employers alike.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 24.10.2014


The PN has no glorious record (Air Malta) to boast of.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 3.11.2014




A Nationalist Party candidate for the Gzira local council has announced that he is withdrawing from the election in the name of the PN after a lack of agreement “with the general secretary” of the party Chris Said. Charles Micallef St John did not say what these decisions were. Mr Micallef St John announced on Facebook that he was also resigning from president of the PN Gzira sectional committee and other posts he held in the party. Thursday, 26 February 2015, 13:15


Today's revelation on our front page that former minister Ninu Zammit held millions of dollars in a secret Swiss bank account, as confirmed by Swiss Leaks data, is deeply concerning on a number of levels.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 8.3.2015




The Nationalist Party has been asked to pay over €187,000 which it owes to Banif Bank, for works carried out by the bank on the PN’s party club in Siggiewi. 2 February 2016, 7:06am


The saga revolving around the Nationalist Party’s billboards took a new turn yesterday when the contractor it used for the job filed an official letter in court claiming payment due for their removal. R. Cauchi Enterprises Limited called on PN leader Simon Busuttil, party president Ann Fenech and general secretary Rosette Thake to pay the outstanding €15,000. In an official letter signed by lawyer Robert Abela, the company said it was still owed the amount since the party had only paid €3,000 of the entire amount. Thursday, September 1, 2016, 14:42


During the 2013 election campaign, it was obvious that the PN had lost the moral high ground and this was one of the reasons that led to the unheard of proportion of its electoral rout. The PN was perceived as having lost the moral high ground – not because some minister was corrupt but because a network of corruption and shady deals thrived during the PN’s tenure of office. 

Michael Falzon

Ex Ministru Nazzjonalista 27.9.2016


A court has thrown out two libel cases instituted by Nationalist MP Toni Bezzina over reports in newspapers Kullħadd and L-Orizzont on works at the Zurrieq PN club. Mr Bezzina's libel claims were found to be unjustified. Mr Bezzina's libel claims were found to be unjustified. The cases were instituted against L-Orizzont editor Josef Caruana and Kullħadd editor Toni Abela. The two articles in question were published in May 2012 and concerned Mr Bezzina, who at the time was employed by the Public Works Department and who had been investigated by the Resources Ministry. Kullħadd had reported how a number of government employees within the Resources Ministry were carrying out maintenance works at the Zurrieq PN club, for which Mr Bezzina served as president. Mr Bezzina could not use public funds for partisan purposes, the newspaper stressed. Back in March 2012, a few days before the Local Council elections, Mr Bezzina had asked his department's foreman Joseph Borda to source some workers who would be ready to paint over the Zurrieq club's walls after work hours. Mr Borda had consequently sourced three employees. The workers used materials provided by Mr Bezzina. When he eventually asked Mr Borda how much the workers were asking in payment, he was told that they did not want to be paid. After Kullħadd had published the story stating that the maintenance works were being carried out during working hours, Mr Bezzina was asked by his superiors to provide an explanation. However, one of the three workers - Charles Curmi - testified that he was forced to sign a document which he disagreed with since it stated that the workers went to the club out of their own free will. Mr Curmi, however, insisted that they did so because they were told to do so by Mr Borda. The workers were subsequently brought before a notary by Mr Borda and asked to verify the contents of the document through a sworn affidavit, which one of the workers, Paul Inguanez, testified that he signed at the Labour Party's general headquarters. Both Mr Curmi Mr Inguanez, said that their working hours at the time extended to 4.30pm and that therefore the works were carried out during working hours. Magistrate Francesco Depasquale held that the Kullħadd reports therefore constituted fair comment and the newspaper was fulfilling its duties by reporting news involving a public person. Given the information was correct, it could therefore not be deemed libelous or defamatory. Monday, June 13, 2016, 14:23   by Kim Dalli


The PN simply declared that it agrees with the request for the increase in the minimum wage as expounded by the coalition of NGOs, apparently without thinking twice about it: an exercise in irresponsible political opportunism, if there ever was one.

Michael Falzon (ex Ministru Nazzjonalista) 8 November 2016, 7:22am


The Nationalist Party, ... is still far from being a convincing alternative government. ... Added to this, the PN benches in Parliament are still occupied by people who formed part of the 2013 downfall, and the memories of that have not gone away.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 13.11.2016


How can anyone believe Jason Azzopardi and his political party preaching adherence to good governance when as recently as 2012 they made a mess on all that they could lay their hands on?

Carmel Cacopardo Tuesday, 27 December 2016, 11:56


The National Audit Office (NAO) said today that the government purchase of three properties in Valletta in 2011 lacked transparency and had several shortcomings, but fair value was paid. It however rapped the former government over the transfer of the site of the former Löwenbräu brewery at Qormi, where, it found, value for money was not assured. The investigations weremade at the request of the Public Accounts Committee. The first involved the acquisition of the temporary emphyteusis until January 31, 2023 of 233 Republic Street and the purchase of the freehold property at 236 and 237 Republic Street, Valletta from HSBC. The Audit Office was to establish whether the principles of good governance, value for money, transparency and accountability were respected and whether any political pressure was exerted. While the contract of sale, dated 22 December 2011, was for €2,220,000, the Government was also to pay HSBC a yearly sub-ground rent of €69,071 for Property 233, revisable by 10 to 30 per cent every five years. The Audit Office said that the identification of the properties lacked the transparency that was  through a more open process of acquisition. "It is in this context that this Office considers the role of the OPM as pivotal in the initial identification of the properties, yet unwarranted. "While the NAO acknowledges that the properties adequately met the government’s requirements, this does not justify the shortcomings noted in terms of planning and the analysis of suitable alternatives." These concerns, it said, were accentuated by the fact that the acquisition of immovable property by the government from the open market is exempt from the Public Procurement Regulations which could lead to a reduced degree of governance and proper oversight. "In this case, the decision for the possible acquisition of the properties was reportedly raised at Cabinet. Although it could be argued that referral to Cabinet constituted oversight, the NAO maintains that the level of scrutiny exercised was insufficient." The Office said the negotiations by the Negotiation Group were flawed in various aspects. The Negotiation Group failed to establish the true condition of the properties, relying solely on that stated by HSBC.  This serious shortcoming was reflected in concerns raised by the Permanent Secretary, who maintained that this procedural error would result in an inflated transaction value. The audit office said, however, that the government paid a fair value for the properties. "Although the transaction was favourable to Government, this does not necessarily imply that value for money was ascertained, which is also contingent on factors other than price. Value for money could have been better ensured through a more open and competitive procurement process and a robust negotiation procedure." It said it did not obtain conclusive evidence of political pressure.

Timesofmalta. Monday, December 19, 2016, 17:35




The lack of foresight in the PN’s ranks is scary and if it is naivety at play then the lot need a crash course in how to scent a trap when its being laid in front of their eyes by their adversaries.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 7.3.2017


db Group saħaq li l-flus li ngħataw lill-Partit Nazzjonalista ngħataw wara li l-PN stess talab il-flus lill-kumpanija. Il-kumpanija qalet li l-flus qatt ma ngħataw b'donazzjoni u qatt ma ntalbu pjaċiri minn db Group lill-PN. Fi stqarrija b'reazzjoni għal dak li qal il-Kap tal-Partit Nazzjonalista Simon Busuttil, il-Kap Eżekuttiv Arthur Gauci qal li l-SMS li ntbagħat lil Simon Busuttil nhar il-Ħadd waranofsinhar kien jaqra: "Dottor Busuttil qegħdin nitolbu meeting urgenti miegħek ħalli l-partit irodd lura dak kollu li l-grupp tagħna ġie mitlub iħallas matul iż-żmien." Il-Grupp saħaq li hu kien intalab speċifikament mill-PN biex iħallas il-paga ta' diversi impjegati tal-PN, u li dan ġara kemm qabel Simon Busuttil kien Kap tal-PN, kif ukoll wara. Saħaq li wara li Simon Busuttil sar Kap tal-PN, huma kienu mitluba jħallsu l-paga tas-Segretarju Ġenerali u tal-Kap Eżekuttiv tal-PN. db Group qal ukoll li t-talbiet għal iktar flus mill-PN baqgħu jaslu sa nhar is-Sibt li għadda. Il-kumpanija temmet l-istqarrija billi qalet li ma jista' jkun hemm ebda prova iktar b'saħħitha minn hekk li db Group qatt ma stenna pjaċiri mill-PN, u li hi preċiżament għal din ir-raġuni li kull allegazzjoni ta' korruzzjoni mill-PN hi gidba. 05/03/17 07:05 PM


In a statement, the Partit Demokratiku said that the revelations had "thrashed" the "little hope Maltese and Gozitan families had in the ongoing renewal of the Nationalist Party. Monday, March 6, 2017, 12:48


Commenting on the Nationalist Party's reaction to their MP's Toni Bezzina's ODZ villa planning application, AD Deputy Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said:"Toni Bezzina ought to resign or be removed from PN spokesperson on Agriculture". "The Honourable Toni Bezzina applied for a development permit to further develop existing rooms in an ODZ zone, increasing the development in such a way as to end up with his own ODZ villa (PA7854/16). This casts doubt on how much Toni Bezzina, one of the authors of the recently published  PN environmental document, actually believes in the content and declarations in this document." "The Leader of his party is making a political error of judgement when he declared that Bezzina is not in the wrong. What is the value of policy declarations if those promising to implement their policy proposals do not even pause to think before going against those same proposals? Is the PN leader saying that his party's policy declarations are not worth the paper they are printed on?", concluded Cacopardo. Wednesday, 15 February 2017, 10:11


Il-Partit Demokratiku (PD) jinsab skandalizzat bl-aġir tad-Deputat Nazzjonalista Toni Bezzina, u qal li l-politiċi f’Malta qed jiksru kelmthom daqs tazza ilma. Il-partit irrefera għall-każ tal-applikazzjoni ta’ Bezzina biex jibni fuq art protetta fl-Imdina, u fi stqarrija rrimarka li dan ma kellux iġib ruħu hekk, aktar u aktar għax hu kien wieħed mill-awturi tad-dokument tal-Partit Nazzjonalista dwar l-ambjent. Wara li l-aħbar saret magħrufa, Bezzina rtira l-applikazzjoni tiegħu. Wera d-dispjaċir tiegħu għall-fatt li dan seħħ meta l-PN kien qed juri rieda soda fejn jidħol l-ambjent. 16/02/17 09:32 AM


That the PN has not yet rid itself of the negative aura that got it dumped out of power in 2013 is a given.

Andrew Borg Cardona, The Times 6.3.2017


Having led Malta to EU accession and membership of the Eurozone, PN thought it had it made for years and years to come. It grew big-headed, cut itself off from the ordinary man in the street, who for years and years had constituted the party's backbone. It grew into an elite and for this was roundly trounced in the 2013 election and again in this year's. The PN's continued mistakes are easily explained.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 7.6.2017


The Nationalist Party does self-flagellation rather too well and almost seems to enjoy it.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, Thursday, 8 June 2017, 10:49


It is difficult for me to count how many core Nationalists have expressed with me their pain and confusion that, as a party, we do not seem to stand for anything.

Tonio Fenech ex Ministru Nazzjonalista Wednesday, 14 June 2017, 09:11


The PN has now lost its political plot. … The PN is showing that it is not in a position to rebuild itself. … Clearly the PN will not be able to make it next time round which means that Labour will win again. The leader that is going to be selected in September will have to resign to make space for a new candidate in 2022.

Dr. Simon Mercieca Monday, 26 June 2017, 07:45


Nationalist MP Claudette Buttigieg admitted that the PN's abstention in the 2014 parliamentary vote to introduce civil unions to Maltese law, was a mistake. Wednesday, 5 July 2017, 12:42


Cliques may be hijacking the PN's leadership race, Democratic Party leader Marlene Farrugia said today. “The election can get hijacked if the cliques do their work again. I am concerned that this is happening, and people who are speaking to me have this same concern,” she said. Dr Farrugia said rumours were circulating in the PN that “the cliques were at it again”. Monday, July 31, 2017, 11:53


Further doubt on the wisdom behind the idea of the pre-electoral coalition in the first place.It also gives strength to the prophecy made by Joseph Muscat during the electoral campaign that ForzaNazzjonali was just a ‘coalition of confusion’.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 1.8.2017


Kelna kampanja negattiva. Iddemoralizzajna lil kulħadd. M’għandniex nassoċċjaw ruħna ma’ nies li jiktbu l-bloggs tagħhom illi jweġgħu lin-nies, aħseb u ara kemm se mmur mass meeting u nikwota lil din il-persuna. Ma jagħmlilniex ġieħ.

Frank Portelli

Newsdesk Radio 101

You Tube 27.7.2017


Marlene Farrugia tenniet li m’għandhiex fiduċja fl-erba’ kandidati li qed jikkontestaw l-elezzjoni (ghall-hatra ta’ kap gdid tal-PN). 31/07/17 06:14 PM


Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo has hit back at the party leadership following his fallout on the gay marriage issue, saying the PN’s attempt to portray itself as liberal was to blame for last June’s landslide general election defeat. This criticism was levelled during a PN leadership campaign event at the Mġarr party club where he endorsed former general secretary and Gozitan MP Chris said. Friday, August 4, 2017, 19:31


What a sorry state of utter pandemonium the Nationalist Party has allowed itself to descend into. … the party is in a sheer state of chaos and at the rate that the party is going, there will hardly be an Opposition to be reckoned with by the time a new leader and administrative team is elected come September. … the party’s structures have suffered a meltdown, it has become a case of every man for himself and party loyalty is no longer being appreciated or indeed expected.

Editorjal, The Malta independent on Sunday 6.8.2017


Il-kandidat għall-elezzjoni tal-kap tal-Partit Nazzjonalista Adrian Delia saħaq li ħafna drabi l-PN aġixxa qisu l-politika mhix għan-nies, imma li n-nies qegħdin hemm għall-politiċi. 11/08/17 12:08 PM


The PN leadership race has become quite a cutthroat affair. Sources from within the PN say that practically all four contenders have their own groups of people inside Stamperija who are ‘working for them’ from behind the scenes, trying to curry favour with the kunsilliera and tesserati, who will be voting in the first and second rounds respectively, and also with the party employees.  But our little birds tell us that some of these people have taken a less innocent approach and, instead of promoting their favourite contenders, are engaging in campaigns to undermine those who they consider to be the most dangerous opponents. It is unclear whether the candidates themselves are fully aware of what is going on but our sources say that these cliques are very openly trying to harm the chances of their adversaries (the exact words of one source was ‘jagħmlu l-ħsara’). This has led to some tension between groups of employees who side with different contenders.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 14.8.2017


The PN Opposition is either too focused on its leadership contest, which has turned sour, or its speakers on finance are enjoying a post-election defeat holiday.

Editorjal, The Malta Independent 15.8.2017



B’isem wiehed biss diga l-PN imissu jisthi ... ZEPPI L-HAFI.


I was the prime minister's canvasser. First between 1980 and 1982. At the time he was the Leader of the Opposition. There were times when I slept outside his house - I remained as a canvasser until about 1988 or 1989.

The Times 29.5.96


There is, with a twist here and there, much political capital to be made out of Eddie Fenech Adami’s dealings with a known criminal, Zeppi l-Hafi.

Editorjal The Times 29.7.99


A convicted murderer recently slapped with a suspended sentence for threatening to kill Nationalist MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, helped in the Independence Day celebrations, angering the backbencher. In fact, Dr Pullicino Orlando refused to attend Tuesday’s mass meeting and asked his party for an explanation. Dr Pullicino Orlando confirmed to The Times that he had not attended in protest. The event was otherwise well attended by the parliamentary group. (Nationalist MP Jesmond Mugliett was also absent but could not be reached yesterday.) Dr Pullicino Orlando said he was invited to deliver a speech on Sunday as part of the PN’s activities and “was glad to do so”. But on Monday he got to know that Charlie Mangion, known as Iż-Żubina, was involved in this year’s activities. “Mr Mangion was recently given a six-month jail term suspended for 18 months and fined for threatening to harm me and others involved in the pro-divorce movement,” Dr Pullicino Orlando pointed out. Since he felt involving Mr Mangion in the organisation of the activities was “highly inappropriate”, Dr Pullicino Orlando informed Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, who, he said, was obviously unaware of what had happened. “(Dr Gonzi) forwarded an e-mail I sent him about the subject to (PN general secretary) Paul Borg Olivier. To date I have not heard anything from the latter,” the MP said. “In these circumstances I felt uncomfortable attending what has been, to me, a highly anticipated annual event for well over 30 years.” A spokesman for the PN said: “Mr Mangion’s involvement with others was limitedly related to identifying għana singers, which is a restricted and niche sector.” Singers were required for some local folklore activities organised by one of the party’s sections. “In no way does this limited participation change the strong stand against his actions committed against Dr Pullicino Orlando, publicly condemned by the PN,” the spokesman added. Mr Mangion was charged in July, together with Guiseppe Cutajar, for making threatening comments on their Facebook pages against Dr Pullicino Orlando and now Labour prospective candidate Deborah Schembri, who headed the divorce movement. He received a six-month jail term suspended for 18 months. Mr Mangion’s run-ins with the law go back to the early 1970s. On December 18, 1975, when he was 21, he was jailed for 14 years after he was found guilty in a trial by jury of murdering 17-year-old Spaniard Josè Luis Monroy Garcia. He was earlier found guilty of the attempted murder of another Spaniard, Ricardo Yague Llorente, 27, in St Dominic Street, Valletta in the early hours of the morning. Mr Garcia, a student working as a seaman on the tanker Lord Mount Stephen, was found in Merchants Street corner with St Dominic Street in a pool of blood with three stab wounds to the chest. His colleague, Mr Llorente, was found nearby, wounded and crying out for help. The victims had been drinking in Strait Street.

The Times 23.9.2011


Hadd ma jista’ jnehhilna minn mohna il-kaz ta’ Louis Galea li mar il-habs ta’ Kordin biex ikun xhud fiz-zwieg tal-kriminal Alfred Bugeja il-Porporina liema cerimonja saret fil-habs u mxandra dirett fuq it-TVM. Dan il-kaz kien anke tqajjem fil-Parlament minn Alfred Sant fis-seduta tat-Tnejn 18 t’April 1994. Dakinhar Louis Galea kien irrifjuta li jikkummenta.


Fl-1989, habsi li kien ghadu kemm harab minn Kordin kien mar ghar-refugju fil-Kwartieri tal-PN f’Tal-Pieta u talab ghal Guido Demarco.



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