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Ittri ċċensurati u punti ta' riflessjoni politika.


L-Awtorità Maltija dwar il-Kompetizzjoni u l-Affarijiet tal-Konsumatur u l-Awtorità tal-Mediċini ħabbru li b’mod immedjat raħas il-prezz ta’ 12-il mediċina waqt li dawk ta’ għaxra oħra se jorħsu mill-1 ta’ Ġunju li ġej.


Il-mediċini li raħsu huma dawn:

Cipralex 10mg tat-28 pillola minn €24.13 għal €16.08 (tnaqqis ta’ €8.05);

Deanxit tal-100 pillola minn €11.98 għal €8.98 (tnaqqis ta’ €3);

Mirena intra-uterine system x 1 minn €192.73 għal €183.44 (tnaqqis ta’ €9.29)

Combodart 0.5mg/0.4mg tat-30 pillola minn €35.40 għal €28.95 (tnaqqis ta’ €6.45);

Droptimol 0.25%, qtar tal-għajnejn tal-5ml minn €6.24 għal €5.30 (tnaqqis ta’ 94ċ);

Droptimol 0.5%, qtar tal-għajnejn tal-5ml minn €6.94 għal €5.50 (tnaqqis ta’ €1.44);

Lopress 50mg, tat-28 pillola minn €17.40 għal €12.75 (tnaqqis ta’ €4.65);

Asyran 150mg tat-30 pillola minn €7.27 għal €6.53 (tnaqqis ta’ 74ċ);

Alendronic Acid 70mg tal-erba’ pilloli minn €20.90 għal €18.91 (tnaqqis ta’ €1.99);

Omeprazole Actavis, 20mg tat-28 pillola minn €13.93 għal €9.24 (tnaqqis ta’ €4.69);

Esomeprazol Actavis 20mg tat-30 pillola minn €19.65 għal €18.65 (tnaqqis ta’ €1)

Esomeprazol Actavis 40mg tat-30 pillola minn €28.29 għal €23.50 (tnaqqis ta’ €4.79).


Sadanittant, il-mediċini li se jorħsu mill-1 ta’ Ġunju li ġej huma:

Co-Diovan 80/125 tat-28 pillola minn €27.73 għal €24.96 (tnaqqis ta’ €2.77);

Diovan 80mg tat-28 pillola minn €27.73 għal €24.96 (tnaqqis ta’ €2.77);

Diovan 160mg tat-28 pillola minn €33.29 għal €30.96 (tnaqqis ta’ €2.33);

Lescol XL 80mg tat-28 pillola minn €33.29 għal €30.96 (tnaqqis ta’ €2.33);

Zocor 20mg tat-28 pillola minn €24.77 għal €9.66 (tnaqqis ta’ €14.81);

Diamicron 60mg MR tat-30 pillola minn €13.32 għal €12.39 (tnaqqis ta’ 93ċ);

Hytrin 2mg tat-28 pillola minn €15.36 għal €13.82 (tnaqqis ta’ €1.54);

Hytrin 5mg tat-28 pillola minn €25.58 għal €20.46 (tnaqqis ta’ €5.12);

Nexium 20mg tat-28 pillola minn €28.96 għal €27.51 (tnaqqis ta’ €1.45)

Nexium 40mg tat-28 pillola minn €41.60 għal €39.52 (tnaqqis ta’ €2.08).

L-Orizzont 24.5.2014


Helena Dalli, Minister for Consumer Affairs this morning announced a reduction in the prices of nine medicines with prices going down by between nine per cent and 65 per cent. In some cases this can mean a reduction of up to €23.90. The minister said the reduction was the result of talks with medicine suppliers abroad, who agreed to cut prices. Tuesday, 23 Sep 2014, 10:52


There were no medicines reported to be out of stock during the first six months of 2016, the Ministry for Health announced this evening.  In a statement marking the “successes” in the health sector, the ministry for health expressed confidence that 2016 could become the year with a record low figure of out-of-stock medicine. Last year, Malta recorded 26 weeks were zero medicines were reported to be unavailable. Staff Reporter 29 July 2016, 7:58pm


Prices of a number of medicines have been slashed as part of efforts by the government to help patients, Social Dialogue Minister Helena Dalli said this morning. Medicines to treat a range of ailments – including, acne, diabetes, asthma, psychotic conditions and high cholesterol levels – have had their prices reduced drastically, some marked down by more than 70 per cent. Friday, January 6, 2017, 11:25


Patients eligible for the pharmacy of your choice scheme will as of next week have their medicine delivered right to their door as the government extends a pilot project to all localities.

Health Minister Chris Fearne confirmed to this newspaper that the pilot project which had been rolled out to eight localities was being expanded to include every locality. … The Chamber of Pharmacists has welcomed the move saying that this was not a change but rather, a “working progression” and pharmacy owners were on board with this. According to chamber president Mary Ann Sant Fournier, pharmacists and pharmacies have met the demands of their patients’ needs and additional staff. Sunday, May 7, 2017, 15:01


The government this evening announced another round of medicine price reductions. This is the tenth round of price reductions, which means that 171 medicinal products are now available at a lower price.  A total of 28 products are being revised, with prices going down by as much as 32%. These cover a variety of conditions, including dementia, breast cancer, asthma, tobacco dependency, infections, depression, arthritis, diabetes, glaucoma and hormone problems. Tuesday, 16 May 2017, 19:35


13 medical products have had their prices reduced thanks to cheaper importation avenues, the Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection, Deo Debattista, said today. The products ranged from IVF related treatments, pain killers, and anti-anxiety medication, among others. Dr Debattista, flanked by Medicines Authority head Anthony Serracino Inglott, and a representative of local importers Alfred Gera and Sons, said 14 cheaper generics had also recently been introduced. They include medicines for cholesterol, anxiety and dementia. Some of these were up to 50 per cent cheaper than their branded counterparts. Prof. Serracino Inglott told the Times of Malta that the cheaper prices had been secured through collaboration between local importers, international suppliers, and national entities such as the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority and the recently bolstered Drugs Intelligence and Access Unit. “It is through collaboration with different entities and effort on everyone’s part that we can find ways to improve patients’ access to medication,” Prof Serracino Inglott said. Dr Debattista said international research showed that nearly 50 per cent of patients did not follow through their prescribed treatment till the end. Of these, some 60 per cent sighted financial reasons as the main cause.


Cheaper medicines:


Malarone 250mg/100mg tablets x 12. – 56 per cent cheaper.

Solpadol 30 mg/500mg caplets x 100. – 50 per cent cheaper.

Seroxat 20mg tablets x 30. – 50 per cent cheaper.

MagVit B6 tablets x 3. – 48 per cent cheaper.

MagVit B6 tablets x 50. – 32 per cent cheaper.

Alendronic Acid Arrow 70 mg tablets x 4. – 21 per cent cheaper.

Bemfola 450 IU/0.75mL solution. – 11 per cent cheaper.

Bemfola 300 IU/0.50mL solution. – 10 per cent cheaper.

Bemfola 150 IU/0.25mL solution. – 9 per cent cheaper.

Bemfola 225 IU/0.375mL solution. – 7 per cent cheaper.

Dulcolax 10mg suppositories adults x 12. – 5 per cent cheaper.

Duphaston 10mg tablets x42. – 1 per cent cheaper. Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 13:35



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