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Dr Delia has faced vociferous opposition from party officials and MPs such as Jason Azzopardi, who has made no bones about his distaste for the party's new leader. … What that means for the PN’s parliamentary group, where mistrust of Dr Delia runs deep. Sunday, September 17, 2017, 01:57


Democratic Party MP Marlene Farrugia warned Nationalist members that a victory for Adrian Delia in today's leadership contest would signal the death knell for the PN. In a Facebook post, Dr Farrugia wrote: "If the members choose Delia, they will be destroying the Opposition and burying the PN. I said what I had to say."

Timesofmalta Saturday, September 16, 2017, 12:41


The PN has sunk deeper in the quagmire which claimed it a number of years ago, and "DeliaPN" will snuff out any life left to it, Marlene Farrugia, outgoing leader of the Democratic Party said today. Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 14:46




Il-post ta' Adrian Delia fil-Parlament

Adrian Delia’s road to a parliamentary seat may be more arduous than most of his supporters thought it would be. The clearest way for him to get into Parliament would be if any one of the five Nationalist Party MPs elected in a casual election were to resign their seat. If that happens, the law states that the vacated seat would have to be filled by co-option, which means the onus would fall on the PN’s executive to catapult Dr Delia into Parliament. However, one of the five PN MPs elected through a casual election is Godfrey Farrugia, who now sits in Parliament as a Democratic Party MP and is effectively out of the PN’s control. This reduces the options to four names: PN administrative president Karol Aquilina, former Naxxar mayor Maria Deguara, former Mosta mayor Ivan Bartolo and former European People’s Party staffer David Stellini. However, all four MPs yesterday ruled out giving up their seat so that the PN chief could make it to Parliament and sworn in as Opposition leader. Dr Deguara, who was mentioned persistently as the most likely to resign, yesterday stood by past statements that she had no such intention. She vehemently denied holding meetings with Dr Delia, despite information to the contrary that reached the Times of Malta. Dr Deguara, the wife of former PN health minister Louis Deg-uara, was elected to Parliament for the first time through a casual election in the 11th district. Mr Bartolo, who is also enjoying his first stint as an MP, similarly ruled out the possibility. “I definitely have no intention of giving up my seat and have not been approached to do so,” the 11th district MP said. Mr Stellini, another first-time MP after returning to Malta from Brussels, also shut the door on the possibility. “Not at all, since I feel the seat is not mine but lent to me by my constituents,” he said when asked whether he was willing to resign. Mr Stellini was elected in the Gozo district to fill the seat vacated by Marthese Portelli, who was elected on two districts. Dr Aquilina, whose Facebook comment on freemasonry in the run-up to the leadership election was interpreted as a reference to Dr Delia’s bid, replied with a categorical “No.” The PN administrative council president is also on his first stint as an MP after making it through a casual election on the 10th district. With Dr Delia insisting that talks are under way for an agreement to be reached on his co-option to Parliament, it remains unclear with whom the discussions are taking place. Unless one of the four MPs elected through a casual election is hiding the truth, this leaves Dr Delia with a riskier route to Parliament. The PN leader may have MPs within the party fold willing to give up their seat – Gozitan MP Frederick Azzopardi yesterday said he was willing to be of service to the party – but their resignation would automatically trigger a casual election. Dr Delia cannot contest a casual election, because he was not even a candidate in the last election. His option would be to convince all unelected PN candidates on the district where the seat would be given up not to contest the casual election, allowing the PN to co-opt someone instead. But while Dr Delia may convince all unelected PN candidates to refrain from contesting the casual election, he will still have to contend with the PD candidates who ran under the PN flag. This is an added complication, unless he convinces the PD not to contest an eventual casual election. However, the PD is unlikely to do Dr Delia any favours, with departing leader Marlene Farrugia telling this newspaper she was not for turning. “We have not been approached, and if we are, my instructions to our candidates will be to hold our ground for the good of the country,” Dr Farrugia replied when asked whether the PD will play ball and instruct its candidates not to contest a casual election if Dr Delia’s only gateway to Parliament came to this. With Parliament slated to open on October 1 and the Budget expected a week later, Dr Delia’s route to Parliament is a race against time. He would want to enter Parliament and take up the mantle of Opposition leader in time to deliver his reaction to the Budget. Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 09:51



Deskrizzjoni ta’ Adrian Delia.

Mill-istess persuna li l-PN uża bħala forċina.

I can't talk about the Nationalist Party leadership election result because the newspaper went to print before it was out in the early hours of the morning. But I can and will talk about Delia's macho-man campaign - as far as a 50-year-old Maltese lawyer in spectacles can pass himself off as macho, that is - which turned the whole thing so ugly. What we saw was an exercise in pure, unadulterated chauvinism: a bossy, sexist, unreconstructed middle-aged, ill-mannered and charmless Maltese man behaving as though he never left the village (even though he would have us believe that he holidays in Switzerland every year off his credit cards and overdrafts), surrounded everywhere he goes by a gang of thugs and heavies, and with no women to be seen, not even his wife. She appeared just three times in this entire campaign: twice at the ballot box, and once at that disgraceful scene in the lobby of the Nationalist Party headquarters when her husband won the first ballot. The absence of women anywhere near Delia is a very bad sign. So is the heavy presence of the worst kinds of men - men who have a history of sexual misadventures, former drivers of some of the least savoury characters who ever belonged to the Nationalist Party and who are known in Malta as "bullies" from a bygone political era. The two go together, of course: the complete airbrushing of women from the equation and the overbearing presence of macho roughnecks. What we are looking at is the Far Right in motion, the fascist element - "taking back our party" to what it might have been in the 1930s. And when Delia's wife did appear, it was as a dumb accessory: a Barbie who was perplexed to find that Ken had gone missing, only to be replaced by a loud, rude man who ignored her completely except when grabbing her by the arm or wrist to drag her along behind him like Fred Flintstone. I've looked at a lot of what is being said on social media in this campaign, and the one thing that leaped out at me most strongly is the fact that Delia's most avid supporters are all men. Yes, men. Not even nice men, either. Barring a few notable exceptions (you know who you are, chaps), they're mainly men whose wives couldn't stand them and who are suing the pants off them, men whose wives dumped them, men who dumped their wives, rough men from all social backgrounds (because there are really rough men in all social groups), pigs, chauvinists, typically Maltese macho primitives, single men who are probably going to stay that way unless they can buy themselves a mail-order bride off Censu's ring-file binder, and loudmouths (you know who you are, too, chaps). Then there are the women. Something was very noticeable there, too - immediately noticeable. Practically all the women rooting for Delia on social media are dumb. The ones I know personally, I know to be dumb - with an intelligence quotient slightly above that of a chicken. The only reason they can write a sentence and spell is because they went to proper private schools, but their reasoning skills are abysmal. And the ones I don't know personally I can tell are dumb from the fact that they can't even write a proper sentence. Unfortunately, this fits the tragic pattern of the Trump factor: macho men and dumb women. I couldn't find a single intelligent woman on the internet rooting for Delia - not one. On the contrary, all the intelligent women I found were ripping into him and saying God forbid that XYZ chauvinist is elected because I'm certainly not going to vote Nationalist as long as he is leader. Some clearly intelligent men are supporting Delia for reasons of their own, but no intelligent women are. Intelligent women find him frighteningly off-putting. They can read the signs of what he is, the signals he gives off, but we needn't go into that here. I don't know who is at the helm of the Nationalist Party today, though the odds were what they were. But I can say this: if it's Adrian Delia, the Nationalist Party is going to morph into the macho, chauvinist party and return to the Mad Men era but definitely without Don Draper. No, instead of Don Draper we get the uncouth, ill-mannered, I've-just-slept-in-my-clothes Delia surrounded by savages.


Daphne Caruana Galizia Sunday, 17 September 2017, 08:59




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